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18 Ноя, 2022

Warmest year on record

This year, so far, the temperature in the world is on average 0.86 degrees higher than the average for the 20th century. And this is the result: the average annual temperature is more than 0.8 degrees higher than the levels of the 20th century, it has been holding for the eighth year in a row (despite the fact that before 2015 such a strong excess was never recorded at all)

But in general, over the past 150 years, the world has greatly «warmed up» during the Second World War, has held out for some time at medium levels — and as it began to warm sharply from the late 1970s, it continues to this day

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Scientists from the Royal Institute for Marine Research conducted an experiment in the waters of the Wadden Sea, setting up «reefs» created from pear trees. Much faster than the researchers expected, life appeared there: the branches were overgrown with mollusks and algae, and marine animals settled nearby. At the same time, there are five times more fish in the reef area than in adjacent areas with a bare sandy bottom, according to the institute’s website. There are also shrimp, crabs and oysters.

Scientists say that the natural habitats of marine life over the past century have been destroyed due to active fishing and the construction of dams. The creation of artificial reefs is important for the conservation of natural diversity. Now they hope to install them in the North Sea


Pickle Robot, a developer of truck unloading robots, has raised $26 million in Series A funding. Pickle Robot unloading systems work alongside people on loading docks to make work safer, faster and more efficient. Pickle said it will use the funding to accelerate time to market and strengthen adoption capabilities.

Investors participating in this funding round included Toyota AI Ventures, Third Kind Venture Capital, Hyperplane Ventures, BoxGroup and Version One Ventures.


The German company Infineon is building its second chip factory in Dresden. The American corporation Intel is investing 17 billion euros in two factories in Magdeburg — for Germany, this is the largest industrial project of the 21st century so far.


Germany’s IG Metall has reached an agreement with employers to raise wages for workers in the steel and electricity industries by 8.5% over two years amid decades of record inflation in the country.


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