26 Jan, 2018

Under the wing of the Russian Federation ….

North Korea continues to export coal to third countries in defiance of UN sanctions, and Russia helps it in this, reports Reuters referring to sources in Western European intelligence.

According to them, last year, after the UN Security Council imposed a ban on the purchase of coal from Pyongyang, the DPRK authorities at least sent fuel to Russia three times, from where it was later transferred to South Korea and Japan.

Sources say that coal supplies were carried out through Russian ports in the cities of Nakhodka and Kholmsk. They took place in August-September 2017.

The interlocutor of the agency in the US security agencies confirmed this information and stated that the trade in coal through Russia is continuing. Two lawyers specializing in sanctions legislation confirmed to journalists that coal transportation violated the restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council against the DPRK.

Reuters adds that it has no evidence that the coal discharged in Russian ports is the same as it was then sent to South Korea and China. Also, journalists were unable to establish whether the owners of vessels carrying coal knew of its origin, and which companies were involved in these operations.

Briefly about the main thing …..


The US Department of State considers negotiations on Syria in Sochi “a one-off solution”

Negotiations on an inter-Syrian settlement in Sochi are “a one-off decision,” US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said at a briefing for journalists. According to her, it is necessary to concentrate on the negotiations on Syria in Geneva.

Reuters reported on the export of coal from the DPRK in circumvention of sanctions through Russia

A source in the US security agencies confirmed this information to the agency and noted that coal trade through Russia continues. Interviewed by the agency lawyers specializing in sanctions, argue that these transactions are a violation of sanctions.

Palestinians call blackmail statement of Trump about negotiations with Israel

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) called blackmail statements of US President Donald Trump on the issue of negotiations with Israel, EFE reports referring to PLO General Secretary Saeb Ericat.

Trump tried to fire the special prosecutor Müller

President of the United States Donald Trump ordered in June last year to fire the special prosecutor “for Russia” Robert Mueller, but abandoned his intention after the White House’s chief lawyer, Don McGhan threatened in this case to resign.

Trump agreed to grant US citizenship to 1.8 million illegal migrants

The White House will present to Congress a compromise version of the immigration bill, which will give an opportunity to obtain the American citizenship of 1.8 million people illegally arriving in the US, being minors, writes The Hill.

Trump can sign a decree on the preservation of the prison in Guantánamo

President of the United States Donald Trump intends to sign a decree that will allow to keep the military prison in Guantanamo. This is reported by Politico with reference to the draft document. According to the publication, the decree of the American leader will be signed on January 30.

Russia and the USA have developed routes of vessels in the Arctic due to the growth of traffic

Russia and the US have ashamedly developed a system of bilateral routes for vessels following the Bering Strait and the Bering Sea, due to increased shipping in the Arctic. This is stated in a report on the website of the US Coast Guard


Erdogan visits operation headquarters “Olive branch” on the border with Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally conducted an inspection of the armed forces of the country on the border with Syria. The head of state arrived in the southern province of Hatay, where he visited the headquarters of Operation Olive Branch.

The pilots of Russia intercepted foreign planes three times a week

Aircrafts of Russian military aircraft for the past week intercepted three foreign aircraft at the borders of the Russian Federation

The first combat aircraft F-35A entered the arsenal of the Air Force of Japan

In total, in 2018, ten F-35A air forces of Japan will be transferred to the Misawa base. Their deployment there in the first place is intended to strengthen the military capabilities of Tokyo in respect of the DPRK. In total, Japan plans to purchase at least 42 F-35A in the US, which will form the basis of the power of the national air force.

Iran on the territory of Syria builds bases and manages militants

According to the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danone, military facilities are being erected on the territory of the Syrian Republic, and more than 80,000 militants are under his control in the country.

The Syrian army repulsed the IGIL attack on two villages in Deir ez Zor

The Syrian military repulsed the attack of the terrorists IGIL *, who attempted to attack two settlements in the province of Deir ez Zor. As reported by SANA, as a result, more than 20 militants were liquidated.

In the US, notified of a nuclear strike refused to cooperate with the investigation

A story with a false alarm about a nuclear strike in Hawaii was developed – a man who reported the approach of a ballistic missile and was detained, refused to cooperate with the investigation, Fox News reported.


Aviation resumed searches for a ship that had disappeared in the Sea of Japan

An additional Be-200 plane flew out from Krasnoyarsk on Friday to search for the vessel Vostok, which had disappeared in the Sea of Japan, the press service of the EMERCOM Main Department for the Primorsky Territory reported.

