3 Apr, 2019

US Stopped F-35 Turkey Shipment

The US has stopped supplying Turkey with materials for the F-35, the Pentagon said. The US Department of Defense demanded an “unconditional refusal” from Turkey for the Russian S-400.

Turkey wanted to buy at least one hundred F-35 Lightining II. The purchase was made as part of the multinational F-35 development program under the auspices of the United States, which Ankara joined in 2002. The US Congress has previously announced that it intends to suspend the supply of fighters to Turkey because of the plans of Ankara to acquire C-400.

Briefly about the main thing …

Who pays for utilities?

According to the Numbeo living standards rating, which lists countries according to gas, water, electricity and garbage prices. Estimated utility fees for a standard apartment of 85 square meters.

Russia occupies the 46th place in this ranking, and, according to Numbeo, a monthly payment for utilities is $ 103.

First place was taken by Germany, and the standard utility fee there is $ 224. Slovenia is located next to Germany, where they pay $ 222 for services. Slightly lower – Austria, Slovakia and Estonia, with a fee in the region of $ 205 per month. Behind them – the UK – $ 186,

In addition to European countries, Hong Kong – $ 199 and Israel – $ 191 – ranked in the top ten countries with the highest utility bills.

Russian Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce new taxes

The Russian Ministry of Finance has published a bill according to which five new chapters will be included in the Tax Code (NK), Kommersant reports, citing a document.

Chapters on the environmental tax, utilization fee, road user charges, hotel levy, and telecom operator tax will be included in the Tax Code.

Russian billionaires get rich by $ 20.5 billion since the beginning of the year

The aggregate state of Russian billionaires in January-March 2019 increased by $ 20.536 billion. RIA Novosti cites such data based on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index rating.

Russian Interior Minister Kolokoltsev arrived in North Korea

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev arrived in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This was reported by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea. Vladimir Kolokoltsev and his entourage arrived in Pyongyang on Monday, April 1, RIA Novosti reports. According to TASS, Kolokoltsev’s visit to Pyongyang is a “planned exchange” between Russia and the DPRK.

British deputies again rejected all alternatives to the Brexit deal

Least of all votes (191) received the proposal of the deputy from the Scottish National Party Joanna Cherry, who proposed to postpone the Brexit date or hold a vote on two options: withdraw from the EU without a deal or withdraw article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, that is, in fact, cancel the entire Brexit process .

The Supreme Court of Venezuela has demanded to deprive Guaido immunity

The Venezuelan Supreme Court requested the National Constituent Assembly of the country to recall the parliamentary immunity of opposition leader Juan Guaydo, who declared himself the leader of the country. On this April 1, reported RIA Novosti.

Is it possible to unite Russia and Belarus

Almost half of Russians believe that Russia and Belarus should not form a single state, follows from a poll by VTsIOM, which Izvestiya has become familiar with. It is noted that 48% of respondents were against the unification of Russia and Belarus. It clarifies that 51% of Russians first heard in the course of the survey on the agreement of Russia and Belarus to create a Union State. According to experts, the population of both countries is not yet ready for unification.

Why 65 years ago, the USSR sent an application for membership in NATO

65 years ago, the Soviet Union was asked to join NATO. The leading countries of the West refused, believing that insidious Moscow is seeking membership only in order to undermine the alliance from the inside.

Pompeo discussed with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania “Russia’s aggression” in the Black Sea

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed with the Romanian foreign minister Theodore Melescanu “Russian aggression in the Black Sea”, as well as the role of Romania in the security of the Black Sea region.

Rostec will prepare the conditions for 5G networks in Russia by 2024

State Corporation Rostec will prepare a development plan and conditions for the creation of fifth-generation wireless communications based on Russian infrastructure until 2024. The first pilot projects are planned for the coming years. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the corporation.

