26 Oct, 2018

Trump will send the military to the borders of the United States

The head of the United States of America, Donald Trump, considers the situation of a migrant on the southern border of a state a national emergency situation. He stated that he intended to send the military to the region in order to solve this problem forever.

“Brandon Judd, the head of the National Border Patrol Council, was right when he said that laws passed at the initiative of the Democrats complicate our attempts to stop people on the border. That should change, ”says Trump on Twitter.

Earlier, the US Department of Homeland Security stated that a caravan of migrants, which at that moment is heading towards the southern borders of the United States, is criminal in nature.

According to the Mexican side, more than 3.5 thousand people are heading towards the United States …

Briefly about the main thing …..


Russian State Duma approved a new tax regime for the self-employed

The State Duma supported in the first reading the introduction of a new tax for the self-employed. The rate will be 4% when working with individuals and 6% – with legal entities. Deputies hope that the tax regime will encourage the self-employed to get out of the shadows

The State Duma allowed deputies to voluntarily refuse pensions

The State Duma adopted in the final, third, reading a law allowing parliamentarians to voluntarily refuse supplements to pensions. To do this, you will need to write a statement addressed to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection.

The State Duma introduced criminal liability for “rubber offices”

The State Duma on Thursday in its third, final reading amendments to the Criminal Code (CC) of the Russian Federation, aimed at combating fictitious registration of migrants in the “rubber offices”.

By introducing additional measures to control migration registration, the patent system, the responsibility for fictitious registration, we simultaneously decided to protect both Russian citizens and foreign citizens who come to Russia with good goals and intentions. – Irina Yarovaya, Russian politician

The size of the pension will be almost two living wages by 2021

“Insurance pensions will increase to 17.2 thousand rubles on average by 2021 and amount to 1.8 living wages,” said Drozdov. On Wednesday, October 24, in the State Duma, the consideration of the draft budget of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) for 2019 and the planned period of 2019-2021 is appropriate.

Criminal case opened against head of traffic police department Buynaksk

Militiamen of Dagestan detained the head of OGIBDD in the Buynaksk district of the republic. He is suspected of abuse of office with the use of violence, the press service of the Republican Investigation Department of the TFR reports October 25.

In the State Duma offered to block dating sites

The head of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Tamara Pletneva proposed to block websites and mobile applications for dating. This is the agency of urban news “Moscow”.

We were friends, we agreed once, went to woo, introduced ourselves to our parents, and only then did we get married, be sure to register. And then what? They pushed the button, it matched – come on, right? – Tamara Pletneva, Russian politician

Pupils need to talk about contraception.

Information on contraceptive methods should be provided at school, this will help reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

“It is very important, as it seems to me, that early prevention, early clarification to boys and girls was still at school, what contraception is, what it can lead to in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy in adolescence,” Golikova said on Thursday in an interview with the television channel “Russia 24”.

She added that in 2000 the number of abortions in Russia was 2,138,000. According to data for 2017, 779,000 abortions were performed. “This is a very serious decline of 63%,” said Golikova.

She emphasized that she herself has a negative attitude towards abortions.

The traffic police denied reports that employees of the Russian Guard were given the right to stop all cars

As specified in the department, the changes that have entered into force do not apply to all vehicles, but only to those listed on the balance of the Rosguard and the Ministry of Defense. Also, the traffic police urged the media not to mislead the audience.

The doctor borrowed 300 thousand dollars from the patient and declared her demented

Later, the psychologist did not find signs of dementia in the patient. After this, the doctor was suspected that she had made such a diagnosis in order to avoid paying the debt. Lee agreed to surrender her license for medical activities and pay a fine of $ 2 thousand (134 thousand rubles).

In Moscow, canceled fines for lying on the floor at airports

On April 5, 2018, the Moscow Regional Duma adopted amendments to empower the regional government to regulate the rules of citizens’ behavior at airports, and on April 26 approved fines for lying on armchairs and the floor, listening to music without headphones and moving around the territory riding animals and signals for passengers and visitors to Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Zhukovsky.

Metrostroy workers in St. Petersburg demanding wages

The builders of the metro in St. Petersburg on Thursday afternoon came to the office of the company “Metrostroy” on Zagorodny Prospect demanding to pay a salary, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the scene. The city prosecutor’s office confirmed that its employees accept applications from metro builders

Ministry of Justice will establish the maximum duration of treatment of prisoners in a mental hospital

Prisoners for months in prison mental hospitals will stop prisoners in the near future. The duration of treatment for mental ills for the inhabitants of the SIZO will be strictly limited – the Ministry of Justice has developed the relevant bills. The department has prepared amendments to the CPC and the law “On Psychiatric Assistance.”

If the Ministry of Justice’s bill is approved, this “ceiling” will be six months. Moreover, only the court will decide whether to transfer the accused from the isolation cell to the hospital ward.

Google fired 48 employees due to harassment charges

Google has fired 48 employees in two years because of allegations of sexual harassment. It is reported by The Independent, citing a letter to the company director Sundar Pichai. The newspaper notes that among them were 13 top managers.

Roskomnadzor will fine Google for issuing links to prohibited sites

Google refused to connect to the Russian Federal State Information System (FGIS), which contains a list of prohibited Internet resources, and will now be fined. This is the press service of Roskomnadzor.

Topshop brand owner accused of sexual harassment

The British billionaire and the head of the retailer of the Arcadia Group, Sir Phillip Green, have been accused of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. It is reported by The Telegraph. In the British Parliament, his name was named by former leader of the House of Commons, Lord Peter Hein.

In the State Duma allowed to depict the faces of the saints for advertising

In the State Duma they allowed to place the faces of saints and the images of temples on packages for the promotion of goods. It is reported by the agency “Moscow” with reference to the deputy chairman of the committee on information policy, IT and communications Andrei Svintsov (LDPR faction).

Aksyonov asked the FSB to return the money given to capture the bribe takers

In July, Aksyonov met with the director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, whom he asked to return the funds issued to the operatives to fight the bribe takers:

“I came to ask him that the funds that I allocated for working with the bribe takers would be returned to me as soon as possible,” said Aksenov.