The number of victims of a fire in a hospital in South Korea reached 79

The President of South Korea convenes an emergency meeting because of a fire in a hospital in the city of Miljan. According to Yohnap, the number of victims has already reached 79.

The police conduct a check after the incident with weapons in the Samara school

Samara law enforcers carry out a check on the carrying of pneumatic weapons and smoke flares by a schoolchild to one of the city’s schools. This was reported in the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The incident occurred on Thursday morning, January 25.

Nurses leaving the patient on the street in Sochi will be dismissed

Leaving the patient on the street in Sochi, nurses after an investigation by the city health department will be dismissed, the prosecutor’s office of Krasnodar Region and the police joined the case. Information on this was disseminated in all three regional departments on Thursday, January 25.

In the German Bochum because of the bomb evacuated 10 thousand inhabitants

In the German city of Bochum, the police evacuated 10,000 residents due to a 500 kg bomb. This is stated on the city police website. According to police, the bomb was in the center of the city next to the town hall of Bochum and municipal buildings.

In St. Petersburg, arrested a left-wing activist in the case of terrorism

Filinkov was arrested for two months, until March 23. A criminal case has been opened against him under Part 2 of Art. 205.4 (participation in the terrorist community). Earlier Filinka’s wife informed the portal “OVD-Info” about the loss of the activist in St. Petersburg, when he was going to Pulkovo airport.

In Khabarovsk condemned three pimps

The Court of the Industrial District of Khabarovsk recognized three local residents who were pimps of six girls, one of whom was 16 years old, the regional prosecutor’s office said on Friday. The court found that a resident of Khabarovsk and his two acquaintances in 2015 organized an intimate company in the regional center.

A resident of the Netherlands drove out of the son of demons

A woman, trying to “cleanse” her nine-year-old child, held a kind of exorcism, putting his hands in a hot oven. Mother also inserted a son in the ears of cotton wool, which ultimately worsened his hearing. The boy was taken away from her in 2016.


The media reported on the recognition in the Russian Federation of same-sex marriage between men

In Russia, marriage was officially recognized for the first time between two men – Eugene Wojciechowski and Paul Stotzko, who they made in Copenhagen. It is reported that men registered a marriage in Copenhagen, where same-sex marriage is allowed, on January 4, 2018.

Lukashenko abolished “tax on parasites”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has signed a decree that repeals the so-called tax on parasites, the document exempts unemployed citizens from the collection to finance government spending, the press service of the Belarusian leader said on Thursday.

Four new GOSTs will appear in Russia

Buckwheat, rice, red caviar and butter were approved by new GOSTs, which provide for more stringent requirements for products than now. The document was prepared in the Press and approved by Rosstandart. From the document it follows that from March 1 new rules will be applied in the test mode.

Three million people in Japan have the flu

The flu epidemic is fixed in Japan, almost three million people became a dangerous virus. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of the country reported on Friday, January 26 that under the supervision of physicians are 2.83 million citizens of the state.

FAS rejected the draft of the Ministry of Health’s strategy on healthy lifestyles

The Federal Antimonopoly Service did not support the draft strategy for the formation of a healthy lifestyle (HLS) of the Russian population, directed by the Ministry of Health for approval in the FAS, the antimonopoly authority said.

New temples will be built in the areas of renovation

New temples will appear in the areas of renovation in connection with the massive construction of houses, told the curator of the program of construction of Orthodox churches in Moscow, State Duma deputy Vladimir Resin.

In Yekaterinburg, activists staged an action to save the television tower

Activists of the movement “The essence of time” launched a light show on the unfinished TV tower in Yekaterinburg. So they decided to stop the planned demolition of the most famous long-term construction of the Ural capital.

Patriarch Cyril urged to give special status to large families

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill, called on the senators to give special status to large families. The head of the Russian Church announced this at the traditional “Christmas parliamentary meetings” in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

He noted that “it would be of tremendous symbolic importance and the whole world would show a difference in approaches: Russia cares about the future.”


Russian tourists are more likely to bring viruses from abroad

Rospotrebnadzor recorded an increase in the number of infected Russians crossing the state border. In 2017, the number of infected tourists who returned to Russia from other countries, increased three-fold compared to 2014.

St. Petersburg will become the capital of medical tourism

In St. Petersburg, recruitment for the launch of a project to turn the city into the capital of medical tourism began. Today, the committee on tourism was told when the first stage of the plan will be implemented.

In Perm, the tourist information service of the Sverdlovsk region

Today in Perm, the opening of the tourist information service of the Sverdlovsk region. This is reported by the department of information politics of the Sverdlovsk region. Similar offices have already been established in St. Petersburg, Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Tyumen.

