29 Nov, 2018

Ukraine applied to the International Tribunal

Ukraine appealed to the UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea after the seizure of Ukrainian ships by Russian border guards. This is stated in a statement published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It is clarified that the tribunal is now considering a complaint about a violation of the UN convention.

The statement notes that Russia continues the practice of “discriminatory prosecution” of Ukrainian and foreign courts planning to go through the Kerch Strait to Ukrainian ports. The ministry also announced a protest against the actions of Russia.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko requested a telephone conversation with Putin after the incident in the Kerch Strait, but did not receive a response and turned to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I can tell you that the request was, but this conversation did not take place,” said Russian Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called it a provocation by the Kiev authorities on the eve of the presidential elections in Ukraine. According to Putin, the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko ranks fifth in the ranking of candidates, and he has a chance not to go to the second round of voting.

“Therefore, it is necessary to do something to exacerbate the situation and create insurmountable obstacles for its competitors, primarily from the opposition,” Putin said.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Cadastral Chamber of Russia headed by a specialist with medical education

The 33-year-old Parviz Tukhtasunov has been appointed the new director of the Cadastral Chamber of the Rosreestr. His appointment is “related to personal and business qualities,” as well as “professional merit,” the Bi-bi-si told the press service of the Federal Registration Service.

“He was tasked with transforming the institution into one of the leading service companies for servicing the IT infrastructure in the public sector,” the ministry said.

Putin called solved the question of the growth of pensions of Russians

President Vladimir Putin said that pensions in Russia will grow. He said this at the Russia Calling Investment Forum, RBC correspondent reports.

So that inflation processes are not influenced in such a way that the money disappears, that they pursue a balanced, realistic and effective economic policy. – Vladimir Putin

Insurance payments for compulsory motor TPL insurance will increase

Prices for parts for the repair of CTP will rise from December 1, 2018. Changes will affect insurance payments. The cost of spare parts for repairs on compulsory insurance of car owners will increase by an average of 6.5% in connection with the decision of the Supreme Court of Russia, writes RBC.

The director of an orthodox gymnasium turned out to be a pedophile with many years of experience.

In Yakutia, the former director of an Orthodox gymnasium, Hieromonk Meletii (Andrei Tkachenko) was sentenced to 17 years in a penal colony for pedophilia. This was announced on Wednesday, November 28, by the portal SakhaDay.

Private airfield near Omsk will be named after Yegor Letov

Located in ten kilometers from Omsk, the private airfield of small aviation Popovka will be named after the leader of the Civil Defense group Egor Letov, whose name did not get enough votes in the Great Names of Russia project, the site owner Alexander Anisimov told Wednesday.

FSB came with searches to the city hall of Yakutsk

The FSB is conducting an inspection at the Yakut Department of Culture and Spiritual Development, which is located in the city mayor’s office. According to media reports, the security forces are withdrawing documentation because of violations of public procurement agencies. Earlier in the Republican Chamber of Accounts reported that the Yakut Ministry of Culture has committed 860 violations in the amount of about 1.1 billion rubles.

Officials in Magadan lied to the Ministry of Transport about good road conditions

At the beginning of the year, it was reported that 70.5% of Kolyma roads are in standard condition, but it turned out that this was not the case. In particular, the Kolyma federal highway is unpaved, and about 150 kilometers on it do not meet safety requirements. Moreover, modern transport is forbidden to travel on such roads. This was told by the governor of the region Sergey Nosov

The child threw snow on the Eternal Flame in Nizhny Tagil

In Nizhny Tagil, a schoolboy used the snow to extinguish the Eternal Flame near a stela in the Square of Glory, and none of the passers-by stopped him. The work of the memorial object was restored only the next day. The incident occurred around seven in the evening on November 24th.

Deputies proposed to soften the penalty for escaping from the scene of an accident

In Russia, they can soften the responsibility for leaving the place of an accident, RIA Novosti reports. Currently, the sanction of Part 2 of Article 12.27 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation provides for such an offense to deprive a driver of a license for a period of one to one and a half years or to administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

Medvedev instructed to prepare a bill on a single travel

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to submit bills on direct multimodal transport and a single travel document by December 25, according to the list of instructions published on the website of the Cabinet.

Detained the head of the Saratov State Ministry of Emergency Situations

In Saratov, detained the head of the Main Department of Emergency Situations in the Saratov region, Igor Kachev. Interfax was informed about that by the deputy of the regional duma Nikolay Bondarenko. The reasons for detention are not reported.

In Belarus, executed two “black realtors”

In Belarus, the death sentence was executed against the defendants in the case of black realtors. On Wednesday, November 28, relatives of the convicts informed human rights activist Andrei Poludu on Wednesday, according to the official website of the human rights center “Spring”.

Semyon Berezhnoy and Igor Gershankov were found guilty of committing six murders and preparing one, as well as of fraud, kidnapping and other crimes. On July 21, 2017, the Mogilev Regional Court sentenced them to the death penalty – execution.

In Russia, will start to let the plane on a smartphone

Next year, paper boarding passes at Russian airports can replace smartphones. Izvestia was told about this in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which agreed on the relevant order of the Ministry of Transport. The document will eliminate the current gaps in the law.

“Sober Russia” demanded to ban to place beer in residential buildings

“Sober Russia” demands to ban the organization of beer and glass establishments in residential buildings and asks to consider its proposals when developing the action plan of the national project “Demography”;

The State Duma proposes to return smoking rooms to railway stations and airports

Rooms specially equipped for smoking, offers to return to the stations and airports a member of the party “United Russia”, first deputy chairman of the Committee on Transport and Construction Vitaly Efimov.

Kuzbass schoolchildren will receive bonuses to the exam for volunteering

In Kuzbass, medical volunteer associations already exist, however, the experience of Krasnoyarsk colleagues – the authors of the medical volunteering project – shows how you can successfully expand and modernize this area

Putin allowed airports to assign the names of prominent figures of Russia

According to the decree, airports, railway stations, sea and river ports can be given the names of outstanding state, military and public figures, representatives of science, art, culture, sports and other people who have special services to the Fatherland.

Yandex.Taxi will punish drivers exceeding the speed

If the system notices that the car has exceeded the recommended speed of 20 km / h, the driver will receive a notification. If the driver is noticed for speeding several times, the system will limit the ordering of the taxi car

Chinese scientists have identified the causes of male dependence on online games

Chinese researchers have been able to establish why men are much more often women become “hostages” of online games. As reported by Life with reference to the Radiological Community, scientists have found that testosterone hormone significantly affects dependence on multiplayer games.


