23 Oct, 2018

Until “the others come to their senses”

The United States will increase its nuclear capabilities until the rest come to their senses. With such a statement, as reported by Reuters, US President Donald Trump spoke to reporters. At the same time, he added that this comment is addressed to Russia and China. “Until people come to their senses, we will build up,” he told reporters at the White House.

“This is a threat (…) that includes both China and Russia, anyone who wants to play these games,” he noted.

Donald Trump explained that he would like to stop the build-up of nuclear weapons, and then begin their reduction, but this is not yet possible.

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Dmitry Kiselev urged to restrict freedom of speech in Russia

TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev proposed to “narrow” the freedom of speech in Russia on the federal TV channel. According to the journalist, freedom of speech and expression in Russia is already too great, more than anywhere else in the world. Therefore, he called for the introduction of certain “moral prohibitions” that would deter citizens from certain actions.

As it is not necessary to water urine and cut the pictures hung, and to tear down theatrical performances. It’s much more important to narrow the range of freedom of speech in Russia or, more precisely, the range of freedom of expression, ”Kiselev said.

In Russia, will limit the foreign ownership of news aggregators

The State Duma introduced a bill introducing restrictions for foreign citizens and companies on the ownership of news aggregators. The authors of the initiative say that such resources sometimes spread false information during events like tragedies in Kemerovo and Kerch.

The government will fulfill the promise to increase pensions

According to the Chamber of Accounts, the government will be able to fulfill promises to increase pensions as part of pension changes. This was stated to journalists by the head of department, Alexei Kudrin, on the sidelines of the XVII Forum of Strategists.

Will the government fulfill its promises to increase the provision of pensioners and increase pensions? I think yes. According to our estimates, the government will fulfill these conditions, which they declared. – Alexey Kudrin, Russian politician

In Kirov, brought the case to the police

A criminal case was instituted against a police officer in Kirov, who hit his head in the face of a detainee, SUSK reports in the Kirov region

Not persuaded and “accidentally strangled”

The journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, could have been accidentally strangled during the incipient panic, Reuters reported, citing a high-ranking source in the kingdom’s government.

According to the newspaper, the Saudi authorities sent a group of 15 people to Turkey who were supposed to “persuade” the journalist to return to the kingdom. During the meeting, they began to threaten him and promised to kidnap him.

In turn, Khashoggy began to resist and call for help, after which the group members panicked and tried to close his mouth, but “overzealous and strangled,” the source said

A new orthodox temple complex will be built in Moscow

An Orthodox church complex will appear in the Moscow district of South Butovo. This is stated on the website of the complex town-planning policy and the construction of the city.

Approved construction of water infrastructure in the east of Crimea

The road is being built within the framework of the federal target program “Socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol until 2020”. Its commissioning should ensure uninterrupted water supply to the eastern Crimea.

In the ROC called overvalued the importance of the Holy Mountain Athos

Orthodox Russians should refrain from visiting the Holy Mountain of Athos. Including because its significance in world religion is overestimated. Believers need to pay attention to the shrines inside the Russian Church, said a spokesman for Patriarch Cyril, the priest Alexander Volkov.

Police detained Andrei Pivovarov, chairman of Open Russia

As Brewers himself tweeted, he was detained on the basis of the orientation of the person who committed the robbery, while according to the description it is not similar. He added that at the moment he is in the police department of the Leningrad station.

Government supported opium poppy cultivation bill

On October 15, the Ministry of Health supported the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s bill on lifting restrictions on the cultivation of drug-containing plants in Russia for the production of medicines.

MOE will close regional centers by the end of the year

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief (MES) will, by the end of 2018, abolish all of its regional centers, completing the transition to a three-tier management system

Ex-Vice-President of Ecuador Jorge Glas is on a hunger strike

Former Vice President of Ecuador, Jorge Glas, convicted of corruption, went on a hunger strike. This was reported to the media by his lawyer Eduardo Franco Loor. According to the lawyer, Jorge Glas is in inhuman conditions, which is why he went on a hunger strike.

Russians plan to work in retirement

Analysts of the recruiting agency Superjob conducted a survey that showed that almost a third of Russians plan to work after reaching retirement age, and only 16% are going to live for a state pension. The results of the study leads “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

In Russia, will impose criminal liability for escape from the accident scene

In Russia, they can introduce criminal liability for drivers hiding from the accident scene in which there are injured people. About this “Izvestia” said a source familiar with the situation. The draft law, which was developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was supported by the government commission on legislative activity.

