1 Apr, 2018

Ukraine followed the example of the United States

Ukraine followed the example of the United States against 60 Russian diplomats, whom Washington accused of espionage activities.

The Security Service of Ukraine decided to close their entry to the country, as their activities were “found incompatible with the status of a diplomat.”

“The ban on five years concerns 48 diplomats of the Russian embassy and 12 from the United Nations in New York, who were deported from the US on March 26,” the press service of the SBU reported.

Earlier, Kiev showed a gesture of solidarity with London, closing the entrance to 23 Russian diplomats expelled from Britain in connection with the poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

Briefly about the main ……


Russian diplomats left the US

The second spetsbort with the Russian diplomats leaving the US at the request of the US authorities flew out of Washington International Airport to Moscow. A total of 171 people left the United States on two planes of the special flight detachment “Russia”.

Russia demands an answer: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published questions on the “case of Skripal”

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published questions to Britain and France on the “Skripal case”, fabricated against Moscow. The lists were included in the notes transmitted to London and Paris through Russian embassies.

Checking the Aeroflot plane at Heathrow Airport

Deputy Chief of the British Interior Ministry Ben Wallace said that yesterday’s verification of the Aeroflot plane at Heathrow Airport was “a routine procedure for the border guard service.” He stressed that such checks are aimed at “protecting the UK from organized crime and those who are trying to bring harmful substances, such as drugs or firearms.”

“After these checks were carried out, the aircraft was allowed to continue the flight,” Mr Wallace cites Reuters.

Russia demands an answer: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published questions on the “case of Skripal”

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published questions to Britain and France on the “Skripal case”, fabricated against Moscow. The lists were included in the notes transmitted to London and Paris through Russian embassies.

Zakharova: The West has headed for the breakdown of the World Cup in Russia

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, in an interview with “The Fifth Channel” suggested that the main goal of some Western countries is not to allow the holding of the World Cup in Russia.

We have a Russian expression, although the grass does not grow, it’s just that just to remove this World Cup from Russia. All methods are good, everything is focused only on this soccer ball, which, God forbid, still touches the Russian football field. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

President of Palestine charged to convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council

President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas instructed the Palestinian mission to the UN to demand an emergency meeting of the Security Council on the issue of clashes in the Gaza Strip, which killed 17 Palestinians. This is reported on the website of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington.

Russian diplomats learned of the mockery of Yaroshenko in prison

The Russian embassy in the US is concerned about reports of bullying in the American prison over Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko. The diplomats demanded from the administration of the institution to stop violating the fundamental rights of the Russian citizen and intend to seek maintenance of its content in accordance with international standards, RIA Novosti reports citing the embassy statement.

Russians urged to weigh expediency of trips to Great Britain

In the message, Russian citizens were reminded of a 24-hour hotline at the Russian Embassy in London and the Russian Consulate General in Edinburgh

US Consul General in St. Petersburg announced his readiness to return to the US

The US Consul General in St. Petersburg, Thomas Leary, announced the readiness of the diplomatic mission to close down. “We are ready to leave,” he told reporters. For details of the media representatives were sent to the press service of the embassy in Moscow, Tass writes.

Puchdemon said he would not give up his ideas

The former head of Catalonia Carles Puicdemon, detained at the border of Germany and Denmark, said he did not intend to abandon his ideas.

Iran will replace Telegram with its own messenger

The telegram was blocked in Iran during major protests that occurred in late December last year. Citizens opposed the rise in prices for food and corruption. During the riots, 20 people were killed, more than 450 were detained.

Russia will send 50 British diplomats and embassy officials

Russia will send more than 50 British diplomats in response to the decision of the British Foreign Ministry to expel representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission. So Russia wants to maintain parity – the number of employees of British consulates in Russia should coincide with the number of Russian diplomats in the United Kingdom.

In other words, parity is proposed. The difference between the numerical strength is more than 50 in favor of the British side. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat


German combat aircraft are hopelessly outdated and can not fulfill the tasks of NATO

The German multi-role fighters of the Tornado can no longer perform the tasks assigned to combat aircraft within the NATO bloc due to outdated equipment. According to the German Defense Ministry, the 93rd aircraft require a deep modernization. About this the magazine Der Spiegel

The Ministry of Defense reported on more than 41 thousand of militants who left East Gutu

41,100 militants and their families were withdrawn from four settlements in Eastern Guta. This was reported by the chief of the Russian Center for reconciliation of warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko, reports RIA Novosti.

