13 Jun, 2018

Universal degradation of mankind

For several decades, the results of IQ tests demonstrate a decrease in people’s intelligence. This conclusion was made by Norwegian scientists after receiving the test results of IQ residents of the country, who entered the military service in 1970-2009.

As reported by the portal MedicalXpress, in the first half of the twentieth century the IQ level was constantly growing, which was called the Flynn effect. This could be related to improving the quality of nutrition, health and education. Later, according to experts, this effect was replaced by the opposite, and the intellectual abilities of people began to fall.

Scientists have found out that for a generation the level of intelligence decreased by an average of seven points. The fall in IQ may be due to environmental factors, as well as changes in people’s way of life, scientists believe

Briefly about the main thing …….


Poroshenko: Ukraine will be able to receive gas from the TANAP gas pipeline

The gas pipeline bypassing Russia TANAP is an alternative to the Russian gas supply to Europe project – the Turkish Stream pipeline.

Today we agreed that we will be more than happy to diversify our energy sources and receive gas through TANAP through Bulgaria and Romania. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Trump and Kim Jong-un accepted invitations to visit the United States and North Korea

Kim Jong-un accepted Donald Trump’s invitation to visit the US, in turn, the American leader is ready to visit the DPRK, North Korean agency ZTAC

Macedonia got a new name

The dispute over the name erupted after Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia. It was not recognized by Athens, because in Greece there is a province with a similar name, and a new country could claim it.

We are solving a long-standing dispute in order to lead the country out of isolation, and when everyone thought there was no way out, we went ahead. There is no longer the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. – Zoran Zaev, Macedonian politician

The US Justice Department accused Sovfrakht employees of supplying fuel to Syria

In 2016, the US Justice Department imposed sanctions against Sovfrakht for its activities in the Crimea. The company was forbidden to conduct operations with dollars without a corresponding license from the US Treasury. Then, to supply fuel to Syria, the company worked with the front company Maritime Assistance

The European Commission called the condition for allocating a billion euros to Ukraine

The condition for granting Ukraine new macro-financial assistance from the European Union in the amount of up to one billion euros should be the fight against corruption, said European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis at a hearing in the European Parliament.

The fight against corruption will be at the center of the political conditions in the Memorandum of Understanding, which should be agreed between the EU and Ukraine for this assistance. – Valdis Dombrovskis, Latvian politician

“Fundamental ally” in the fight against terrorism

According to the Italian Vice-Premier, recent events show that an attempt to isolate Russia was a big mistake. He agrees with Donald Trump, who is in favor of Russia’s return to the G8.

Russia is our fundamental ally against terrorism. We, the Europeans, must work together with Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect our civilization from the attacks of Islamist extremists. – Matteo Salvini, Italian politician

Russian sailors ask the authorities to help them return from Japan

Russian sailors, abandoned by the shipowner in Japan, appealed to the Russian authorities for help, TASS reports. Chairman of the Far Eastern Trade Union of Seafarers Nikolai Sukhanov said that the Russians sent letters to the union and the Consulate General of the Russian Federation.

Peru has terminated the Ambassador’s powers in the UK because of the case of Odebrecht

President of Peru Martin Viscarra quit the powers of his country’s Ambassador to the UK Susana Maria de la Puente in connection with the possible involvement in the corruption scandal around the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.


All-Russian campaign of HIV testing began with Kamchatka

The All-Russian action “HIV Test: Expedition”, aimed at informing citizens about HIV / AIDS issues, was launched. The second goal: to motivate people to take an HIV test. The solemn opening of the expedition is timed to the Day of Russia and was held in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Britain will issue special visas to the founders of IT start-ups

In the spring of 2019, the United Kingdom will issue special visas to founders of start-ups in the field of high technology and IT, writes The Independent with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The son-in-law of the King of Spain was sentenced to 70 months in prison for corruption

The Supreme Court of Spain sentenced Iñaki Urdangarin, the infanta Christina, the sister of King Felipe VI, to five years and 10 months in prison, the court ruling said.

In Japan, in 2022, the age of majority will be reduced from 20 to 18 years

The Japanese authorities finally approved on Wednesday a bill on reducing the age of majority in the country from 20 to 18 years. In the upper house of parliament 169 deputies voted in favor of him, 69 voted against, NHK television channel reported.