Putin spoke about the development of the Russian economy

Responding to questions from participants in the forum, the president noted that the Russian economy is adapting to the difficulties and creating conditions for internal development, despite the crisis and “even artificially created difficulties.”

Obviously, the current rates of economic growth are not sufficient to drastically increase the standard of living of our citizens. We talk about it, we understand it. In order to change the situation, we build a whole development program. We set ourselves the task of reaching a growth rate higher than the world ones. – Vladimir Putin

The head of VTB appealed to investors in a suit of the Jedi

The head of VTB Bank, Andrei Kostin, attended the reception of participants of the Russia Calling! Investment Forum in the form of Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the main characters in the Star Wars universe. This is evidenced by photos and video from the reception, transmitted to RBC by one of the participants of the event.

The forum is designed to attract capital to the Russian economy, improve the investment climate and develop the country’s external economic and business ties.

Sechin calls for joint development of oil and gas in the Arctic with China

The joint work of Russia and China in the development of oil and gas in the Arctic and the Far East could become new points of growth of cooperation between the two countries, the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, said. He stated this speaking at the Russian-Chinese energy business forum.

Medvedev discussed orders for new icebreakers with workers of the Baltzavod

The authorities of the Russian Federation will decide on the order for the construction of new icebreakers, including at the Baltic Shipyard, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with the workers of the Baltic Shipyard during a visit to one of the shops of this enterprise

Putin signed the Pension Fund budget for 2019-2021

The budget deficit of the PFR, respectively, will amount to 23 billion rubles. next year, in 2020 and 2021, 21.9 and 33.8 billion rubles. respectively. Falling revenues are planned to be compensated by the federal budget.

Krasnodar region will receive three billion rubles for road repairs

In 2019 in the Kuban region, more than three billion rubles will be spent on repair, construction and maintenance of roads. Three large urban agglomerations will receive 2.1 billion rubles from the federal and 1.1 billion rubles from the regional budgets. It is reported by the press service of the regional administration.

By the end of February, 62 more cameras will be installed on the roads of the Crimea

By the end of February 2019, 62 sets of cameras will be installed in the Crimea fixing traffic violations.

In Transbaikalia spend 10 million for the construction of helipads

Until the end of this year, 27 helicopter pads for air ambulance will be opened in the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Sibnovosti.ru correspondent reports.

150 billion rubles will be allocated to fight cancer

Financing the treatment of patients with cancer will increase by 2 times. Next year, about 150 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes, of which 70 billion rubles will be allocated for chemotherapy. This was reported by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova at the X All-Russian Congress of Patients

Nabiullina told when the Central Bank returns to the purchase of currency

If the market situation does not change, the regulator will return after the New Year holidays, reports INTERFAX. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina on the forum “Russia is calling!” said that the decision to suspend purchases of currency in the framework of the budget rule was related to the assessment of the level of volatility.

As for deferred purchases, we will decide on them in any case after the resumption of regular purchases. I would like to emphasize that if the decision on deferred purchases is made, we will implement them very smoothly at least until 2021. – Elvira Nabiullina, Russian politician

The federal budget does not collect 45 billion rubles in state-owned dividends.

In 2018 a goal in the law on the federal budget provides for the receipt of dividends in the amount of 284.5 billion rubles, but, according to the operational reports of the Federal Treasury, as of November 15, this amount amounted to 239.7 billion rubles

IMF keeps credit line for Mexico

November 28, 2018, it became known that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will keep the credit line for Mexico, but at the request of the Mexican authorities will reduce its size from $ 86 billion to $ 74 billion. Recall the credit line was approved in November 2014 for two years.

The World Bank will consider financial guarantees for Ukraine for $ 750 million

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine reported that the World Bank will consider the possibility of providing Kiev with a financial guarantee of $ 750 million, the corresponding issue is on the agenda of the next meeting of the WB Board of Directors, which will be held on December 18.

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan retained the discount rate of 4.75%

The Board of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan on November 26, 2018 decided to keep the discount rate at the level of 4.75%, according to the regulator’s website.

Putin called Russia arranging the price of oil

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the oil price in the region of $ 60 per barrel suits Russia. The state leader called this price fair, acceptable and balanced.

The government decided to create a working group on the fuel market

A meeting with independent participants of the fuel market was held at the Ministry of Energy, following the results of which it was decided to create a specialized working group under the ministry. This was announced on Wednesday, November 28, by the spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, Ilya Dzhus.

Lukoil’s profit for the nine months increased by 1.5 times

The oil company “Lukoil” for January – September 2018 received a net profit of 460.1 billion rubles. (+ 54.24% yoy), according to a company report (IFRS). Revenue for the same period amounted to 5.9 trillion (+ 40.4% year-on-year).

Saudi Arabia refuses to cut oil production alone

Saudi Arabia will not single-handedly reduce oil production to stabilize the market, said Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih on Wednesday, as reported by Reuters

Australia plans to build a polluting plant

Australian oil company Woodside Petroleum has applied for the construction of the country’s largest plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) 425 km north of the city of Broome, without providing a plan to reduce harmful emissions or compensate for damage.

Tuapse port allocates a subsidiary for the development of a transshipment business

As previously reported by Kommersant, the press service of TMTP stated that the separation of the oil terminal as a separate legal entity was aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the assets of the Tuapse port for potential investors

Shokhin spoke about the risk of failure of the Schlumberger and EDC deal

If the purchase by Schlumberger, an international oilfield service company, of shares of the Russian drilling company Eurasia Drilling Company (EDC) does not take place by the end of the year, there is a risk that it will break down altogether. RSPP President Alexander Shokhin said this today.

The state will buy in reserves aluminum for 10 billion rubles

The government will allocate Rosrezerv to 10 billion rubles. on the purchase of aluminum and its storage in the state reserve. The decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, it was published on the official Internet portal of legal information

Facebook introduces 20% VAT on advertising in Russia

Since the beginning of 2019, Facebook ads in Russia are subject to value added tax (VAT) of 20%, according to the website. The change will affect those advertisers who are registered in Russia.

Retailers L`occitane interested in private equity funds

The French company L`Occitane, a manufacturer and retailer of natural cosmetic products, has been the focus of several private equity funds, the Financial Times reported, citing informed sources.

Yandex.Drive in December will launch a cargo car sharing service

The Yandex.Drive service in December will launch a cargo car-sharing service based on Citroen Jumpy vans with a maximum carrying capacity of 1.2 tons. The Kommersant newspaper reported this with reference to company representatives on Thursday. It is noted that first 50 cars will enter the operator’s park.

