17 Mar, 2018

US Senate calls for blocking Nord Stream 2

US senators opposed the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. A letter in which 39 senators (28 from the Republican Party and 11 from the Democratic Party) expressed concern about this project, is addressed to Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin and Assistant Secretary John Sullivan.

“We are concerned about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. We oppose it and urge the administration to use all its capabilities to prevent the construction of the pipeline,” the Kommersant daily quotes. “The project will make the American allies and partners in Europe more vulnerable to the malicious influence and coercive policies on the part of Russia.”

Briefly about the main thing …….


Tour Operators of Russia Sold First Tours to Egypt

Russian operators sold their first tours to Egypt via Cairo. However, most players in the tourism market are hoping for an additional drop in prices for air tickets, TASS reported.

The remains of Salvador Dali again buried in the Spanish Museum

Remains of the famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali, exhumed in July last year to establish paternity, returned to the theater museum in Spanish Figueras (Catalonia), the Salvador Dalí Foundation reported.

The Chinese authorities decided to give citizens a personal rating

It is noted that the authorities decided to assign a rating to each citizen of the PRC. The state will assess the education, income level and career achievements of people. Also, the position in the ranking will be influenced by the behavior of users on the Internet, reports Reuters.

Russian universities will provide priests and built-in churches

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia called for the development of the ministry of priests in Russian universities, thereby restoring the pre-revolutionary tradition. He said this, opening on Friday the meeting of the Supreme Church Council – one of the main administrative bodies of the Russian Orthodox Church

In Paris, there is an increase in violence against refugees

The capital of France noted an increase in violence against refugees from local residents. As the study showed, the displaced from Africa and the Middle East are increasingly faced with assault and insult in Paris.


Trump’s lawyer sued the porn actress for violating the agreement

Lawyer of the US President Michael Cohen sued the former porn actress and stripper Stephanie Clifford, accusing her of violating the earlier agreement. Recall, the girl received 130 thousand dollars, and in return promised not to tell anyone about her intimate ties with Donald Trump in 2006

The property of the family Zhanna Friske will be put up for auction by the court decision

The property of the family of the singer Zhanna Friske will be put up for auction by the court decision, kp.ru reports. Meeting on the lawsuit Rusfonda held in the Moscow region

Worthy during life: in the suburbs will erect a monument to Olga Buzovoy

The Moscow sculptor told “360” TV channel that soon a monument to the TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova will appear in the Moscow region. The sculptor believes that Olga Buzova is worthy of the monument in her lifetime.

Kim Kardashian mentioned her nails and hair in her will

Television star Kim Kardashian told the fans about her prepared will, where she mentioned her hair and nails. The celebrity wished that her make-up, hairstyle and manicure would be done daily if she could not independently monitor her appearance.

Vetlitskaya unexpectedly attacked Dzhigarkhanyan

Once popular singer Natalia Vetlitskaya commented on the scandal, which for months has been exaggerated in the media. We are talking about the divorce of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

“Generally speaking, it’s not a man’s way to involve the environment in the solution of his personal problems, especially since a person who has lived to such a venerable age should have learned to deal with his wives without other people’s clues,” said Vetlitskaya.

And the pianist called the goddess.

“A good, sincere, generous, tender, sometimes naive, strong virgin, a true goddess .I wish this experience did not bring her irreparable mutilation.” Ps: And for Armen Borisovich, it was certainly a gift from heaven. “I do not know if he realized it or not

Timati gave his daughter a toy chest for 68 thousand dollars

On Monday Alice turns four years old, and her star dad presented her with a gift in the form of a toy chest for 68 thousand dollars. On Timati’s page, Instagram showed a picture of his daughter Alice sitting on a big red trunk.

Angelina Jolie said that she was a rebel in his youth

The American actress, the mother of six children, Angelina Jolie, told the InStyle magazine about her appearance in her youth. Jolie admitted that in her youth she liked to experiment and was to some extent a tomboy. The actress covered her face with makeup.

More than two thousand choruses will perform at the “Tyumen Spring”

More than two thousand choral schools will take part in the marathon “Singing City”. On March 18, the festival “Tyumen Spring” will be held in the region. Competitions in the choral art will be students 1 – 7 classes on the basis of their educational institutions.

