28 Апр, 2021

US Department of Justice Begins Investigation of Louisville Police

The Justice Department has launched a wide-ranging investigation into whether the Louisville Metro Police Department engaged in a pattern of civil rights abuses amid a nationwide reckoning after the death of Breonna Taylor.

The Russian prosecutor’s office declared the demolition of the monument to Dzerzhinsky illegal

The Moscow prosecutor’s office declared illegal the dismantling of the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka Square in 1991. This is reported by TASS with reference to the statement of the head of the organization «Officers of Russia» Sergei Lipovoy. According to Lipovoy, the organization turned to the Prosecutor General with a request to verify the fact of the legality of the demolition of the monument.

According to the response received from the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office, which carried out an inspection on behalf of the RF Prosecutor General’s Office, it is absolutely clear that the “Officers of Russia” are completely right, and there were no legal grounds for dismantling the Dzerzhinsky monument on Lubyanskaya Square.

Telegram can accept credit card payments

Telegram announced that merchants can now accept credit card payments in any messenger chat. And buyers will be able to leave a «tip». The payment platform is open and free — Telegram does not take commissions and does not store payment information. You can connect your store to the payment platform without agreeing with Telegram.

Putin signed a decree calling for military training

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree calling for military training of Russian citizens who are in reserve. The corresponding document was published on Monday, April 26, on the portal of legal information.

«Metrium»: Results of the 1st quarter in the apartment market

Analysts of the Metrium company have summed up the results of the first quarter in the primary market of comfort and business class apartments in Moscow. The volume of supply decreased by 33.8%. The weighted average price per square meter of comfort class apartments was 219,865 rubles. (+ 13.6% per quarter; + 15.3% per year), business class — 274 645 rubles. (+ 5.4% QoQ; + 10.7% YoY).

Navalny sues his colony

He complains about the refusal to issue books, recognition as prone to escape and censorship of newspapers (clipping of some articles), RIA Novosti was told in court. The court will have to decide whether the issues raised are within its competence and, if so, whether the claims have been properly filed. If the answer is yes, meetings will be scheduled, if not, the claims will be returned to the defense.

Paris expresses support to partners who expelled Russian diplomats

The French President said that Paris expresses support for European partners after the recent expulsion of diplomats from Russia. He also called on the Russian leader to make a long-term commitment to reduce tensions with Ukraine.

Navalny’s headquarters suspend their activities

This is due to the decision of the Moscow prosecutor to ban certain actions against the FBK and the FZPG and Navalny’s Headquarters. Members of these organizations are prohibited from organizing rallies, posting materials on the Internet on their own behalf, participating in elections and referendums, and using bank accounts (except for paying fines, taxes and fees). The Moscow prosecutor’s office also filed a lawsuit with the Moscow City Court to declare these organizations extremist.

The personal data of the casino players will be transferred to the tax

The Federal Tax Service has determined the composition of the information that casinos will provide for tax purposes. The list will include the name of the player, his passport data, TIN and the amount of the win.

All winnings of Russians on the territory of the casino are legally taxed at 13%. The exception is incentive lotteries, that is, draws, for participation in which you do not need to make a contribution, and the prize fund is formed at the expense of the organizers of the lottery. In this case, the organizer is a tax agent and must withhold personal income tax from the value of the winnings.

Editorial Board Declares Solidarity with Meduza

The jury of the Editorial Board journalist award declared solidarity with Meduza in connection with the inclusion of the publication in the list of media — «foreign agents».