Investors from Turkey will invest in Dagestan

It is noted that the Turkish side is ready to purchase modern medical equipment for sanatorium-resort treatment and invest in the development of the services sector and trade infrastructure. The head of the Kazbek district, Gadzhimurad Musayev, says that cooperation will be beneficial for everyone.

Banks can not meet the requirements of the FSB

The introduction of a biometric system in the banking sector is complicated by the lack of cryptographic equipment. This was stated by the first deputy director of the information security department of the Bank of Russia Artem Sychev, speaking at the SOC-forum on November 27

The Ministry of Economic Development predicted the growth of incomes of Russians until 2036

The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) has published a forecast of Russia’s socio-economic development up to 2036, approved at a government meeting last week. It follows from the document that in the baseline scenario, real disposable incomes of the population will grow by an average of 2.4% over the next 18 years.

VTB announces no plans to buy Alfa-Bank in the next three years

VTB announced that there are no plans to buy Alfa-Bank or a stake in it in the next three years, Interfax reports, citing the statement of the president – VTB board of directors Andrei Kostin on the sidelines of the Russia Calling! Forum. According to him, VTB has no appetite or capital reserves for such a transaction.

VEB is working with Japan on the development of Vladivostok

“We know how to help Vladivostok to develop as a city, we are doing this project with the Japanese in the context of the dialogue between Prime Minister Abe – President Putin. let us down and we will work for the benefit of the region’s prosperity and people, “the head of VEB Igor Shuvalov told reporters

Aeroflot raised fuel surcharges

The airline “Aeroflot” has increased fuel surcharges on domestic flights in Russia since November 27, the report says on the carrier’s website. Increased collection led to an increase in ticket prices.

The largest turkey producer will produce lamb

GC “Damate” Naum Babaeva begins a new project – the industrial production of lamb in the Stavropol Territory. The company signed an investment agreement with the regional government. “Damate” is the largest turkey producer in Russia: in 2017 it produced 62,000 tons of meat.

The budget has so far received from state-owned companies only 240 billion rubles

November 28, 2018, it became known that by November 15 of this year, state-owned companies transferred only 239.7 billion rubles to the federal budget. It is reported IA “Interfax” with reference to the materials of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

A network of pharmacies CVS Health has closed a deal to buy insurance company Aetna for $ 70 billion

The US network of pharmacies CVS Health completed the acquisition of the health insurance company Aetna for $ 70 billion, says the release of CVS Health

By 2036, coal production in Russia will increase by 41.6%

In Russia, by the year 2036, coal production may increase by 41.6% compared with the current volume and amount to 602 million tons. Such forecasts are given by the Ministry of Economic Development. Coal exports by the year 2030 will increase to 250.5 million tons, and by the year 2036, to 296.5 million tons.

Gazprom Neft will pay more than 1 billion rubles for a site in the Kara Sea

Gazprom Neft Shelf, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, won the auction for the South Ob section in the southern part of the Ob Bay of the Kara Sea, RNS told the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources. The company will pay for the site of 1.019 billion rubles.

Trade war will affect the cooperation of Sinopec with the United States

Trade frictions in the United States and China will affect the business of the Chinese petrochemical corporation Sinopec, deputy general director Li Yun told reporters on the sidelines of the Russian-Chinese energy business forum.

Iran to resume banking operations with China and oil exports in December

Iran will resume banking operations with China and oil supplies to the country in December, Asadulla Asgaroladi, chairman of the Iranian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview with Tasnim

Trade war will affect the cooperation of Sinopec with the United States

Trade frictions in the United States and China will affect the business of the Chinese petrochemical corporation Sinopec, deputy general director Li Yun told reporters on the sidelines of the Russian-Chinese energy business forum.

Brazilian Petrobras sells 37 fields for $ 823 million

Brazilian Petrobras sells shares in 37 fields for a total of $ 823 million, the company said. In particular, 34 projects on land in the Potiguar basin in the state of Rio Grande do Norte are being acquired as a single package by the Brazilian company 3R Petroleum

Exxon will use solar and wind energy for oil production in Texas

The American Exxon Mobil will use solar and wind energy to extract oil in the United States – the corporation has signed the largest renewable energy contract among all oil companies, the Bloomberg news agency reported


Putin commented on the incident in the Black Sea

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called the situation in the Kerch Strait a clear provocation and accused Ukraine of violating international law. The Kremlin stressed that during the incident, the Russian side acted in accordance with international and domestic law.

And how should border guards act? Military vessels invaded the territorial waters of the Russian Federation and do not respond, it is unclear what they are going to do … If they acted differently, all of them would have to be brought to justice. They fulfilled their military duty order. – Vladimir Putin

Zurabishvili won the presidential elections in Georgia

The new president of Georgia, according to exit polls, was the independent candidate Salome Zurabishvili, who was supported by the ruling party “Georgian Dream”. Experts told Izvestia that the new president could go to rapprochement with Russia.

Venezuela and the DPRK have agreed to cooperate

As RIA Novosti reports referring to the VTV channel, during a meeting of the Korean delegation with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, a memorandum of understanding was signed, implying the establishment of political consultations on “mutually interesting issues”, as well as the abolition of visas for holders of diplomatic and service passports.

“As part of the construction of a multi-polar world, Venezuela is moving forward with its sister Korean Democratic People’s Republic by signing important agreements. We are working to make humanity a common destiny for the peoples of the world, ”Maduro wrote in his microblog on Twitter after meeting with the North Korean guest.

France and Germany refused to punish Russia with sanctions

France and Germany oppose the imposition of sanctions against Russia because of the incident in the Kerch Strait. It is reported by N-TV.DE with reference to European diplomatic sources.

In the Kremlin in December, will discuss the transfer of a single voting day

A meeting of the working group under the presidential administration to improve the electoral legislation will be held on December 21. This was reported by the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova.

Germany proposed a new permanent member of the UN Security Council

Vice-Chancellor, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz proposed to make the European Union a new permanent member of the UN Security Council instead of France.

China will proportionally respond to US sanctions because of the Uighurs

If the United States authorities impose sanctions against China in connection with alleged human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), Beijing will respond proportionately. About this in an interview with Reuters, said the Chinese ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai.

US Senate thinks over sanctions against Saudi Arabia

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the United States should give any response to Saudi Arabia’s actions to assassinate journalist Jamal Hashoggi, the Associated Press said November 28.