A snowboarder from Ufa filmed a film about the backcountry on the slopes of Zyuratkul

Slopes of the mountains in the national park “Zyuratkul” are now conquered not only by skiers and hikers. Recently they were chosen by snowboarders. They come to the South Urals to do backcountry work.

In Turkey they want to open a casino to attract tourists from China

According to Timur Bayindyr, head of the Association of Turkish Hoteliers and Investors, the opening of the casino will help attract Chinese tourists to the country. According to official data, annually about 300 million citizens of China travel to different countries, but only 1 million Chinese people choose their choice in Turkey.

A growing flow of Chinese tourists did not give Buryatia anything

As in many other places in the world, in Buryatia, the Chinese use a well-known business scheme that leaves “aboriginal” aboriginals of one or another country.

– Today, we are increasing the number of people coming from China as tourists. And neither the population nor the tourist industry from these tourists has any income, “openly admits Irina Smolyak, deputy head of the administration of the head and government of Buryatia. – Because they come with their tour operators, on their buses, and only spend the night in guest houses

Five projects for the development of domestic and incoming tourism in Russia

The projects on the creation and development of sanatorium-resort, ethno-cultural and balneological tourist complexes in Karachaevo-Cherkessia entered the concept of development of internal and incoming tourism in the Russian Federation, calculated before 2026.


The fifth wife of the 73-year-old Schroeder will be a Korean woman

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder plans to marry for the fifth time, 48-year-old Kim So-yon from South Korea became the chosen one of the 73-year-old politician, reports dpa.

Khabensky and Minaev presented the film “Selfie”

Actor Konstantin Khabensky, who performed the main role, and script writer, writer Sergei Minaev, on Thursday, January 25, presented the film “Selfie” directed by Nikolai Khomeriki. The beginning of the rental is scheduled for February 1. In the story, the main character-writer struggles for his personality with a double.

Canadian Sports Minister has left office because of accusations of harassment

The Minister for Sports and Disabled Persons of Canada, Kent Heer, after allegations of sexual harassment, was forced to leave his post. This broadcasts the CBC. It is reported that the decision on the resignation of Hare accepted after a conversation with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Casey Affleck refused to participate in the Oscars

Last year’s Oscar winner Casey Affleck decided to ignore the award ceremony this year. Traditionally, the winner in the “best actor” category of last year was supposed to present the award to the best actress this year

Google saved a remote bare photo of Emily Ratakovski

Recently Emily Ratakovski decided to put her next naked photo on her official page in Instagram. This time the model, for some unknown reason, a few minutes after the publication removed the picture. But the 26-year-old model did not even suspect that it was preserved in Google.

The sixth film “Mission Impossible” was called “Fallout”

The director was again made by Christopher McQuarrie, who previously filmed “Mission Impossible: Tribe of the Outcasts.” Earlier it was announced that the premiere of the sixth part of the franchise is scheduled for July 27, 2018.

The series “Crown” in the third season will show Princess Diana

The third season of the series Crown will mark the appearance of Princess Diana. And the fourth part will represent her as the main character. In the first two seasons, the young years of Elizabeth II are told.

Boris Grebenshchikov exhibited his drawings in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, an exhibition of works by the leader of the rock band “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov “The Alphabet of the Moonlight”. In the museum of contemporary art “Erarta” the musician presented 17 of his paintings, as well as several author’s photographs on metal plates

Ex-soloist of the band White Stripes banned smartphones at their concerts

Former soloist of rock band White Stripes Jack White forbade fans to use smartphones at their concerts

Pskov Communists complain about the film “The last article of a journalist”

On the part of the Pskov deputies from the Communist pariah of the Russian Federation, a number of indignations arose on the picture “The last article of a journalist”. The described events of perestroika in the film do not correspond to the authentic events taking place in the region at that time.

Sergei Zhukov beat Stas Kostyushkina

During the filming of the “SOYUZ Studio” program of the TNT channel, a conflict erupted among the popular performers. Zhukov swung and heavily struck Kostyushkin. On Thursday, the TNT channel will release a new release of the comedy and music show “SOYUZ Studio”, during which the stars are measured by musicality.

BDT creates a theatrical series from “Three Fat Men”

In the course of the secret scientific experiment, the port was opened to another dimension, and a clot of dark cosmic energy “Three fat men”, that is, T-3, entered the Earth. The famous fairy tale on the stage of BDT is told with a postironic intonation.