Bolton reminded China of the US intention to defend Taiwan

The United States intends to fulfill its obligations to protect Taiwan from China’s actions, said John Bolton, an adviser to the US president on national security.

On his Twitter page, Bolton wrote that “Chinese military provocations will not win the hearts and minds in Taiwan.” He included in his tweet a link to a Fox News post about intercepting by Taiwan pilots of a Chinese military aircraft caught up in the airspace of this island. The Taiwan authorities called the actions of the Chinese pilot a provocation.

Russia’s military presence in Armenia does not interfere with relations with the United States

The presence of Russian troops in Armenia does not interfere with the cooperation of the Transcaucasian republic with the United States, since Yerevan builds any ties in the military sphere on the basis of its national interests. This was stated on March 31 in an interview with Voice of America by Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan.

Organizers of illegal migration from Uzbekistan condemned in Yakutia

In Yakutia, the organizers of the canal for illegal migration from Uzbekistan were sentenced, the Yakut department of the Federal Security Service of Russia reported. As noted in the department, illegal migrants were found in the village of Magan in 2017. The court assigned them four years of imprisonment conditionally, and the illegal migrants were deported from Yakutia.

Aeroflot explained the refusal to transport a passenger with a broken leg

“When checking in for a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg due to the lack of information in the booking that a special provision is required to accommodate the injured leg, the airline was not able to reserve a seat with increased space for the passenger in advance,” Aeroflot said “.

Ministry of Labor presented the method of non-material motivation of civil servants

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection published on its website the method of non-material motivation of civil servants in the Russian Federation. As noted by the Ministry, the implementation of the provisions of the methodology will contribute to

“the formation of a comprehensive system in the state body for the identification and support of promising and highly motivated civil servants interested in the qualitative performance of their official duties, which is intended to increase the effectiveness of state administration as a whole.”

The Ministry of Labor advises officials to encourage their subordinates with certificates of honor, badges of distinction, valuable gifts and souvenirs, the words “thank you” and “well done”, to prepare a vacation schedule taking into account the wishes of employees.

The Ministry of Health reported an increase in the number of people with autism

The number of people with autism in Russia has more than doubled over the past few years. This was reported in the Ministry of Health. According to the ministry, currently more than 31 thousand people are registered with this disease, whereas in 2014 there were almost 14 thousand.

Rosstat called the share of Russians without access to sewage

More than 20% of Russian households do not have access to centralized sewage: 16.8% use the pipe system in cesspools, while 5.8% of the population have no sewage system. The statistics is presented as part of a comprehensive observation of the living conditions of the Rosstat population for 2018, the results of which were reviewed by RBC.

International organization WaterAid in the Overflowing cities report The State of the World’s Toilets 2016 presented assessments of the availability of safe private toilets for the urban population. According to WaterAid, 23% of Russians living in cities do not have access to safe private toilets.

In terms of the urban population without access to safe and private toilets, Russia ranks fifth, leaving behind India, China, Nigeria and Indonesia. The situation in Russia was worse than in Bangladesh, in the Republic of Congo and Brazil.

HIV-infected Russians may allow the adoption of children

Russians who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or the hepatitis C virus may receive the right to adopt or adopt children, and also to take them into care. The corresponding norm is spelled out in the Government draft law, which the State Duma plans to consider in the first reading on April 2.

Who pays for utilities?

Since the beginning of the year, Russia has again seen an increase in prices for utilities, and according to the law, tariffs will be revised every six months. And what is the situation with utilities in other countries?

According to the Numbeo living standards rating, which lists countries according to gas, water, electricity and garbage prices. Estimated utility fees for a standard apartment of 85 square meters.

Russia occupies the 46th place in this ranking, and, according to Numbeo, a monthly payment for utilities is $ 103.

First place was taken by Germany, and the standard utility fee there is $ 224. Slovenia is located next to Germany, where they pay $ 222 for services. Slightly lower – Austria, Slovakia and Estonia, with a fee in the region of $ 205 per month. Behind them – the UK – $ 186,

In addition to European countries, Hong Kong – $ 199 and Israel – $ 191 – ranked in the top ten countries with the highest utility bills.