Protesters demanded the closure of the largest plant in North Ossetia

A rally was held in Vladikavkaz, demanding to close the Electrozinc plant, on whose territory a major fire occurred over the weekend. According to RBC, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for North Ossetia, the rally was held outside the government building of the republic.


The Russian Foreign Ministry allowed the possibility of sending new military instructors to the CAR

Earlier, Western media reported that Russia is coordinating with the UN the direction of additional 60 military instructors in the CAR.

We contributed to the success of this meeting, there were our representatives. In the future, we are also ready to assist, and it is coordinated with the government in Bangui, the President of Sudan playing an active role. And all this fits into the initiative of the African Union. – Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian diplomat

Peskov told about the preparation of Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Preparations for the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Saudi Arabia continue, as long as there is no certainty about the timing of the trip. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

Trump will not soften duties on Chinese goods

United States President Donald Trump will not soften the customs duties on goods from China. It is reported by Axios, citing sources.

The powers of the President of Italy want to cut

The founder of the Italian 5 Star Movement, a comedian Beppe Grillo, speaking at the Movement mass event on Sunday in Rome, proposed that the head of state be denied the opportunity to appoint five life-long senators to be removed from the command of the Armed Forces of the country, as well as from the leadership of the Supreme Council of Magistracy. As the speaker explained, “this is no longer combined with our way of thinking.”

May announces readiness to Brexit agreement at 95%

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the readiness of the Brexit agreement by 95 percent. Questions remain only regarding the territory of Northern Ireland. 95 percent approved an agreement between London and Brussels to conduct the Brexit procedure.

Putin signed a decree on the introduction of sanctions because of the actions of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On the application of special economic measures in connection with the unfriendly actions of Ukraine against citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation.” This is reported on the Kremlin website.

In the Verkhovna Rada offered to “rename” the Crimea

Chubarov added that the working group proposes calling the peninsula Crimean autonomy. Ukrainian politicians expect that the representative body in Crimea will be called the autonomy council.

Now the working title is Crimean autonomy, but at the same time there are proposals to keep the existing name – Autonomous Republic of Crimea. And also the proposal – the Crimean Tatar autonomy. This is one of those issues that must be resolved by the constitutional commission itself. – Refat Chubarov, Ukrainian public figure

Patrushev and Bolton discussed the situation in Syria, Iran and North Korea

Presidential adviser on national security John Bolton discussed with the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev and the subject of agreements in the field of armaments, Syria, Iran, North Korea and the fight against terrorism, said the US Embassy in Russia.

Trump threatens to cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

US President Donald Trump said that the United States will limit or stop assistance to the poorest countries of Central America, like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador because of the large number of illegal migrants who come from there.

The Kremlin pointed to the involvement of Kiev in the death Zakharchenko

The Kremlin makes conclusions about the involvement of Kiev in the murder of the head of the self-proclaimed DNR Alexander Zakharchenko on the basis of information gathered at the crime scene, said Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov in response to the relevant question. He is quoted by RIA Novosti on Monday, October 22.

On the basis of that work on the clarification of the circumstances and customers of this murder, which is being conducted now at the crime scene, at the scene of this terrorist act. And also on the basis of other terrorist acts that took place in the republics of Donbass. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Italian Prime Minister urged to return Russia to the G8

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, on the eve of his first visit to Russia, said it was necessary to restore the G-8 format in order to solve acute international problems.

Greek court agreed to disqualification of three judges in the case of Russian Vinnik

The Supreme Court of Greece agreed with the requirement to disqualify three judges at a hearing on the case of extradition of a Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik arrested at the request of the United States to France

Almost half a million refugees returned to Syria

Nearly one and a half million refugees returned to the territory of Syria, Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev said at an expanded joint meeting of the inter-agency coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria on the return of refugees to the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic

China must be included in the INF Treaty

Donald Trump said that China should also be included in the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF), although it is not part of this agreement. Trump said the United States will increase its nuclear potential until Russia and China come to their senses.

China is not included in this agreement, but it must be included in it. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

CIA Director will take part in the investigation of the assassination of Haskaji

CIA Director Gina Haspel traveled to Turkey on Monday. She will take part in the investigation into the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Hashkaji. It is reported by Reuters.

Trump will send the military to fight refugees from Mexico

US President Donald Trump promised to send as many soldiers to the US-Mexican border as needed to stop the “growing refugee caravan,” USA Today reports.

