15 Dec, 2017

US urged all to unite against Iran

Washington accused Iran of involvement in the supply of weapons, which is used by the rebels in Yemen. This was reported by the US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley.

Haley said that the United States has specific evidence of “illegal distribution of Iranian weapons, collected directly after military attacks on our partners in the region.”

At the same time, the Permanent Representative stressed that Washington had to take such an extraordinary step as declassifying the military equipment found on the site of the battle, only to “no longer allow the Iranian regime to continue its unlawful actions.”

“Combating Iran’s aggression is the struggle of the whole world, today the United States acts in a spirit of openness and international cooperation,” she assured.

Haley showed in Washington elements of a short-range ballistic missile launched in early November by Riyadh by Yemeni rebels – Husit. With reference to the US military experts, she noted that this missile and other military equipment presented to journalists were produced in Iran.

“It was transferred to the Husit rebels in Yemen, from there it was launched at a civilian airport and could potentially kill hundreds of innocent civilians in Saudi Arabia,” Haley added.

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Putin held telephone talks with Trump

Presidents of the United States and Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, during a telephone conversation, discussed the “dangerous situation in North Korea,” said in a statement to RIA Novosti Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

OSCE representative criticized the abolition of “network neutrality” in the US

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Arlem Desire, expressed serious concern over the cancellation of the principle of “network neutrality” in the United States. The corresponding message he published on December 14 in his Twitter.

Merkel said the immutability of the EU countries’ position on migrants

The positions of the EU member states on migration policy and quotas on the distribution of refugees have not changed yet. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said this on the first day of the EU summit.

The US asked China not to interfere with the work of American NGOs

Representatives of the United States and China during the consultations held in Beijing on December 14 discussed the work of American non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in China. This is stated in a December 14 message from the US State Department.

The US decided to protect Ukraine from “Russian propaganda” on the web

The bill provides, among other things, assistance to Ukraine in strengthening computer networks, protecting critical infrastructure and combating “Russian misinformation and propaganda”

Putin spoke about cooperation between Russia and China in the Arctic

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin spoke about cooperation between Russia and China in the Arctic. According to him, China shows great interest in the Northern Sea Route

Turkish FM outlines terms for signing agreement on S-400

“An agreement has been reached on the issue of lending, the details remain. Experts from both sides are working. When this work is finished, possibly this week, everything will be signed, “Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Turkish Foreign Minister

The Turkish Foreign Minister noted that the S-400 SAM systems delivered from Russia will be serviced by Turkish specialists, but it is possible to attract personnel from Russia for the installation.

United Russia will support Putin’s decision to go to the elections self-nominated

The acting secretary of the United Russia General Council Andrei Turchak said that the party supports the decision of President Vladimir Putin to go to the presidential elections in 2018 as a self-nominated person and will provide him with all necessary assistance in collecting signatures

LDPR was indignant at Peskov’s statement about the absence of competitors from Putin

The LDPR party addressed an open letter to Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of Russian President, in connection with his statement that Vladimir Putin had not “ripened” a competitor in the upcoming presidential elections.

“Do not evaluate other candidates. Nobody gave you such a right, “says a letter published on the party website.

LDPR accused the authorities of “sweeping” the political field.

“To make something ripe it is necessary not to fertilize this field with pesticides, but create the same conditions for growth,” the LDPR said.

According to the party, statements about the absence of candidates alternative to Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov humiliates 150 million Russians.

Saakashvili announced his desire to become the mayor of Odessa

Ex-President of Georgia, leader of the “Movement of New Forces” and former governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, said that he wants to become the mayor of Odessa. He said this on the air of the channel

Do you know what I dream about? .. I just want to go and become the mayor of Odessa. I am not kidding. I really want to pick up Odessa. But Odessa can be raised only after all the rules of the game are changed

The President of Lithuania supported the extension of sanctions against Russia

The extension of sanctions against Russia will be one of the topics of the Christmas meeting of EU leaders, and Lithuania intends to speak out for the continuation of the sanctions policy, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said on December 14 in the national radio of Lithuania

Roskomnadzor threatened to block YouTube due to the channel of “Open Russia”

The Office claims that the official video channel of the PR in YouTube has published “information materials of a foreign or international non-governmental organization whose activities are considered undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation.” On the eve of a similar notification received Twitter.

The Ministry of Justice has recognized the Altai organization, which conducts HIV-prevention

The Ministry has announced the regional public health education organization “Vybor” and the Altai social movement for supporting civil and social initiatives “Soglasie” as foreign agents. Meanwhile, the regions of Siberia are leading on the incidence of HIV in Russia.

Trump’s son gave a third testimony in the Senate on the “Russian cause”

The next – the third in a row – the interrogation of Trump Jr. took place on December 13. The son of the president appeared before the intelligence committee of the US Senate. He testified for nine hours. The Senate expects that this interrogation is not the last.

US Ambassador answered the question, whose Crimea

US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman called the Crimea Ukrainian. Such a question was asked to the diplomat on the page of the US embassy on Twitter. According to him, restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine is a critical factor for the improvement of Russian-American relations.

It is not for the US ambassador to determine, whose Crimea: the US neither to the Crimea, nor to those living there is irrelevant. They already said about Jerusalem – it would be better to keep silent. – Alexei Pushkov, Russian public figure


The EU and NATO will sign a new document on military cooperation

The European Union will sign a new document with the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) on military cooperation, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, as TASS reports, this will happen in 2018 at the block summit in Brussels

Syrian Foreign Ministry calls on UN to condemn bombing of civilians by coalition

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria sent letters to the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres calling for the condemnation of the bombing of civilians in the Deir az-Zor province conducted by an international coalition led by the United States.