Recently there have been many such detentions. For my part, I can say that I sent eight episodes on bribery only this year, including giving my money to implement these measures. – Sergey Aksenov, Russian politician

Dismissed for racism, a journalist demanded $ 50 million

Journalist Megin Kelly, with whom the leadership of the NBC television channel terminated the contract because of a racist scandal, demanded $ 50 million from the company. This became known publication TMZ. According to the publication, the interviewer’s annual salary was $ 25 million

Irish singer Sinead O`Connor converted to Islam and changed its name

Irina Singer Sinead O’Connor reported that she decided to convert from Catholicism to Islam, and said that now her name is Shuhada. This was reported by The Daily Mail. It clarifies the publication, the new name of the singer in Arabic means “martyrs”.


The European Parliament has prepared a draft resolution on the Sea of ​​Azov

The European Parliament has prepared a draft resolution on the situation in the Sea of ​​Azov, the corresponding document was published on the website of the European Parliament

In particular, the document calls on the EU Council to require Russia to immediately stop “intensive and discriminatory inspections of courts” and consider, if necessary, appropriate response measures.

In Ethiopia, the president has become a woman

Famous Ethiopian diplomat Sahle-Work Zewde became the first woman to lead Ethiopia, the head of the office of the Prime Minister of the country Fittsum Arega said.

Russian State Duma ratified cooperation agreements with Lithuania and Estonia

Anti-Russian sanctions did not affect the program of cross-border cooperation with Lithuania and Estonia, said Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Azer Talibov, commenting on the ratification of cooperation agreements with these countries.

The Minister of Defense of China called relations with Russia an example of cooperation

The relations of Russia and China in the military sphere are an example of cooperation, which is based on non-alliance against third countries. This statement was made by the Minister of Defense of China, Wei Fenghe, at the plenary session of the International Xiangshan Security Forum

In Germany, discussing a ban on the deployment of US missiles in the country

Commenting on whether he and his colleagues from the EU discussed the possible withdrawal of the United States from this treaty, the Russian diplomat noted that “they (EU politicians – ed.) On all such things say that the European Union has nothing to do with it, not being a military bloc” .

Kaczynski’s party won elections in Poland

The State Election Commission of Poland officially confirmed the victory of the ruling party in Poland, Law and Justice (PiS), Jaroslaw Kaczynski, in elections for local governments, the head of the electoral committee, Wojciech Germelinsky, told a press conference on Wednesday.

Trump commented on wiretapping his phones

“The so-called Trump experts from The New York Times wrote a long and boring article about my phone calls that is so untrue that I don’t have time to correct it,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

According to the American leader, he uses only one government phone, and then rarely

Oleg Sentsov was awarded the Sakharov Prize

A Ukrainian director, Oleg Sentsov, who is serving a sentence in the Yamal colony, won the Sakharov prize “For Freedom of Thought” for 2018, the Associated Press reports. The decision to award him an award was made at a session of the European Parliament.

His struggle endangers his own life, but at the same time she points out to us the need to protect human rights everywhere in the world and under any circumstances. – Antonio Tajani, Italian politician

Ukrainian court extended the arrest of Nadezhda Savchenko

Shevchenko district court in Kiev extended the arrest of Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadezhda Savchenko until December 30. This was reported on Thursday by her sister Vera.

Ukrainians and Syrians received the most residence permits in the EU

In 2017, the European Union (EU) issued 3.1 million primary residence permits, the largest number of recipients are citizens of Ukraine and Syria, according to a Eurostat report. For the year, this document was issued by 662 thousand Ukrainians, while 88% of them received a residence permit in Poland.

The killing of Hashoji was deliberate

Saudi Al-Muajib, Attorney General of Saudi Arabia, stated that the killing of journalist Jamal Hashukji was deliberate.

Russian Foreign Ministry warned Norway of the consequences

The detention of Mikhail Bochkarev, an employee of the Federation Council staff in Norway on suspicion of espionage, will affect interparliamentary contacts in Moscow and Oslo, according to Smolensk Square.

Trump will send to the US border the military to stop the caravan of refugees

The American leader, Donald Trump, said that he would send the military to the southern border and stop the “emergency” with a refugee caravan.

Trump signed the law on sanctions against supporters of Hezbollah

US President Donald Trump has signed a law that involves the imposition of sanctions against those who support the Lebanese Hezbollah movement. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to the message of the White House.

Assange refused to comply with the rules of stay in the embassy of Ecuador

Founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange refused to comply with the rules of stay at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which were presented to him by the embassy staff, EFE reported. According to the agency, Assange refused to receive passwords for Internet access from the embassy.

The son of a murdered journalist Khashkadzhi left Saudi Arabia for the United States

Despite the ban of the Saudi authorities, the son of the journalist Jamal Hashkaji Salah bin Jamal Hashkaji, who was murdered in Turkey, left the country with his family. He went to the United States, of which he is also a passport holder.

In the Zhytomyr region was banned to use the Russian language in public

In the Zhytomyr region in Ukraine, local authorities have banned the use of the “Russian-language cultural product” in public. Thus, the inhabitants of the region will no longer be able to watch on TV the broadcast of Russian films or performances of Russian actors.

Chinese experts expect from the visit of Abe rapprochement of China and Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Beijing on an official visit, experts expect rapprochement between the two countries, the Xinhua news agency reported October 25. Abe landed in Beijing on the evening of October 25th. His visit to China is being held at the invitation of Premier Li Keqiang

Canada ratified the Transpacific Partnership Agreement.

The Canadian Parliament on Thursday finally ratified the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, after which the document immediately received royal sanction from the Governor-General of Canada Julie Peyette. This is stated on the website of the Canadian legislature.


The biggest NATO exercises in the last 16 years began in Norway

The most ambitious NATO exercises under the conditional name Trident Juncture have started today in Norway today.

These exercises will test our readiness to restore the sovereignty of an ally, in this case Norway, after an act of armed aggression. The exercises send a clear signal to any potential adversary that NATO does not seek confrontation, but is ready to defend all allies from any threat. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

In Britain, women can serve in all branches of the military

British women were allowed to serve in all branches of the country’s army, including special forces, as well as in all military specialties. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom Gavin Williamson.