Pompeo discussed with de Mistura the issue of the constitutional committee on ATS

“Secretary of State Michael Pompeo spoke with the UN Special Representative for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, and discussed the progress of the special representative on the convocation of a constitutional committee,” said State Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

Trump welcomed Germany’s plans to buy LNG from the USA

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported, citing its sources, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered government support in the amount of 500 million euros to build a terminal for receiving liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies in the north of the country

Commission on Human Rights in the United States refused to cooperate with Russia

The head of the Human Rights Council under President Mikhail Fedotov announced the refusal of the US Human Rights Commission to offer cooperation. According to him, he sent a letter with a proposal to “help solve problems with American citizens in Russia” to the head of the American commission Catherine Lamon.


The military want to ban upload photos in social networks

In the State Duma of the Russian Federation will consider a bill prohibiting the military to publish information about the service in social networks. Russian servicemen are planned to prohibit by law to make publications disclosing information about their service.

The Ministry of Defense handed over the next regiment C-400 “Triumph”

Concern “Almaz-Antey” put the next defense regiment of the anti-aircraft missile system S-400 “Triumph” within the framework of the state defense order. About this reports TASS with reference to the press service of the concern. It is noted that, based on the results of the initial firing, the complexes worked without comment.

Belgium decided to rearm the Air Force with US F-35 fighters

The Belgian government has decided to purchase fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter jets from the United States, reports DeMorgen. As noted, these fighters will be needed to re-equip the country’s air force. The authorities of the country will spend about € 15 billion to purchase them.

NATO countries join forces

According to a press release prepared at the end of the NATO summit in July, 13 alliance countries adopted a plan of joint measures to develop technologies to find submarines and mines.

Israeli military shot Palestinian

Representatives of the Israel Defense Forces on Monday, October 22, spread a message, according to which a Palestinian was shot dead after he stabbed an Israeli military, reports Reuters.

Afghanistan killed one of the Taliban leaders

Mullah Mansour, one of the leaders of the Taliban banned in Russia, was killed in the Afghan province of Kunduz. This was reported in the press center of the 209th corps of the Afghan national army “Shahin”.

In Ukraine, showed a new complex to combat drones

The first refers to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The complex was named “Note”. He is able to withstand various types of drones and suppress cellular networks of all standards that are currently in Ukraine.

In extreme conditions of mountainous Abkhazia

More than 500 servicemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia were trained as professional driver mechanics and army equipment drivers on the country’s extreme routes.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia met with Commander-in-Chief of the Supreme Council of Myanmar

The Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Myanmar agreed to further strengthen the multifaceted ties between the armed forces of the countries. The Russian Defense Ministry clarified that the meeting participants will visit the military facilities of the armed forces of Myanmar.

Large landing ship “Ivan Gren” arrived in Severomorsk

The large landing ship (BDK) “Ivan Gren” – the lead ship of the project 11711 – arrived on Monday at the main base of the Northern Fleet – Severomorsk.

Aircraft of the USAF conducted reconnaissance at the borders of Russia

A strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force R-135V on Monday, October 22, made a long flight near the coast of the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea, follows from the monitoring data of Western aviation resources.

Anti-submarine forces of the Northern Fleet held a training exercise in the Barents Sea

The exercise was conducted in the training grounds of the fleet in the Barents Sea as part of the control check of the combat readiness of the fleet forces during the summer training period. During the exercise, small anti-submarine ships as part of a search and strike group worked out the tactics of searching for and using anti-submarine weapons.

US coalition struck at the shelter of terrorists in Syria

The international coalition, led by the United States, reported air strikes on objects in northeastern Syria, which were used by militants of the Islamic State (IG) banned in Russia.

Russia sends 60 military instructors and weapons to Africa

As it became known, the official representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry made a statement in which they told the public that after negotiations with the relevant committee of the United Nations Security Council, the Russian Federation intends to send 60 military instructors and some weapons to the Central African Republic as an addition to the already sent 175 military specialists, reports “Russian Dialogue”.

Russian Ka-52 helicopters will be upgraded

Following the results of the operation in Syria, the Ka-52 reconnaissance-attack helicopter will undergo major changes. Experimental design work for two years. After their graduation, the military will receive an un-upgraded “Alligator”, and in fact a completely new combat vehicle.


Uber plans to launch food delivery service drones in 2021

Uber plans to launch a food delivery service for drones in several markets at once by 2021. The company posted a message on its website about the search for the head of the dron development department.