Kalashnikov has completed tests of the latest AK-12 and AK-15 assault rifles

The head of the Kalashnikov concern, Alexey Krivoruchko, announced the completion of tests of the new Russian AK-12 and AK-15 automatic guns developed by the plant, which were tested for use in combat equipment of servicemen “Ratnik”

Tokyo and London have agreed never to recognize the nuclear status of the DPRK

The governments of Japan and Great Britain agreed that they will never recognize the nuclear status of the DPRK and will work to make maximum pressure on Pyongyang.

In Russia from Syria, the special technique of sappers is returned by sea

Special equipment, equipment and equipment of the detachment of the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Armed Forces have been sent from Syria to Russia, the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Su-34 returned from Syria to Khabarovsk Territory

Russian Su-34 bombers that completed the tasks in Syria returned to the Khabarovsk Territory. This is reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russia and the DPRK began the first meeting of a joint military commission

The first meeting of the joint military commission of Russia and the DPRK is held in Pyongyang on Thursday, December 14. Information about this spread the Russian embassy in North Korea.

Israeli aircraft attacked three Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli Air Force attacked three sites of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. As reported by the army press service, the attack was carried out in response to new rocket attacks from the enclave.

Ukrainian general criticized the “slow-moving” tanks APU

Tolokny pointed out that every type of army has its own problems: the Navy is seriously solving the housing problem, and the air forces have a difficult situation because of the deterioration of the fleet. Armored vehicles, which are in the APU, are technically obsolete, and modernization is not always successful.

Putin explained the DPRK’s motives in creating weapons of mass destruction

The authorities of the DPRK consider the creation of weapons of mass destruction to be the only means of self-preservation. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a big press conference.

Pentagon: Russia prepares for nuclear war

In Russia, they plan, while preparing for war, to expand and modernize the arsenal of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, reports The Washington Free Beacon. According to the Pentagon, by 2026 Russia will have 8,000 nuclear munitions.

The ships of the Pacific Fleet held training in the Indian Ocean

The ships of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) conducted an anti-terror group training on the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleev and a large sea tanker Boris Butoma in the Indian Ocean.


Elena Bunina appointed new CEO of Yandex

Elena Bunina, HR Director of Yandex in Russia, was appointed General Director of the company on December 1. This was reported on December 14 in the press service of “Yandex”

Disney bought most of the company’s 21st Century Fox for $ 52.4 billion

The conglomerate Walt Disney Company on Thursday made a deal with the US media tycoon Rupert Murdoch to buy the majority of its assets in the company 21st Century Fox at 52.4 billion dollars, according to a press release from Disney

In the Far East, energy officials threatened to disable military facilities

The energy industry is considering the possibility of limiting the heat and power supply to the Defense Ministry’s facilities in the Far East because of debts of 519 million rubles from the Central Housing and Utilities Administration (FGBU CZHKU), the Far Eastern Energy Company (DEK) reports.

The media told how many days of gas will be enough for Italy without Russia

If Europe stops receiving gas from Russia, fuel supplies in Italy will last about two weeks, the newspaper La Stampa writes. As reported, according to the gas workers, with the cessation of Russian gas supplies for about two weeks, difficulties will not arise.

Ministry of Energy: Oil production on the Russian shelf by the end of 2017 will grow by 61%

Oil production in the Russian shelf will grow by 61% to 36 million tons by the end of 2017, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the Russian Energy Ministry.

“Lukoil” approved the business plan for 2018-2020, based on oil for $ 50

“Lukoil” approved the company’s business plan for 2018-2020, laying in it the price of oil at $ 50 per barrel, the oil company said. The company’s medium-term development plan was approved by the board of directors on Thursday.

In China, serious measures are being taken to connect to the “Force of Siberia”

It became known that the Chinese side took unprecedented steps. In particular, the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) announced the adoption of drastic measures to accelerate the full speed of the gas pipeline in a number of provinces of the country

The share of Gazprom in the EU market at the end of 2017 will be more than 33%

The share of Gazprom in the gas market of the European Union will be over 33% by the end of 2017, Sergey Komlev, the head of the structuring of contracts and pricing of Gazprom Export, told reporters.

In Germany, they told about losses due to anti-Russian sanctions

The publication notes that Germany’s monthly export to Russia decreased due to the imposition of sanctions on average by € 727 million. Earlier, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite advocated the extension of EU anti-Russian sanctions. December 12 in the European Union was told about the intention to extend sanctions against Russia.

The court rejected the claim of Siemens to the “daughter” of “Rostecha” for the supply of turbines to the Crimea

The Moscow Arbitration Court decided to refuse to satisfy Siemens’s claim against Tekhnopromexport (Rostekha’s daughter) on the issue of supplying German turbines to the Crimea in spite of sanctions, while the counterclaim of Technopromexport against the German concern was rejected. This is reported by a correspondent of RBC.

Transneft refused the equipment of the French company due to cyber attacks

Transneft refused Schneider Electric equipment because of its vulnerability to external cyberattacks. The first vice-president of the company Maxim Grishanin told about this, TASS reported.

To support the Russian automobile industry in 2018 will allocate 35 billion rubles

Target programs to support demand for cars in Russia will begin to operate from January – for these purposes the Ministry of Industry and Trade has planned 16 billion rubles. In total, 35 billion rubles were allocated to finance the support of the automobile industry in 2018. Stimulating demand by subsidies is the last measure pushing the car market up, but there will be enough money only for the first six months, experts say.

Russians have less to withdraw cash from plastic cards

The volume of cash withdrawn by citizens from plastic cards for 9 months of 2017 compared to the same period last year decreased by 1.78% – to 18.7 trillion rubles, according to the Central Bank.

The Bank of Russia will take control over the activities of auditors

The Bank of Russia will take control over the activities of auditors. The corresponding bill was adopted unanimously by the State Duma on first reading on Thursday.