I am glad that from today, for the first time in history, the composition of our armed forces will be determined not by the criteria of gender, but by the criteria of ability. – Gavin Williamson, British politician

Russia accused the United States in the attack on the airbase Hamine

During one of the massive attacks of UAVs on the Russian air base Khmeimim in Syria, control was carried out from an American reconnaissance aircraft, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin.

Installation of the S-400 in Turkey will begin in October 2019

Installation of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 in Turkey will begin in October 2019. This was reported on Thursday by the agency “Anadolu” with reference to the Turkish Ministry of Defense. Preparation of Turkish settlements in Russia for the C-400 will begin from the beginning of 2019, the agency said.

The General Staff of Ukraine is preparing to aggravate the situation in the south of the country

The Ukrainian General Staff in the event of an aggravation of the situation in the south of the country has worked out the scenarios for the actions of units and subunits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (MAT). This was the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko wrote on his page on Facebook.

Militants from Syria and Iraq moving to Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Region (APR), which is one of the most dynamically developing centers of world development, continues to face the problems of international terrorism. This was announced in Beijing by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Alexander Fomin in the framework of the Eighth International Siangshan Forum on Security Issues. According to him, some members of illegal armed groups, who are being ousted from Iraq and Syria, are moving to the APR.

DPRK Deputy Defense Minister Reaffirms Commitment to Peace

The position of the North Korean leadership on the commitment to accomplish the task in order to turn the Korean Peninsula into the personification of peace and stability, leaving armed conflicts of past years in the past, is unshakable, said the deputy defense minister, who arrived in Beijing at the Xiangshan Forum.

The Dagestan base of the Caspian flotilla will be strengthened

The Caspian flotilla within the framework of the formation of a new base in the Dagestan Caspian will receive a coast-based missile system. In addition, a marine regiment of more than 1,500 men will be formed, the press service of the Southern Military District reported to REGNUM on October 25.

Putin instructed to seriously strengthen control over the circulation of weapons

Vladimir Putin demanded that the Rosguards take up control over the circulation of weapons. “I’m waiting for specific proposals from you here, including those of a legislative nature,” the president specified at a meeting with senior officers and prosecutors.

Within the limits of your competence, you should immediately stop disturbing public order. I especially note: it is necessary to seriously strengthen the control in the sphere of the circulation of weapons. I am expecting from you here specific proposals, including legislative ones. – Vladimir Putin

Russian military ensured the security of the UN mission in the Golan Heights

Today, the Russian military police ensure the security of the UN mission in carrying out this task. The mission staff, in addition to security issues, will examine the route safety and inspect today a number of UN posts located south of the Kuneitra border crossing.

US intelligence reported on Russian “killer satellite” rockets

Russia by 2022 will adopt missiles, allegedly capable of shooting down satellites. According to CNBC, a rocket can be deployed to destroy a spacecraft in near-earth orbit, seen on a MiG-31 fighter in Moscow region in September.

The media reported the location of the four S-300 batteries in Syria

Four S-300 batteries of anti-aircraft missile systems delivered from Russia are located in northwestern Syria near the town of Masyaf. This was reported by The Times of Israel, referring to satellite images of a private Israeli company ImageSat International, published on October 24


Moody’s allowed Russia to upgrade to investment grade

Next year, if there are no shock events in the form of a strengthening of the sanctions regime, Russia’s sovereign credit rating may rise to investment grade.

Gazprom called the price of gas exports in 2018

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom, Alexander Medvedev, said that by the end of the current year, the average price of gas exports would be about $ 248 per thousand cubic meters. m

Oil reserves in the US for the week rose by 1.5%, more than forecast

Oil production in the United States during the reporting period, according to the ministry, remained at the level of last week and amounted to 10.9 million barrels per day. Oil reserves at the country’s largest terminal in Cushing (Cushing) increased by 1.4 million barrels – up to 30 million

Apartments in Moscow rose in price

According to the results of September 2018, apartments in residential buildings under construction in Moscow have noticeably increased in price, the company reports “Metrium”, which was received by the editor. In annual terms, the average cost of an apartment in the comfort class residential complex increased by 12%, while the price per square meter increased by 5%. The average apartment became more expensive by 1 million rubles

“Dixie” overtook “Auchan” in turnover

Analytical agency Infoline has made a rating of the leaders of the Russian food retail in the first half of 2018, according to Vedomosti. In the first place was the company X5 Retail Group (owns the networks Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel) with a turnover of 731.3 billion rubles.

National project “Housing and urban environment”

The national project “Housing and Urban Environment” is supported by the Council on Strategic Development at the level of President Vladimir Putin, writes Kommersant.

The document assumes the growth of housing construction to 120 million square meters in 2024 due to the accelerated pace of construction of apartment buildings. Moreover, more than half of them should be funded through a mortgage. To ensure the resettlement of emergency housing within the national project, the work of the Housing Fund will be extended until 2026.

Producers of the North-West are preparing to raise the price of bread up to 20%

Producers in the regions of the North-West notified of the upcoming price increase for bread, which will be from 5 to 20%. Business executives explain this by higher prices for grain and flour, as well as an increase in electricity and rail tariffs.

VKontakte segment revenue grew in Q3 by 45%

The segmented revenue of the social network VKontakte increased in the third quarter of 2018 by 45% compared to the same period in 2017 and amounted to 4.429 billion rubles. This is stated in the message Mail.ru Group, which owns “VKontakte”.

Central Bank did not allow the Bank “Opening” to enter the forex market

The new shareholder of Otkritie Bank, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, did not allow it to engage in the activities of a forex dealer, two sources familiar with the situation told Interfax.

Special vehicles will expand state support

A similar scheme of state support is already in effect for agricultural machine-builders (Decree No. 1432). The ministry believes that this scheme has shown its effectiveness: domestic manufacturers have retained market share, and therefore it was decided to extend it to special equipment.

The interest in mining has fallen. AMD hardware sales decline

AMD’s total revenue decreased by 14% compared with the previous quarter, but increased by 12% compared to the same period in 2017. The company expects a continued decline in customer interest in GPU-devices for the extraction of digital money.