Smolny allowed to build a temple instead of a polyclinic on Science Avenue

In Smolny approved the construction of an Orthodox church on the avenue of science. Under these needs, religious leaders will be given 1,470 square meters of urban territory. The decree was signed on March 28 by the head of the town planning and architecture committee Vladimir Grigoriev.

The object will appear on the west side of the fourth house on the avenue of Science. The locals hoped that instead of the church on the site, construction of a children’s clinic would begin, but the contractor could not fulfill the obligations and the Government terminated the contract with him in 2018. After that, the Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church submitted an application for construction.

Russia will provide Belarus with a loan of up to $ 600 million

Belarus will receive a loan from Russia, until the end of April, it can receive a tranche of a loan from the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development, since it fulfilled all the conditions for this, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters.

This gives the Foundation Board the basis for making a positive decision on the allocation of money. Thus, the Belarusian side may receive the seventh tranche until the end of this month, designed to ensure a balanced budget. – Anton Siluanov, Russian economist

Almost half of Russian borrowers allowed a delay on the loan

Overdue loans allowed 43-45% of Russian borrowers. This was reported by RIA Novosti on Tuesday, April 2, with reference to the credit bureau Equifax.

“If the borrower at least once allowed technical overdue debts, then 32% of such borrowers in the future, after paying off such debts, again and again admit the appearance of the same technical overdue debts,” the agency quoted as saying.

Russian UAV manufacturer offered to move to the US

The authorities of the American state of New York offered the Russian company ADA Aerospace about $ 200 million of investment, real estate and benefits for employees to manufacture its UAVs in the USA, the first agreements have already been signed, the company told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

Two solar power stations were commissioned in Altai

The Hevel Group of Companies has commissioned two solar power plants in the Altai Republic – the third phase of the Maymin SES with a capacity of 5 MW and the Ininskaya SES with a capacity of 10 MW, the company said. From April 1, new power facilities began to supply electricity to a single network.

Alfa-Bank can launch cash withdrawal service at cash desks

Alfa-Bank until the end of 2019 plans to launch a cash dispensing service at the store’s cash desks for cashless purchases, Denis Khrenov, head of the acquiring development department at Alfa Bank, told TASS. Earlier plans to launch such a service in July 2019, said Sberbank.

Mordashov agreed to purchase Lenta hypermarkets

The report, which was published by the press service of Lenta, states that Severgroup (the main asset is Severstal) agreed to acquire 34.44% of Lenta’s securities from Luna Inc. (its beneficiary is TPG Group).

For the quarter, Russian new buildings rose by 2.2%

In the first quarter of 2019, Russian new buildings on average in the country went up by 2.2%. This was reported to “Stroygazete” by the analytical department of the portal “World of apartments”, adding that the total purchase budget increased by 2.9%.

PJSC “T Plus” earned 13 billion per year

PJSC “T Plus” Viktor Vekselberg increased the net profit for the year 2018 four times. The figure was 13 billion rubles. As follows from the company’s report under RAS, the company’s revenue increased from 223 billion rubles in 2017 to 230 billion rubles in 2018th.

Golden states will increase capital

The Bank for International Settlements in Basel made a decision on the Basel-III program, according to which banks can now take gold into account as part of their capital at its 100% price, instead of 50%, as it was before.

Now the countries-holders of gold will significantly increase the size of their balance sheets. The United States will receive a “gold rent” in the amount of about 170 billion dollars, as they are the largest holder of gold (8133.5 tons).

Other “golden” states will also increase capital. Among them are Germany, Italy, France, Russia, China and Switzerland. By the way, the “golden bonus” of Russia amounted to about 45 billion dollars, or 2.96 trillion rubles. This will make it possible to effect a “non-inflationary” ruble emission of the Central Bank in the amount indicated above.