The volume of lending in October was a record for the whole year

According to analysts of the bureau, the main driver of growth in retail lending in October was a mortgage. In particular, the number of new mortgages increased by 60 percent year-on-year, while lending volumes grew by 70 percent

VTB put up for sale Eurobonds of Sberbank in 2014 for 460 million euros

VTB put up for sale issued in 2014 Eurobonds of Sberbank for up to 460 million euros, told RIA Novosti source in banking circles. The benchmark yield on securities is about 1.43%.

Bank of America reported the main risk for the Russian Federation for 2018

The main financial risk for Russia in 2018, according to analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, will be the introduction of US sanctions that prohibit the purchase of Russian federal loan bonds (OFZ).

The Ministry of Energy proposes to equate peat with alternative energy

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation proposes to equate the electricity generation on peat to renewable energy sources, Izvestia writes. Since the beginning of the new year, the department suggests that the Federal Antimonopoly Service be obliged to determine long-term tariffs for the industry.

Russia will catch up with Qatar at the expense of Yamal hydrocarbons

Taking into account the geological prospecting within the existing fields, it is possible to increase it to 70 million tons. In Russia by this time, according to forecasts, will be produced more than 80 million tons of LNG.

Saudi Aramco and Rosneft discuss investments in Indian Essar

Saudi Aramco and Rosneft are discussing joint investments in the Indian oil refining complex Essar. This in an interview with Reuters was told by the general director of the state oil company of Saudi Arabia Amin Nasser

Saudi King will allocate $ 19 billion to support the private sector of the economy

Today King of Saudi Arabia Salman ibn Abdel-Aziz al-Saud issued a decree according to which the authorities will allocate $ 19 billion to support the private sector of the local economy. Most funds, about $ 5.7 billion, will be allocated for housing loans

Kuzbass has extracted 221.2 million tons of coal for 11 months of 2017

The coal mines produced 60 million tons, energy brands – 161.2 million tons. Leaders of coal mining, which exceeded the figures for the same period last year: OOO Kizassky’s Razrez (more by 2.6 million tons), ZAO Stroyservis (2.2% million tons), OAO Kuzbassrazrezugol (1.9 million tonnes) and Raspadskaya Coal Company (1.1 million tonnes).


Court of Britain recognized WikiLeaks as a mass media outlet

“WikiLeaks is a mass media outlet that publishes and comments on official materials that have been censored or restricted, as well as related to war, intelligence and corruption and placed at its disposal under different circumstances,” the court statement quoted the publication.

A new type of fraud appeared on the financial market

A new type of fraud appeared on the financial market. This December 14, reports Kommersant. We are talking about pseudo-lawyers who promise to pay for the return of insurance, which was paid to the bank when making a loan.

The State Duma approved the law on the life sentence for recruiting terrorists

The State Duma finally passed a law on the extension of the criminal term up to life for recruiting into the ranks of terrorist organizations. The concern of the State Duma is connected with the activation of recruitment

Putin promised a year not to raise taxes and offered to forgive debtors

The current government as a whole is working satisfactorily, Putin believes. He noted that confidence in Russia’s policy is growing, this is evidenced by investors’ interest.

What exactly you need to pay attention to is taxes that do not meet the interests of citizens, business and the state as a whole. Overhaul, for example, or tax debt, which arose due to imperfections in the tax system. I think we need to free people from these payments. – Vladimir Putin

The Russians named the acceptable amount of pension

A little more than 28 percent of Russians said that they will have 15-20 thousand rubles a month in old age, and every tenth respondent reported that 10-15 thousand rubles are sufficient for pensioners. Only 22.7 percent of respondents said they would like to receive a pension of more than 30 thousand rubles.

MP from LDPR invited the head of the Ministry of Education and Science to introduce the 12th grade in schools

State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vasily Vlasov asked the Minister of Education and Science, Olga Vasilieva, on Thursday to consider the possibility of introducing the 12th grade in schools, and extend the summer school holidays for one month. A copy of the deputy request is available to TASS

More than 60% of Russians spoke against the replacement of people by robots

The tendency to replace people in the workplace by robots is considered correct only 27% of the working people of Russians, 62% were against it. This is evidenced by the survey data of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM), RIA Novosti reported

The teacher from Russia is included in the short list of the “Teacher of the World” award

It is noted that the top-50 included a teacher of mathematics school № 1409 in Moscow, Natalia Kiseleva. The presentation of the award “Teacher of the World” is held annually in Dubai. As informs the TASS, Kiseleva became the first teacher from Russia, got in a short-list of the award.

FAS fined NTV and Ren TV for exceeding the volume in advertising

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) fined 100 thousand rubles. TV channels NTV and “Ren TV” for exceeding the volume in announcements and advertising. The FAS reminded that the department received a complaint about exceeding the volume of sound in the advertising of TV channels. The controller measured the volume level on NTV on June 2.

Propaganda of drugs and extremism stopped on 33 thousand sites

Since the beginning of the Single Registry of Prohibited Information in 2012, the owners of more than 29,4 thousand Internet resources after sending notification to Roskomnadzor have restricted access to banned information.

Beeline will reduce roaming prices in Russia after FAS decision

VimpelCom (Beeline brand) will reduce roaming prices in Russia. This was said in a statement. Since Thursday, December 14, the cost of communication services for the subscribers of the operator when they are in Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as during trips to Russia in the networks of other operators will change, VimpelCom reported.

Bulk from the Church: Archpriest Chaplin began fighting corruption in the ROC

The former chairman (2009-2015) of the Synodal Department for the Relations between the Church and the Society of the ROC, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, together with a group of Orthodox clergy and laity, created an organization called “Church-Public Commission for the Study of the Violations of the Holy Canons and Church Charter”

The Arkhangelsk administration entered into a spiritual agreement with the diocese

The city now officially cooperates with the Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory Metropolises, and if in contracts with other institutions it is always about business projects and the economy, now spiritual values are placed in the forefront.