Russian teachers bare in support of the dismissed colleague

Russian teachers arranged a flashmob in support of a colleague from Omsk, who had been dismissed for a photo in a swimsuit. Teachers place their pictures on the beaches in social networks. Photos of the teacher are accompanied by a hashtag # teacher of the people.

A high-ranking Chinese legislator was tried for bribery

Former high-level legislator of Hebei Province in the north of China Yang Chunyong was brought to court for bribery, the Second Intermediate People’s Court of the city of Tianjin’s central jurisdiction reported on June 12, Xinhua News Agency

Russians again began to spend more

The rate of accumulation of Russians returned to the level of 2013-2014, and they again began to make more purchases, which should stimulate the economy. This is stated in the report of the Central Bank on the monetary and credit policy of the regulator (available to Izvestia).

Major overhaul in Zabaikalskiy

Walls of houses in md. The maiden hill of the village of KSK Chita was thoroughly soaked after the last rainy rains. Zab.ru was told about this by indignant residents. They are afraid that by autumn, fungus and mold will appear in the houses, and in winter the walls will freeze.

The head of the management organization “Megapolis”, which discusses the neighborhood, Artem Lyulchev commented on the situation and noted that the houses had recently been renovated.

We know about this situation, the residents turn to us. In early 2018, the houses were overhauled. The customer was the City Committee. Contractors made ventilation, plums, sewers, partly roofing. Probably, the overhaul was so done that now the walls are getting wet, “Artem Lyulchev said.

The head of the managing organization added that they had already appealed to the prosecutor’s office, at the moment there is a prosecutor’s check.

Actor Sadalsky published a photo of a cake in the form of a cap of the Metropolitan

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky in his profile in LiveJournal published pictures of the cake in the form of a cap of the Metropolitan. As decoration on the cake, miniature icons of the Kazan Mother of God and Jesus Christ were used.

“Typical Saratov”: pedestrian crossing to nowhere

A picture of an unusual “zebra” was published by one of the participants of the group “Typical Saratov” VKontakte.

“Everything is as usual in Saratov. Here is another “pearl” from our road workers. Go to nowhere near the boulevard of Heroes of the Fatherland “, – the author notes.

The photo shows that a pedestrian crossing on the roadway connects the sidewalk on one side and just a strip of land beyond the border – on the other. In the ground, pedestrians have already trampled a small path, and a strip of land a meter and a half wide is bounded by a blind metal fence.


Ecologists found mass death of herring on Sakhalin

Dmitry Lisitsyn, head of the public organization “Ekovakhta of Sakhalin”, announced the significant death of herring in the north of Sakhalin in Piltun Bay. His application is posted on the organization’s website.

The water levels in the Altai rivers will rise to critical values

An exception is the Ob river in the Barnaul area (up to 740 centimeters remains to 740 centimeters) and the Katun River near the village of Srostki (15 centimeters remained to the critical mark of 530 centimeters). Rescuers recommend residents of the city to take measures to preserve health and property, since already at a mark of 510 centimeters flooding of coastal territories is possible

On the shores of Lake Baikal corpses

At the end of October – beginning of November 2017, the news of the mass death of seals on Baikal thundered all over Russia. More than 140 corpses of animals were found in different parts of the lake coast. Later, scientists established the cause of the tragedy – the seal killed an intestinal infection.

Ulan-Ude turns into a wilderness desert

To be precise, the air in the Buryat capital is poisoning benzapyrene. According to Rosstat, in February last year its concentration in Ulan-Ude exceeded the norm by 24 times.

“It’s impossible to breathe.” Dump near Saratov continues to burn

The Saratov people continue to complain about the burning dump near Saratov. According to them, the smoke from the test site near the village of Zorinsky is so caustic that “the eyes on the forehead climb and can not breathe.” So describe the situation of Internet users in social networks.

They found each other on the Internet and united

We, a group of people, organized by a common desire to remove the Native Nature from garbage collected by the will of fate and common goals for the benefit of the future, for the benefit of our descendants.

We started our business from the outskirts of the town of Yunokommunarovsk in an oak grove on the shore of Volyntsevo Reservoir. For several Saturdays in a row we are going together (about 12 people are already going to the subbotnik) and we are cleaning up the forest.

Packages for garbage, gloves, we buy at our own expense. In the last meeting, we collected about twenty-five 120-liter and 60-liter packages with garbage and this, as it turned out, is only a small part of what is to be done. In addition to cleaning, we make signs with our own strengths not to leave garbage and keep clean, to protect the forest from fire, and we arrange them on the already cleaned territories, along paths, along roadsides.