The Russian government will allocate Crimea 639.5 million subsidies for electricity

It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the order of the Russian government. The Russian Ministry of Finance will allocate money for subsidies. Funds will be sent to the Crimea and Sevastopol. Also, the agency should change the indicators of the consolidated budget list of the federal treasury, where it is planned to increase the amount of the reserve fund at the expense of budget allocations.

In which countries is it easiest for Russians to get a loan for housing?

The easiest way to buy housing in Germany, USA, Canada, France and the UK, although housing prices there start from 100 thousand euros. Also in the list of comfortable lending countries recently entered Spain. In Germany, 50% of the cost of housing can be paid with a loan at 2 percent per annum, in Spain – 70% at 2.5 percent. In accessible countries, conditions are more severe: from 6 to 9.5 percent. In addition, it is not enough just to get a loan, you need to be approved by you first – and in Turkey, Bulgaria and Montenegro problems may arise with this matter.

Rosneft plans to place bonds for 30 billion rubles

Rosneft plans to place on April 5, 2019 bonds of the 002P-06 and 002P-07 series for a total amount of 30 billion rubles, the company said. The issue of bonds of the 002P-06 series includes 10 million securities with a par value of 1 thousand rubles each with a maturity of ten years.

In Krasnodar, presented a new festival “Theater of one city”

The conference participants discussed current issues and trends in the development of theatrical art, and exchanged experiences on the implementation of new creative projects in the Year of Theater in Russia.

International Children’s Book Day

April 2 is the International Children’s Book Day, established on the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, on whose tales millions of readers around the world grew up. On the same day, once every two years, the so-called “Small Nobel Prize” in children’s literature, which also bears the name of Andersen, is awarded. By tradition, two awards are awarded: the author of the best book for children and the best illustrator.

Shishkin’s “Road to Rye” can fly into space

Roscosmos has appealed to the Ministry of Culture with a request to transfer the work of Ivan Shishkin to the ISS for temporary storage. The artist was chosen after discussions with the crew currently in orbit, and the idea to decorate the interior of the ISS belongs to the specialists of the psychological support service for astronauts.

The halls of the Central House of Artists are transferred to the competence of the Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibition areas of the Central House of Artists are about 10 thousand square meters. It became known in 2017 that they will be fully owned by one of the country’s main museums.

The autobiography of Joanna Stingray

Most of the book “Stingray in Wonderland” is devoted to how a very young American Joanna got into the pre-perestroika USSR, made friends – underground musicians and, in fact, became their real producer. Boris Barabanov believes that this is not just a rock memoir, but a full-fledged historical document.

Yuri Bykov films Hayao Miyazaki’s Anime Moving Castle

Russian director Yury Bykov will make a feature film based on the cult full-length anime Hayao Miyazaki and Ghilbi studio “The Walking Castle” (which, in turn, is based on the fantasy novel by Diane Wynn Jones). The director laments that only recently became acquainted with the “cult picture.”

The premiere of the film “Corridor of Immortality” will be held on May 1

The film is dedicated to the little-known fact of the period of the Great Patriotic War – the construction and operation of a secret railway line connecting the besieged Leningrad with the “big land”. During the year, food and ammunition were delivered through it, which made it possible to accumulate forces and liberate the city. Both the construction and the functioning of the road were carried out in the most difficult conditions – under the constant fire of the Nazis from the ground and from the air.

Children’s Ombudsman: Soviet films for our children are irrelevant

Modern children in the Soviet cinema do not find attachments to their lives, they need heroes and images that will make them happy, holistic, ombudsman for human rights Anna Kuznetsova said in an April 1 interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Sale of tickets for the festival “Crazy Days” started in Yekaterinburg

The fifth festival “Crazy Days” will be held in Yekaterinburg for the fifth time and will unite France, Japan, Russia and Poland. The event will last from July 12 to July 14. 120 performances are expected at nine venues, which will be visited by 35 thousand people.