The British Duke reconstructed the estate for 33 million pounds for Wi-Fi

Duke of Devonshire Andrew reconstructed the estate, garden and park due to lack of Wi-Fi. The installation of a wireless network in Chatsworth House cost 33 million pounds, reports Daily Mail.

Chloe Kardashian, who is 8 months pregnant, starred topless

The future mother decided to have time to enjoy the penultimate month of pregnancy and take part in an unusual photo shoot for her own clothing brand Good American. Chloe promoted topless, advertising only jeans for pregnant women and covering her breast with her hand.

Users compared a vacationer in Maldives Rudkovskaya with Assol

“The most beautiful sunsets are always in the Maldives,” Rudkovskaya wrote. By the way, in the photo the producer stands on the shore of the Indian Ocean in a pink dress. Users immediately compared her with the heroine of Alexander Green’s novel “Scarlet Sails” Assol.

Natalia Podolskaya organizes a dinner with the author of the best selfie from the elections

Pop star Natalia Podolskaya announced the launch of a special contest. She assured that she was ready to have dinner at one of her favorite restaurants in Moscow with a man who would make a selfie at the polling station and put him on social networks.

The president of the Oscar-winning film academy was accused of harassment

President of the American Film Academy, operator John Bailey, was accused of sexual harassment. The academy received statements about the harassment of Bailey from three women, after which she began an investigation, reports Gazeta.ru. Bailey, in particular, was the operator of the film “Groundhog Day”.

The creator of the film “Bitterly” will remove the “Adventures of Electronics” 18+

The creator of the film “Bitterly” director Zhora Kryzhovnikov (Andrei Pershin) announced plans to make a film “Error 102” about the robot, which guessed all the desires of women.

In the network appeared the trailer “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”

Film company Marvel Studios has published a new trailer for the fantastic film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. In the story, the Avengers join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to counter the new threat – Thanos.

Alexander Petrov will play Eduard Streltsov in the new film Teacher

The teacher, in turn, said that the studio had already received permission to shoot the film from relatives of Streltsov. Work on the picture is planned to be completed by the end of 2019. Streltsov played for the Moscow club “Torpedo” from 1954 to 1970

Jennifer Lopez told about harassment

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez told about the case of harassment against her, reports Harper’s Bazaar magazine. According to her, this happened at the beginning of her acting career. One of the directors asked Lopez to take off her shirt and show off her breasts, she refused.

In St. Petersburg, the Foundation for the Development of the Lenfilm Film Studio

Our still a few films have already become laureates of prestigious contests and prizes. Now the main task is to create as much as possible a good movie, which our spectator is waiting for. The Board of Trustees decided to create a development fund for the Lenfilm studio.

Cords forced Vox to undress on stage

The most terrible memory of Vox is associated with 2014. Then Shnurov forced her to undress on stage right during the performance.

To make me do this, a thorough psychological work was done. Sergei is an experienced manipulator. And me, a 25-year-old girl who implicitly trusted her leader, had no choice but to obey, the singer said.

Since then, my life has divided into “before” and “after.” All night after the concert, I cried, for two weeks lost a voice on the nerves. Until now, I do not have to wash myself of this humiliation, in which I was the only victim, “she confessed.

Christina Aguilera will perform at Formula-1 in Baku

Christina Aguilera will visit Baku for the first time. Fans of the American singer will be able to attend her concert on April 28 in Baku Crystal Hall. The star show will be part of the Grand Prix of the Formula 1 racing in Azerbaijan

Singer Monaptic fell from the stage during a concert in Minsk

Ukrainian singer Monatik fell from the stage during a concert in Minsk. The video of the incident was published by the artist in his Instagram.