People, think, it’s high time to evolve in spirit, to rise to the next stage of awareness! I urge you – do not leave garbage in the forest, do not throw waste to where others rest, teach your children to protect the valuable things that nature has given us. Educate them in the ecological worldview and responsibility for the preservation of other people’s lives. After all, the forest, the field, the river, the lake are the lives of others.

The main thing is to rebuild your consciousness, stop living one day and wait for someone else to do it! Helping nature – you help yourself!

Sakhalin Tourist Club cleared the coast of the Lunsky Bay from debris

For a while, the way through the reserve is especially crowded, and not all visitors to the bay, being there, remember that they are “on a visit.” As a consequence – a ruined panorama panorama.


In Tokyo, the festival of Russian culture was opened

In Tokyo, opened the 13th Festival of Russian Culture. This is the first time that a cross-year has passed between Japan and Russia. The opening ceremony of the festival took place in Santorini Hall.

Nikita Dzhigurda decided to become mayor

As you know September 9, on a single day of voting, Moscow will be elected mayor of the capital. Nikita Dzhigurda announced his desire to become the mayor by publishing a video in Instagram.

I can well imagine for whose sake I want to go to the polls. These are millions of Moscow men, who are disadvantaged in their rights and virtues. A man is a knight, a dzhigit, he can not without a horse, but now this is a car. We were squeezed out of the city with paid parking and pedestrian streets. – Nikita Dzhigurda, actor

Jewels from the Rockefeller collection went to auction for $ 20 million

On Tuesday, June 12, Christie’s auction was selling jewelry from the collection of Peggy and John Rockefeller for a total of $ 20 million. The most expensive lot from 189, put up for sale, was a platinum necklace, adorned with 73 diamonds weighing 7 to 1 carat

Louboutin won the court on the exclusive right to red soles

The Court of the European Union took the side of the French shoes house Christian Louboutin in a dispute with the Dutch retailer Van Haren about the exclusive right to the red sole

The wife of the captain of “Ottawa” accuses the girlfriend of the team-mate in threats

Wife of the captain of the “Ottawa” Eric Carlsson Melinda sued the girlfriend of his team-mate Mike Hoffman Monica Karick, reports CRC. The wife of the Swedish defender accuses the Canadian girl of numerous threats against the family.

Rosa Syabitova on the economy class flight: “It’s just a divorce for money!”

Unseriously slow employees in general almost brought the almost balanced Rose to fury and screams. Rosa Syabitova suffered from “sloths” from Zveropolis in Sheremetyevo. The TV presenter complained about the service at the airport and advised subscribers to bypass it by the tenth party.

Ariana Grande marries a month after the start of the relationship

Ariana Grande was going to marry TV presenter Pete Davidson a month after the beginning of relations with him. Ariana Grande turned from a brunette into a blonde and became engaged to her beloved Pete Davidson.

Victoria Bonya responded to charges of cheating a fan

Victoria Bony was embroiled in a scandal with her subscriber – she caught the star in deception. Victoria promised to help her pay for the operation, but did not keep her promise. Bonya decided to explain what really happened.

Delta Games started in the Altai Territory

From June, 13 till June, 16th in Zmeinogorsky area XVIII regional Delphic games “Together is better!” Will pass. Delegations from 41 territories participate in them. Competitive tests involving 700 people will be held in several nominations.

Anastasia Volochkova was called a dirty person

Anastasia Volochkova congratulated her subscribers on the Day of Russia. The holiday ballerina spends the house with his family, enjoying the comfort. The actress shared a video in which you can view her home and the cat Laki.

Naked Elena Berkova confused the guests of “Kinotavr”

According to Stoyanov, Elena has long tied up with a shameful past and is now acting like an ordinary actress. 33-year-old Elena Berkova is known to the general public as a star of films for adults and former participant of “Doma-2”.

Russian musicians wrote a rap about the Crimean bridge

Web users appreciated the work of rap musicians. According to the authors of the song, Sergei Kopalov and Vadim Filimonov, the construction of a new bridge across the Kerch Strait inspired them to create a joint project. They told reporters that the work on the composition was conducted online

The friends of Priluznogo and Mutseniets revealed the details of their rupture

As the media found out, the lovers really had to leave for different countries, but in the end the star couple took a step towards reconciliation. The appearance of Priluchny at the wedding of one of his colleagues without a second half provoked speculation about his parting with Mutseniets.