“The main core in our city is not the economy, but this is our spiritual and moral core. If he is strong, then everything else will be relying on him, if he does not, everything else will fall apart. ” – Metropolitan of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogorsky Daniil

Moscow doctors will receive tablets for work before the end of 2018

Moscow doctors visiting patients at home will receive tablets connected to the Single Medical Information and Analytical System (EMIA). This is reported by the information portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow.

Russians will be able to read their medical card on the website of state services

Currently, 76 Russian regions have connected a system of private patient rooms, through which you can make an appointment with a doctor and see information about the attachment to the clinic.

The next step is to get into your integrated electronic medical record and receive an epicrisis, and also to gain access to medical records through this epicrisis. All these steps we have to do in 2018 and allow all regions to be connected to this portal. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian statesman

The plane “drew” a Christmas tree in the sky over Germany

Airbus Airbus “painted” a Christmas tree, flying in the sky over Germany, reports the portal Flightradar24. According to the portal, the wide-body passenger aircraft Airbus A380 made a training flight. He flew from Hamburg and returned there

In Ufa, a boy collects money for his treatment with the help of writing books

A boy from Ufa Matvey Radchenko released a second book with fairy tales.

He asks everyone to buy books. He does not ask for a lot of money – 200 rubles for a book.

In 2015, doctors discovered that Matvey had an unusual illness. His body produces acetone. The amount of substance in Matvei’s analyzes exceeds the norm a hundred times.
Periodically, the boy starts incomprehensible attacks of vomiting. Approximately 30 times a day. Dangerous acetone corrodes the child’s body, so he is always under the supervision of doctors.

The doctors who examined the boy can not understand why he has such a disease.

The money for the treatment of Matvey is sorely lacking. So actually he began to write books for people. The illustrations were drawn by the artist Anait Garjan.

The boy’s mother tells that Matvey’s books are autobiographical. In them he talks about himself and his life. Mom says that asking for money is simply not in its principles, so the son started writing books to earn his own treatment


Prices for rest in Turkey will remain at the level of 2017

The cost of recreation in Turkish hotels in the summer of 2018 will remain at the level of the last summer season. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to TUI Russia and CIS Director General Taras Demura.

Season skiing at the resort “Rose Farm” opens on December 15

As reported by “Yugopolis”, it is expected that in the winter season ski resorts of the Kuban will receive about 1 million tourists. On December 5, Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov called the resorts “Rosa Khutor” and “Gorki Gorod” the ancestors of high prices in the mountain cluster of Sochi.

Tomichi will be able to fly directly to the island of Hainan in China from March 2018g

Direct charter flights to Hainan Island (China) will be performed from Tomsk weekly starting in March 2018, the press service of the Tomsk airport said on Thursday.

Chinese youth interested in extreme tourism in Russia

Chinese youth have recently shown increased interest in extreme types of tourism in Russia

Hosted by foreign tour operators visited the park “Ethnomir”

In early December, more than 60 representatives of 40 companies that hosted foreign tourists in Russia, visited the park “Ethnomir” and the hotel and restaurant complex “Usadba Romashkovo.” The purpose of the trip was to get acquainted with the possibilities of the park and manor in terms of the reception of foreign guests.

Yamal traveler will come to Sakhalin after the New Year

The Yamal traveler Andrei Menshikov, who went to Sakhalin from the village of Purpe in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District at the end of October, will resume his auto-expedition after the New Year

Accomplishment of two tourist zones completed in Khotkovo for World Cup 2018

In the Moscow region continues preparations for the 2018 World Cup. By the end of this year, in urban formations involved in holding the championship to the world football, the completion of the main part of works on the improvement of territories is scheduled.

The ski season on Sakhalin officially starts on December 23

With the opening of the STK “Mountain Air” on Sakhalin officially starts the ski season. As it became known to RIA “Sakhalin-Kuriles”, for the first time in a few years on the day of the start of the winter season, all routes will work on Mount Bolshevik

In the Hot Key will build a cable car to the top of the Kotkh Range

Massage with hot stones, therapeutic mud, ozonotherapy – dozens of procedures are offered to vacationers. And around Hot Key are kilometers of tourist routes. You can go to explore the neighborhood on foot or on horseback – horseback rides offer almost every camp site.

TUI Russia is preparing to open its own air transportation in the spring

TUI Russia will receive a side for its own air fleet in March 2018, the company’s general director Taras Demura told media. According to him, the tour operator intends to take over two A330 aircraft of the airline “Eiflay” and three A321 “Ural Airlines” liners.


In the US, Maduro’s relatives will go to prison for drug trafficking

In the US, two relatives of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, were sentenced to 18 years in prison for drug smuggling. It is about the two nephews of the wife of the Venezuelan leader – Celia Flores

In the north of Canada, a passenger plane crashed

In the north of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, a West Wind Aviation aircraft dropped. On board there were 22 passengers and three crew members. According to preliminary information, several people were injured

The hero of September 11 was found dead

American retired police officer Douglas Greenwood, who first came to the rescue of the victims during the September 11, 2001 tragedy in New York, committed suicide. This was reported by the New York Post on Thursday, December 14.

Dozens of migrants are saved by the Turkish coast guard

Several dozen migrants were saved by the Turkish coast guard in the Aegean Sea. In the boat, found in the Izmir region, there were 68 illegal immigrants. As reported by “RIA Novosti”, the Coast Guard received a call about the incident

Recruiter in the ranks of the IG in St. Petersburg sentenced to five years in prison

Moscow district military court sentenced to five years in prison a colony of recruiter Obid Abdyramov, a terrorist organization Islamic State (IG) banned in Russia. He was detained in the course of the investigation into the preparation of the terrorist act in the metro of St. Petersburg.