Kendall Jenner wanted to study the vagina in rapper clip Lil Dicky

Kendall Jenner took part in filming the clip of American rapper Lil Dicky and artist Chris Brown. In the song, model and sister Kim Kardashian sang a small passage, where she declared her desire to explore her vagina. A video for the song “Freaky Friday” appeared on Lil Dicky’s channel on YouTube


Berezovsky’s comrade-in-arms could be strangled with a dog leash

Companion of Boris Berezovsky Nikolai Glushkov could die from strangulation by a dog leash, according to the British newspaper Independent, citing sources. According to the publication, this version is held by leading British investigators

In Kazan, one of the boiler rooms collapsed roofing

The roof of the boiler room collapsed in Kazan on an area of 60 square meters, without heating there were more than 2.7 thousand people, said on Saturday RIA Novosti source in the emergency services

United Airlines plane urgently boarded the US because of the dog on board

The plane of American airline United Airlines made an emergency landing after finding a dog on board. As reported by ABC television, the plane was flying from Newark to St. Louis. According to the airline, the animal was safely delivered to the owners in Ohio.

In the Perm region freight train derailed

In the Perm region at the station Mulianka several railroad cars of the freight train derailed, reported on the website of the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures for the region.

The bars scattered at the Yakutsk airport were delivered to Krasnoyarsk

The batch of ingots from the alloy of precious metals that fell out during the take-off of the plane at the Yakutsk airport was delivered to OAO Krasstvetmet in Krasnoyarsk. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the company. A lot of silver-gold ingots with the predominance of silver was delivered to the factory in full.

A resident of Romania could not prove in court that he was alive

A resident of the Romanian county of Vaslui, 63-year-old Konstantin Reluou, who was recognized dead in 2016, was unable to prove in court that he was alive and to cancel the death certificate issued by mistake, Romanian media reported

In southern England, a pregnant woman was injured while shooting

Police of the British city of Horsham are looking for an armed man after a shooting incident near the town of Hastings in the south of the country, as a result of what happened, one man was injured

In an accident with a passenger train in Slovakia, 17 people were injured

The passenger train collided in Slovakia with a locomotive standing on the tracks, TASS reports referring to local media.

In Germany, an explosion occurred at the plant for the disposal of ammunition

The explosion occurred at the ammunition disposal facility in the federal state of Brandenburg, one person was slightly injured, another one was missing, according to a press release from the Dame-Spreewald district administration. The incident occurred in the center of the district – the city of Lubben.

Clinton was hospitalized with a fracture of her wrist, media reported

Ex-Secretary of State and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was hospitalized with a fracture of her wrist, making a private tour of India, the Times of India

The car drove into the crowd in the West Bank

The Palestinian rode into a crowd of pedestrians near the settlement of Mevo-Dothan on the West Bank. This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.


Xi congratulated Xi Jinping on his re-election as PRC President

Earlier it became known that the deputies of the National People’s Congress (NPC) unanimously re-elected Xi Jinping to the post of chairman of the PRC for a second five-year term.

Trump called the dismissal of McCabe a great day for democracy

US President Donald Trump said that the dismissal of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is “a great day for democracy.” He wrote about this in his Twitter.

“Andrew McCabe dismissed, an excellent day for hard-working men and women FBI – a great day for democracy,” he wrote.

Based on the report of the Chief Inspector, the evidence of the FBI’s professional responsibility department and the official recommendation of a high-ranking official, I decided to immediately vacate Andrew McCabe. – Jeff Sessions, American politician

US senators demanded to block the Nord Stream-2 project

A group of senators from the US Republican and Democratic parties demanded that the US authorities block the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project. The text of the letter, under which 39 people have subscribed, is published on the official website of Sen. John W. Barrasso of Wyoming.

Lavrov said the US desire to devalue the nuclear potential of Russia

The US deployment of a global missile defense system (ABM) intends to devalue Russia’s strategic nuclear capability. This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Vietnamese and Japanese media, the decipherment of which was published on the website of the foreign ministry

Poroshenko will pack nine grams of lead in case of an attack by Russia

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the country is ready to offer resistance if Russia decides to intervene. He said this during his speech in Kramatorsk, a video posted on the page of the head of state on Facebook.

But I declare: this mistake will never happen again – let Russia know that we are ready to resist and we will store nine grams of lead for everyone who comes to us with a sword. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Trump confirmed his intention to meet with Kim Jong-no until the end of May

President of the United States Donald Trump confirmed his intention to meet with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no until the end of May, reports ABC referring to the statement of the White House following the results of Trump’s talks with South Korean President Mun Zhe In.