Alla Pugacheva: I have a love triangle with Max and Philae

Among other things Pugacheva frankly told about her life with Philip Kirkorov and Maxim Galkin. A full interview at the time of publication of the material was not yet, however, and pieces of it made a furore on the Web.

Ministry of Culture accused director Sergei Solovyov of fraud

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation accused the studio of the famous film director Sergei Solovyov, the author of the cult films Assa and Black Rose – the emblem of sadness, the red rose – the emblem of love, and the theft of funds allocated for the large-scale Elizaveta and Clodil project.

Disney’s children’s TV channel interrupted the broadcast because of the kiss of two girls

Mostly the channel shows children’s shows. It is assumed that this was done for reasons of censorship. In the trailer The Last of Us 2 showed a kiss of two girls.

Divorced Shnurov could not resist and played at the wedding

Petersburg writer and PR specialist Alexander Tsypkin married the general director of the company “Rusmoda” Oksana Lavrentieva. At their wedding was the divorced leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov

In St. Petersburg is an international festival of military brass bands

In St. Petersburg is an international festival of military brass bands. The festival is attended by the best musicians from different countries. They are bands from Ireland, Greece and Moldova.


Khazanov agreed to sound the parrot Kesha in new cartoon series

People’s Artist of the RSFSR Gennady Khazanov agreed to voice the parrot Kesha in new series of the famous cartoon film and the script awaits. This news agency RIA Novosti. “The script is not yet, but I agreed in principle,” said the 72-year-old actor

The film “The Avengers: The War of Infinities” has collected more than $ 2 billion

The Walt Disney Company reports that the film “Avengers: The War of Infinities” has raised more than $ 2 billion at the box office. For this picture took 48 days. The most money was brought by spectators from the USA (32%, 650 million dollars) and China (353 million dollars).

Gosling received a concussion on the set of the film about Neil Armstrong

Actor Ryan Gosling was injured during the filming of “The First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong.” According to him, every day he spends about seven hours in a special simulator NASA. It was with the help of this equipment that a famous astronaut prepared for flight to space.

On “Starkone-2018” the film from Murmansk became the best short film

At the festival, much attention is paid to the art of movies and TV shows. This year at the “Starkone-2018”, apart from entertainment there were contests. In the competition for the best short film, the ribbon created by the inhabitants of Murmansk, “Vocation”, won.

A superhero that changes diapers

In the Russian hire goes the continuation of the animated hit “The Incredibles 2”. In 2004, the story of Mr. Exclusive, his wife Elastika and their three children collected more than $ 633 million worldwide and brought Brad Byrd the first Oscar for Best Animated Film.

Charlie Chaplin was the creator of the popular meme “the wrong guy”

Users of the network accidentally discovered that the progenitor of the popular meme “the wrong guy” was Charlie Chaplin. To an unexpected fact drew the attention of Twitter user Peter Goldberg. In 1922, Chaplin’s mute short film “The Day of Pay” was released, in which he himself played the main role.

The XII International Film Festival “Zerkalo” was opened

On June 12, the 12th Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival “Zerkalo” was opened in the town of Yuryevets, Ivanovo region.

For six days, the audience will be shown the latest paintings from Russia, Germany, Georgia, Qatar, Israel, Iran and other countries. In total in the competitive program nine films are declared.

Russia at the festival is represented by the “Gofmaniada” directed by Stanislav Sokolov.


Japan is concerned about the possible termination of the exercises of the United States and South Korea

Japan is concerned about the statement of US President Donald Trump about the possible suspension of military exercises in the area of the Korean peninsula, as the US-South Korean maneuvers are important for regional security. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Japan Itunori Onodar.

The exercises of the US and South Korea, as well as the presence of the US military contingent on the territory of the country, play an important role for security in East Asia. – Isunori Onodara, Japanese politician

Erdogan said he was ready to use the S-400

Ankara is ready to use the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 if necessary, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. This is reported by the newspaper Hurriyet Daily News.

Media reported on the arrival of coalition forces on the largest port of Yemen

Government troops supported by the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, launched an offensive against the main port of Yemen Hodeidah. This is reported by Al Arabiya, citing sources. Now the port is being held by the rebel Khusit.