Rosneft will earn on the sale of coffee

Rosneft expects to receive about 4 billion rubles. Proceeds from the sale of coffee at their gas stations in 2018. This is almost 40% more than in 2017. About this RBC told the vice-president of the company for the development of retail business and the domestic market Avril Conroy

Medvedev instructed to work out options for the supply of milk from Belarus

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered to agree with Belarus options for the supply of dry and raw milk to Russia. The executors are the Ministry of Agriculture and the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance. Deadline December 11 of this year.

Quarterly profit of the largest bank in Switzerland rose by a third

According to the results of the 3rd quarter, the largest bank in Switzerland, UBS AG, increased its net profit by a third due to an improvement in investment business indicators

USC has reduced the estimate of the cost of modernization of almost 200 billion rubles

To implement the large-scale modernization program of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, it will be necessary to attract 91–92 billion rubles. About this in an interview with RBC said USC President Alexei Rakhmanov. According to him, this is the total amount of funding, which is designed for the next ten years.

National Bank of Georgia does not expect inflation in the country

The National Bank of Georgia does not expect a significant deviation of the inflation rate from its target level of 3%, the regulator says. The Monetary Policy Committee of the National Bank of Georgia on the eve decided to keep the refinancing rate unchanged at 7% per annum.

Saudi Arabia will invest in the Russian-Chinese investment fund

Saudi Arabia is investing in a Russian-Chinese investment fund created by the RDIF and China Investment Corporation.

The Rakushechnoye deposit in the Astrakhan Region will be introduced in 2021

The large Rakushechnoye field in the Astrakhan Region will be opened in 2021, and investments in its development will amount to 60 billion rubles, said Lukoil President Vagit Alekperov, answering a TASS question in Volgograd.

The income of Kazakhstan fund “Samruk-Kazyna” doubled

In the first nine months of 2018, the national welfare fund Samruk-Kazyna JSC received net income in the amount of 825.3 billion tenge ($ 2.25 billion), which is two times more than in the same period of 2017.

Oil production at the Iranian oil field Kesht will begin in March

Oil production at the Kesht field in Iran will begin by the end of the current fiscal year, in March. This was announced by the head of the department in the National Iranian Oil Company, Karim Zobedi.

The ECB has kept the base interest rate on loans at zero

The European Central Bank (ECB) kept the base interest rate on loans at zero. The decision was made following the meeting of the ECB’s Board of Governors, the regulator’s website reports.

The outflow of deposits from VTB in September amounted to 77 billion rubles

It is possible that large depositors of VTB took away rubles to buy OFZs against the background of rising yields, he argues. The outflow of deposits of the population of the state Bank more than offset the money companies

License to export fuel will keep prices down

The introduction of a license for the export of fuel for Russian producers will make it possible to exclude the sale of petroleum products by resellers, which means, other things being equal, it will not allow prices to accelerate.

The share of unprofitable organizations in the Russian Federation in January-August increased by 30.8%

The share of unprofitable organizations in the Russian Federation in January-August increased by 1.1 percentage points compared to the same period last year and amounted to 30.8%, the Rosstat reported on Thursday.

Medvedev instructed to develop a strategy for exporting LNG

On October 25, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to work out a strategy for exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Russia.

We have to expand production facilities, create additional storage infrastructure and infrastructure of delivery vehicles, provide technological conditions, develop an effective export strategy. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Alfa Bank will stop issuing loans in stores

In recent years, the bank has reduced the share of loans in retail outlets as part of its loan portfolio: from 15% in 2017 to 10% in 2018. At the same time, Alfa-Bank replaced them with more lucrative products and focused on the development of credit and debit cards, cash loans and mortgages.

Developing countries lose $ 110 billion a year due to poor-quality food

WB estimated losses from poor-quality food Developing countries annually lose $ 115 billion due to poor food quality – this includes productivity losses due to diseases and deaths, treatment costs for eating disorders and losses associated with international trade, the World Bank says (WB ).

Sberbank stopped making payments to gambling establishments abroad

Sberbank stopped making payments in favor of foreign gambling establishments, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Friday. This is a reaction to legislative changes that came into force at the end of May.

Putin ordered to plan a development plan for Russian Railways at the expense of its dividends

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to consider options for directing Russian Railways profits instead of dividends on its development. Such an order he gave at the meeting, which was held on October 24. A list of all orders published on the website of the Kremlin.

QIA and Glencore repay € 5.2 billion loan to buy Rosneft shares

A consortium of the Qatari investment fund QIA and the Swiss trader Glencore repaid a loan of € 5.2 billion from the Italian bank Intesa, taken in 2016 to buy a 19.5% stake in Rosneft

Russians set a new credit card record

For half a year, banks transferred 374.3 billion rubles to Russians’ credit cards. This is not only twice as much as a year earlier, but also a record since the beginning of the crisis – the first half of 2014, the calculations of the Joint Credit Bureau (OKB) for Izvestia showed. The average card limit increased by 23%.

Physical persons were taken from VTB in September, 77 billion rubles

“In September, VTB Bank fixes the reduction of deposits of individuals by 77 billion rubles, which is less than 1% of the entire portfolio. However, we are seeing a tendency on the part of retail clients to replace dollar deposits with euros. Also, customers began to shift from dollars to investment products VTB. In September, their total portfolio grew from 581.2 billion rubles. to 630.9 billion rubles. “, – The press service of the bank


Xiaomi introduced the frameless slider smartphone Mi Mix 3

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has announced a new smartphone of the “innovative” Mix – Mi Mix 3 series. The novelty has received a screen with a uniformly narrow frame and a sliding module with front cameras.

HP USB Fingerprint Mouse Receives Fingerprint Scanner

The HP USB Fingerprint Mouse is capable of scanning fingerprints. To this end, a fingerprint sensor was positioned in the upper part of the manipulator housing. It is assumed that this module will allow access to computers through the Windows Hello system without entering a user password.

Nokia is preparing a wireless charging DT-500 and DT-10W with batteries

The new wireless charging will be the DT-500 and DT-10W, about which not yet everything is known, but it is already reported that they will be equipped with batteries

Qualcomm is working on a new fast-charging technology.