South Korea and the US began the first joint exercises after the Olympics

South Korea and the United States have embarked on a large-scale joint military exercise Foal Eagle, which previously had to be postponed due to the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang.

Turkey considers the occupation of the sending of French military to Syria

Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Janicli criticized the planned sending of troops to Syria. Turkey considers such a step as a violation of the norms of international law, writes TASS

The Pentagon told about the strategy to fight against the ASD

American general Robert Neller talked about the US strategy to combat the DAISH (the Arab name of the banned in the Russian Federation group “IGIL”). It implies conducting operations in Syria and Iraq and assisting other countries, RIA Novosti reported.

Military ship of South Korea will go to fight off sailors from pirates

The South Korean authorities are going to send a naval ship to free the seamen captured by pirates. According to media reports, a Marine 711 fishing vessel with a crew of 40 people was captured. Among the sailors, three are citizens of South Korea.

In Latvia, they prepared for Russian missile launches before Easter

The deputy of the European Parliament from Latvia Artis Pabriks urged to calmly treat Russian military exercises in the Baltic Sea.

“Let’s not be afraid of Russian doctrines. Let’s look, remain vigilant and be confident in ourselves, our country and our freedom, “the deputy noted.

It’s about training missile launches in the Baltic Sea, RIA Novosti specified. They are scheduled for April 4-6.

In Japan, the DPRK was suspected of preparing another nuclear test

In the DPRK are preparing for a new test of nuclear weapons. Such a statement was made by the Foreign Minister of Japan, Taro Kono. He said that at the moment from the underground tunnel, where the North Koreans blew up a hydrogen bomb in September last year, the ground is removed.

In Russia they tested a new “killer of submarines”

The Russian fighters of the fifth generation of the Su-57 will have the opportunity to carry the newest Dobel bomb. This was reported by Alexander Kochkin, Deputy General Director of the concern-developer “Techmash”.

The Russian Navy will receive 50 ships by 2020

50 warships will be replenished by the Russian navy in the next two years. This was reported by RIA Novosti referring to the commander-in-chief Vladimir Korolev.

These include nuclear submarine missile cruisers with ballistic missiles, nuclear and diesel submarines, new modern frigates, small missile ships, and support ships. According to Korolev, the receipt of new combat ships is a paramount task for the fleet. – Vladimir Korolev, Russian military leader

Igil destroyed the center of ancient civilization on the Euphrates

In the eastern part of Syria, the IG * fighters damaged the town of Tell Hariri on the Euphrates, which is one of the important historical centers of ancient civilization. On March 31, Mahmoud Hammoud, head of the department of antiquities and museums of the CAP

Bombardment of VCS in Hama

According to AMN, referring to their internal sources, the VKS fighters, who flew out of the military airport of Khmeimima, fired 15 attacks on the northern provinces of Kafr Zita, Latmin, and El-Latamin. The publication notes that in this way the pilots of the Russian Federation gave the Islamists the answer for the attack on Mkhard.

Taliban declared war on IGIL in Afghanistan

The Afghan radical movement “Taliban” banned in Russia declared war on the terrorist organization IGIL, also banned in Russia, local media reported.


Priority in the budget expenditures of Russia

According to the provisions of the law on the federal budget for 2018, the percentage of expenditures as a percentage is as follows: 37.4% will spend on security officials and officials, and only 6.8% on medicine and education.

VTB estimated the proportion of wealthy Russians in less than 1%

It turns out that, according to VTB, 0.9% of the country’s population, or 1.3% of that age group of citizens, which banks are most often considered to be potential clients, can be classified as wealthy. The level of incomes of the population for VTB was analyzed by the research company MARC Russia.

At the beginning of the year, Voronezh residents began to recruit consumer loans

Only in January this year, banks operating in the region gave out loans to the residents of the Voronezh region for 10.9 billion rubles. At the same time, most of this money – 9.1 billion rubles – is the so-called consumer loans.

In Russia, one profession ceased to exist

The profession of a stenographer was officially abolished in Russia. The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin.

Russia raised the utilization rate for cars

The recycling fee was introduced six years ago. Initially, it was introduced to compensate for the losses of the state associated with the reduction of import duties on foreign cars, as well as to stimulate the domestic producer. Two years ago, the collection began to concern road-building equipment.