Migrant woman demanded US $ 60 million for the death of her daughter

A Guatemalan citizen, Yasmin Juarez, demanded compensation from the United States authorities in the amount of $ 60 million for the death of her 19-month-old daughter Marie, who died after staying at a temporary migrant detention center in Texas.

Trump decided to deal with the incident in the Kerch Strait

US President Donald Trump confirmed his instructions to prepare him a report on the incident with the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait.

There was a question – was there a warning? Did they let them know what they were going through? Because they have a system, I suppose. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Poroshenko discussed with Lagard help from the IMF in martial law

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko discussed with the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, the influence of martial law in the country on joint work with the fund. This was reported in the press service of the Ukrainian leader.

The Russian Foreign Ministry told about the role of the West in provocations in the Kerch Strait

Western participation in the provocation of Ukraine in the Kerch Strait is very likely, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Channel One.

CNN recognized Trump’s answers to Muller’s two key questions.

Trump replied to the Special Prosecutor that his former assistant Roger Stone did not notify him of his meeting with representatives of WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential race. In addition, the president assured that he did not know anything about the meeting in the summer of 2016 of his son, Donald Trump Jr., with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who, according to the American media, passed the dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The US Congress introduced a bill banning the extension of the START-3 treaty.

The document provides for the reduction of nuclear warheads to 1,550 units, intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine ballistic missiles and heavy bombers to 700 units.

John Kerry can join the US presidential race

Former head of the US Department of State John Kerry promised to think about competing for the presidency in 2020. A statement was made at an event at Harvard University.

I say that I will not exclude this, I do not give up anything definitively. I do not sit with folded arms. However, I did not visit key states, did not lay the foundation for them, and generally did nothing. Will I think about it? Yes, I’m going to think about it, I’m talking about it directly. – John Kerry, American politician

Trump did not extend the term of office of the head

US President Donald Trump decided not to extend the term of office of the head of the Federal Reserve System (Fed) Janet Yellen for another four years because of her short stature, the Washington Post reported on November 28, citing sources.

For the sake of asylum in the US, migrants in Mexico will go on a hunger strike

Migrants from Central America who are in Mexico plan to go on a hunger strike. In this way, they hope to get permission to enter the United States and get asylum in the United States.

China has not submitted proposals for trade reform, according to the US

Serious proposals for reform in trade relations were not submitted by China, according to a statement by the US representative at the trade talks, Robert Lightheiser. Negotiations of the USA and China continue, especially the American side is interested in issues of duties on cars


Erdogan told about the payment of Russian S-400

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that payments for the supply of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRK) S-400 will be carried out in national currencies, reports RIA Novosti. He also added that the transfer of these complexes to Turkey should take place before the end of 2019.

The army of a NATO member country was first headed by a woman

Former head of the Armed Forces of Slovenia, Major General Alan Feder was dismissed by a decision of the government of the country. The corresponding proposal was made by the Minister of Defense Karl Erjavts. Earlier in May, it was reported that for the first time in history, a woman was appointed to head the Anglican Church of Canada.

MiG-35 will receive a radar with an active phased antenna array

The Russian MiG-35 fighter will receive a radar with an active phased array antenna (AFAR). It is reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to the general director of RAC “MiG” Ilya Tarasenko. The use of AFAR, he said, is a global trend.

The fourth division of the S-400 will take up combat duty in the Crimea

Anti-aircraft missile division S-400 “Triumph” was tested before the transfer to the Crimea, where he will take on a permanent combat duty. This was reported today by the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Vadim Astafyev

Shoigu spoke about the pace of commissioning of new facilities of the Ministry of Defense

All new facilities have high technical characteristics, the minister noted. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that for the needs of the defense department, more than 3.5 buildings and structures are transferred annually. The new military camps, according to the minister, are equipped today in all military districts.

American reconnaissance aircraft noticed near the Kerch Strait

Anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon US Navy conducted a reconnaissance flight in the region of the Kerch Strait and the Crimean Peninsula.

Ukraine began negotiations with the United States on the establishment of a military base in the country

Ukraine is interested in the appearance of a US military base on its territory. Relevant negotiations are already underway between countries, sources in Ukrainian diplomatic circles told Izvestia.

Belarus, the early transfer of anti-aircraft systems “Tor-M2”

The Belarusian Defense Ministry has received an advance of the Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) from the Russian concern Almaz-Antey, the press service of the company told RIA Novosti. They explained that, at the request of the customer, the air defense system was collected a month earlier than the contract period.

Military police under Khabarovsk tested a new protective gear

According to the press service of the Eastern Military District, a special feature of the exercise was the use by the military of the new protective kits Kolpak that came into service, RIA Novosti reports. The equipment consists of a special helmet with visor, protection for arms and legs, body armor and a shield.

Russia sent a warship to the Sea of Azov

The agency indicates that the Sea of Azov, which is used by Russia and Ukraine, has become a zone of heightened tension after the incident in the Kerch Strait. On November 25, in the Kerch Strait area, the FSB of Russia detained three ships of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

Medical special forces in Yekaterinburg received nine Ural all-terrain vehicles

A consignment of off-road trucks arrived in the Urals through a state defense order. According to the press service of the Central Military District, a special-purpose medical unit in Yekaterinburg received a batch of nine multi-purpose off-road trucks from the Urals.

The US does not plan to deploy nuclear missiles in Europe

“The United States has no plans to deploy ground-based nuclear missiles in Europe,” the official said. According to him, we are talking about another Russian misinformation about the Treaty on Medium and Short Range Missiles.

NATO launched major cyber attacks in Estonia

Co-ordination work on coordination between NATO member countries takes place in Estonia. About this on Thursday, November 29, the press service of the alliance.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will conduct shooting at sea targets

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine plans to organize training firing at sea targets. This was reported by “112 Ukraine” according to the words of the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Rodion Timoshenko.

The United States intends to develop a military presence in the Arctic

For the United States, military presence in the Arctic is of the highest importance, said Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis. On this November 28 reports Tass.


Ancient cave paintings were signs of the zodiac

It turned out that abstract images of animals can be interpreted as peculiar “signs of the zodiac.” The key to unlocking ancient symbolism to researchers was a carved stone pillar from the Gobekli Tepe temple complex in Turkey.

Artificial intelligence will determine the age of a person by his eyes.

The area of skin around the eyes can be used as a biological marker for a person’s age – say researchers who have created artificial intelligence that can determine the age by eyes with an accuracy of two years.