Qualcomm is working on a new fast-charging technology. This was reported by company representatives during the 4G / 5G summit in Hong Kong. The current generation, entitled QuickCharge 4, provides 18-watt wired charging power and 12-watt wireless power.

Officially presented the new smart watch Mobvoi TicWatch C2

The new Mobvoi TicWatch C2 smart watch is officially announced. Mobvoi representatives noted that the device differs from the original version in the presence of two displays that perform different functions.

MediaTek introduced a new budget processor Helio P70

Especially nothing new in the processor there, because in fact the Helio P70 is an improved version of the Helio P60. The new SoC has increased the frequency, which is now 900 MHz. Also added support for LPDDR4X memory and UFS 2.1 flash memory.

AMD discontinues support for 32-bit drivers for 3D-cards Radeon

The company Nvidia, which is the only competitor to AMD in the graphics processor market, stopped supporting 32-bit drivers in December last year. Given that 32-bit systems are already in the past, the decision to stop their support does not look like something special.

Updated Events for Apple TV released

On October 25, the developers of Apple Inc. released an updated Events application for Apple TV.

Alpenföhn Black Ridge – fully black low profile cooler

To improve performance, Alpenföhn proposes installing a 120-mm fan, however, it is not reported how much the TDP limit rises. The black color of the entire cooler attracts attention, and the fan is also completely black.

Apple will create a global TV broadcast

Apple plans next year to create streaming TV broadcasting. The novelty from Apple will be similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. According to available information, the service will first appear in the United States and will go as a full-fledged TV application, or as a separate standalone application.

Samsung will release three versions of the Galaxy S10 to compete with the new iPhone

According to the source, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented in three versions, each of which will be aimed at the iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. The younger version of the Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G970x) will compete with the iPhone XR.

Meizu introduced a large budget smartphone Meizu Note 8

Meizu introduced a large budget smartphone Meizu Note 8, which has a rather thin frame around the screen and not a cutout at the top. The resolution of the six-inch IGZO screen is 2160 x 1080 pixels. The smartphone runs on a Snapdragon 632 processor.

In Moscow, presented a facial recognition system that distinguishes twins

At the Interpolitex-2018 exhibition in Moscow, Papillon’s facial recognition system, capable of discerning twins in less than 1 second, the center’s spokesperson told the press center at the Okhrana Research Center.

Lenovo laptops can be “killed” by simply changing the UEFI BIOS settings

As it turned out, the simplest manipulations with the UEFI BIOS can disable the cheap ThinkPad P52, ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2018, ThinkPad P52s, ThinkPad P1 and ThinkPad P72 laptops. Moreover, in order to enter the cyclic reboot state (with subsequent probable damage to the UEFI chip and replacing the motherboard), all you need to do is activate the BIOS support for Thunderbolt menu item (or Thunderbolt BIOS Assist, depending on the model).

Facebook will be able to share music

The company Facebook plans to add a function that will allow you to share music tracks on a social network, writes TechCrunch. Users will be able to share music with friends in private messages or publish it on their page.

Mobvoi TicPods Free Wireless Headphones Go On Sale

TicPods Free is now on sale for $ 120 in two colors: Navy and Lava. Headphones can not be called new. Last year, TicPods Free came out on Kickstarter as an alternative to Apple AirPods. They support the work with voice assistants Google and Apple. They were equipped with IP5X protection against water and dust. In addition, the headphones will work up to 20 hours.

The Ricoh WG-60 camera can shoot at depths of up to 14 meters

Ricoh introduced the enhanced camera WG-60. As can be assumed by the designation, the novelty has replaced the model WG-50. Externally, the new camera is very similar to its predecessor.

Apple has closed the police the ability to hack the iPhone

Apple has effectively closed the possibility of unlocking their smartphones using GrayKey devices, which are used by the forces of law and order to access data on the iPhone and iPad. This was reported by Forbes, citing “numerous” sources.

Lenovo is preparing for the premiere of the frameless slider Z5 Pro

Lenovo employees are getting ready to present the frameless Z5 Pro slider to users on November 1. In connection with the announcement, representatives of the company published on the web an advertising teaser with a sketch of a mobile device

Smartphone for $ 55 received support 4G VoLTE

The smartphone costs only 55 dollars and at the same time supports 4G VoLTE communication technology. The smartphone has a screen with a diagonal of 5 inches and a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, a rear camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels with a flash and a front camera of 2 megapixels, a battery with a capacity of 2000 mA / h

Vivaldi browser updated to version 2.1

Vivaldi Technologies introduced Vivaldi browser version 2.1. Vivaldi is a browser that allows anyone to control their online experience. The browser is interesting because it already contains a lot of tools that significantly increase the convenience and efficiency of the Internet.

Huobi Group has announced plans to expand

The ultimate goal of the Dubai office will be to provide safe and reliable services for the exchange of digital assets trading to millions of users in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Google: in a month we fixed 50 bugs in Search Console

Over the past month, Google developers have fixed 50 bugs in the Search Console. This information appeared in Google Twitter for webmasters. Among them: Links to an optimization tool for mobile devices now remember the user’s language.


The main source of solar energy

The Borexino group performed the most accurate measurements of the solar neutrino spectrum and confirmed that 99 percent of solar energy is produced in reactions of the proton-proton cycle and also showed that the hypothesis of high solar metallicity is confirmed with a statistical significance of about 2 sigma.

Future nuclear fuel plans to produce Rosatom near Krasnoyarsk

REMIX-fuel is produced from an unseparated mixture of regenerated uranium and plutonium, formed during the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel.

New cellular structure opened

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute, in collaboration with British colleagues, have discovered a new structure in human cells. This is a new type of protein complex used by the cell to attach to its surroundings and plays a key role in cell division. Researchers have called the new cellular structure “reticular adhesions,” which reflects its reticular form. A study published in the journal Nature Cell Biology.

Found the oldest weapons of North America

Scientists led by Michael Waters discovered a 10 cm gun at Buttermilk Creek in Central Texas, which may have been used as a stop due to the favorable climate, food, and drinking water. Archaeological work in this area has been carried out since 2006. During this period, researchers found about 100 thousand stone tools, made 13.2-15.5 thousand years ago. Scientists have no doubt that the gun was used during the hunt for wild animals.