Released the fifth season trailer for the series “Be afraid of the walking dead”

In the State Duma offered to protect Runet using Russian encryption

In practice, the amendments mean that all large Internet companies in Russia will have to implement domestic encryption tools in their products. This will affect email services, browsers and instant messengers, said Karen Ghazaryan, general director of the Internet Research Institute.

Gmail users will be able to send emails as scheduled.

From April 1, Gmail users will be able to send letters at a convenient time. The new feature is already connected for US users, for Russians the option will be available soon.

Tinkoff Group has created a supercomputer

“Tinkoff Group” (TCS Group Holding) created a supercomputer and named it “Kolmogorov” – in honor of the great Russian mathematician, a representative of the group, which includes “Tinkoff Bank”, virtual operator “Tinkoff Mobile”, “Tinkoff Insurance” told “Vedomosti” and the Tinkoff Development Center network.

Revealed the data of a secret project Facebook

It is reported that in the struggle for primacy in the Internet environment, Facebook decided to launch a number of projects to connect remote areas to the Internet. One of them – “Catalina” – was launched two years ago. As part of this project, Facebook’s specialists have been developing over UAVs that are similar in size to a bird.

The world’s longest electric bus K12A

BYD has released the world’s longest electric bus, K12A. The 26 meter red two-piece bus looks like a giant caterpillar.

VKontakte launched a service for mining

VKontakte launched VK Coin service – with the help of it, users will be able to earn money on “acceleration”, virtual items, thanks to which the currency is automatically credited.

Sberbank will issue a virtual card for the self-employed

Sberbank will issue a separate virtual card (without a plastic carrier) for self-employed payments, which will make it possible to separate commercial and personal payments. This was announced on Monday by the director of the Small and Micro Business division of Sberbank Alexander Belokopytov. A virtual card will be available for the four regions where a new tax regime has been introduced as part of the updated Sberbank Online mobile application.

Named the start date of sales of the smartphone-bracelet Nubia Alpha

The company Nubia said that sales of a unique device – a smartphone bracelet Alpha – will begin on April 8. The novelty, like other smart watches, can track the quality of sleep, monitor exercise, send notifications.

Shuttle P90U: All-in-One PC with 19.5-inch touchscreen display

Shuttle announced an all-in-one XPC AIO P90U computer that has a fanless design, so it doesn’t produce any noise during operation. The novelty is equipped with a display size of 19.5 inches diagonally. Intel Kaby Lake U solution is used as a hardware platform. In particular, the Celeron 3865U processor with two processing cores operating at a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz is used. The chip includes the Intel HD Graphics 610 graphics accelerator. The monoblock can carry up to 32 GB of DDR4-2133 RAM on board. Inside the case there is a place for one 2.5-inch drive – a hard disk or solid-state solution.

Cloudflare has created a new high-speed VPN

Cloudflare presented a new VPN program. Cloudflare specialists presented the program WARP, which is a free and high-speed VPN-service. During development, employees of the company used a personal protocol that is optimized for mobile devices.

Skype answers calls without asking a user

In the Skype for Android mobile client, they found an unpleasant error – the application sometimes automatically accepts incoming calls, even if the user did not respond and did not pick up the phone. Needless to say, such “auto-answers” ​​can easily lead to an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation.

Scientists have created an artificial form of life.

The researchers began with the genome of C. crescentus, which contains 4,000 genes. As in most organisms, many of these genes are “junk DNA”, and scientists have previously found that only about 680 of them are necessary for life.