Olga Buzova starts her tour from the play in Yoshkar-Ola

We hope that the star had a good rest in Phuket and with fresh forces will begin the continuation of the ascent to Olympus of Russian show business. In her next publication in Instagram, the girl tells that this year her first tours with the famous play “The Man in High Supply” begin.


In the State Duma have made a project on securing the cryptor as a means of payment

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Rizvan Kurbanov introduced for consideration by the State Duma a bill that fixes a digital financial asset called “cryptorub” as a means of payment in Russia. Corresponding changes are introduced in the Civil Code


Soros called threats to Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are a threat to society. This was announced at the International Economic Forum in Davos, billionaire George Soros.

Twitter will launch a function to exchange video in the style of Snapchat

The peculiarity of Snapchat, which Twitter management has adopted, is that users can take photos and videos, supplementing them with animation, and then share clips.

WhatsApp scammers distribute “Burger King coupons”

The company’s information security ESET warns users of instant messenger WhatsApp about a new scheme of scammers. Hackers send links with shares to “coupons from Burger King”, confirming the authenticity of the reviews on Facebook

Adblock Plus criticizes Google Chrome’s ad filter

Representatives of Adblock Plus criticize the advertising filter of the popular Google Chrome browser. According to their data, it is able to block only 16.4% of their total number. According to experts, there are 55 types of advertising on the Internet.

Users of Windows 10 will be able to view the telemetry collected by the OS

The application was named Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, and it is already available in the Windows Store for Windows Insiders users. The application will allow users and administrators to view detailed information about which telemetry the operating system collects.

Apple plans to release Business Chat to communicate with the business

Apple Corporation this year will introduce Business Chat. The official website of Apple reported, Business Chat is a new feature for users to communicate directly with the business, right in the messages. This feature will be launched in the beta version with the iOS 11.3 update this spring.

Google Shopping stops integrating with BigCommerce and Magento

Google Shopping will stop supporting integration with BigCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop, starting March 20, 2018. Integration allowed you to import product information from a supported platform into Google Merchant Center.

Google promises augmented reality online for everyone

The company announced the AR tool for the Chrome browser. It will work on mobile devices, both on Android and on the iOS platform. The only requirement is to support the augmented reality on the device itself and installed Google Chrome.

On the Internet, the first photos of the smartphone Doogee Mix 3

A new smartphone was launched from the Chinese manufacturer Doogee, which will be called Mix 3. It is known that it differs from its predecessors by a sliding camera and its display occupies 95% of the entire surface of the phone.

Acronis has released a free program to protect against attacks of extortion viruses

In the case of an extortion program attack, a solution from Acronis blocks a malicious process and notifies the user about it in a pop-up window. If any files are damaged during the attack, the Acronis solution quickly restores this data.

A virus is found abducting money through “1C”

Kaspersky Lab detected a virus that can steal money using text files of accounting software. A kind of malicious program Mezzo penetrates through the “1C”. Vulnerable are the data created less than two minutes ago, reports TASS

Asus introduced the hybrid notebook TransBook Mini T103HAF

Asus company introduced its new notebook TransBook Mini T103HAF. This device has a hybrid technology and if necessary disconnected from the keyboard display becomes a tablet

Facebook reported the blocking of millions of fake accounts

Facebook blocks millions of unreliable accounts at the stage of their registration in the social network, the company’s testimony to the US Senate Intelligence Committee said.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 will receive exclusive features

It is expected that the phone Galaxy S9 will be equipped with special functions for working with a camera that has a variable aperture. Some sources claim that the phone can receive 512 GB of ROM. Previously, the company Meizu introduced the New Year model of the smartphone Pro 7.

Improved Moto X4 with 6 GB of RAM will be presented on February 1

The report indicates that in India on February 1, the official launch of sales of the improved Motorola X4 will begin. According to official data, the mobile device will receive 6 GB of RAM, a powerful Snapdragon 636 processor (previously 630).


A new virus was discovered in the depths of the ocean by scientists

A new dangerous virus was discovered in the ocean by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is reported in the journal The Nature. Currently, it destroys only bacteria, but after a time can get to the ocean fauna.

Scientists have created color holograms with the help of an “optical trap”

Scientists from the United States have developed a technology for creating three-dimensional color holograms with the help of an “optical trap”. This is stated in an article published in the journal Nature. Developed by scientists, the volumetric display is capable of creating color images with a resolution of about 10 micrometers.

Scientists have found out that even one cigarette a day can cause a stroke

As noted in the study of British scientists, even one cigarette a day increases the risk of a stroke and provokes coronary insufficiency

Medical exoskeletons are on sale in the USA

As a result, patients can gradually restore the ability to walk independently. The US Ministry of Health has authorized the sale of this device in the country. Earlier, the implementation of the exoskeleton was approved by the authorities of Japan and the European Union.