“Russian trace” in the medieval plague epidemics

According to geneticists who have extracted the DNA of bacteria from the remains of people who died from the plague, this infectious disease has penetrated into Europe thanks to fur traders from Russia and the Golden Horde. The relevant findings are published in the journal PNAS.

Russia has created a high-tech alloy for shipbuilding

Scientists of the Siberian Federal University, together with the specialists of Rusal, have developed a high-strength alloy for shipbuilding. About this reports information and analytical magazine “Word and delo”

Kommersant learned about the postponement of certification of the MS-21 aircraft

According to the publication, the initiator of the postponement was the developer of the aircraft – the Irkut Corporation, which is part of the UAC. The reason for the transfer is the unavailability of individual components of the aircraft, writes Kommersant.

Morning and evening stress have a different effect on the body.

Hokkaido University staff members conducted an experiment with a group of 27 volunteers. During the first two weeks, the organizers fixed the day regimen of the participants and measured the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in their body.

Physicists have learned to move tiny parts using light.

Researchers from the Witwatersrand University Structured Light group in Johannesburg, South Africa, have found a way to use a laser beam to control and manipulate the smallest objects, such as human cells and other tiny chemical particles, or work on future embedded devices

Newly created genetic cannabis map

It was found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – biologically active substances that produce cannabis – were caused by the ancient colonization of the plant genome by viruses. Other discoveries include the detection of a gene responsible for the production of cannabichromen (CBC), a less well-known cannabinoid that can also be used as cannabinol. The results are published in the journal Genome Research.

Scientists first found a bee with two fathers and without a mother

Entomologists from the University of Sydney found that the insect was born only with the merger of some “male” genomes. This bee has a very unusual color of the abdomen. Experts can not yet reveal the secret of its birth. Other similar cases have not yet met – it is only known that bees come across, which have both male and female genitals simultaneously.

Music helped hearing-impaired children

Scientists have found that children with hearing impairments began to better navigate in noisy spaces if they took music lessons, as this helps the brain to build connections to improve selective attention.

Physicists have shown XFEL free electron laser

The first photographs of the X-ray beam of the XFEL facility, an international super-power free electron X-ray laser in Hamburg, built with the participation of Russia, have been published. This is reported on the project website.

Scientists figured out how to make objects invisible.

Scientists from Spain have invented a method to make objects invisible. According to experts, plasmon masking is a special material that transmits light without refractions. Invisibility can be quantum, thermodynamic and acoustic.

Folds protected artificial blood vessels from the formation of blood clots

During coronary artery bypass surgery, vascular implants are installed in patients to circumvent the narrowing of the artery and restore normal blood flow. At the same time, as an implant, one can use both a vessel cut from another part of the body and an artificial prosthesis.

Photosynthesis appeared on the planet earlier than it was thought.

Until today, scientists were confident that free oxygen was formed about 2, 45 billion years ago. It was at that moment that cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) became capable of photosynthesis, and the name of this complex protein process is photosystem II. His main task: to oxidize water and to capture solar photons. As a result of this photochemical reaction, a free electron is produced, which allows to make further photosynthesis steps. The byproduct of this process is oxygen.

Experts from Imperial College, located in the capital of Great Britain, have increased the volume of studied structures capable of photosynthesis. As a result, it turned out that cyanobacteria appeared later than oxygen for nearly a billion years. Based on the results, we can conclude that the complexity of evolution is exaggerated, and on other planets, most likely, there is life.


In Moscow, developed a diet for astronauts with protection from radiation

In Moscow, developed a diet for astronauts with protection from radiation. This was reported on Wednesday by the head of the space nutrition department of the Research Institute of Food and Concentrate Industry and special food technologists Lyudmila Pavlova.

South Korea successfully tested its own rocket engine

Today, a rocket engine was successfully tested, which, as expected, since 2021 will allow the country to independently launch satellites into orbit. The tests were carried out on the rocket test site of South Korea “Naro”, which is located in the very south of the country in the county of Kohyn in the province of South Jeolla.

A new galaxy found near the Milky Way

The new galaxy is located 424 thousand light years from Earth, its estimated age is about 11.2 billion years. The galaxy has a radius of about 9300 light years. Astronomers notice that Pump 2 is equal in size to the Large Magellanic Cloud, but its brightness is 4,000 times lower.

Stones from the moon will be sold for $ 1 million at auction in New York

Cassandra Hutton, vice president of the auction, said that in 1993 a stone from the moon was sold to an unknown American for 500 thousand dollars. Now the lot will be sold for $ 1 million, as the moon theme has become much more popular.

NASA experts successfully tested the OSIRIS probe “hand”

The device, which had flown to the asteroid Benn two years ago, was already close to the “target”, and NASA scientists conducted a successful test of the main mechanism of the probe – the “hand”, which would have to take a sample of the soil.

Ozone layer detected on Venus

Astronomers have discovered the ozone layer thanks to an ultraviolet spectrometer that worked aboard the Venus Express orbital probe. Recall that the unit completed the mission and collapsed in the atmosphere of the planet in 2015, but the processing of the information it extracted continues.

The nature of single cosmic radiation pulses

It is known that the general nature of pulsars – neutron stars – creates powerful sources of radiation that come closer to the surface of the Earth in the form of single pulses. In this case, the power of such pulses increases with the power of the radiation. However, not so long ago, Amsterdam astronomers discovered unusually bright pulses from one of the pulsars. The power of the pulses generated by it is higher than the pulses of similar objects by about forty times. Scientists have found that such phenomena may be related to the fact that substances around the pulsar create a powerful lens, which, in turn, increases the power of the streams being sent.

Terms of creation of the Russian near-moon station are named.

The testing of modules for the near-moon station will take place in earth orbit, and the compartments developed for the ISS will form the basis for their creation. November 21, it became known that Russia will develop a new state program for the development of the Earth satellite.

Mathematicians called for a revision of the Big Bang theory

According to modern scientific concepts, in the process of expansion of the Universe, clouds of hydrogen arose, from which the first stars appeared. They existed for several million years, after which they exploded, throwing heavy elements into interstellar space.

Scientists have found galaxies from the primitive universe

An international team of representatives of astronomical science has made the discovery of new huge and ultra-compact galaxies. This was announced by the new edition of Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Each of the found galaxies counts in itself up to eighty billions of celestial stellar bodies, and this is several times more than the number of similar celestial bodies in our galaxy. This, as well as the high density of stars, determine the super-bright glow of these clusters, which, in fact, predetermined their detection. In total, nearly thirty such galaxies, 2-5 billion light-years distant from Earth, were tracked.