Drones have learned to open doors and move heavy loads

Engineers have added wheels, a winch, as well as (attention!) A surface that is able to better bond different kinds of materials to the usual drones. After that, the drones were able to open the door with a handle that you need to press. Drones had to be creative.

“Russian hat” was resistant to climate change

Glass sponges living on the shelf of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia have successfully withstood the fluctuations of temperature and salinity of water for over a century. At the same time, to protect the sponge, which for its specific shape was called the “Russian cap”, no special measures were taken. A study on this is published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Scientists have proven that stress after 40 years worsens memory

High levels of stress can adversely affect memory in middle age, and even lead to the fact that the human brain will decrease in size. This conclusion was made by researchers from Harvard University and a number of other US research organizations.

A method for the regeneration of blood cells after irradiation

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a method for the rapid recovery of these cells. It involves the stimulation of a certain type of stem cells to produce growth factors that will help the damaged elements to transform into full-fledged blood cells.

Chimpanzees distinguish strangers and family members by smell.

Animals sniffed urine longer than empty specimens, indicating their susceptibility to the smell of other chimpanzees. More importantly, they distinguished the smell of the members of the group and the unfamiliar monkeys, sniffing the unfamiliar smells of the group longer than those already known.

Silver nanoparticles and boron nitride help reduce carbon monoxide emissions

Russian chemists from NITU “MISiS” have developed a new hybrid catalyst for the oxidation of carbon monoxide, consisting of hexagonal boron nitride and silver nanoparticles. This material allows for the complete conversion of carbon monoxide in just under 194 degrees Celsius.

The New Caledonian Crow can create tools from several parts.

Without any help or demonstration, the four crows inserted one part of the wand into the other and used the resulting long tool to extract food from the container. At the end of a five-step study, scientists complicated the task and gave the birds even shorter parts.

Found a new species from the “missing link” between dinosaurs and birds

Archeopteryx was first described as the “missing link” between reptiles and birds in 1861. As already mentioned, a total of 12 samples were found, all of them belong to the Late Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago).

Satellite to disperse the clouds will help in installing quantum Internet

Today, cloudy weather limits the ability of scientists to send data to satellites using lasers, as the clouds scatter laser light. However, a powerful, rapidly pulsing laser is able to knock out a small channel in the clouds through which the second laser can pass and transmit information.

Artificial intelligence will create new perfume scents.

IBM Research scientists together with the manufacturer of perfumes Symrise have developed artificial intelligence Philyra, which will help to create new fragrances of perfumes.


Hyundai has announced the premiere of a small crossover

The South Korean automaker has published a teaser for the conceptual crossover Hyundai Saga, which should give an idea of ​​the new generation of available electric crossovers.

Ken Block introduced the 930-strong Ford F-150 for “Dzhimkhany”

Popular showman and racer Ken Block announced the debut of a new sports car for the anniversary release of his “Dzhimkhan.” In honor of the anniversary of the drift series, the tuners built for the Block a special version of the Ford F-150 pickup, the basis for which was the Ford GT. Novelty called Hoonitruck

Zotye company will bring available T300 crossover to Russia

The updated Chinese crossover Zotye T300 will soon arrive in the Russian market. The new Zotye T300 will compete with the Korean Hyundai Creta and the French Renault Kaptur, while the Chinese crossover will be able to attract buyers with a lower price tag.

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S set a record of Nurburgring

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S set the record for the North Loop of the Nürburgring among production cars with four seats in the cabin. The novelty passed the 20.8-kilometer route in 7 minutes and 25.41 seconds.

Atelier Mil-Spec presented restomod Hummer H1 for 16.4 million rubles

The price of the car at number 004 was 249 thousand dollars (about 16.35 million rubles at the current exchange rate). From the usual “Hammer” SUV MSA №004 differs advanced body kit, which increases the width of the SUV rut by 203 millimeters, and the car itself by 178 millimeters.

Musk approved the final prototype of the Tesla Model Y electrocross

The head of the American company has approved the final version of the prototype of the Model Y electrocross, which will now go into series. As Musk himself notes, the production of a new model will not begin until 2020.

BMW 8 Series Convertible to be presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show

As part of a special event, representatives of the Bavarian brand announced the debut of the new BMW 8 Series in the body of the “convertible”, which will be held in late November. Recently, images of the tested model are increasingly appearing on the web.

The company Lamborghini brought to the test the updated model Urus

Lamborghini has launched an updated version of the sports crossover Lamborghini Urus. On the eve of our Italian colleagues noticed a novelty on the road tests on the famous racetrack Vallelunga, which is 40 kilometers from Rome

New BMW X5 has received a set of accessories M Performance

BMW has introduced a line of accessories from the catalog M Performance Parts for the new X5. The changes affected both the interior and exterior, and the main material for “tuning” was carbon fiber. In addition, for the first time the car received official off-road tires.

Chevrolet will present the 300-strong Cruze SS

Chevrolet announced a new version of the Cruze hatchback with a turbocharged powerplant. A car called the Sport6 ​​SS will be presented at the motor show in Sao Paulo. Such a modification will be different black parts on the body, new 20-inch wheels and sports front seats

Skoda will continue to develop diesel engines

Czech automaker Skoda is not going to give up diesel power plants. The corresponding statement was recently made by the head of the Czech brand for research and development, Christian Strube

China has launched sales of Dongfeng Ruijing 6 pickup

The other day in China, sales of a new pickup truck Dongfeng Ruijing 6 started, which looks completely similar to the Mercedes-Benz X-Class model. Under the hood of a pickup, a 2-liter gasoline engine with a power of 158 horsepower is installed.


Stephen King sold adolescent rights to film the story for $ 1

As part of his project “Dollar Baby”, writer Stephen King sold two teenagers from Wales the right to film his “Exercise Bike” story for a dollar.

DiCaprio will star in Scorsese again

The script will be handled by Eric Roth. Shooting is scheduled to begin after Scorsese and DiCaprio have completed work in current projects. The director goes post-production of the film “Irish”, and the actor is removed in the film Quentin Tarantino “Once in Hollywood”

The long-list of the Oscars in the category “Best Animated Film”

The organizing committee of the Oscar-2019 ″ announced a long list of the nomination “Best Animated Film. The finalists will be announced on January 19, and the winner will be announced at the solemn ceremony on February 24.