Scientists have described the mathematical formula of the process of the emergence of new ideas

It is reported that scientists have modeled a mathematical system that will help understand the processes that promote development and the emergence of innovation. In addition, the developed model is obliged to help in understanding the theory of winning, successful business.

Scientists talked about the ability of people to digest beetles

Biologists from the University of Rotterdam came to the conclusion that in the human body there is a gene encoding an enzyme designed specifically for digesting beetles. When a person thinks about eating insects, he is disgusted not because he can not digest them.

Scientists: an acoustic traction beam will help human levitation

In an article in Physical Review Letters, scientists explained that this approach can also be used to lift objects up to the size of a person into the air. By acoustic levitation is understood as a steady finding of an object in the air, this can be achieved thanks to a “standing” sound wave

Scientists have found a new population of rare red fish-shovels

Scientists, with a thorough study of the waters of the Australian state of Tasmania, found a new population of rare red shovel fish. Thus they managed to double the known number of individuals in the world


Ariane-5 put into orbit two satellites, despite the loss of communication

The Ariane-5 rocket brought into orbit two communication satellites, despite the fact that communication with the carrier was lost. This is reported on the website of the operator company Arianespace.

The United States will join the Russian space flight simulation program

The program of Russia on simulating space flights SIRIUS will be replenished with new participants. This became known from the director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems Oleg Orlov. According to him, NASA USA addressed such a proposal to the Russian colleagues.

Roscosmos Corporation began to prepare cosmonauts for flight to Mars

State Corporation Roskomos has launched a project to prepare cosmonauts for a trip to Mars. Future guests of the Red Planet will receive training, special training before the flights scheduled for 2025-2030

Scientists from China have measured the distance to the Moon by an American reflector

It turned out that during the period from 21.25 to 22.31 Beijing time on January 22, the distance to the section of the lunar surface was 385 823.433 – 387 119.600 km. It is noted that on the earthly satellite there are three more such reflectors, including two American and one Soviet.

Flashes on the Sun affect the cold snap on the Earth, scientists said

If, say, the air in the United States heats up as a result of a solar flare by 0.3 degrees Celsius, then the water temperature in the Pacific will drop by 0.5 degrees.

On the Earth’s orbit, the “Star of Mankind”

Private American space company Rocket Lab has launched into the Earth’s orbit “The Humanity Star” (The Humanity Star) – a mirror ball, which is a flickering satellite.

China put into orbit Earth remote sensing satellites

In the Chinese space department they told that the satellites had successfully entered the given orbit. Let’s notice, that besides meteorological space vehicles, the Peoples Republic of China actively develops programs on research of asteroids and Mars

Mars Curiosity after the break will continue to explore the planet

Mars Curiosity, which explores the Red Planet since 2012, after a short break got in touch. He participates in the NASA program to explore the suitability of the planet for life.


For sale put an armored bus, Margaret Thatcher

For sale is an armored bus used by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during her trip to Northern Ireland. The owner of the car is going to help out for her 25 000 pounds sterling. The armored car is designed for 36 seats and weighs 17.5 tons

The new compact-car Mercedes-Benz B-Class will be presented in 2019

The German automaker is working on a new generation of compact-class B-Class. As reported by foreign insiders, Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new generation of B-Class in 2019.

Kia officially introduced the updated sedan Kia Optima

In the company Kia held a presentation of the updated version of the sedan Kia K5 / Optima. The car debut took place in South Korea, where the company’s representatives told that the car received updates in the exterior, salon and equipment list.

Atelier ABT will present in Geneva a 530-strong coupe based on Audi RS5

In March, at the Geneva Motor Show, the ABT studio will show its version of the Audi RS5, which will be produced in a limited edition of only 50 units. Tuning studio ABT will release a limited version of the “charged” Audi RS5.

The image of the Lada Vesta Sport

On the site of Rospatent appeared images of the serial version of the model Lada Vesta Sport. Judging by the pictures, the car will not practically differ from the concept, which was presented in Moscow in 2016.

The official teaser of the revived BMW 8-Series coupe is presented

The Bavarian machine builders presented in the global network the official teaser of the revived BMW 8-Series coupe. The developers have limited visualization of the rear of the car. According to some sources, the novelty will appear before the public next summer

Toyota has introduced a new generation of crossover Toyota RAV4

The new Toyota RAV4 will be based on the TNGA platform. Information about the engine range yet. The presentation of the crossover will take place at the end of 2018 in early 2019.

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