TESS discovered new hot Jupiter

The new exoplanet, designated HD 2685b, is about 646 light years away from Earth. This celestial body is about 1.44 times larger and 1.2 times more massive than Jupiter.

In the Netherlands, scientists have created a realistic simulation of a black hole

In the Netherlands, scientists at the time of research were able to create a fairly realistic simulation of a black hole. With the help of a virtual model, experts saw the process of the disappearance of matter in it.

Astronomers have recorded the rotation of comet Virtanen

The comet is closely watched by University of Maryland specialists who take pictures using special filters. Thanks to them, scientists have recorded gas emissions of the object, allowing to determine the rotation, amounting to almost 9 hours


National Board of Film Critics United States named film of the year

The National Council of Film Critics of the United States has announced the Green Book film directed by Peter Farrelli’s Green Book (Green book, 2018) as the best film of the year. This was announced on November 27 by the Internet portal Deadline Hollywood.

Sony Pictures plans to make a movie about Spider Woman

Representatives of the film company Sony Pictures said that the plans for the studio to release a film about the next hero of the Marvel comics. It is reported that this time the film plans to shine Spider Woman.

Black Panther’s Screenwriter Takes Call of Duty Movie

Activision Blizzard Studios has hired screenwriter Joe Robert Cole to work on the second Call of Duty movie, Variety reports. Cole is known for his work on the TV series “American History of Crimes”, and he also has a screenplay for the Marvel Universe film “Black Panther”.

Netflix Announces Anime Based Game Series

Service Netflix announced the release of the series based on the anime “Cowboy Beepop.” Serial adaptation will not be animated. Original director Shinichiro Watanabe invited to the post of consultant of the series.

“Kinopoisk” will sell a subscription to Amediateka

Kinopoisk (Yandex service) launched a joint subscription with Amediateka online cinema, the companies said. Its cost is 649 rubles. per month.

The creator of “The Walking Dead” will remove a new series about post-apocalypse

The creator of the series “The Walking Dead” Robert Kirkman intends to engage in a new project that will tell about a meteorite flying to Earth. As reported by various information publications with reference to the producer, the picture will be called 5 Year and will again touch on the topic of post-apocalypse.

The series “Game of Thrones” will receive a special episode

As planned by the authors of the show, the episode will be included in a special edition of the entire “Game of Thrones” on video. His HBO plans to release after the series finale in 2019. There is currently no information on what exactly will be shown in a special episode.

Sylvester Stallone bid farewell to the role of Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone published in his instagram account a new video, which, apparently, was filmed on the site of the film “Creed-2”. In it, the actor said goodbye to the image of the boxer Rocky Balboa. The actor said it was his “last race.”

Medinsky called to shoot more superhero films in Russia

To conquer the domestic audience, you need to shoot more films about superheroes, I’m sure Medina. The paintings themselves should be done “taking into account national specifics.” Also, Vladimir Medinsky noted that the latest Russian films were made very high quality.

The film “Bribe” won the Grand Prix of the festival of street cinema in Russia

The Grand Prix of the fifth annual Street Cinema Festival in Russia received the film “Bribe” by director Alexei Kharitonov. “We decided to give the first place a stylized lantern, because the audience of the Street Cinema Festival voted with lanterns,” said Alexander Shcheryakov, general producer of the festival, on Wednesday

Netflix will turn “Charlie and the chocolate factory” into a cartoon

Netflix confirmed that he bought the rights to most of the writer’s works. In addition to the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was adapted by Tim Burton for movie screens in 2005, the studio will remove Charlie and the Huge Glass Elevator – a continuation of the story that came out from the pen of Roald Dahl in 1972


Elton John canceled concerts due to health problems

The last performance of Elton John in the American city of Orlando was canceled 20 minutes before the start. Representatives of the musician said that the singer diagnosed ear inflammation. Now the singer is forced to take a break from touring activities, as required by the prescription of doctors

Alice in Chains will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the summer of 2019

The American rock band Alice in Chains will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg in June 2019, according to the page of the Melnitsa concert agency. On June 18, the rockers will give a concert at the A2 Green Concert club in St. Petersburg, and on June 20 they will perform at the Adrenaline Stadium in Moscow.

Chinese piano virtuoso Haiou Zhang to perform in Voronezh

In the spring of 2019, on the Norddeutscher Rundfunk label, Hyou will release a new CD with recordings of Mozart’s piano concertos. On November 30 and December 1 in Voronezh, the 34-year-old musician will perform the Felix Mendelssohn’s Second Piano Concerto.

Scorpions revealed the Spanish version of “Rock You Like A Hurricane”

Scorpions has posted a live music video for the song “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. The recording was made on July 13, 2018 at the Resurrection Fest festival in Spain. The video lasts 7 minutes. InterMedia reminds: in recent months the Scorpions are busy developing their own brand of whiskey

Tom Petty’s songs will become lullabies

The Rockabye Baby collection of lullabies will be filled with Tom Petty songs. An album of 13 classical compositions by a musician in a lulling instrumental arrangement will be released on November 30, 2018.

Rammstein leader in December read his poems in St. Petersburg

Ramser Leader Till Lindemann will arrive in the northern capital for the presentation of a collection of his poems by Messer. December 2 at 18:00 in the Park of Culture and Reading “Bookvoed”, located in the house number 46 on Nevsky Prospect, will be held an exclusive autograph session of the musician and the poet. Autographs will be placed only on the book leader Rammstein “Messer”, in which there is a rare children’s photo of the author. From German the name of the collection is translated as “Knife”

Thomas Anders recorded a new album and performed at the Disco-80s

On the eve of his visit to Moscow, the former soloist of Modern Talking realized, according to his words, the “long-awaited dream” – he released the Ewig mit Dir (“Forever with you”) CD in his native German language. But at the international music festival “Avtoradio” performed the legendary hits of past years: Brother Louie, Cheri, Cheri Lady, Win the Race and You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul.

Group Serebro disintegrates after leaving Seryabkina

Russian pop group Serebro will cease to exist in the same composition. Olga Seryabkina reported this on her Instagram page. In her words, the group will fall apart in February 2019, when Ekaterina Kischuk and Tatyana Morgunova leave the team.

The rapper Purulent has released a clip about the night St. Petersburg emergency centers

In the story Purulent gets involved in a fight, where he receives a knife wound. After that, his friend Zamai, drives around the city in search of night injuries of the point. The action takes place in St. Petersburg.