The preliminary long list includes Mutafukaz, “Ana and Bruno”, “Grinch”, “Wild Ancestors”, “Laws of the Universe”, “How to watch fireworks”, “Liz and blue bird”, “Lou behind the wall”, “Mirai of the future “,” Monsters on vacation 3 “,” On the road to happiness “,” The night is short, walk, girl “,” Freud robbery “,” Dog Island “,” Ralph against the Internet “,” Sergeant Stubby: American hero ” , Smallfoot, The Incredibles 2, Secret Life of Insects, Secret Life of Insects, Tito and Birds, Decorate Farewell Morning with Flowers of Promise, Good Day, Spiderman: Through Universes, “Sherlock Gno with “and” Young Titans forward! ”

Released the second trailer for the second season of “Amazing Mrs. Mazel”

Amazon Prime Video posted on its YouTube channel, the first full-featured trailer for the second season of The Amazing Mrs. Meisel, which this year received eight Emmy statuettes.

Web series “Girl with a player” won the award Seriesland festival

Web series from Russia “Girl with a player” for the first time received the award of one of the largest web festivals Seriesland. The film festival takes place in Bilbao from 24 to 27 October. The series “Girl with a player” won the prize for best trailer

Chris Pratt will act in an action-thriller about the fight against drug traffickers

Producer David Heyman (Harry Potter film series) plans to release an action-thriller about a special forces team conducting clandestine operations against drug addicts. The main role in the future picture can go to Chris Pratt.

The film “Wonder Woman 1984” will be released on June 5, 2020

The film “Wonder Woman 1984”, which is a continuation of the superhero tape with Gal Gadot in the lead role, will be released on June 5, 2020, reports Deadline.

Trailer for the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon – 3” was published on the Web

DreamWorks has posted on its YouTube channel a trailer for the third part of the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World.

Tatarstan cartoon became the winner of the film festival in Syria

The film festival Days of Cinema in Damascus, the purpose of which is intercultural dialogue, was held in the capital of Syria. The Tatarstan cartoon “Gulnazek – Lord of the Divines” Elena Yermolina was awarded the silver prize of the film festival. The golden prize of the film festival was awarded to the film Askar Nurakun uulu “Lover in Cinema” (Kyrgyzstan).

The initiator of the film forum was the Syrian diaspora in Ukraine, the school “The sons of martyrs’s Schools”, the National Syrian Cinema Organization with the support of the country’s Ministry of Tourism.

The trailer for the film “The Main Candidate” starring Hugh Jackman

The trailer for the film “The Main Candidate” (“The Front Runner”) starring Hugh Jackman. The film was directed by Jason Reitman (“Juneau”). Vera Farmig, Molly Ephraim, J.-C. Simmons and others also appeared in the film.

George Miller will shoot a film about the genie’s epic love story

The director of Mad Max, George Miller, will make a film about a genie’s love story stretching for a millennium. The project received the conditional name “Three Thousand Years of Longing”.

Natalie Portman becomes a star in the film “Voice of luxury”

“They want a show? They will get it, ”says singer Celeste in Dramedi Brady Corbet“ Voice deluxe ”and makes one of the most ridiculous statements in her career. The heroine Natalie Portman discovered her talent after a tragic event, and gradually climbed to the musical Olympus. It has been there for a long time, but it doesn’t become easier, oddly enough

CBS has ordered two seasons of the Star Trek animated series

Streaming service CBS All Access commissioned a two season animated series based on “Star Trek,” reports Variety. The series, entitled Star Trek: Lower Decks, will be developed by screenwriter Rick and Morty, Mike McMahan.

The second season of the historical series “Magnificent Medici” began

The second season of the popular historical series “Magnificent Medici” started on October 23. The plot develops 20 years after the events of the first season and tells about the most famous confrontation in the history of Florence – Lorenzo Medici and Jacopo Pazzi.


Memorial Day of Muslim Magomaev

Colleagues and fans of the People’s Artist of the USSR Muslim Magomayev gathered on October 25 at the monument to the singer in Voznesensky Lane in Moscow to honor the memory of the musician on the tenth anniversary of his death. The meeting was attended by the widow of Muslim Magometovich – Tamara Sinyavskaya, the founder of the Foundation of Cultural and Musical Heritage of the Artist Araz Agalarov, the artist Alexander Shilov.

The Eolova Harp International Vocalists Festival is held in Pyatigorsk

In the resort city of Pyatigorsk, the International Theater and Music Festival and vocalists competition “Eol’s Harp” is held. 53 performers from Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus and China are allowed to participate in the competition.

Jacques Anthony wanders through the woods in the clip “Again”

Shooting a video in the forest was done by the artist himself, together with Daniel Kim. In late September, Anthony announced the cancellation of all concerts of the autumn tour, except for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Amorphis will bring Queen of Time in Moscow

The Finnish group Amorphis will perform on the stage of “Glavklub Green Concert” on March 15, 2019. The team arrives in Moscow as part of a large tour that will take over Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Rostovta Basta released a video for the soundtrack to the film “Gas Holder. Klubare

The film tells about the successful promoter Arthur. He begins to search for the police after the man was dragged into a large scam associated with the organization of the nightclub “Klubare”. The Rostov citizen Basta has appeared in a new movie.

In the US, died singer and composer Tony Joe White

Musician and composer Tony Joe White died in his 76th year of life, reports The Tennessean. White is best known for his song Polk Salad Annie (1969), which was also performed by Elvis Presley, and Rainy Night in Georgia (1970).

Ruzaliya apa died, becoming a professional singer at the age of 72

Fans of the singer grieve and wish her to rest in peace. Ruzaliya Garifullina, known as Ruzaliya apa, became popular at the age of 72 after performing the song Yorusen. Later, together with DJ Rabbah, a clip was shot for the composition.

Festival “Silver Lira” starts in St. Petersburg

The ninth international festival of chamber performance “Silver Lyre” starts in St. Petersburg today. The event will take part teams from seven countries in Europe and the United States.