The explosion in the police academy in Somalia killed 17 people

It is noted that the explosion was committed by a suicide bomber who penetrated the morning construction of police officers. Earlier it was reported that the Somali authorities had fired several police officers and special services after a series of terrorist attacks in Mogadishu on October 28 that killed about 30 people

The surgeon in Britain left an “autograph” on the patient’s liver

British surgeon Simon Bramhall burned his autograph on the patient’s donor’s liver. This is reported by the publication Mirror. In the court of a surgeon-transplantologist, his colleagues filed after having caught him in burning out his initials on the donor’s liver

About 9 thousand people died in the first month of the conflict in Myanmar

The clashes in Myanmar from August 25 to September 24 killed about 9 thousand people. The press service of the non-governmental international organization “Médecins Sans Frontières” spread information about this.

A Chinese citizen tried to take out from Russia the teeth of a prehistoric shark

A Chinese citizen tried to take 24 teeth of a prehistoric shark to Russia from Russia. This is reported on the website of the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, to the museum of which the customs officers passed their teeth as a new exhibit

The case of a farmer who bought a spy device can return the prosecutor

The first hearing on the criminal case against a resident of the Kurgan region, who bought a device on the Internet to receive unspoken information, banned in the Russian Federation, is held on Thursday, the state prosecutor has filed a petition to return the case to the prosecutor, RIA Novosti adviser to the chairman of the Kurgan Oblast Court Vasily Shalay


Six new performers will enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018

Performer Nina Simone, as well as rock bands Bon Jovi, Cars, Dire Straits and Moody Blues will be included in 2018 in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the category of performers.

The singer Rosetta Tharp will be included in the category of artists who have influenced the early stages of the development of this genre.

The solemn ceremony will be held on April 14 in Cleveland (Ohio, USA).

Musicians can enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of the first recording. The list of candidates is drawn up by a special committee, followed by a vote.

Duane Johnson received a star on the Walk of Fame

Famous 45-year-old American actor, director, producer and screenwriter Dwyane Johnson got his own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. The solemn opening ceremony of the star took place on December 13.

FIFA 2018 Organizing Committee allows Ural Music Night to be held during the World Cup

The music festival takes place in Yekaterinburg on the last Friday of June, and 2018 will not be an exception – it will be on June 29, after all four World Cup matches. “Night of Music” presents Ekaterinburg to tourists not only as an industrial and sports, but also a cultural center.

Neuronet wrote a story about Harry Potter

Representatives of the Chicago studio Botnik published a story about Harry Potter, written by a neural network. The algorithm was loaded with seven novels by Joanne Rowling, and then asked him to write his own.

It turned out a work called “Harry Potter and a portrait of what looks like a huge pile of ash,” reports The Verge.

The story, in which only a few pages, turned out rather strange. For example, Harry Potter’s friend Ron Weasley turns into a spider and tries to eat Hermione’s parents.

Also, developers have stumped some phrases in the text. “Harry thought Ron was a loud, slow, soft bird.” Harry did not like to think about birds, “the authors of The Verge quote a fragment of the story.

The play “Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca” will be held without the participation of Dzhigarkhanyan

The play “The Theater of Nero and Seneca’s Times” at the Theater under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan will be held without the participation of the artistic director, who was to perform the role of Seneca.

Shalyapin Festival-2018 in Kazan will be held from February 1 to 22

In Kazan, from 1 to 22 February 2018 will be the XXXVI International Opera Festival. FI Shalyapin, dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the birth of the great bass. The program of the festival will consist of 13 performances and concerts with the participation of the stars of the world and Russian opera scene

The spectators of the “Craft” were taken to the forest to see “Time of growth of trees”

Today the audience of the festival of young Tatar direction “Craft” was in the forest near the village of Staroye Arakchino. It was here, and not in the theater, they were able to watch the performance “The Time of Growth of Trees” directed by Regina Sattarova.

In memory of Dmitry Hvorostovsky Royal Opera will present Rigoletto

The Royal Opera in London will present Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi. The play is dedicated to the memory of Dmitry Hvorostovsky. He sang in this production in 2005.

Krasnoyarsk and Astrakhan “changed” theaters

It turned out that Krasnoyarsk and Astrakhan are very similar, this was noted by the acting president. Minister of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Elena Mironenko: – In Astrakhan five exactly the same theaters as in Krasnoyarsk – the drama theater, the Theater for Young People, the musical theater, the puppet theater and the opera and ballet theater, and we have something to share.

Omsk will be shown six performances of the theater. Vakhtangova

On the stage of the Drama Theater, Omsk residents will be able to see the performances “Groza”, “Our class” and “Medea”. Within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation “Big Tours”, the Omsk Drama Theater will make a return visit to Moscow in September of the next year, Vakhtangova has seven of her performances.

In the musical theater in honor of Igor Tretyakov there will be a “Babi Riot”

More recently, the benefit performance of the main conductor Vadim Venediktov was held in the Volgograd Museteat, and on December 22 at 18.30 there will be another festival. This time the honored artist of the RSFSR Igor Tretyakov will become the beneficiary

“Creative Workshop” will show in Yaroslavl four performances

The troupe of the Drama Theater “Creative Workshop” will go to Yaroslavl, where, as part of the federal program “Big Tours”, the theater will show four performances on two theatrical stages

The play on “Little Tragedies” by Pushkin will be staged in NATe

“Little Tragedies” in NAT The play “Little Tragedies”, based on the same name by Alexander Pushkin, will be staged at the New Art Theater this Friday, December 15. On this day, the audience will see the familiar plays of the great Russian poet in a new, modern way.

“Matilda” earned in the broad box office more than 543 million rubles

For a month and a half “Matilda” in the cinemas of Russia and the CIS countries watched more than 2 million people, and box office fees exceeded 540 million rubles. This is reported on the official website of the film distributor “Karoprokat”. And most of the profits of “Matilda” earned in Russia.