Tekashi 6ix9ine released a new album “Dummy Boy”

Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine (real name – Daniel Hernandez) officially released the new album “Dummy Boy”, which was previously leaked to the network. The record includes 13 tracks, including fits with Niki Minaj, Kanye West and others.

Buzova announced the release of his new song

Olga Buzova was criticized even before the official release. Fans of the singer and TV host urged her not to copy what already exists, but to create something new. After a painful divorce from Dmitry Tarasov, Olga Buzova became interested in music.

“Parade of conductors” will be held in Khakassia

Each conductor prepares his own program, which will include works of a wide variety of genres – from national music and pop classics to hits from movies. In addition to the conductors, there will be a peculiar parade of soloists.


Ex-participant of the “Battle of psychics” exposed the project

One of the former participants in the “Battle of psychics” said that he was offered to ensure that he entered the final three. For this they demanded 450 thousand rubles. About this man on condition of anonymity told the “360”.

Audi and Disney will create media content for passengers unmanned vehicles

Audi representatives call the passenger time spent in the unmanned car “25 o’clock”, because this free time is formed from the air and no one understands what to spend it. Now companies are going to develop a new type of consumption of media content specifically for unmanned vehicles.

Melanya Trump lit the lights on the main US Christmas tree

Melanya Trump in the presence of her husband, US President Donald Trump, lit the lights on the main Christmas tree of the United States, installed in front of the White House. The ceremony was also attended by the children of the American leader.

In Moscow, perpetuate the memory of Sponge Bob

In the Moscow City Council, an idea arose to perpetuate the memory of the cartoon hero Sponge Bob Square Pants with a series of graffiti. About this today, November 28, 2018, writes “Lenta.ru,” with reference to the chairman of the Moscow City Duma commission on culture and mass communications Yevgeny Gerasimov.

In the Central House of Artists opened the exhibition “Non-fiction”

A non-fiction intellectual literature fair opened in Moscow, already the 20th in a row. 300 publishing houses from 25 countries take part in it. Italy became the guest of honor this year, reports TV Center. Visitors are waiting for new books, meetings with authors, presentations, lectures and discussions. Total – about 400 events that will take place from morning to evening at 9 sites of the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val. The fair will work until Sunday.

In Tambov, opened the interactive exhibition “War and Myths”

November 28 in Tambov opened an interactive exhibition “War and Myths” dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. High-tech exposition is located in the regional museum and exhibition center.

Traditional exhibition of sculptors opened in Moscow

An annual exhibition of the most notable works of sculptors made in 2018 opened in Moscow. The exhibition presents sculptures by Alexander Rukavishnikov, Salavat Shcherbakov, Zurab Tsereteli, Sergey Milchenko and others.

“They should identify the main directions of development of modern sculpture, especially shaping and building,” the exhibition said in a press release.

Within the framework of the project, a conference will be held, art critics and leading Russian sculptors will take part in it.

“Russian Booker” was on the verge of closing

Due to the lack of a sponsor – in 2018 the award will not be given. The literary secretary of the award, Igor Shaytanov, told TASS that the organizers are negotiating, but so far it’s not possible to enlist the support of business or business circles. To maintain the premium you need to find 10 million rubles.

The Russian Booker Prize was founded in 1991 as the first non-state prize in Russia after 1917. She is awarded annually for the best novel in Russian. Vasily Aksenov, Vladimir Makanin, Bulat Okudzhava, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Peter Aleshkovsky and others became laureates of the award in different years.

The results of the reader’s vote for the Big Book Award

From the beginning of the summer, everyone who wished could read free of charge the works of the finalists on the portal of electronic and audio books “Liters” and vote for your favorite book.

According to the voting results, the first place was awarded to the novel “June” by Dmitry Bykov. The work describes the events in the Soviet Union in 1939-1941, contains three storylines that are almost autonomous.

Second place went to “Recipes of the Creation of the World” by Andrei Filimonov. The book presents a maze of family history, where the characters wind from Paris to Siberia through the entire twentieth century.

Third place was taken by the novel “Rainbow and Heather” by Oleg Ermakov, who tells not only about the present, but also about the events of 1632.

180 years ago was born the author of the monument to Pushkin in Moscow

Alexander Opekushin was born to a serf and, following the example of his father, was engaged in the manufacture of stucco. Having received his freedom, when he was still a boy, he entered the apprenticeship of a Danish sculptor David Jensen who worked in St. Petersburg and was in great demand. He later graduated from the course at the Academy of Arts.

“Blue trolley bus” will open in Moscow on December 2

The project called “This city is ours with you” won the Moscow Mayor’s competition for grants. The authors and organizers plan to show Moscow from the windows of a trolleybus, accompanying the tour with bard songs. The project is free and is intended primarily for large families, parents of children with disabilities, boarding schools, retirees and veterans. The authors of the Blue Trolleybus hope that it will become one of the cultural business cards of Moscow.

At the auction in London sold the first edition of Gogol for $ 225 thousand

The first edition of “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” by Nikolai Gogol was sold at auction in London for $ 225,000, reports TASS, citing the auction house Christie’s. It clarifies that this is a collection of works by Gogol, published in St. Petersburg in 1832.

Renoir’s picture was stolen on the eve of the auction in Vienna

In Vienna, on the eve of the auction, the landscape of French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Golfe, Mer, Falaises Vertes”, which was being prepared for sale, was stolen, reports Bloomberg with reference to local media. The painting was stolen from the Vienna Dorotheum auction house on Monday, November 26th.

Cello Rostropovich went under the hammer for $ 2.5 million

The cello, which belonged to the outstanding musician Mstislav Rostropovich, went under the hammer at Sotheby’s auction in London. The unique instrument of the XVIII century was sold for almost 2.5 million dollars. The cello was made in Turin in 1783 by a disciple of Antonio Stradivari – Giovanni Guadanini.

The Museum of Moscow opens the exhibition “Dreams of Moscow”

The exposition consists of several installations that allow you to take a fresh look at familiar things – furniture, clothing, tools, kitchen utensils. Getting into this space, visitors seem to find themselves inside different colorful dreams. The exhibition will be open until March 20.


Mazda introduced a fully updated Mazda3

Mazda introduced a new generation of Mazda3 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car is presented simultaneously in two bodies: a sedan and a hatchback. Optionally will be available four-wheel drive.

The new Zotye T700 crossover will appear in Russia by the end of 2019

The well-known Chinese manufacturer of Zotye technology announced its intention to present in the Russian market new models of the Zotye T700 crossover.