Liquid crystals will protect the pilots from the blinding laser

American chemists have adapted liquid crystals to protect aircraft pilots from blinding laser radiation. So far, scientists have developed a prototype cell, of which such a system will consist: in the normal state, the cell is transparent, but when the laser beam hits, it dims and weakens it about 20 times. The efficiency of the cell does not depend on the color, power or angle of incidence of the laser beam. About the new development, scientists reported at the Spring Meeting and the exhibition of the American chemical community (ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting & Exposition)

Developed pajamas that saves from insomnia

American scientists have created pajamas, which is able to carry out a full diagnosis. It is made of polymer patches and sensors. Pajamas have already checked on volunteers.

Physicists from MIPT discovered the “impossible” effect in semiconductors

One of the effects used to create lasers and LEDs can work in “pure” semiconductors, which was previously considered impossible. This physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Dolgoprudny is reported in an article published in the journal Semiconductor Science and Technology

Dolphin population disappears due to global warming

Global warming has a negative impact on the whole nature, including due to the increase in water temperature, dolphins more often die. Scientists in 2011 recorded in the Shark Bay (Australia) a sharp increase in temperature by more than 4 degrees.

Discovery: classical music influences the action of painkillers

Experts from the American University concluded that the combination of ibuprofen and music gives a very good analgesic effect. The improvement in pain relief was more than 90%. And thanks to the combination of the analogue of galanin NAX 5055-music, the negative manifestations of inflammation were reduced by 70%.

Last mink farm in Germany closed

The last mink fur farm in Germany closed in the city of Raden. The reason for this decision – a strong pressure from the zoodefenders, according to Deutsche Welle.

Sberbank received 40% of the assets of the largest Croatian retailer

Sberbank, as a result of the restructuring of Croatian grocery retailer debt, Agrokor received rights to 40% of Fortenova’s assets, into which Agrokor’s business was transformed, according to the materials of the corporate information disclosure center. The bank received the rights to the assets on April 1.

Naftogaz of Ukraine intends to raise $ 1 billion in China

Naftogaz of Ukraine can attract financing in the amount of $ 1 billion in China under insurance coverage of the Chinese credit agency Sinosure.

Germany is restoring its submarine fleet

Germany is recovering its submarine fleet. In the German Navy appeared combat-ready submarines. Three submarines are on duty at once.

Lost manuscript from the library of the son of Christopher Columbus found in Denmark

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have found a lost manuscript from the library of the eldest son of the Spanish navigator Christopher Columbus. This was reported by TASS with reference to the press release of the University of Granada.

Russian Defense Ministry officer received 19 years in prison for participation in the IG

The North Caucasian District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced ex-officer Denis Khisamov to 19 years in a strict regime colony for participation in the Islamic State (IG, a terrorist group banned in Russia), RBC was told in the court press service.

Large families will get tax breaks this year.

Large families already this year will be able to take advantage of new tax incentives for property and land. The State Duma promptly fulfills the assignment of the President of the Russian Federation and introduces innovations in hindsight. The draft law passed the second reading.

In Berlin, talked about the negotiations on the transit of gas through Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly pointed out that Berlin sees the Nord Stream 2 project as commercial, but at the same time it links its implementation to the preservation of the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine.

Pakistan has announced the death of three soldiers during shelling from India

The Pakistani army said that three of its servicemen were killed, another was injured as a result of “unprovoked” shelling by part of the Kashmir-disputed region controlled by India.

Russia will cover the Crimea and the Mediterranean with a radar dome

In four years, Russia will cover the Crimea and the Mediterranean Sea with a radar dome, which will be installed in the Nakhimov district of Sevastopol.

In the DPRK called the new teachings of the United States and South Korea provocation

The DPRK noted that the United States has once again demonstrated an unwillingness to abide by the agreements and fulfill its obligations. In particular, it is said that Washington and Seoul will re-engage their servicemen in joint exercises not far from the borders of the DPRK.

The military exercises of the US armed forces and the Republic of Korea themselves are called “blatant provocation that pours ice water (cold water tub) on the entire negotiation process, both between Pyongyang and Washington, and between Pyongyang and Seoul.”