The Russian Embassy accused the State Department of interference in internal affairs

Russian embassy in the US on Twitter has accused the acting Deputy Secretary of State Heather Nauert in intervening in Russia’s internal affairs because of her report on preparations for the presidential elections.


Russian military reported the risk of an epidemic in Rakka due to corpses under the rubble

In Syrian Cancer, an epidemic can erupt due to the corpses of local residents under the rubble of buildings after attacks by the American coalition. This was announced on Saturday at the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The Army of the ATS liberated 70% of the territory of the Eastern Huts

Government troops of Syria recaptured 70% of the territory of Eastern Guta from militants. This is stated in the statement of the command of the UAR.

The US was told about the vulnerability of US satellites to Russia

According to the publication, US Air Force Minister Heather Wilson earlier this week reported to Congress on the vulnerability, noting that there are now many options for the destruction of 30 US satellites that provide GPS operation.

The Turkish General Staff denied reports of an air strike on the hospital in Africa

The General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces refuted reports on the bombing of the hospital in Syrian Afrina on Twitter. “The news about the bombing of hospitals in Africa by the Turkish armed forces is not true,” the text of the message says.

Poroshenko appointed commander of a new military operation in Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appointed Lieutenant-General Sergei Naev, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), as commander of the operation of the United forces in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the country.

The format of the anti-terrorist operation will be changed to the operation of the combined forces. Leadership of the forces and means of the Armed Forces and other military formations and law enforcement bodies will rely on the commander of the united forces. To this post I decided to appoint Lieutenant-General Sergei Naiev. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Russian nuclear submarines went unnoticed to the US Navy bases

Russian nuclear submarines in the course of fulfilling the task and were able to imperceptibly approach the coast of the United States. This was told by an officer of the Russian Navy.

In China, began to test the ship’s railgun

About the trials that were started immediately wrote several media of the Middle Kingdom, using the data of representatives of the People’s Liberation Army of China. According to experts, China became the first country in the world to install a railgun on a ship and begin testing.

Improved BMP-1 will be able to shoot down targets in the air

BMP-1 remained quite a large number, but to the standards of the present time they are outdated, and the commissioning of new and modern types of weapons is planned in a couple of years. For this reason, they decided to finalize. The first batch of improved BMP-1 will be delivered this summer.


Siluanov allowed re-placement of Eurobonds in 2018

The Ministry of Finance can again place Eurobonds in 2018, including in other currencies. This was stated by the head of the ministry Anton Siluanov, whose words are given in the message of the press service of the department, which was received by RBC.

We reserve the opportunity to enter the international capital markets during the current year with debt instruments of other terms, and, possibly, currencies. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman

Sberbank increased its annual net profit by RAS after SPOD by 31%

Sberbank of Russia in 2017 increased its net profit under RAS after the events after the reporting date (SPOD) by 31% – to 653.6 billion rubles, follows from the annual financial statements of the bank

Gazprom to buy two gas turbines from Siemens for the Grozny TPP

Gazprom will buy two gas turbines for the Grozny TPP with a total capacity of up to 360 MW from the German Siemens concern. The agreement on the deal was reached at the meeting of the presidency of the Russian concern Alexei Miller with the president of Siemens Joe Kezer. This is stated in the message of Gazprom.

The export of Gazprom to the far abroad increased by 29.4% in March

The Russian company Gazprom has increased its exports to the far abroad to 9.7 billion cubic meters, which is 29.4% higher than the level achieved in the period from March 1 to March 15, 2017, Gazeta.ru reports referring to the holding’s message. This indicator is fixed against the background of strong cold weather in Europe.

Gazprom and Shell discussed the creation of a joint venture on the project “Baltic LNG”

Gazprom and Shell discussed the creation of a joint venture for the Baltic LNG project, the Russian gas holding said after a meeting between Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and Shell Executive Committee member Maarten Vetselaar

“Russneft” at the request of VTB insured against a fall in oil prices

Russneft Mikhail Gutseriev in autumn 2017 began to hedge the risks of falling oil prices, the company’s report (.pdf) for 2017 according to RAS standards says. To protect the operating flow, Russneft in September 2017 entered into hedging transactions for oil prices with VTB and Promsvyazbank

The volume of exchange trading in gas increases

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and the Energy Ministry will coordinate the parameters of the joint order to increase the exchange trading in gas next week, FAS Deputy Head Anatoly Golomolzin told journalists on the sidelines of the Antimonopoly Forum of the Association of Corporate Lawyers

Two cities in Zauralye received the status of TOP

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree according to which two cities in the Kurgan region received the status of territories for outpacing socio-economic development (TOP). According to the decree, the cities of Vargas and Dalmatovo received the status of TOPs, the website of the Russian government reported.