A special social network for pets has been created

There was an analogue of Instagram for pets. In Petzbe social network, users can only register their pets’ accounts and publish only their photos. The Petzbe application is currently available in the App Store, you can download it for free

Under Voskresensky, the protesters blocked the federal highway

Near the Moscow city of Voskresensky, protesters against the construction of an incineration plant blocked the federal highway M5, the action participants told Vedomosti. As a result of overlapping, a traffic jam

In Russia, the spring conscription campaign began

Since April 1, in the Russian Federation, the spring call of the military liable for military service officially begins. As part of the draft this year, it is planned to recruit 128 thousand troops. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia.

From May 1 in Russia will begin to charge a resort fee

Since May 1 of this year, the resort fee will be levied in three regions – the Altai, Stavropol Krai, and also in the Crimea. In Kuban, the date of introduction of the tax was postponed to July 16 because of World Cup 2018

Murmansk residents continue to complain about inaction of management companies

Murmansk residents continue “communal wars” with management companies that do not clean the ice and dangerous icicles from the roofs of houses. Urban CC either ignore the established deadlines for responding to claims in their address, or they are limited to “duty” visits to the specified address, which, however, do not bring visible results of work on the existing problem.

“Victory” canceled flights from Krasnoyarsk to Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg

After the cancellation of flights of the loukoster, the Krasnoyarsk citizens will have to pay more. So, to Novosibirsk now S7 flies, and transportations to Ekaterinburg are engaged in “Ural Airlines”. “Victory” left in its schedule only flights to Moscow and back.

Ministry of Internal Affairs: The population of Chita is accustomed to chambers and fines, hence the growth of road accidents

The population of Chita is accustomed to the presence of cameras fixing violations of traffic rules, which is why the number of accidents has increased, said during the final meeting of the Ministry of Territorial Development, Acting Head of the Video Migration Center of the Territorial Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Korolkov.


The share of falsified in the cognac market has become known

In February, as part of a large-scale study of cognac sold in the country, about 50 brandy brands from Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and France were inspected.
The fifth part of cognac in the Russian market is a fake. This was stated by the head of Roskachestvo Maxim Protasov in an interview with NTV.

“At the moment I can first say that about 21 percent of those cognacs that we investigate are not made from grape alcohol. Other kinds of spirits, – Potasov said. “In this sense, of course, they can not be cognacs.”

The government has allocated 3 billion rubles for the development of the digital economy

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to allocate more than 3 billion rubles. for the implementation of the program “Digital Economy”. The document is published on the government website. Funds are allocated from the reserve fund of the government.

The duty on oil exports from the Russian Federation from April 1 reduced by 8.1 dollars

From 119.5 dollars per ton in March to 111.4 dollars the duty on oil export from the Russian Federation has decreased since April 1, follows from the documents of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

American shale earn more

The US shale industry is undergoing serious transformation: oil companies are changing their strategies. According to Rystad Energy, this year, US oil shale companies will increase capital expenditures by 20% and increase planned production figures.

In Russia, they are preparing for a deficit and rising prices in the fuel market

The Council for Commodity Markets (SPTR), which unites independent oil traders, warned the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the threat of a deficit and a rise in prices. Traders noted that since the beginning of March 2018, the cost of AI-92 petrol increased by 7.84%, AI-95 by 9.53%

Gazprom appealed the arbitration award on the dispute with Naftogaz

The Stockholm arbitration in December and February ruled on the disputes between Russian and Ukrainian companies, partially satisfying the requirements of Gazprom. Nevertheless, the court ordered Gazprom to pay Naftogaz $ 4.63 billion for the shortage of agreed volumes of gas for transit.

Gazprom saw in the development of LNG a threat to the economic stability of the Russian Federation

In Gazprom, they see a serious threat to the economic stability of the country in connection with the development of export LNG projects. The company believes that the competition of LNG supplies with pipeline supplies can lead to a decrease in revenues of the Russian budget.

The cushion of Surgutneftegaz has grown to 2.2 trillion rubles in 17g

In 2017, the company received a net profit, calculated according to Russian accounting standards, in the amount of 149.7 billion rubles after a loss of 104.8 billion rubles, Surgutneftegaz said.

Novak provided Putin with a report on the work of the Ministry of Energy

During the working meeting, the president and the minister of energy discussed the work of the department over the past year. Russia has achieved record figures for the extraction and export of gas. The results of the fuel and energy complex in 2017, Vladimir Putin reported to the Minister of Energy.

Despite the complex external challenges, illegal sanctions, financing difficulties, we saw that in 2017 there was an increase in investments. The total investment amounted to 3.5 trillion rubles. in all branches of the fuel and energy complex, which is almost 10% more than in previous years. – Alexander Novak, Russian statesman

Five enterprises of the Tula region cut off gas due to debts

The company Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Tula stopped supplying gas to five enterprises in the Tula region due to accumulated overdue debts.

