15 Май, 2021

Unemployment in Russia

The total unemployment rate in Russia amounted to 5.4% at the end of March 2021, the total number of unemployed dropped below 4.1 million people. This was announced on Thursday by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anton Kotyakov.

According to Rosstat, the unemployment rate according to the methodology of the International Labor Organization in March was 5.4%. This is less than 4.1 million people. Let me remind you that at its peak in August, the unemployment rate was 6.4%, «he said at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with members of the government.

He added that the number of unemployed citizens registered in employment centers is also declining.

«As of May 12, this is already less than 1 million 530 thousand people. Of these, almost 700 thousand citizens have been registered since last year,» the minister said.

Azerbaijan is moving deeper into the territory of Armenia

The Armenian Defense Ministry reports on the attempt of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces to move deep into the territory of Armenia in the Gegharkunik and Sisian regions in the east and south of the republic, respectively.

«On May 13, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces again, under the justification of» clarifying the borders «, carried out another provocation against the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, trying to ensure the advancement of positions in the border areas of Vardenis (Gegharkunik region) and Sisian (Syunik region),» the Defense Ministry reports.

The ministry noted that both attempts were suppressed by the Armenian side. And about. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan instructed the Foreign Ministers, the Defense Ministry, the Security Council Secretary to begin consultations in accordance with Article 2 of the Collective Security Treaty (CST) in connection with the introduction of the Azerbaijani armed forces into the territory of Armenia in the Syunik region.

Pashinyan called Putin

The parties discussed the incident on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. The Russian president said that it is necessary to strictly abide by the trilateral agreements, primarily on the ceasefire regime.

French President supported Armenians in connection with the situation in Syunik

«The Azerbaijani armed forces have invaded the Armenian territory. They must be withdrawn immediately. I again appeal to the Armenian people: France is in solidarity with you and will continue to be so,» he wrote on Facebook in Armenian.

History teachers accused of insulting veterans

In the city of Artem, Primorsky Territory, a schoolgirl’s mother accused a history teacher of insulting veterans. According to local publications, the teacher — according to her — told in the lesson that the survivors of the war fled from the battlefield. Local authorities told RIA Novosti that they interviewed the children — and the charges were not confirmed. The girl’s mother apologized, the teacher can go to court.

Clashes between Arabs and Jews in Israeli cities

Israel has witnessed some of the worst riots and the largest internal Arab-Jewish clashes in years. Almost 400 people were arrested in two days, many of those detained are teenagers aged 13 and over.

The Israeli Defense Minister said that the internal conflict that has flared up in Israel is «no less dangerous than Hamas.» To normalize the situation, the Ministry of Defense has attracted ten companies of reservists of the paramilitary Israeli border police.

Sothebyʼs sold Banksy painting

Sothebyʼs sold the painting to Banksy for $ 12.9 million. For the first time, the auction house allowed buying a lot for cryptocurrency. The work «Love Is in the Air» was sold at auction for an amount three times higher than the initial one.

The street artist’s graffiti first appeared in 2003 in Bethlehem on the wall separating Palestine from Israel. Later Banksy repeated the work several times in different variations.

Musicians demand to stop cancellations of concerts for political reasons

Noize MC, «Nogu Svelo!», «Pornofilmy» and other musicians launched a petition in which they demanded from the Russian authorities to abandon «pressure and cancellation of concerts» for political reasons.

“We, who dared to express their opinion, are under pressure from all sides. We are intimidated by the security forces, our concerts are being turned into police raids, local officials call clubs and strongly recommend not to contact us, ”the petition says.

Moscow Metro fires employees supporting Navalny

According to the chairman of the independent trade union of the metro, Vasily Shelyakov, workers are offered a choice of two ways of dismissal — by agreement of the parties or under an article for absenteeism. Informally, in conversations with the leadership, they are told that this is due to registration on the site «Freedom Navalny» or with a visit to the rally on April 21.

Greece opened its borders to tourists, including from Russia.

Now those who vaccinated or received a negative test for coronavirus do not need to undergo a two-week quarantine. Also, restrictions on movement between regions are lifted, you can freely travel around the country.