The group “Networks” will present the album “Just” in St. Petersburg

The Networks group, the presentation of the album Just, Upiter (St. Petersburg), November 2 The Networks return to the musical space: the first album of the group called “Heaven and Earth” was released in 2003, and the second and currently the last – “Just” – less than a month ago


Writer Olga Slavnikova wins Yasnaya Polyana Prize

The writer received the award for the novel “Long Jump” Writer, author of the novel “Long Jump” Olga Slavnikova received for him the literary prize “Yasnaya Polyana” in the nomination “Modern Russian Prose,” Interfax reports with reference to the press service of the museum-reserve. Yasnaya Polyana “, which is located in the Tula region.

In the Academy of Arts “thirst for antiquity”

The exhibition entitled “Thirst for Antiquity” will open in the main halls of the Museum of the Academy on November 14. Promise cork models of ancient monuments, antique European engravings and artistic understanding of the lost Palmyra

International Cultural Forum will be held in St. Petersburg on November 15 – 17

The presentation of the Theater Olympiad, which will be part of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, will be held on November 15 at the Hermitage. Art director of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin, artistic director of the Attis theater, chairman of the International Committee of the Theater Olympics Theodoros Terzopoulos (Greece), artistic director of the Suzuki Theater -Tadashi Suzuki (Japan) and many others will take part in it.

Theater Olympiad will open in St. Petersburg in June 2019. In its program – tours of 30 leading teams from 15 countries in Europe and Asia.

Playwright and writer Alexander Gelman celebrates anniversary

Alexander Gelman accepts congratulations on the 85th anniversary. One of the most famous playwrights of the Soviet period, the screenwriter of popular films.

The film “The Prize” has not yet been released on the script of Gelman, and in the BDT they have already rehearsed on it the setting entitled “Minutes of one meeting.” In the Moscow Art Theater performance was called the “meeting of the party committee.” Then Efremov staged the plays of the playwright: “Feedback,” “Alone with everyone,” “We, the undersigned.”

The plays of Alexander Gelman are staged today. Recently, he was called to the premiere of the play “Alone with All” in Penza, last year in the “Snuffbox” put “Bench”. Alexander Gelman also began to write poetry. Already released several collections “Last Future” and “Crutches and Wings.”

Trinkets “Troika” with the views of old Moscow appeared on sale in the metro of the capital

The author of the images is a modern artist Alexei Shalaev, according to the portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow.

“Themed charms will remind the townspeople how the capital looked like in past centuries and how it has changed since then,” the metro press service noted. The souvenirs are made in five design variants: “Joy of All Who Sorrow. Stremyanny Lane”, “Good Light of Lights. Marsh Square”, “July Noon. Theater Square”, “Summer Day. Manege Square” and “Menshikov Square. Krivokolenny Lane”.

Pushkin Museum presents Tintoretto exhibition at Venice Biennale

Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin is preparing a project dedicated to the Italian painter Tintoretto, and plans to present it in Venice during the Art Biennale of Contemporary Art. This was reported by the museum director Marina Loshak at a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who visited the Volkhonka Museum on October 24.

In London, lamps appeared in the form of magic sticks from “Harry Potter”

In the center of the British capital have installed 9 huge lamps in the form of magic sticks from books about Harry Potter. You can look at them between the Millennium Bridge and the Cathedral of St. Paul.

The history of the tour of Svyatoslav Richter in personal photographs and letters

In Moscow, an exhibition of travels Svyatoslav Richter. Unique items from the personal collection of the musician will tell about his performances in America and England. The exhibition presents rare archival materials: posters and programs of concerts, notes, autographed records, engravings, sketches of scenery and costumes.

180 years since the birth of the French composer Georges Bizet

Alexander César Leopold Bizet, named for being baptized by Georges, was born into a musical family. From 4 years old the boy began to study music and at 10 entered the Paris Conservatoire. Bizet turned out to be a virtuoso pianist – Liszt himself admired his playing. At the same time, the first musical works appeared and the young man decided to become a composer. After graduating from the Conservatory Bizet wrote for the contest, announced by Jacques Offenbach, the operetta “Doctor Miracle”. For this work, he received an award that allowed the young man to live and study in Rome for several years. It was Italy that gave the composer creative lightness, grace and a sense of harmony.

But nothing glorified Bizet like the opera Carmen. However, ironically, it was she who became his biggest misfortune in life. The first production of the scandal failed. Three months later, Bizet died from a heart attack. A year later, “Carmen” with triumph put on the biggest stages of Europe.

Autumn Cycle of Days of Russian Culture takes place in Latvia

The autumn cycle of the Days of Russian Culture started in four cities in Latvia on October 24. Until November 5, the program of the holiday includes more than 60 various events – exhibitions, concerts, performances, excursions, lectures, film shows, festivals, master classes, book presentations, creative meetings and literary readings. About this TASS told the co-chairman of the organizing committee Irina Konyaeva.

Moscow Bulgakov Museum will launch tours about the cat Begemot in November

Moscow Museum. Bulgakov prepared excursions about the cat Behemoth, which will begin to conduct from November 2018. The program was prepared specifically for the settlement of the new tenant “bad apartment” – Behemoth’s cat, the director of the institution Peter Mansilla-Cruz told reporters on October 24.

The exhibition “From Russia with Love” opened in the South Korean capital

The exhibition of Russian artists living in the Republic of Korea opened on October 24 in Insadong, the tourist heart of Seoul. The event called “From Russia with Love” is held in the South Korean capital for the second year in a row and is timed to the Day of National Unity.

The blood of Paul McCartney and Jude Law are used for the project “Odyssey”

The blood of 5,000 people will be used by the British artist and sculptor Mark Quinn for his Odyssey project, which he will present in September 2019 in front of the New York Public Library, buro24 / 7 reports.

Computer-made picture was sold at auction for $ 432.5 thousand

Created by artificial intelligence, the painting was sold for $ 432.5 thousand at Christie’s auction. This is reported on the auction site. It is noted that the painting was sold for an amount that is almost 45 times higher than the initial estimate, which was $ 7-10 thousand

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