In Crimea, two poultry farms will be built

Investors are implementing in Crimea two large-scale projects in the field of poultry farming for a total of 12 billion rubles. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Crimea with reference to Minister Andrei Ryumshin.

Chinese companies begin to pay tax on environmental pollution from April 1

Chinese private enterprises and state organizations are starting to pay taxes on pollution from Sunday as part of the authorities’ policy to improve the environmental situation throughout the country.

Sverdlovsk cities owed to businessmen

The total amount of debt is 23 million rubles, which is planned to be repaid in the near future. The regional government has a task to minimize debts to business.

Kazakhstan will prohibit the mining of crypto-currencies

Head of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Daniyar Akishev said that the regulator intends to prohibit the purchase and sale of kripto-currency for tenge, the activity of exchanges on this segment, as well as any kinds of mining. In an interview with RIA Novosti, he stressed that crypto-currencies carry a lot of problems

Silver fell to $ 16.25 an ounce

On March 28, 2018, precious metals on COMEX (a division of the New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX) closed mostly in the red under the pressure of the continued strengthening of the US dollar (this usually leads to a reduction in dollar-denominated prices for goods and services).

Peresvet’s profit in 2017 according to RAS amounted to 64 billion rubles

Net profit Peresvet Bank for RAS for 2017 amounted to 64 billion rubles against a loss of 64.6 billion a year earlier, according to the materials of the credit institution.


Alena Vodonaeva shocked subscribers with candid photos

Network users were shocked to see the candid pictures of Alena Vodonaeva, on which the former participant of “Doma-2” posed absolutely naked. The girl was shot for the February issue of the men’s magazine Maxim.

Nyusha confessed that it is difficult for her to be herself

The Russian singer Nyusha published on her page in Instagram a post about the inner world of a person and work on herself

Nastasya Samburskaya: “Completeness does not speak about the beauty of the soul”

Nastasya Samburska disapprovingly refers to the materials on the Net concerning the gorgeous women who claim their inner beauty.

Alexander Zbruev does not visit a blinded first wife in a disabled home

The court sentenced her to nine years in prison, but she was released after four years of amnesty. After the prison Valentina Malyavina lost her sight. As it became known, Zbruev does not visit her in the house of the disabled.

I want to remember her young and beautiful. – Alexander Zbruev, actor

Yuriy Nikolaev obmateril Maxim Fadeev

Once Maxim Fadeev specially came to Moscow from Kurgan to transfer his recordings to Yuri Nikolaev, the popular “Morning Mail” program at that time. Everyone who was shown in the program became a star. Maxim Fadeev became the hero of the new release of the video blog “Transformer”

Anna Ardova’s daughter made a confession about the divorce of her parents and her father’s death

The life of the actor took a serious illness. About a year before this, after 20 years of married life, the couple filed a divorce. The tragic events in Ardova’s life were widely discussed in the press: there were rumors that Anna left her seriously ill husband for the sake of a new love interest

Margot Ovsyannikova said that she is pregnant with Roman Gritsenko

In the morning, April 1, Margarita Ovsyannikova, the owner of the TV project “Dom-2”, informed her subscribers about the pregnancy, but many people took it as a joke, because today the whole world celebrates a day of laughter.

Sportswoman Yelena Isinbayeva published her first photo with her son

Today, the Olympic champion shared a photo of the stroller in the social network, but the child is not visible in the picture. The famous Volgograd sportswoman and public figure Elena Isinbayeva laid out Selfie, which shows the baby carriage

Natalia Podolskaya will release a new video

In her post, the artist thanked everyone who helped her during the filming of the clip, and asked the fans to guess which song he was dedicated to. A little later Natalia posted the next post, where she revealed the secret: she will release a video for the song “Lost”. The actress has published a frame from the clip.

The right was Peskov: the actresses are all prostitutes

Russian blogger Lena Miro agrees with the opinion of the politician Dmitry Peskov, who called Hollywood actresses “prostitutes”. At the same time she considers “priestesses of love” not foreign women, but domestic artists, specifically – Julia Peresild.

Peresild congratulated the teacher, who turned 80 years old, with a rather original method with her fellow students in the theater high school: the girls took part in a frank photo shoot, presented to the cells in a nude.