For 2017, Russia lost one trillion rubles due to duties

The Russian budget lost 1 trillion rubles in 2017 because of the system of duties. Including customs subsidies in favor of oil refineries (refineries). The subsidy arises from the fact that export duties on petroleum products are lower than duties on crude oil.

The US increased oil exports almost doubled in 2017

In 2017, the United States almost doubled its oil exports compared to the previous year. The average daily export volume amounted to 1.1 million barrels, according to the Energy Information Administration of the Ministry of Energy of the country (EIA).

Pikalevo was given the status of the territory of advanced development

The status of the territory of advanced socio-economic development (TOSER) was assigned to the monastery Pikalevo in the Leningrad region, the press service of the regional government reports.

This tool – the territory of advanced development – will nevertheless continue to be point-like non-masculine. According to the TOR, this is such an unconditional decision, because there are no other ways to activate business life in these territories. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

Japan Tobacco buys Donskoy Tobacco for $ 1.6bn

Japan Tobacco has agreed to buy a Russian cigarette manufacturer Donskoy Tabak. The deal value is estimated at $ 1.6 billion (90 billion rubles.) This is reported on the website of the Japanese company.

The income of FIFA exceeded the planned $ 300 million

Income of the International Football Federation (FIFA) in 2017 were more than planned for $ 300 million, leads TASS

According to the press service of FIFA, the income of the organization increased due to the sale of rights to broadcast matches and marketing rights, as well as, thanks to strict measures to control spending.

Rostekh ordered equipment for garbage disposal plants at 20 billion rubles

Rostek ordered from the Atomenergomash Corporation (a group of Rosatom companies) equipment for four waste processing plants in the Moscow region for 20 billion rubles. This is stated in the statement of Rostecha, received by RBC. The contract was signed by Rostekh’s structure – RT-Invest.

Industrial production in the US in February rose by 1.1%, better than forecasts

The dynamics of the indicator was the best since October last year. Analysts on average expected growth of the index by 0.4%. Meanwhile, the dynamics for January was revised for the worse – in the year before last industrial production fell by 0.3%, and not by 0.1%, as previously reported.

Russian automakers will receive more than 102 billion rubles in 2018

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will allocate more than 102 billion rubles to automakers in 2018. This was stated by the head of the department Denis Manturov on March 16.

Deutsche Bank paid 2.3 billion euros in bonuses for 2017

Deutsche Bank paid bonuses to employees for the amount of 2.3 billion euros for 2017, according to the materials of the credit institution.

Trafigura in April will become the main buyer of Urals oil from Rosneft

The Netherlands oil trader company Trafigura will return from April 2018 the status of the main buyer of Urals oil from Rosneft, Reuters reported citing its own sources.


In the social network “VKontakte” has its own dating service

Social network “VKontakte” launched its own dating service. The application is created to allow publishers to look for friends and start a relationship, the “Zvezda” TV channel informs. Interested offer to fill out a questionnaire, add your photos.

Hackers infected Trojan 500 thousand computers in Russia and Turkey

It is known that the virus was called Dofoil. On March 6, he infected about 500,000 computers in Russia and Turkey. Victims of the Trojan are users of the torrent client MediaGet.

The “killer” Instagram appeared on the web

The new social network Vero began its work in the World Wide Web. Developers intend to offer a product that could compete with other popular social networks. Some experts pour Vero “killer” Instagram for a variety of reasons.

MAPS.ME launched offline navigation in the metro in all European cities

Team MAPS.ME added in the new version of the application routes through the subway in 23 cities, covering all the cities in Europe, which have underground transport and light metro lines. Offline navigation with an intermediate point including metro and easy underground is now available in 124 cities around the world.