Samsung has patented a unique on-screen scanner for the Galaxy S10

The smartphone Galaxy S10, which Samsung is announcing in February of 2019, will be able to recognize the user’s fingerprints when they touch any area of the screen.

Cellular operators of Russia are testing eSIM and SIM cards for NB-IoT

Russian mobile operators begin testing SIM cards for the NB-IoT, Kommersant communication standard. MTS has released SIM cards in three formats: regular, thermo-sim cards for working in extreme climatic conditions and sim chips for small devices.

In Samsung Pay became available offers from Banks.ru

Samsung Electronics and the financial supermarket Banks.ru have launched a joint partner project in comparison and selection of banking products. Now, all users of Samsung smartphones in Russia in the Samsung Pay application have access to the Financial Services section.

Introduced smartphone INOI 3 Power

The smartphone has added a line of devices on the modern Android 8 Go operating system. INOI 3 Power with a high-capacity 3500 mAh battery will appeal to those who constantly use the smartphone and want to always stay in touch.

In Russia, there was a way to cheat with codes replenishment iTunes

Among Internet fraudsters, the scheme of deceiving users of iTunes and the App Store has spread. The attackers receive codes to replenish these applications and do not provide the promised services for this

Thieves hacked and hijacked Tesla Model S

The hijackers “hacked” electric car in less than a minute, however, they took a long time to figure out how to disconnect the vehicle’s charging cable

Google is testing Android 9 Pie for Chrome OS

Allegedly, it was a new test version of Chrome OS. Android 9 Pie will add a new virtual device setup page, a new Google Assistant user interface and a camera app to Chrome OS. The exact release date of Android 9 Pie for ChromeOS is still unknown.

New SLP PCB will be only in the Samsung Galaxy S10 with Exynos chip

The Galaxy S9 with Exynos also uses SLP, but in the new generation of flagships it will become more perfect. The supply of boards for the new Galaxy S10 smartphones will be taken up by Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Daeduck GDS and Korea Circuit. On the eve of the insider showed how it may look like the Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Technological barriers still stand in the way of mini-LED displays

The mini-LED displays are made up of red, green, and blue LEDs measuring 5 x 9 mils (an electronic unit of 1/1000-inch), that is, about 127 x 229 microns. The percentage of yield should not be below 99.99%. As a result, mini-LED displays are very expensive.

AMD is already testing 7-nm GPU Navi in its lab

According to Fudzilla sources, AMD already has its next-generation 7-nm accelerator, the next-generation Navi, tests it in the laboratory and is very pleased with the preliminary results.

Zyxel introduced the software-defined solution Nebula Orchestrator

Zyxel Communications introduced the Nebula SD-WAN software-defined global network solution that provides enterprises with the ability to build a low-cost, high-performance WAN.

Google Chrome upgraded video display

Google Chrome has upgraded the video by adding a picture-in-picture playback function from YouTube. Corresponding news on Google+ posted browser developer Francois Beaufort. Updated Chrome is available for users of devices operating on the basis of Linux, macOS, Windows.

Samsung introduced a typewriter-style laptop

On the keyboard, the buttons of which are similar to the keys of a mechanical typewriter, there is a fingerprint scanner with Windows Hello support, and the Windows 10 Home operating system is used as the software basis.

The company Oppo introduced a new smartphone Oppo R15x

The device is based on Snapdragon 660 processor, RAM in R15x 6 GB, and 128 GB of permanent memory. There is also support for microSD memory cards. The main camera in the smartphone is double – it has one module for 16 megapixels, the second for 2 megapixels.


AvtoVAZ is preparing to release a “sports” wagon Lada Vesta SW Sport

Not having time to launch the LADA Vesta Sport sedan, AvtoVAZ is already working on the “charged” universal LADA Vesta SW Sport. Recently, a car was noticed in the city of Kamyshin, Volgograd Region.

The new generation of Hyundai Creta will get a 7-seater version

The premiere of the new generation Hyundai Creta is supposedly scheduled for 2020. The first car to appear in a standard 5-seater version, and a year later, around 2021, Koreans will present an option with three rows of seats.

New Aston Martin hypercar can be called Valhalla

Aston Martin has registered a new name Valhalla in the patent office. According to AutoBlog, it is under this name that a new hypercar may be marketed, which currently has the internal designation Project 003. There is no official confirmation of this information yet.

Ford Transit received new versions in Russia

Ford Sollers has unveiled new versions of the Ford Transit for the Russian market – an all-metal van with a long base and medium roof, as well as a front-wheel-drive all-metal van with an increased maximum weight and a reinforced suspension.