Nissan recalls six models in Russia

The presence of deadly airbags Takata suspected once the six Nissan models, which are currently in Russia. In total, 957 Almera, Teana, Pick Up, Patrol, Terrano II and X-Trail cars manufactured from January 2004 to December 2012 came under review.

The off-road car from the project “Cortege” will be put on the conveyor at the end of 2020

Recall, the SUV received its name in honor of one of the Kremlin towers – the Commandant, built by an Italian architect in 1495. To the serial production of this car from the project “Cortege” plan to begin in late 2020 – early 2021

Volkswagen plants in Emden and Hannover will begin production of electric cars

As previously reported, the German concern intends to actively develop a line of electric cars and in the next few years will be presented a lot of new electric cars and electric versions of existing cars. Volkswagen plants in Emden and Hanover, for example, will begin production of electric vehicles in 2022.

Americans built electric SUV with a power reserve of 660 kilometers

The American company Rivian Automotive unveiled the appearance of the electric SUV, which will be produced together with the R1T pickup at the former Mitsubishi Motors plant in Illinois. Rivian R1S will be offered with a five-or seven-seater cabin, as well as a battery pack with a capacity of 105, 135 and 180 kilowatt-hours. On one charge, an SUV can travel up to 660 kilometers

The autopilot from Tesla was shown on video

The network showed a video of the autopilot from Tesla, presented visualization from cameras. The system is periodically mistaken, experts say. It incorrectly determines the environment, including the identification of the desired lane.

Hybrid Toyota Prius updated and got all-wheel drive

Toyota at the Los Angeles Motor Show unveiled an updated Prius hybrid sedan, which received all-wheel drive. The model has a new design of headlights and lamps, as well as a modified front bumper.

SUV Cadillac Escalade received a version of the Sport Edition

American machine builders have reported a new version of the luxury SUV Cadillac Escalade, dubbed Sport Edition. The car received only external improvements, and we are not talking about a real sport.

Kia introduced the second generation Kia Soul

The design of the novelty is made in the usual angular forms with some of its similarity to the concept car of the Trailster, presented in 2015. The car is created on a completely different platform, not excluding the appearance of all-wheel drive modification Kia Soul. Second-generation Kia Soul sales will begin next year

Honda Introduces Passport Crossover

Honda showed a new model at the Los Angeles Auto Show – the Passport crossover, which is essentially a shortened version of the Honda Pilot. Both will release the off-road vehicle at the plant in Alabama (USA). Sales of Honda Passport will start early next year.

New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport racing brought to Los Angeles

They built the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport on the basis of the last generation 911 GT2 RS sports car. Under the hood is a 3.8-liter 6-cylinder oppozitnik with double turbocharging, which power 700 hp A pair of the engine is a seven-speed PDK “robot” with two clutches, while the gears can be switched using the steering wheel mounted on a removable racing steering wheel.

BMW introduced the concept crossover Vision iNeXT

The German carmaker BMW presented the concept of the Vision iNeXT crossover. This development of the German manufacturer was presented at a special event. According to preliminary information, the production version of this concept will be released in 2021.


In Moscow, the cable car was stopped because of cyber attack

It is noted that technical experts recorded the attack about 14 hours. Recall that the official opening of the road took place on November 26. According to the decision of the mayor’s office, the first month “cable car” will work for free.

Robots will now talk to foreigners at Hangzhou airport

Twenty multilingual translators with speech recognition functions will be launched in the migration departments of Xiaoshan International Airport in Zhejniang Province in eastern China, the Xinhua news agency reported November 28.

Three devices can recognize more than 40 languages, and simple sentences can be translated in just three seconds. Due to this, communication with the migration inspectorate can take only about three minutes.

Audi has tested unmanned flying taxis

Audi has conducted the first successful tests of a flying taxi in the framework of the project Pop.Up Next, which took place in Amsterdam. It is reported by the press service of the German mark. The participants of the project Pop.Up Next, besides Audi, are the aircraft manufacturing company Airbus and the Italian bodybuilding studio Italdesign.

IngoMobile application has learned how to issue an accident on a smartphone

The mobile application IngoMobile has received a new functionality, thanks to which, on its smartphone, the owner can issue an accident to receive payments under the CASCO policy. Payments for CASCO policy.

Apple Watch 4 will be able to measure the ECG after the update

American technology company Apple is preparing to release an operating system update for Apple Watch Series 4 smart watches, Life reports. It became known that a new function will appear in the firmware, which was announced by Apple experts during the presentation of Watch Series 4.

DriveSavers launched a special service for legal IPhone hacking

Launched official iPhone hacking service. There was a service that allows you to recover data from a locked gadget that runs on the operating system iOS, Android or Windows. The corresponding service was launched by DriveSavers

ZTE presented the Nubia Red Magic Mars igraphon with 10 GB of “RAM”

The Chinese company ZTE officially presented the flagship next-gen gamephone. Powerful device Nubia Red Magic Mars is equipped with 10GB of RAM. According to published information, the gadget runs on an eight-core Snapdragon 845 processor with a frequency of 2.8 gigahertz.

Haier has released a laptop S428

Haier has released the S428 laptop for Russia. The device will be able to please users with excellent appearance and high functionality. To become the owner of such a laptop will have to pay 30 990 rubles.

Xiaomi Announces Strategic Partnership With IKEA

President of IKEA Retail China in Sweden and the head of IKEA Smart Home Business attended the conference and, together with Fan Dian, general manager of the IoT platform department of the Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi and IKEA had achieved global strategic cooperation.

Xiaomi Portable Speaker is priced at only $ 7.

The column received a waterproof case and support for voice assistant. At the beginning of last month, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi officially presented its portable speaker, the Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2. Already on November 19, more than 90 thousand Chinese pre-ordered a novelty.

Budget smartphone Blu Vivo XL4 got a capacious battery

Today was presented the budget smartphone Blu Vivo XL4, which is designed for not too demanding users who want the smartphone to perform basic functions and keep the charge at least a day.

Google makes it easy to pair Bluetooth headphones with Android devices

Google promises to simplify the connection of wireless headphones to audio systems on Android and Chrome OS using Bluetooth. The company does this through Fast Pair technology, which was announced a year ago, but has not spread widely since then.

Xiaomi will release a router with a SIM card slot

The photo shows that the upcoming router from Xiaomi has two ports for Ethernet cables, and also, which is more interesting, a slot for a SIM card. The device will obviously be able to connect to 4G / LTE networks and distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Facebook will allow to hide unwanted words

Application researcher Jane Wong discovered a new feature that may appear on Facebook. It will allow users to hide certain words, phrases and even emoji in the comments in their timeline.

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