Facebook closes the company that worked with Trump and Sberbank

Cambridge Analytica, according to the administration of the social network, violated the policy platform, collecting psychographic data users without the knowledge of Facebook. This was done for the scandalous presidential campaign of Donald Trump

Alfa-Bank’s Mastercard card holders have access to Garmin Pay service

Customers of Alfa-Bank – owners of Mastercard cards have been able to pay for purchases with one touch with the help of Garmin Pay payment service, which is integrated into the “smart” clock function of Garmin Vivoactive 3.

Apple blocked access to the App Store for Iranians

Apple denies the right to access the App Store for Iranians. The company refrains from commenting on the reason for the lock. American company Apple blocks access to the App Store for all users, if their IP-address indicates that they are on the territory of Iran.

“VKontakte” has closed access to the news line for Kate Mobile customers

As you know, Kate Mobile is a social networking client “VKontakte”, which uses more users. On Thursday, March 15, users of the application encountered a ban on the news line

Push.World announced the successful launch of the financial direction

The project of Admitad Invest Push.World announced the successful launch of the financial direction. Now the service of Push-notifications offers services for financial organizations.

In the benchmark published data on the game smartphone Xiaomi Blackshark

According to Geekbench, the novelty Xiaomi code-named Blackshark is equipped with a chipset Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm, and also received eight gigabytes of operational and 32 gigabytes of permanent memory.

Apple will hold a presentation on March 27

Apple will hold a presentation on March 27. The corporation sent out an invitation to the journalists for the announced event, during which the iPhone SE 2, the iPad Pro of the current generation, and the MacBook Air 13 can be shown. Apple did not comment on the rumors about the presentation of the MacBook 12.

A device capable of hacking any iPhone is presented

Grayshift, which specializes in hacking devices on iOS 11, has created a GrayKey device that can crack any iPhone. It is noted that only a gadget working on the operating system iOS 11.2.5 and less can be hacked

Google Lens feature is available for iPhone and iPad owners

A week earlier, Google Lens became available for regular smartphones based on Android

Smartphone Leagoo Power 5 received an “endless” battery for 7000 mAh

The performance of the Leagoo Power 5 is answered by the Helio P23 chipset. On the back of the novelty works a dual main camera for 2 and 12 megapixels, and on the front – a front camera with a 13-megapixel module. The battery power will be provided by a powerful battery for 7000 mAh.

Smartphone Oukitel WP5000 tested for durability

The newest device will officially be presented on March 27. In the network posted a video with several crash tests of the phone. The Oukitel WP5000 can be put under the wheels of the machine, frozen in water, poured with boiling water, buried in sand and subjected to other influences.

OWC announced the Mercury Elite Pro Quad data warehouse

The announcement of the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad data warehouse was held. Up to four drives can be installed. These can be hard drives or solid-state solutions in a 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch form factor.

The first photos from the AI-camera Huawei P20

On the Internet resources there were the first photos, made on the trained camera Huawei P20. The smartphone itself has not been announced, but insiders already show the quality of the images. On Thursday, data on the new flagship Huawei P20 appeared on the benchmark Geekbench

Any MacBook can be hacked using the Google Chrome browser

Specialists of the cyber security agency Check Point Research said that they found an easy way to access almost any Apple laptop.

To hack the victim must be installed Google Chrome browser and activated the extension Chrome Remote Desktop.

This add-in allows you to remotely access the user’s MacBook if the user allows it. This is necessary, for example, when you need to remotely install an instant messenger or other necessary program to your parents.

A strange bug allows the cheater to log on to the computer with guest rights, and then re-qualify him as administrator. Also, to gain access to the system, it is necessary that guest access is enabled on the MacBook (many are turned on). In this case, the cheater can easily switch to the laptop owner’s account and dispose of his personal data.


Scientists have discovered the earliest traces of DNA homo sapiens in Africa

The oldest in Africa traces of the DNA of modern man (homo sapiens) found in the northeast of Morocco. The find was made by an international group of archeologists and geneticists in a cave known as the Grotto of Pigeons, reports Maghreb press.