Atelier SpeedKore implanted in the coupe Dodge Demon turbocharging

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon received a double-turbo version, whose engine was “overclocked” to a performance of 1,400 hp. Already in its standard form, the Dodge Demon Maskar is one of the fastest production cars that can be driven on public roads.

The best failures of the Nurburgring over the past three months

The 10-minute video compilation included vivid episodes from races on the North Loop of the Nurburgring over the past three months. There are serious accidents here and incidents in which drivers, as they say, got off with a slight fright.

MAZ launched the first city push-pull bus

In the colors of the logo of the European Games-2019, which will be held in Minsk next summer, the first city accordion bus with a push drive is painted. For the uninitiated, it should be clarified that in the new MAZ 216 Belarusian enterprise, the engine from Mercedes of the Euro-5 class is in the tail.

Skoda introduced the off-road version of the Skoda Fabia station wagon

The company Skoda showed the public a new version of the all-terrain wagon Fabia Combi Scoutline. From the standard model, which debuted in the spring of the current year at the Geneva Motor Show, increased ground clearance and additional protection of the lower part of the body


In the Duma offered to take away from non-paying self-employed all income

Self-employed citizens who do not register and will not pay taxes should wait for a fine in the amount of their income, said its head Andrei Makarov at a meeting of the Duma budget committee, Interfax reported.

Special economic zones have been recognized as ineffective.

The Chamber of Accounts analyzed the work of special economic zones (SEZ) and decided that this mechanism remains ineffective. It is reported by RBC with reference to the materials department.

Transneft announced plans to spend on buybacks up to 20 billion rubles

Transneft has issued more than 1.5 million preferred shares. Among other priorities for Transneft in the medium term is the reduction of capital expenditures in the context of limited revenue growth. In 2018–2023, the company plans to reduce capital expenditures to 120 billion rubles.

Russia has increased imports of palm oil by 23.8% since the beginning of the year

Russia in January – August 2018 increased imports of palm oil and its fractions by 23.8% compared with the figure for the same period in 2017, up to 652 thousand tons, according to Rosstat materials.

“Norilsk Nickel” transplanted to electric cars

The company will provide BASF with raw materials and space for the plant in Haryavalta. After more than a year of negotiations, MMC Norilsk Nickel has agreed with the German concern BASF on the supply of nickel and cobalt to the future plant in Finnish Haryavalta for the production of battery materials for electric vehicles.

In AliExpress revealed the number of buyers from Russia

Chinese online marketplace AliExpress for the first time revealed the number of active buyers from Russia. According to RBC with reference to the head of the Russian representative office of Liu Wei, about 20 million Russians make purchases on AliExpress at least once a year.

Fiat Chrysler sells car parts business for € 6.2 billion

It is expected that the revenue of the combined company will be € 15.2 billion, which will allow it to become the world’s seventh largest auto parts supplier in terms of revenue. The amount of the transaction will amount to € 6.2 billion. The parties expect to complete the transaction by mid-2019.

“Magnit” reported on the growth of profit under IFRS in the third quarter

Retailer “Magnit” in the third quarter of 2018 increased its net profit under IFRS by 10% compared with last year’s figure, to 7.618 billion rubles, the company said. The result of Magnit turned out to be lower than the consensus forecast of Interfax (8.914 billion rubles).

Sberbank agreed to expand cooperation with the SWIFT system

Sberbank agreed to expand cooperation with the international interbank information transfer system SWIFT in terms of using the Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) financial messaging platform created by SWIFT.

Naftogaz to place billion-dollar eurobonds

A week later, the national joint-stock company Naftogaz Ukraine will decide on the schedule for the placement of Eurobonds “in the amount of $ 500 million to $ 1 billion.”

Russia will not be able to trade with the EU in rubles in the next 20 years

Kudrin believes that in the next two decades Russia will not be able to trade with European countries in rubles. He is also confident that the country should have “a large amount of convertible currency,” including dollars and euros.

As you understand, our exports are very limited. The future scale of these calculations in national currencies is limited to them. Therefore, in the foreseeable period, the next twenty years, most of the trade will be carried out on the world convertible currency, that is, dollars and euros. – Alexey Kudrin, Russian politician

Sberbank raised mortgage rates

On August 24, Sberbank raised interest rates on deposits by 0.2-0.4 percentage points, on October 12 – by another 0.15-0.5 percentage points. On October 15, the bank also increased the minimum rates on consumer loans (by 1-2.2 percentage points).