In Sochi, from June 3 to 10, the Kinotavr Film Festival will be held

The open Russian film festival Kinotavr in 2018 will be held in Sochi from 3 to 10 June. This was stated in the press service of the organizers of the festival. “Kinotavr” starts accepting applications for participation in the main competitive program of a full and short meter

Kevin Hart will play the hitman in the comic action movie “On the Run”

Universal has acquired the rights to the comic thriller “On the Run”. Kevin Hart, known for the films “A Half Spy” and “Krepis!”, Will play the main role in the film according to the script of Aisha Carr (“Brooklyn 9-9”) and will produce the project together with Will Packer. In the comedy “On the Run” Hart will play the role of hired killer

Museums in the Moscow Kremlin will feature documentaries

The museums are preparing a program about Boris Godunov with a documentary film “Chosen to reign” and a lecture, as well as an exhibition about the art of the era of Ivan the Terrible with the film “Faces of the Third Rome” and a lecture. Visitors are waiting for a program about the Moscow Kremlin in 1812, knightly orders, Ivan III and others.

The Novgorod Orchestra of Folk Instruments will perform in Tomsk

In the Tomsk Drama Theater there will be a concert of the orchestra of Russian folk instruments of the Novgorod region named after. V.G. Babanova. Soloists and laureates of all-Russian and international competitions will perform for Tomsk spectators.

Elton John will perform in Moscow

Elton John has repeatedly performed in Russia. The previous tours of the musician were held in May 2016 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Sir Elton John – a singer, composer and pianist, had a significant influence on the development of the so-called “light rock”


Harvey Weinstein does not remember how he solicited Salma Hayek

Producer Harvey Weinstein on the charges of Salma Hayek in harassment replied that he did not remember that he pressed on the actress and urged her to appear in the frank scene of the film “Frida.” This was reported by Gazeta.ru with reference to Deadline

Star “Games of Thrones” told about the ending of the series

As British actress Sophie Turner said, when the show-men David Benyoff and Dan Wyssse read the phrase “The End of the Game of Thrones,” everyone wept
Speaking about the final season, the actress promised that there will be more fantastic elements and that they will be more ambitious. It also hinted that more meetings, conspiracies and alliances are expected

Mark Wahlberg is named the most overrated actor in 2017

Mark Wahlberg is named the most overrated actor in 2017, experts concluded. Forbes, recalling that the actor was given an advance of $ 68 million for his participation in the film “Patriot Day”, an article about it was published in the magazine on December 13.

Ravshana Kurkova showed in Instagram “pregnant” photo

The actress posted a photo in the profile of the social network, where she is dressed in Soviet times, next to her make-up artist. But the photo shows that she is pregnant. Therefore, her fans immediately began to rejoice over her, write congratulatory comments and wish the best child the best

“Naked” dress Volochkova in the Kremlin caused a furore: photo

Volochkova in the “bare” dress visited the Kremlin at the presentation of the National Music Award. Volochkova shared her photos with her blog in Instagram, having previously disabled the opportunity to comment on her outfit.

Ivan Okhlobystin would like to serve in the Pskov region

During the tour in Pskov, Ivan Okhlobystin admitted that he would like to return to the church service in the Nikolskoye temple in the Troobor fortification in Izborsk, the place where his ancestors are buried

Spouse Krasko asks not to compare her with his ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan

Natalia Shevel, the current wife of Ivan Krasko, the famous actor of cinema and theater, told about the intricacies of living together with the artist. According to her, despite the difference at the age of 60, her marriage is quite organic, and comparisons with the family life of Djigarkhanyan are out of place

Lera Kudryavtsev fans compared with the “aging doll Barbie”

The popular TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva in her personal microblog has published a new photo, which caused resentment of the fans. In the comments they began to assert that the celebrity every year becomes similar to the “aging Barbie doll”

Selena Gomez shocked the fans with a radical change of image

Recently on the page of Selena Gomez in Instagram appeared a photo that shows a new haircut of the singer and actress. She said that she changed her image, because she always wants to remain a mystery to her beloved Justin Bieber. The fans were very shocked by the new image of Selena

The media told about the novel by Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt

Jen is again free, open to new relationships, and Pitt is the right party. Moreover, the “young” have already gone on a few dates. In this media recalled the material in 2012, in which the “insider” told that Pitt called Lawrence very sweet and talented.

Evelina Bledans struck fans with her archive snapshot

TV presenter and actress Evelina Bledans recently found her archive snapshot, which she decided to share with the fans. Fans were amazed, because in 28 years the actress was left as she was young. Evelina Bledans in her 48 years looks great without wrinkles and with an ideal figure.

Evelina Bledans admitted that she bred men for free food

The girl cheated men that they could eat free in restaurants. On her page in the instagram, a popular actress published a photo of 1989, made in her native Yalta. On it you can see the 20-year-old Evelyn Bledans showing a pair of long legs in the company of girlfriends

Malakhov made a show of the tragedy Borisova

The doctor of the rehabilitation center, which treats Borisova, said that his patient’s condition is stable and there are no threats to life. Andrey Malakhov, presenter of the program “Live” stressed that this view is shared by all the familiar Dany

Lana Del Rey laid out a photo with the late Amy Winehouse in the car

In her “instagrame” American singer Lana Del Rey laid out a photo on which she sits in one car with the legendary Amy Winehouse. The army of Lana Del Rey fans began to wonder whether this is a real photo or photoshop

In Paris, one of the places in the city will be named Johnny Holliday

The city council of Paris on Wednesday decided to assign to one of the places in the city the name of the famous French singer Johnny Holliday, who died last week, the edition Express

The valley leaves Russia after childbirth

The Russian national music award did not bring surprises – on the stage the familiar faces were shining. Leshchenko, Kirkorov, Basques, Orbakayt ruts with reward for rewarding, from concert to concert, from ceremony to ceremony. But behind the scenes it was hot – the guests and poured out revelations.