Trump described the US blow to Syria in 2017 as a warning to China

The missile strike by the Americans over the territory of Syria last year served as a warning for China. Washington thus demonstrated to Beijing how the United States reacts to the use of chemical weapons.

I told him that he can get up and leave, or we will be friends. He did not go away, he understood everything. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Ukraine locates machinery near the line of contact

The Ukrainian military is drawing military equipment to the line of contact in the Donbas. This was reported by the representative of the People’s Militia of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) Andrei Marochko.

“Armata” tank will be shown to everyone at the forum “Army-2018”

The newest Russian tank T-14 “Armata” for the first time will demonstrate for all comers at the forum “Army – 2018”. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The International Military Technical Forum “Army 2018” will be held in the Patriot Park near Moscow from August 21 to 26.

The State Department approved the sale of India components for six combat helicopters

The US Department of State has decided to approve the possible sale of India’s missiles, radar and spare parts for six multi-purpose attack helicopters AH-64E Apache for $ 930 million, according to the Defense Cooperation and Security Agency of the US Department of Defense.

The large amphibious ship “Ivan Gren” will join the Navy in June

The large assault ship Ivan Gren, the lead ship of project 11711, will be part of the Russian Navy until the end of June, the RF Ministry of Defense’s information and mass communications department reports.

Norway will extend the program of military cooperation with the US

The Defense Ministry of Norway intends to extend the program of military cooperation with the United States, according to which in the western part of the country the United States Marine Corps is based


Police released hostages captured in Paris

Captured in Paris, the hostages were released during a special operation. Police detained the attacker. This was reported by the head of the French Interior Ministry Gerard Collin.

The man was detained, the hostages are safe. I welcome the professionalism and efficiency of the police and rescue personnel. – Gerard Collon, French politician

In the Vologda region, 14 people have drowned since the beginning of the year

According to the GIMS, this year the victims of water bodies in the region were 14 people, including five children. The last tragic incident occurred the other day in the village of Yurovo, Gryazovets district, where a four-year-old boy drowned in the pond, who came to visit his grandmother.

The bus overturned in India, killing 17 people

At least 17 people were killed and 12 injured in a major road accident on Wednesday morning in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, NDTV reported.

In Rospotrebnadzor found the cause of poisoning of children in the camp in the Urals

After hospitalization of more than 60 children with signs of intestinal infection from a summer camp in the Sverdlovsk region, a coal case was instituted. At the end of May, as reported by URA.RU, in the Urals, a check was conducted in connection with the poisoning of pupils of a kindergarten.

The FBI agent who shot a man on the dance floor was charged

FBI agent Chase Bishop, who accidentally fired at the club during the dance, was charged with the attack, ABC reported citing Denver County Attorney Bet McCann. Bishop himself surrendered to the police on Tuesday. He was charged with an attack of a second degree of severity.

During the eruption of the Fuego volcano, 27 children were killed

The bodies of 27 pupils are already identified, 35 more people are considered missing. The consequences of the most powerful Fuego eruptions in recent years have affected more than 1.7 million people, TASS recalls. According to recent reports, 120 local residents were killed


Experts predicted the Russian banking sector five years of “slippage”

The only source of financial assistance for banks on the horizon of several years will be the state, and the banking sector will continue to “skid” at least another three to five years, predicts in ACRA.

The equity investors are proposing to make the state sanatorium

Today the state fund can finish building only those problem objects, which are insured in it. Another important amendment is the provision of compensatory sites to developers-sanatoria without bidding.

The owners of the Russian Standard bonds demanded their early repayment

Investors that consolidated more than 25% of the Russian Standard Ltd (RSL) Eurobond issue (Bermuda), which were defaulted in October 2017, demanded an early repayment of the issue by $ 545 million.

The external debt of the banking sector of Ukraine approached $ 6 billion

“At present, the external debt of the banking sector has approached the $ 6 billion mark, which is extremely low,” Vavrischuk said at a briefing that was broadcast on the channel of the regulator in youtube.

The growth of the US budget deficit in May exceeded the forecast

The deficit of the US state budget in May was $ 146.796 billion, which is 66% or 1.7 times more than the same month last year ($ 88.423 billion), the country’s Finance Ministry said.