China will reduce taxes to stimulate economic growth

Chinese authorities are planning next year to reduce taxes for the population. A preliminary plan to reduce the tax burden for citizens was published by the Ministry of Finance and the tax regulator of the People’s Republic of China, Interfax reports, citing the state news agency of China, Xinhua.

In Russia, food and clothing will rise in price in 2019

According to forecasts of the Bank of Russia, next year the country will experience an increase in the cost of all categories of goods and services. Regulatory experts talk about the direct dependence of price increases, the increase in VAT (in early 2019) and the weakening of the national currency.

The amount of tax arrears in Krasnodar decreased by one third

According to Nikolai Lebedev, Director of the Finance Department, since the beginning of this year, the amount of tax debt to the budget has decreased by 288 million rubles. The amount of tax arrears, possible to recover, amounted to 567 million rubles

“Rosseti” transferred to banks 54 billion

The management of PJSC ROSSETI plans to increase the revenues of the state-owned company. By October 2018, the corporation has already placed nearly 54 billion rubles on deposits in Russian banks, according to one of the Internet channels. Note, the allocated amount is 30 billion more than for the whole of 2017.

Oil prices accounted for half of the Russian profit growth

The main factor behind such rapid dynamics was the increase in oil prices both on the world market (the average price of Urals oil during the period under review increased by 36.5% year-on-year) and in the domestic one (growth by 36.9% y / y) economists of the HSE calculated.

Trade between Kazakhstan and China grew by 11.3% over the year

The share of China in the total volume of commodity turnover of Kazakhstan with other countries was 17.4% (exports – 13.4%, imports – 27.5%). In January-August of the current year, the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and China amounted to $ 7.2 billion, which is 11.3% more than the same period last year.

Russian equipment for recycling

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has begun the active preparation of a collective exposition of domestic machine-building enterprises producing equipment for the treatment, disposal and disposal of waste, as well as the processing of secondary resources. The exposition will be open on October 23-25 as part of the WASMA – 2018 exhibition.

Total increases Chinese CNOOC LNG supply to 1.5 million tons per year

Total increases LNG supplies from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) to 1.5 million per year. This is reported in the release of Total. The initial contract between the companies for the sale of 1 million tons of LNG per year was signed in 2008 for 15 years, RIA Novosti reports.

In America, the lack of port capacity hinders oil exports

The export of American oil has been actively growing for three years, reaching 2.1 million barrels per day in September. According to experts, in the next couple of years, export volumes may double, the Economic Information Agency PRIME informs on this on October 22.


The most powerful collider in the world will be built in China by 2030

In China, they intend to build the world’s most powerful collider in ten years, which will cost 35 billion yuan (a little over 5 billion dollars), reports Xinhua

Swedish student created plastic from potatoes

A student at Lund University (Sweden), Pontus Trenquist, managed to create a material from potato starch that is similar in properties to plastic.

Labradors of different color have a different life expectancy.

The color of wool affects the lifespan of some dog breeds. Scientists were able to identify this phenomenon on the example of several thousand Brazilian Labrador retrievers, among whom the owners of chocolate-colored die earlier.

Defects in the structure of a 3D printed item issued the printer that created it

The principle of operation of the system is based on the fact that each specific 3D printer, when printed, creates small defects in the structure of an object that are specific to it and act as “fingerprints”

Device for receiving water from air

The Foundation for Revolutionary Innovations X-Prize held the results of a competition of projects for obtaining water from the air. The winner was a startup Skysource / Skywater Alliance, presenting a device capable of producing more than 1 thousand liters of fluid per day

Revealed new benefits from regular use of coffee

Chinese scientists have concluded that regular use of coffee reduces the risk of rosacea – a disease of the skin of the face, accompanied by reddening and dilation of blood vessels, reports MedicalXpress.

Neuroscientists explain how human intelligence develops

Differences in the structure of brain structures and behavior patterns of neurons explain the presence of intelligence in humans. Scientists intend to find out what influences data processing most of all, whether there is a relationship between signal transmission in the nervous system and the architecture of structural-functional units.

The choice of university and student performance is partly in the DNA

Scientists studied the DNA samples of 3,000 pairs of UK twins and 3,000 ordinary people. They found that in 51 percent of cases, the applicant’s genetic factor influences the decision to enter a university.

Programmers have proposed a plan for the development of quantum Internet

In total, the plan involves six phases, the first of which is a simple qubit network, on the basis of which in the near future it will be possible to create secure quantum communications.