Kim Kardashian showed children’s photos from a family album

The future star of the most popular reality show in the US Kim Kardashian loved to be photographed from the very childhood, not hesitating to pose in front of the camera. It became clear thanks to her publications of her photos from the family album.

Trevorow will remove the third part of the “World of the Jurassic Period”

The director of the film “The World of the Jurassic Period” Colin Trevorow will remove the third part of the famous series about the island of dinosaurs

Documentary from Estonia shoots a film about the Tsar’s family in Yekaterinburg

As the press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese reports, work on a documentary about Yekaterinburg and the veneration of the holy royal family began in the summer of 2016. It is planned that the film will show the events connected with the preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the feat of the Royal Family

Nikita Mikhalkov closed the film festival “Saint Anna”

Following the results of the festival, Grand Prix received the film “For All I Die” directed by Nastya Antonova (VGIK, workshop AK Kott, VK Kott). Also this picture went to the Prize of the Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation Nikita Mikhalkov and a cash prize from the studio “TriT”.

The Italian artist painted Martin Luther King with a tractor

On the margins in Italy appeared the face of Martin Luther King – it was using a tractor “drew” Italian artist Dario Gambarin, writes RIA Novosti. Turning empty fields into real works of art is Gambarin’s favorite pastime


Google: the goo.gl link shortening service will be closed

Google URL Shortener will not be available to anonymous and new users from April 13, 2018. As an alternative, Google offered to use the services of third-party developers – Bitly and Ow.ly. For registered customers goo.gl will work until March 30, 2019 inclusive

Day of backup is celebrated on March 31 around the world

The organizers of the Day aimed to tell users about the high role of information and the consequent need to regularly perform backup of data on their mobile device or computer.

Apple will allow users to delete information about themselves

Apple will allow Europeans to remove data about themselves that the company has. It includes, for example, musical preferences and information from the calendar. A similar opportunity will appear in the last month of spring on the updated Internet resource management Apple ID.

Facebook will prohibit advertisers from collecting user data

The company Facebook decided to deprive data aggregators (for example, Experian or Acxiom) the ability to collect information about users in order to customize targeted ads. This was reported by the Reuters agency. We notify advertisers that we are closing “partner categories”.

In Telegram, a bot-commentator will appear

In the Telegram messenger, a bot appeared for comments – @CommentsBot.

Samsung has added animation support for smartphones to Always On Display

Developers of Samsung have worked hard to create a unique technology Always On Display, so that in the new season it got its place in the work of branded smartphones. However, not having reassured on what was achieved, South Korean experts added an animation support function.

LG confirmed that the new smartphone will be called LG Q7

On the web, there have been occasional rumors that the next LG phone model will be released with a new name that does not depend on the flagship. This information was refuted by the manufacturer – the new smartphone will be called LG Q7

Samsung designs a wearable gadget with a large display

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in late March registered Samsung’s patent for a wearable gadget with an unusual design. The document is called “Wearable electronic device” (Wearable electronic device). The main feature of the development is a large display

The sales of smart watches Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 2

Xiaomi held a quick and quiet presentation of its new smart watch Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 2, which is perfect for active people with a sporting lifestyle. The device is already available for purchase, and its cost is 9,300 rubles

GoPro company presented the action camera HERO with a price tag of $ 200

American company GoPro, known for its modern technological products, designed for fans of active recreation, introduced its new action camera HERO. The device is offered with a price tag of $ 200

Cheap iPad for schoolchildren – pure populism

Of course, it is not necessary to fall into euphoria. First, for the younger version ask 329 dollars, or 25 thousand rubles. For students (students / students), the gadget will cost cheaper ($ 299/24 thousand rubles), but up to the $ 260 mentioned before the event is still far away.

Dubai Municipality Launches Smart Drinking Water Monitoring System

According to the Dubai Municipality, from April 1, 2018, all companies bottling water with bottles of 19 liters and selling their products in Dubai will be required to implement an intelligent system for monitoring and controlling tanks


Scientists have invented invisible material for infrared scanners

American scientists have invented material that can not be viewed through IR scanners. It can be effectively used in the manufacture of camouflage clothing. Experts said that when creating a new material they used plastic, aluminum and sticky tape.

Scientists from Korea have learned to control mice at a distance

In Korea, scientists have learned to fully control the behavior of mice through a neuron implant. Using the built-in brain of an animal device, you can make him ignore sexual and nutritional needs, and lose interest in the object or begin to pursue it.