Physicists forced the drops to flow off the plane along a given route

Using hydrophobic guide lines on a superhydrophobic surface, physicists caused droplets to flow off a flat surface along a predetermined route, for example, a circle or a sinusoid

Scientists have created a power source for the model of the organs of the electric eel

This is also due to the effects of a nerve impulse. The electrical potential accumulates in electrocites, and afterwards at the necessary moment, the eel applies it for discharge. It is this formula scientists decided to take as the basis and created against this background a source for nutrition

British journalists write in co-authorship with robots

Today the program writes about political elections and football matches and is able to independently write written on Twitter. Recall, previously British physicist Stephen Hawking predicted a “judgment day” – sooner or later robots will enslave humanity.

A power source was created based on the model of the organs of the electric eel

The organs that produce electric current occupy more than half the body in the eel, and the discharge strength is such that it can paralyze an animal the size of a horse. Scientists have created a power source, where electricity is produced on the basis of the difference in salinity in fresh and sea water.

Scientists: gene therapy successfully cured the “illness of the Tsarevich Alexei”

Geneticists from Britain announced the successful completion of the first phase of clinical trials of gene therapy that relieves a person of the classical form of hemophilia suffered by Tsarevich Alexei and many other descendants of the British Queen Victoria, according to an article published in the journal NEJM.

Scientists: Failure in the work of biological clocks leads to inflammation of the brain

In the course of the work done, the scientists established that when the BMAL1 protein regulating circadian rhythms is “turned off,” pathogenic T lymphocytes are activated in the cells of innate immunity. They penetrate into the brain, where the destruction of the myelin sheath of nerves begins.

Nanoparticles help diagnose tuberculosis by urine analysis

The main component of the technique was a new polysaccharide-binding chemical complex. Scientists sewn it to nanoparticles, which can be incubated with urine and then extracted therefrom, concentrating the polysaccharide in this way.

Scientists have found out how many times in three hundred years wine glasses have increased

Scientists compared the size of 411 glasses for wine produced from the 1700s to 2017. It turned out that from the 1700’s to the 2000’s the volume of the glass increased from 66 ml to 417 ml. In 2016-2017, the goblets contained already 449 ml of wine.

The physical force was called the main factor of the attractiveness of men

Psychologists from Australia and the United States interviewed 160 women and found: signs of physical strength were the main factor in assessing the external appeal of men to all participants in the study. High growth only slightly increased attractiveness, and excess weight reduced it, but not much.

Scientists: mice communicate with the opposite sex on high tones

Austrian scientists found that house mice are squeaking on high tones when communicating with the opposite sex. Ultrasound vocalization Mus musculus resembles bird singing – noted in the article of the journal PLoS ONE


NASA experts discovered the second solar system

The NASA telescope discovered the eighth planet in the Kepler-90 star system. The solar system is no longer unique in the number of planets, according to the website of the space agency. The new planet Kepler-90i was discovered in a system located in the constellation of the Dragon in 2,5 thousand light years from the Earth

On the ISS will open an orbital hotel for tourists

Vladimir Solntsev, the General Director of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia, said that a special tourist module will be created at the International Space Station (ISS), the Izvestia newspaper reports.

Saturn has recently acquired rings

The device Cassini for several years measured the intensity of the meteor stream in the vicinity of Saturn (it was ten times more than previously thought), and based on this data, scientists were able to calculate the time of formation of the rings.

Giant “City of God” discovered Hubble in the center of the universe

There is a “Abode of God” in the very center of the universe, its size is enormously huge, so even compared to it, our Earth can be called a fine grain of sand. It is also interesting that the “city of God” moves in much the same way as the surrounding galaxies

In the US, they will release a stamp in honor of the first American woman to fly into space

The US Postal Service will release a brand with the image of Sally Ryde (1951-2012) – the first American woman who made a flight in space in 1983. Ryde became the third woman in history – after the Soviet women-cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Svetlana Savitskaya – who was in orbit


British engineer connected ADSL Internet on a wet rope

For the sake of experiment, the engineer submitted the Internet through a wet rope. The engineer of the provider, who works on the ADSL standard, created a data line through a rope that was previously soaked in salt water so that it could conduct a signal.

In the dynamics of Google Home hides “Mr. Satoshi”

Users of the Google Home speaker with voice control found that in this device, besides the standard assistant, Mr. Satoshi is hiding. You can start the hidden function by saying “Ok Google” used to activate the helper, after which you need to call Satoshi.

A significant portion of Microsoft Edge users are bots

As the representatives of Net Applications say, a significant part of those who use the browser of the American company are just bots. They are used by scammers in order to cheat traffic on special sites, for making money.

VKontakte has the opportunity to delete their messages from their interlocutors

In November VK added invitations to the conversations, and also allowed editing the messages within 24 hours after sending.

New algorithms will improve the quality of GIF animations

The Gfycat service, created to store and create GIF animations, introduced three new algorithms of machine learning to improve the quality of animated images. Thanks to new projects, animated images can be accompanied by tags

Bluetooth 5: communication within 800 meters

Responsible for the development of Bluetooth is the company Special Interest Group (SIG). It has developed a new standard of networks, in which data can be transmitted within a radius of up to 800 meters. The improvements primarily concern wireless technology “Bluetooth Low Energy” (BLE)

The creators of the largest botnet Mirai acknowledged their guilt

Paras Zha, Josiah White and Dalton Norman pleaded guilty to the creation and launch of the global Mirai botnet, which in 2016 disrupted several large Internet services

In the beta version of Search Console, you have access to statistics for the year

Google has extended the storage period in Search Console. This innovation is implemented in the beta version of the service

Twitter began to count the number of video views

In the social network Twitter there was an option for counting video views. This applies to absolutely all staff. It is reported that the counter of the website will count the viewing, if the video was playing for at least 2 seconds, and in the viewing area was 50% of the pixels.