Found a way to produce a new type of flexible LCD

Russian engineers have found substances to simplify the production of liquid crystal (LCD) displays. Opening will allow to make them flexible and, perhaps, to create volumetric images. The work was published in the Journal of the society for information display.

In the Neolithic for the settlers from the Middle East was accompanied by dogs

People who during the Neolithic moved from the Middle East to Europe were accompanied by dogs. Geneticists made such a conclusion by examining the remains of domestic animals of that time. A study published in the journal Biology Letters.

Antibiotics will be more dangerous by diabetes and cancer by 2050

British scientists were able to prove that antibiotics by 2050 will harm human health. According to experts, they will become more dangerous than diabetes, as well as cancer due to the resistance of superbugs

Sitting lifestyle is much more dangerous than smoking

Employees of the Cleveland Clinic in the United States conducted a study in which they found that a sedentary lifestyle is much more dangerous than smoking. This conclusion was made on the basis of an analysis of the history of diseases of more than 122 thousand patients treated at the clinic from 1991 to 2014, according to Fox.

Scientists first discovered the “headless chicken monster” near Antarctica

For the first time, scientists have taken an unusual view of sea cucumber Enypniastes eximia on video in the Southern Ocean near the shores of Antarctica. Previously, he was noticed only in the Gulf of Mexico at a depth of 2.5 thousand meters.

The formation of a new atomic layer was recorded on camera

The growth process of the gallium arsenide nanocrystal layers was recorded on a physics camera from France. The resolution of the survey allowed us to discern the process of the appearance of individual atoms. For this, scientists used a special electron microscope, a translucent material

A method for changing the state of a substance using a flash of light is proposed.

Laser flash is used as a “switch”. Experimenters used tantalum disulfide as experimental material. Its crystal was irradiated coherent with a wavelength of 800 nm.

Created 120-kilowatt wireless charging for vehicles

Specialists from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy have developed a 120-kilowatt wireless charger for vehicles

The mathematical deformation of time helped to understand real quantum systems.

Scientists have classified quantum channels using time warping. Such a classification will help identify quantum systems with unusual and interesting properties, as well as allow understanding memory effects in the evolution of open quantum systems and their manifestations in real physical problems, such as signal propagation along quantum communication lines and the behavior of qubits in a quantum computer register. The work of scientists published in Physical Review A.


Two unpublished stories of Hemingway will be published in the summer of 2019

Michael Katakis, the manager of the literary heritage of the writer, told the AP that the stories of The Monument (“Monument”) and the Indian Country and the White Army (“The Country of Indians and the White Army”) were written in the 1950s.

The stories will be included in the reprinted book For Whom the Bell Tolls. The edition will also be supplemented with the story A Room on the Garden Side published in August (“Room with a View of the Garden”).

Works by Kandinsky and Filonov will be seen for the first time in Saudi Arabia

The exhibition will feature the work of Kandinsky “Blue Crest” (1917), which was created during the Great October Revolution. As well as two landscapes “River in the summer” (between 1901 and 1903) and “Autumn” (between 1901 and 1903).

From the works of Filonov, the people of Saudi Arabia will see the picture “Victory over eternity” (1920–1921) and “Composition (Apples)” (1930)

Guillermo Del Toro screening “Pinocchio”

One of the main masters of modern horror films Guillermo del Toro signed a contract with Netflix streaming service. The author of scary fairy tales for adults will film the adaptation of the story of the wooden boy Pinocchio. Work on the project will begin this year. The script along with the director will write Patrick McHale – author of the animated series “On the Other Side of the Fence”.

The autumn festival of light in St. Petersburg will be devoted to space and the future

The third autumn festival of light in St. Petersburg, which will be held from 3 to 5 November, will be devoted to space and digital technologies, according to the city tourism development committee. Guests and residents expect a multimedia program in 3D, light and laser show. Light installations, interactive platforms, and a mobile planetarium will be located on the territory of Moscow Victory Park.

Serbian actor Milos Bikovic will be awarded the Pushkin medal

Serbian actor Miloš Bikovic will be awarded the Pushkin Medal for merits in the field of culture and art. This was announced by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia Alexander Chepurin.

Milosh Bikovich is known to the Russian audience for the films “Dovlatov”, “Ice”, “Dukhless-2”, “Sunstroke”, the TV series “Hotel Eleon” and other tapes. Recently, he is trying himself in a new capacity. The actor intends to produce a new a film about the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, in which he plans to play a major role.