In China, discovered more than 500 ancient artifacts

In China, archaeologists at the excavations of the ancient Ruins of Honghe found more than 500 ancient artifacts: stone and bone products, pottery, a variety of vessels and tools. The age of the items is estimated at a minimum of four thousand years, Xinhua reports.

A thermal 3D map of an erupting volcano was first created

Scientists have created the world’s first three-dimensional thermal map erupting volcano. The object was the activated volcano Stromboli

The Large Hadron Collider was put into operation after the “winter hibernation”

After four months of downtime, the most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, has been put into operation. As reported on the site CERN, the winter service period is over. As noted, the particles began to accelerate again at 13:16 Moscow time.

Scientists have recreated the appearance of Cro-Magnon with tumors on the face

Scientists with the help of new technologies again studied, found in 1868, Cro-Magnon’s skull and recreated its appearance. It turned out that he had benign tumors on his face. This information appeared in the scientific journal Lancet.

Brains of monkeys work synchronously when observed one after another

A group of American zoopsychologists after long experiments has found out that the construction of a hierarchical pyramid in primates occurs not only with the help of imitation processes. It turned out that the brains of monkeys begin to work synchronously during communication and observation one after another

Scientists have created a special elastic glue that heals wounds in a minute

Scientists have developed a special texture that can tighten wounds in just a few seconds. According to the researchers, the elastic glue can be used during operations, so as not to waste time on suturing.

The Chinese will be able to clear the crypto currency during the cleaning of teeth

Scientists from the company 32Teeth released a special toothbrush, with which the Chinese will be able to crypt during the cleaning of teeth

Scientists plan to create a prototype of a quantum battery by 2021

A group of Italian scientists began developing a prototype of a quantum battery, which does not operate on the principle of a chemical compound. The concept should be implemented after about 3 years. The operation of these devices will be based on the principle of the so-called excitation of quantum objects.

Nanoparticles from non-miscible elements are developed

Researchers from the University of Maryland have developed a new technology for creating nanomaterials. The technique allows you to collect nanoscale particles, which consist of eight different elements that previously were not fundamentally immiscible with each other

The new method is physical. Lubin Hu, one of the authors of the development, explains:

“Imagine the elements that, in order to make nanoparticles, combine as building blocks of Lego. If you only have one or three colors and size, then you are limited in combinations. <…> Now we can create nanomaterials with almost any metal and semiconductor elements. “

Scientists forced the heart cells to change color with each stroke

During the study, scientists have grown on the helium surface of the heart cells, taken from laboratory rodents. Each stroke of the heart was accompanied by a change in the position of the cells, as well as the structure of the gel. The researchers were able to ensure that the contraction of the heart muscle led to a change in the color of the cells.


The new Renault Captur will receive a platform with Nissan Juke

It is reported that the novelty will be built on the CMF-B platform, which will also form the basis for the new Renault Clio and Nissan Juke. It is also known that the dimensions of the car will increase slightly.

A novelty from KIA was seen on road tests

Photoplayers captured on the roads a mysterious crossover company Kia. The test prototype was covered with a thick layer of camouflage film. According to preliminary information, the car is based on the concept SP, which was presented in February in India.

New crossover Hyundai Encino came to Chinese dealers

South Korean automaker Hyundai starts selling its new Hyundai Encino crossover. It can be called tailored for the Chinese car market version of Hyundai Kona

A small truck-tricycle “Bumblebee” was created by the designers of GAZ

The tricycle was assembled by all the domestic auto industry. Electric part and brake system from VAZ, springs and rear suspension – UAZ. True, the plastic cabin was manufactured individually for “Shmel”.

Owners of Volkswagen cars prepare suit against the company

Among the main problems are reduced fuel efficiency and reduced engine power, and in some cases even its failure. The car owners regret that they passed the service procedure. Now they are preparing a lawsuit against the company.

In the company of BMW are not in a hurry to produce electric vehicles

In the leadership of the eminent automaker BMW said that they do not plan in the near future mass production of electric cars. In their opinion, mass production of such vehicles is not yet economically profitable.

Hatchback Mazda 2 received a limited version of the Mazda 2 Sport Black

The hatchback Mazda 2 has received a special version of the Mazda 2 Sport Black Limited Edition, which will go on sale in the British market from April 3rd. The car’s circulation will be limited to 500 copies. The limited edition is characterized by a new aerodynamic body kit.

Soviet GAZ-14 “Seagull” plan to revive

The representative Soviet car GAZ-14 “Seagull”, which many collectors dream of, can start producing again. Note that the assembly of the limousine was carried out manually from 1977 to 1988.

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