The microbusiness will be issued with a base account

To solve the problem, it is proposed to introduce basic accounts for the microbusiness, the tariffs for which will be the same in all banks. But bankers oppose, considering the restriction of tariffs unacceptable. The Central Bank expects to find a compromise.

“To stabilize the situation”: Kolyma has a new debt policy

As stated in the draft resolution, the debt policy of Kolyma in the coming years will determine the continuation of difficult economic conditions and the insufficient dynamics of growth of own revenues with simultaneous increase in the expenditures of the regional budget in terms of meeting social obligations.

Negative excise taxes on fuel can be introduced to the Russian Federation in 2019

The government of Russia is still discussing specific deadlines and parameters for tax maneuvering in the oil industry, increasing excise taxes on fuel from 2019 can be compensated by the introduction in 2019 of a negative excise

Armenia to hold talks with Iran on increasing gas supplies

The representative of the Iranian gas company added that if the Armenian side can increase the amount of electricity supplied to Iran, in exchange for which blue fuel is supplied to Armenia, Iran has the technical capabilities to increase the volume of gas supplied to Armenia.

Rosneft will not lose its contracts due to the collapse of the Chinese CEFC

The contract of Rosneft with the Chinese CEFC in the process of bankruptcy to supply oil to China without danger, told two close to different sides of the transaction of man. CEFC was going to buy 14.16% of Rosneft for $ 9.1 billion. She also pledged to buy 10 million tons of oil a year for five years.

“Humanitarian supplies” from Russia to Lugansk will be burned in energy losses

The Supervisory Board of the Market Council (the energy market regulator) will extend the compensation mechanism for “humanitarian supplies” of electricity from the Russian Federation to the LC for a further period of more than a year from June 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019 (the mechanism has expired May 31), the newspaper refers to sources.

In Britain, banks received a memo for working with crypto assets

It became known that in Britain banks received a memo on working with crypto-active assets. According to representatives of the Financial Supervision Authority of Britain, this memo is necessary to minimize the risks associated with crypto-currencies

Gold in the Baltic Sea Region declined due to the strengthening of the US dollar

Gold prices fell due to the strengthening of the US dollar, August COMEX futures closed lower by 0.3%, at $ 1,299.40 per troy ounce. The index of the dollar WSJ was marked by an increase of 0.3%, to 87.24.

Investment interest falls

Tougher regulation and competition for the client reduce the investment interest of owners to the banking business in Russia, the ACRA research, which is available to RIA Novosti, says.

“The investment interest of owners to the banking business continues to fall, while the role and support of the state, on the contrary, is increasing,” the analysts of the agency said.

It is noted that the share of dividend payments in the financial result of profitable banks fell from 81-84% in 2015-2016 to 56% in 2017 (excluding Sberbank).

Rosselkhozbank increased net profit to 3.2 billion rubles

Rosselkhozbank, based on the results of 5 months of 2018, received a net profit, calculated on the basis of Russian Accounting Standards (RAS), in the amount of 3.2 billion rubles against 703 million rubles a year earlier.

The total loan portfolio of the Bank for the period from the beginning of the year increased by 10% and as of 01.06.2018 amounted to 2 trillion 085 billion rubles. Including loans to corporate clients increased by 10% to 1 trillion 693 billion rubles, to individuals – by 9% to 392 billion rubles.

The loan portfolio of the Bank in the segment of the AIC as of 01.06.2018 amounted to 1.2 trillion rubles.

The bank increased the volume of attracted customer funds by 10% in January-May 2018 – to 2.4 trillion rubles.

Financial messages will go through the block

The largest companies are preparing for the testing of the service. “Fintech” Association (AFT) intends to begin testing the prototypes of the financial messaging systems based on the block, told “b” to the AFL.

Norilsk Nickel tops the Extel Survey 2018

The leader of the survey among the participants of the world investment community in 2018 was the company “Norilsk Nickel”. The results of the annual study were published by the British consulting company Extel.


In Tyumen Innovation Week InnoWeek-2018 was held

For the first time, the InnoWeek forum was held last year. The main event was the Battle of Startups. The contest was announced 250 projects from 60 cities of Russia, as well as Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine.

Huawei created a new platform for “smart transport”

A system called OceanConnect IoV is capable, based on vehicle data and driver preferences, to create a cloud-like twin. It can later be used to study and optimize the operation of multimedia systems, as well as to create new services.