“We believe that the application of the rule about“ foreign agents ”in relation to the citizens of their own country, the maintenance of registers of“ agents ”and“ unwanted ”creates an institution of internal enemies in society, which has extremely unpleasant historical associations. In relation to the media, the insulting label of «foreign agent» is used for the sole purpose of making the work of independent journalists as difficult as possible, if not impossible, making it difficult for them to access information and travel around the country, and complicating independent media cooperation with freelancers, advertisers and investors ”, — said in the statement of the «Editorial Board»

UK imposed sanctions against 14 Russians

The reason for the imposition of the sanctions was the case of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. The list includes employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee and the Federal Tax Service, as well as the general director of Grand-Aktiv Sheshenya, entrepreneurs Khlebnikov and Markelov, co-owners of the Universal Bank of Savings, Klyuev and Plaksin.

Apple will increase investment in the US

Apple will increase its US investment by 20% over the next five years, committing $ 430 billion to develop next-generation chips and roll out 5G networks across the country, the company said. In addition, over this period, the iPhone maker plans to create 20,000 new jobs in the United States.

The company will spend more than $ 1 billion to build a new office and engineering center in North Carolina. There, up to 3 thousand employees will work on machine learning technologies, artificial intelligence, software development and research in other areas.

Apple now provides over 2.7 million jobs in 50 states. Apple is the largest taxpayer in the United States, having paid nearly $ 45 billion in taxes in the past five years alone.

The debts of the Russians were allowed to ask their relatives

Relatives and other people connected with the debtor can begin to be held accountable on an equal basis with the debtor. The precedent was created by the decision of the Supreme Court, which granted the creditors’ petition in one of the debt collection cases, writes Vedomosti

Earlier it was reported that the number of bankruptcies of citizens of the Russian Federation in 2021 increased by 81.5% compared to last year. In the first quarter, 40,569 Russians, including individual entrepreneurs, were declared bankrupt; a year ago, during the same period, there were 22,356 bankruptcies.

China’s Largest Renewable Energy IPO This Year

China Three Gorges Renewables Group Co. intends to conduct an initial public offering, which could become the largest in the country this year after receiving regulatory approval.

Tesla’s profits are boosted by bitcoins.

The company cited the sale of cryptocurrency as a positive influencer in its core business. This contributed to Tesla’s record one-quarter revenue of $ 438 million.

The oldest human settlement discovered

Traces of human ancestors have been discovered by archaeologists and geologists at Vanderwerk Cave in South Africa. There were found tools, animal remains and signs of the use of fire, which were considered the oldest ever found in cave settlements.

As part of the excavation, a team of scientists analyzed the 2.5 m thick sedimentary layer using two methods to determine the date of burial. As a result, scientists found out that people who lived in the cave made stone tools here 1.8 million years ago. These tools, in the form of sharp flakes and choppers, belonged to the so-called Olduvai culture. The age of traces of deliberate fires dating back to 1 million years. Previously, samples indicating the use of fire were discovered by archaeologists only in the open air.

Wind turbulence problem solved

The familiar traditional screw wind turbines will in the future give way to wind farms with more compact and efficient vertical turbines. A new study from Oxford Brooks University has shown that vertical turbine designs are much more efficient than traditional designs in large wind farms. In addition, when installed in pairs, their productivity is 15% higher than that of horizontal ones.

The speed of ocean currents is constantly increasing.

Having studied satellite data over the past 27 years (from 1993 to 2020), experts found that the speed of oceanic eddies increases by about 5% every ten years. These changes are most noticeable in the Southern Ocean, where, under their influence, the rate of heat and carbon absorption has already changed.

Information technology center of National Guard troops will appear in Russia

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin ordered the creation of an information technology center for the National Guard troops. He will be engaged in the creation, development and operation of information systems, software and information and communication infrastructure, as well as ensure information security in the Russian Guard.

The center will be located in Moscow. The founder will be the Russian Guard, which within three months must approve the charter of the center, ensure state registration and implementation of measures for its functioning.

Ministry of Health: mortality in Russia in 2020

The number of deaths in Russia in 2020 increased by 323.8 thousand people to two million 124.5 thousand people. The overall mortality rate in 2020 increased by 17.9% to 14.5 per 1000 population. In 2019, the overall mortality rate was 12.3 per 1,000.