In addition, the authorities of Russia and Greece are planning to discuss the resumption of flights in the near future. Now there are only two regular flights a week between Moscow and Athens.

Competitions in high-speed grave digging were held in Novosibirsk

The first all-Russian competition for high-speed grave digging was held in the Kamenskoye park near the Novosibirsk crematorium on Friday. The competitors had to dig a neat grave in the shortest possible time, a representative of the Necropolis project said on a page in VKontakte. In addition to the time for completing the task, to win, the participants must meet two more criteria: the size and accuracy of the pit. The jury evaluates the work with a real coffin.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia will give the right to the regions to increase the debt burden

The Ministry of Finance of Russia will give the right to a number of subjects of the Federation with a high level of financial security to increase the debt burden up to 50% or even up to 75% of their own (tax and non-tax) income, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in a commentary. This proposal is part of initiatives to implement the «regional» part of President Vladimir Putin’s April message to parliament.

At present, the aggregate state debt of the regions is about 25% of their own revenues, it follows from the data of the Ministry of Finance. However, the average masks significant differences in debt levels between rich, low-debt regions and weak, over-indebted regions: according to S&P Global, a third of Russian regions have a debt burden of more than 60% of their own revenues. Excluding Moscow, which has very low debt, the regions’ indebtedness is about 36% of their own revenues.

In Moscow, paying for metro fares with a face

In Moscow, payment for travel in the metro with the help of a person should appear at all stations by the end of the year, said Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov. Face Pay is currently being tested on service employees and partners. According to the deputy mayor, passengers will be able to choose between Face Pay and other fare payment methods.

In Tyumen, a pensioner is accused of beating a security official

In Tyumen, 71-year-old pensioner Alexander Cherepanov was taken to the hospital from the courtroom, where a criminal case was being considered on his use of violence against a police officer (part 1, article 318). «Novaya Gazeta» reports

“He was diagnosed with coronary heart disease, the pressure is wild. Before the start of the session, he warned the judge that he was not feeling well. The judge did not give a damn about Cherepanov’s health and began to read out the case materials. I haven’t seen anything like this yet! ”The lawyer said.

A criminal case was opened against Cherepanov after the march of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKWP) on November 7. Eyewitnesses said that several police officers used physical force against the elderly communist. The defendant himself claims that the police kept him on the floor of the Gazelle by force.

Matvienko called the law on public procurement wrecking

Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko called the current version of the law on public procurement «sabotage» and said that the senators had prepared proposals for its amendment, which would not prevent scientists from changing the terms of the contract without penalties

Earth’s stratosphere has thinned by 400 m over the past 40 years

Spanish scientists from the University of Vigo have shown how greenhouse gas emissions affect the Earth’s atmosphere. According to them, human activity leads to a reduction in the stratosphere. Let us recall that it is located at an altitude of 10-50 kilometers above sea level.

The researchers said that this layer has decreased by 400 meters since the 1980s. In addition, they predicted that in 2080, if the situation does not improve, then the stratosphere will shrink by another kilometer.

Park Live festival in Moscow was postponed to next year again

The festival, which was supposed to take place back in 2020, was postponed again. This time for the summer of 2022. Park Live is slated to run not two, but three weekends next year. New dates have already been agreed by My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Gorillaz, Deftones and The Killers. The organizers are currently negotiating new dates with Slipknot and The Offspring.

The publication «VTimes» is included in the Russian register of «Media — foreign agents»

Information about this appeared on the website of the Ministry of Justice. VTimes was founded by former employees of Vedomosti, who quit in July 2020 in protest against the actions of the new leadership.

Minimum wage at American McDonald’s

McDonald’s Corp. will raise the wages of employees of its American restaurants, according to CNBC. Non-administrative staff at about 660 McDonald’s own restaurants in the United States will receive $ 11-17 per hour at the entry level, and supervisors $ 15-20 per hour. A salary increase of 10% will affect about 36 thousand people. As a result, even the lowest paid full-time McDonald’s employee will receive $ 1,760 a month. At the current exchange rate, this is about 130 thousand rubles.