Artificial intelligence has been taught to see through people’s walls

AI learned to see people through walls. Scientists were able to create a wireless device that can recognize human actions through obstacles. Specialists managed to create a model of the so-called aggressive behavior of AI.

Scientists have created a drug that can replace antibiotics

Studies have shown that there are no side effects on the human body after the drug has been applied. Scientists have used bacterium-specific viruses to eliminate bowel diseases.


NASA: the strongest sandstorm on Mars prevented the work of Opportunity

NASA reports that the strongest sandstorm on Mars affected the work of the American rover Opportunity.

600 heavy satellites into orbit will be delivered by the Angara-A5 heavy rocket

The cluster launch of small satellites of the new Sfera system will be carried out on heavy Angara-A5 missiles, Tass reports. This was told by the deputy general director of Roskosmos Nikolai Sevastyanov.

How a huge moon covered the earth, showed the Spanish operator on the Web

Since a telescopic lens is used, the Moon seems huge on the staff, and people standing 16 km from the photographer resemble grains of sand. This video was viewed by more than 1.3 million users. About 9 thousand people added it to the “Liked” folder.

Scientists discovered on Earth a creature originally from Venus

Accordingly, scientists believe that extremist bacteria adapted to colossal pressure and extreme temperatures should appear on the heated Venus and cross the cosmos on some piece of stone in order to find suitable conditions for living on another planet after this “space trip.”

Scientists were able to determine the most accurate age of the moon

It is reported that the mineral was formed on the Moon during the solidification of magma on its surface, and although most of the substances appeared later, but the zircon itself was stored for several million years on the surface of the satellite.

Hayabusa-2 presented images of the asteroid Ryuga

On June 10, the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 took pictures of the asteroid Ryuga. At the time the image was created, the object was 1.5 thousand kilometers away.

Scientists of NASA: The first people will go to Mars in 2040

Leading NASA scientist Jim Green officially announced that the space agency plans to send the first people to Mars by 2040. The scientist said that Mars is the best planet for life, after the Earth. Studies show that Mars is the most terrestrial planet in our solar system.


IPhone X was included after two weeks of being on the river bed

“Apple” flagship iPhone X survived after two weeks of being on the river bed. The American blogger managed to reanimate the smartphone, which the girl drowned before. Blogger Man + Water three days trying to dry the found gadget, eventually launched it and even established the identity of the hostess.

Apple will replace the iPhone with the Lightning connector on the USB Type C

Apple is preparing to replace the already-traditional Lightning connectors in its iPhone with USB Type C. This option is currently gaining popularity. Such solutions can speed up the transfer of files, as well as make the use of a connector more convenient and convenient

IOS 11.4 version puts Apple iPhone battery

At the Apple forum there was a topic in which already over a thousand users are discussing how quickly the iPhone battery on iOS 11.4 is bursting.

Laptop Jumper EZBook X4 on the platform of Intel Gemini Lake costs $ 300

The novelty operates on the operating system Windows 10 Home, and its price is 300 US dollars. The laptop received a 14-inch Full HD screen (1920×1080). The novelty works on the Intel Gemini Lake platform.

Xiaomi introduced budget smartphones Redmi 6 and Redmi 6a

The Redmi 6 has a 5.45-inch screen with a resolution of 1440×720 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. For this model there are two versions – with 3/32 and 4/64 GB of memory. Also worth noting is a dual camera 12 + 5 megapixel with f / 2.2 diaphragm and a phase autofocus. Front camera smartphone 5Mp.

Lenovo presented a compact gaming PC Legion Cube for $ 1000

The company Lenovo modernized the line of Legion, adding to it the compact desktop Cube, and presented its customers with a fairly powerful gaming PC. We are talking about the Legion Y730 and Legion Y530 models, which will go to the market with a price tag around $ 1000.

Samsung offers a solid-state drive with a capacity of more than 30 terabytes

In 2016, Seagate demonstrated a solid-state drive with a capacity of 60 terabytes, but it never went on sale. Samsung PM1643 differs not only in capacity, but also in speed. The speed of sequential recording and reading of data reaches 2100 and 1700 Mbit / s, respectively


Millions of football fans were threatened with shadowing

In the popular application for football fans La Liga found tools for hidden surveillance of users.

Digital Health from Apple

Apple is seriously changing the approach to Digital Wellness: in the new service, users will be able to view complete reports about the time spent in applications, and if desired, set limits on the use, for example, of social networks. This is likely to help people spend their time more efficiently, and this is extremely important for children who are increasingly using digital products for entertainment and study.