AdWords allowed targeting ads to phone numbers and email addresses

Google AdWords allowed advertisers to use phone numbers and email addresses of customers to target their companies. This will help marketers who do not have e-mail addresses of customers, find them and target their ads to them.


The most popular shooter in 2017 lost the settings menu on Xbox One

Bluehole Studio has released PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One. Users have already complained about the poor optimization of the game. Now it turned out that the developers did not add the settings menu to the game, as it was in the PC version.

The authors of Crysis sued the creators of Star Citizen

Studio Crytek is suing Cloud Imperium Games, sponsored by Star Citizen. The companies entered into a partnership agreement back in 2012, according to which the authors of the space simulator could use the CryEngine engine.

Burnout Paradise will soon reach modern platforms

Quite unexpectedly, one of the Brazilian retail stores gave birth to a new rumor: it is possible that in March next year we are waiting for the release of the remaster Burnout Paradise on modern platforms.

Developers will spend a free weekend for Injustice 2

For the game project Injustice 2, which is the continuation of the superhit Injustice, came a free weekend. To such decision representatives of companies Warner Bros. came. and DC Entertainment.

Blizzard launched the “Winter Cover” event in Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Company announced the launch of the “Winter Cover” event in Heroes of the Storm. The developers have posted a preview video on the Youtube channel of the game. In the update, Blizzard added thematic portraits, graffiti and new transport.

The authors of God of War told the new combat system and RPG-elements of the game

The new God of War and the combat system will change, and now the developers have told how the fights will look in the upcoming game. According to the creators of the game, in the new God of War, Kratos will fight somewhat differently than in the previous parts.

The newest Metal Gear Survive will play for free

The company Konami intends to conduct an open beta-testing of Metal Gear Survive, in which the evaluation of the game will be free. The shooter should become a spin-off of the classic series, but the main antagonists in it will be zombies.

The authors of Attack on Titan 2 shared new screenshots

Company Koei Tecmo has published today new images from the action game Attack on Titan 2, at which the authors presented game characters, titans and customization of the protagonist

BioWare told about why it was decided to create Mass Effect

Creative director of BioWare Austin James Ohlen (James Ohlen) told Eurogamer why he decided to create Mass Effect, and to give Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords to Obsidian Entertainment.

Alegriabet is launched in the world market

The brand Alegriabet.com enters the international market of online games. After a long development, the company, licensed in Curacao, has created a modern platform that combines cutting-edge technology and security.

Fallout 5? New Vegas 2? Online? What will Bethesda do

Developing Fallout 4, Bethesda tried a new strategy: all work on the continuation of the post-nuclear adventure was conducted in the strictest secrecy, the first teaser announcement (without gameplay) was made just 6 months before the release.


The sale of cars project “Cortege” will deal with Sollers

The company Sollers together with the Central Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute (NAMI) intends to create a joint venture that will deal with the sale of vehicles of the Cortezh line, this was reported by Forbes magazine on December 14 referring to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

Smart called ruble prices for a special version of ForFour Crosstown

The novelty will reach the Russian market in January next year. The special version of the conventional version of the model differs from the plastic overlays on wheel arches, side skirts, as well as black 16-inch wheels and sports suspension.

UAZ “Patriot” can get a new “distribution” of Indian production

Russian SUV “Patriot” can get a new transfer box Divgi Warner. At least in the base of Rosstandart, OTTS has appeared on this model with the said “distribution” of the Divgi Warner series TZ-94-000-003-A. When such a modification goes into production, it is not yet known exactly

The 25-year-old real estate salesman made a rival to the Tesla tractor

Los Angeles startup Thor Trucks, founded by a 25-year-old real estate salesman, presented a prototype of an electric tractor that should compete with Tesla Semi. On one charge the truck will be able to travel up to 480 kilometers, and its carrying capacity will be 36 tons

The first tests of an unmanned car on an ordinary road began in Japan

The tests of an unmanned vehicle on an ordinary road first began in Japan on Thursday. For the experiment, a 700-meter-long highway section was selected in the city of Kota in the central part of the main island of Honshu, open to other traffic, Kyodo reports.

The first pictures of the new Nissan Terra off-roader appeared on the Internet

A well-known automotive company is carrying out regular road tests of its new car. This is a frame SUV Nissan Terra. And so the Chinese photo spy was able to capture during such tests a novelty from Nissan.

Alibaba has organized sale of cars through the automatic machine with the help of selfi

Chinese online store Alibaba has organized the sale of cars through the machine with the help of selfi. Two vending machines in which cars are sold will open in Nanjing and Shanghai. To access the machines you need to be a customer of the Zhima Credit and Alibaba Super Member systems.

Subaru WRX STI is recalled in Russia

The company Subaru is launching a revitalizing campaign that will affect 28 cars sold in the Russian market, it reports. Subaru WRX STI cars sold from 2014 to 2016 came under review

In Russia, sales of the Chinese crossover Haval H8

In the first three quarters of this year, only 34 people became owners of H8 crossovers. In total for this period dealers Haval have sold 1324 cars that has provided the company the fourth place among the Chinese motor-car manufacturers in Russia

The Russian car market took the fifth place in Europe

As a result of November, Russia took the fifth place among the largest automobile markets in Europe, the analytical agency “Autostat” reports. In the past month alone, 140.5 thousand cars were sold in Russia without LCV. In October, the Russian market also ranked fifth in the ranking.

Volkswagen Atlas off-road vehicles respond due to a serious malfunction

Manufacturer Volkswagen began the review of the new Atlas off-roader, which entered the market at the beginning of this year. As it became known that some cars are defective fuel tanks.

For Honda Freed released the tuning package Modulo X

Japanese engineers have released a tuning package Modulo X for the compact Honda Freed, as the press service of Honda informed on the eve. Additions will increase the cost of the car to 2,830,680 yen (about 1,477,000 rubles)

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