The winners of the Stanislavsky International Prize were named in Moscow

In 2018, for the first time, a prize will be awarded in the new nomination – “The Property of the Russian Theater”. And the first winner of this award was the artistic director of the theater “Lenkom” Mark Zakharov.

The prize in 2018 will be presented to actors Lia Akhedzhakova and Alexander Filippenko, English director Declan Donnelan, opera director Alexander Tytel.

In the nomination “Organization of theatrical affairs,” Alexander Kulyabin, the head of the Novo-Siberian Transit theater festival, became laureates. In the nomination “Perspective” the prize was awarded to the young director Yegor Peregudov.

Vivacello festival opens in “Zaryadye”

On November 11, the first concert of the 10th Vivacello International Cello Music Festival will be held in the Bolshoi Zele of the Moscow Concert Hall Zaryadie The artistic director of the festival is cellist Boris Andrianov.

At the opening concert, the world premiere of the play by Gia Kancheli and the Russian premiere of the Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by Sylvia Kolasanti will take place.

The festival will close on November 23 in the Tchaikovsky Hall with the performance of Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and the Strauss symphonic poem Don Quixote. Dmitry Yurovsky and Julian Rakhlin will take turns at the conductor’s stand of the Russian National Orchestra.

Opera “For the” Black Square “will be presented in the New Tretyakov Gallery

The world premiere of Ilya Demutsky’s opera “For the Black Square” will take place on Nov. 25 in the New Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. The first version of the painting by Malevich in 1915 will be specially transferred to room 16, where the performance will take place, reports TASS.

Moscow Kremlin Museums open exhibition in Chelyabinsk

In Chelyabinsk, in the Historical Museum of the Southern Urals, the exhibition “Hunting at the court of Russian sovereigns of the XVII-XVIII centuries” opened. The exhibits were brought from the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

Restoration of the monument to I. Fomin will be completed before the end of the year

The restoration of the tombstone on the grave of architect Ivan Fomin at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow will be completed before the end of the year. This was reported on the portal of the mayor and the government of the capital.

Fomin was one of the founders of monumental classicism and the creator of the architectural concept of “proletarian classics,” the report says.

Exhibition about Solovki opens in Moscow

October 24 in Moscow will open an exhibition dedicated to the history of the Solovetsky camp special purpose. At the traveling exhibition “Dried to believe” you will be able to get acquainted with the history in an unexpected format – with the help of herbarium. The exhibition presents the Timiryazev Biological Museum.

Exhibition of pre-revolutionary children’s books opens in Moscow

The exhibition “Books of the Old House: The World of Childhood of the 19th – Early 20th Century” will open in the Russian State Library on October 22. It will be presented pre-revolutionary children’s book and periodicals in Russian and major European languages. Natalia Samoilenko, Deputy General Director of the library, told about this on the air of Radio “Culture”.

Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack released

The release of the soundtrack of the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” – baoypika Queen band director Brian Singer. Along with the studio versions of the hits of the British rock band, the soundtrack includes rare live recordings – in particular, the compositions performed by the Queen group at the famous charity concert Live Aid in 1985 and previously released only on video. Among the 22 tracks there is a new record – “Doing All Right”, performed by Brian May and Roger Taylor together with vocalist Tim Staffell. Staffelle sang in Smile’s team, before Queen was created, the new version was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. May, Taylor acted as creative consultants, and former Queen manager Jim Beach as the film’s producer.

Group “Bread” walks through St. Petersburg in the clip “Friendship”

The group “Bread” presented a video for the track “Friendship” from the latest mini-album “Bread should be in every house-2”. The video, shot by Flicker Frames headed by director Roman Baranov, was made up from cadres of the group walk through St. Petersburg

International festival-competition of folk songs will be held in Krasnodar

This year the festival will be dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the founding of Krasnodar and the 80th anniversary of the birth of Professor, Composer, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Dean of the Faculty of Popular Culture of the KGIK Viktor Zakharchenko. The maestro will be the chairman of the jury of the competition.

Bob Seger Street Appears in Detroit

One of the streets of Detroit is named after Bob Seeger. The Bob Seeger Boulevard is located between Suutfield Road and Filomene Street in Allen Park, a suburb of the musician’s hometown.

The 73-year-old musician himself was unable to attend the ceremony of establishing the index on October 19, 2018, but through Facebook he thanked everyone for the honor. In September, Bob Seeger announced that he was going on a farewell tour, which will end in May next year.

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