Google will begin blocking dangerous content on the Internet before publishing

Google’s service will begin to block some dangerous information on the Internet before publication, in order to protect users from threatening content. This will concern search engines, social networks and other sites.

Coinbase adds Ethereum Classic to its platform

On Monday, June 11, representatives of the Coinbase platform announced support for Ethereum Classic. After this statement, assets began to grow in value. As noted in the blog platform, which is engaged in the exchange and sale of bitcoin, employees have already received relevant notice.


At E3 2018 showed a VR-game from the creators of “Rick and Morty”

At the stand of Sony at the conference E3 2018 showed a new VR-game. The project from the creators of “Rick and Morty” was named Trover Saves the Universe. The patronage of the project was taken by Justin Royland, who is the author of the popular animated series.

Valve and Perfect World announced the launch of Steam for China

Valve company with the support of Perfect World announced the launch of the Steam service in China. Thanks to the latter, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom will have wide access to a lot of games and entertainment. The version for China was called Steam China, which became known through an official press release.

Opponents in The Last of Us II will interact with each other

The authors of the game emphasized the battle system for tension, interactivity and realism; Opponents constantly interact with each other, talk and address by name; Increased diversity and the number of enemies, including those infected – there were new “classes”.

Open beta testing of The Crew 2 will begin on June 21

As part of the E3 exhibition, developers from Ubisoft reported on the beta testing of The Crew 2, which is scheduled for the main game consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as a PC. The gamers will have 4 days, starting from June 21, to learn the game and improve their skills in driving vehicles.

Fortnite Battle Royale will be released on the Nintendo Switch

It’s worth mentioning that it’s only about the most popular mode of the royal battle: in the version for Switch there is only Fortnite Battle Royale. Nevertheless, it is promised the possibility of playing against PC owners, macOS, Xbox One and mobile devices.

“Spider-Man”, The Last of Us 2, Resident Evil 2 – Sony on E3 2018

The Fresh Trailer shows matured Ellie in two completely different situations: first surrounded by friends and beloved, and then – among the enemies who wish her death.

In Ghost of Tsushima there will be a system of progress – even more details

Nate Fox, director of development Ghost of Tsushima, during the broadcast of PlayStation Live on E3 2018 shared details about the project Sucker Punch. Tezisno tell what awaits players in the new game.

Showed the debut gameplay Death Stranding

As part of the press conference PlayStation studio Kojima Productions showed the long-awaited movie gameplay Death Stranding. According to the plot of the game, the protagonist Sam Bridges is to go on a dangerous journey through the world destroyed by Death Stranding, in order to try to reunite his debris

NetEnt released a unique widget for the 2018 World Cup

NetEnt, a company known for its slots and games for live casinos, made a big step in the niche of sports betting by running the Sports Betting widget.

God of War will receive the New Game +

Sony Interactive Entertainment, as part of the E3 2018 exhibition, announced that Kratos fans will be able to return to the passage of God of War with New Game + mode. Studio Sony Santa Monica received from the players a lot of messages with requests to add this mode

The designer introduced the concept PlayStation 5

Design author Paul Richard Mayer (Paul Richard Mayer), creating the concept, his special form wanted to show and forever leave in memory CDs that can disappear in the next generation of this console.

In 2018 on the PC will come out Yakuza Zero and Yakuza Kiwami

Already in August 2018, Yakuza Zero and Yakuza Kiwami will be available on the PC. A corresponding announcement was made by the representatives of SEGA, what happened during the PC Gaming Show

Control – a new game from the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake

The 505 Games publisher and Remedy Entertainment studio (developers Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Max Payne) performed at the Sony conference as part of the E3 2018 with the presentation of their new game called Control

A new trailer Marvel’s Spider-Man with elements of gameplay

The company-developer of games for PC Insomniac Games pleased fans of their virtual products with a new trailer Marvel’s Spider-Man. As in the previous one, the creators of computer adventures about a fictional person with the abilities of a spider demonstrated on video frames elements of gameplay

Ubisoft showed Jade in the new trailer Beyond Good & Evil 2

During yesterday’s Ubisoft conference, new videos of Beyond Good & Evil 2 were shown, in one of which the players noticed Jade, the protagonist of the first part.

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