Toyota created the ideal basketball robot

Engineers of the company Toyota presented a robot basketball player who can throw a ball into the basket from the penalty area. In this anthropomorphic construction is much more accurate than a human being. Toyota created the ideal basketball robot

Violent video games do not cause aggression of adult participants

In discussing the consequences of the impact of computer games abounding with violence, scientists from Hamburg presented yet another study, the conclusions of which read: adults who are addicted to video games do not become more aggressive from this.

Scientists have proposed an original way to acquire digital immortality

How will the digital copy of the human brain look like, American scientists plan to show by 2024. The new technology of so-called digital immortality scientists plan to make a commercial service.

The first hackathon from the series Al.Hack was held in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg from 9 to 11 March, the first hackathon from the series Al.Hack was held. The event was devoted to the creation of knowledge-intensive projects in the interests of high-tech organizations. The project was implemented by the Institute of Development “Innopraktika” and a platform for scientists-entrepreneurs Science Guide.

Walmart patented drones for automatic pollination of fields

With the innovation, Walmart will strengthen control over the food supply chain. It is reported that the first drones-bees were presented by employees of Harvard University in 2013. During this time, the insect robots learned to fly, sit on any surface, swim under water.

Scientists: Early puberty in women is associated with obesity

Scientists from the Imperial College in London investigated more than 180,000 individuals of the weaker sex. Comparing the body weight with age, when the woman had sexual maturation, and found a link. Now experts are sure that excess excess weight is associated with early puberty.

Ecologists: The Greenland ice shield melts to the middle of the century

Ecologists believe that it is the lake that is to blame for the direct penetration of heat into the glacier. Scientists have established that now the lakes are formed much faster than before. So, within five days on the glacier can appear about 124 lakes, the coverage zone of which reaches 135 km.

Polyethylene nanowires increased the efficiency of nuclear fusion at the micro level

Physicists from the USA and Germany, led by Jorge J. Rocca of the University of Colorado, proposed to use a much more compact installation for conducting nuclear fusion reactions, in which a plasma is formed by irradiating a surface with a small laser, on which an array of close-packed nanowires is applied.


In 2019, Russia will conduct an experiment to simulate the flight to the moon

It is planned that in the framework of the experiment the crew will go to the Moon. First, the volunteers will reach the orbit of the satellite and dock to the “orbital station”.

Airbus is testing a space harpoon to collect debris on Earth’s orbit

The whole process ends with the apparatus dragging a satellite or some other space debris back into the atmosphere, where it burns with it. At present, the invention is being tested on Earth, after which Airbus plans to test the harpoon in space

NASA: In 2135 a huge asteroid can destroy life on Earth

NASA experts have proved that in 2135 a huge asteroid can collide with the Earth. Assessing the possible risks, they came to the conclusion that there is no guarantee of protecting the planet from a collision, according to the Daily Mail

Satellite Sentinel-3B was delivered from France to Russia for launch in April

The satellite has already been delivered from France to Russia, its launch is planned for April, the center said. M.V. Khrunichev (the manufacturer of rockets “Rokot”).

Artificial Intelligence discovered more than 6000 new craters on the Moon

A team of researchers from the University of Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania developed an artificial intelligence for a more accurate map of the lunar craters, and it worked quickly: within a few hours the robot had already discovered about 6,000 new craters that scientists had not noticed.

The TGO probe of the ExoMars mission conducted a successful testing of the equipment

It is noted. that after the end of braking on the atmosphere of the Red Planet, the TGO team included scientific equipment to test its work. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that all devices are operating in normal mode, so the device will be able to begin its scientific program in early April

China can fulfill Hawking’s dreams of space

Chinese scientists can implement the predictions of the famous British physicist Stephen Hawking about space exploration. This opinion, according to the publication of the Global Times, was expressed by the professor of astronomy of Peking University Jiao Weixin.

“Although aerospace research in China began much later than in the US and other developed countries, it can take the lead in landing on the moon and exploring outer space in a new era,” said Weixin.

He recalled that the US is cutting back on spending on space exploration, while China has stepped up its efforts within its project to explore the moon

The tests of the “Angara” heavy rocket were extended by two years

The source said that a launch vehicle intended for unmanned launches, Angara-A5, is planned to be tested at the cosmodrome instead of a missile planned for manned programs Angara-A5P


Audi will introduce a new crossover Q8 in June this year

The serial version of the flagship crossover Audi Q8 will be presented as part of the Shanghai motor show in June 2018. The novelty should become the “new face of the Q-series”, as reported by Audi’s board member Peter Mertens during the annual press conference. He also announced the date of the Audi Q8 presentation.

Pick-up Mercedes-Benz X-Class turned into an extreme SUV

Polish studio Carlex Design showed a brutal pickup truck called Exy. The car will be sold in two versions – Urban and Off-Road. The first version will have an understated suspension, 22-inch wheels, aerodynamic body kit and Recaro seats.

Nissan announced the release of a serial electric crossover

It is specified that the concept of Nissan IMx will serve as the basis of the new serial electric crossover, which was officially presented in the autumn of 2017 in Japan. As previously reported by the news agency Nation News, Nissan is preparing to sell its new Terra SUV.

Lincoln Company showed the revived crossover Lincoln Aviator

American automaker Lincoln has posted a video on the web that features the revived version of Lincoln Aviator. According to experts, the new Lincoln Aviator will be presented to the public at the Auto Show in New York, which will be held in the last days of March

Former engineer Lamborghini will collect a 30-year-old supercar with a V16 engine

Former Lamborghini engineer Claudio Dzampolli resumed production of the supercar Cizeta V16T, which was produced in the 1990s. How much will the rebuilt supercar cost, but in 2006 its price was 849 thousand dollars.

Volkswagen published new images of a racing electric car

The company Volkswagen has published new teaser images of its sports car. Judging by the pictures, the car will receive a domed roof, a splitter and a large wing. The car will receive an electric power unit and take part in an extreme climb along the route on the American mountain Pikes Peak.

The interior of the saloon of the new Kia K2S hatchback is declassified

The appearance of the new car was declassified in February, and now published photographs of the saloon hatch. The overall length of the new Kia K2S is 200 mm smaller than the sedan and is 4,200 mm, the width and height are 1 720 mm and 1,460 mm respectively.

“Hot” universals Mercedes-AMG and Porsche compared in the race in a straight

“Charged” universals Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo and Mercedes-AMG E 63 S compared in the race in a straight line at distances of a quarter mile (402 meters) and half a mile (804 meters). The video is posted on the channel of the edition of Auto Express on YouTube. Both models are equipped with all-wheel drive systems.

Updated crossovers Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai will produce in Russia

At the capacity of the Russian plant Nissan until the end of this year will start mass assembly of updated crossovers Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai. This information was shared with journalists of the agency “Autostat” by the director for PR Nissan in the Russian Federation Roman Skolsky.

Extreme pickup Mercedes-Benz X-Class

In an extreme SUV pick-up Mercedes-Benz X-Class turned tuners Carlex Design from Poland.

The release of this version of the car will be limited and in total it is planned to release 999 copies.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class from Carlex Design will be offered in two versions – Urban and Off-Road.

The car in the performance of Urban will be equipped with a lowered suspension, wheel disks measuring 22 inches, aerodynamic body kit using carbon, and in the cabin will be installed sports seats Recaro.

Also in the interior will be red leather and carbon elements. The second version of Off-Road received increased ground clearance, a roof lighting unit, a winch, wheel arch extensions and more. The cost of a limited pickup truck is not reported

In Russia will produce a new compact SUV Volkswagen

The company Volkswagen intends to produce in Russia a new compact SUV. The model, which has the internal name “Volks-SUV” (national SUV), will take place in the model range below VW Tiguan, and will be sold everywhere except Europe, because there is a VW T-Roc.

Jeep showed two new versions of Wrangler for the Easter Safari

The company Jeep has posted on the network teasers of two prototypes, created for the Easter Safari, which will be held from March 24 to January 1 in the vicinity of the city of Moab, Utah. The basis for both off-road cars was the new Wrangler. The first car called Jeepster received a two-tone body.

Concept Cadillac Escala will receive a serial version in 2021

Cadillac can develop a serial version of the concept called Escala, which was introduced in August 2016. As reported by Autoline Network, production of the car can be adjusted at the plant in Detroit. Assembly of new items will begin in December 2021.

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