29 Апр, 2021

Warning fire towards Iranian boats

US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf opened warning fire after being approached by ships of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) naval forces, the Pentagon said.

«American teams sent many warnings through radio and loudspeaker, but the IRGC ships continued to maneuver at close range. The crew of the Firebolt then fired warning shots, and the IRGC ships withdrew a safe distance from the American ships,» the US Navy website said in a statement. …

News digest for 04/28/2021

The Constitutional Court allowed the seizure of the only housing from the debtors

The Constitutional Court (CC) of Russia ruled that the norms of the Civil Procedure Code and the Law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy), which, under a number of conditions, allow foreclosure on the only housing of a debtor citizen, do not contradict the Constitution

The initiator of the consideration of the case was a resident of the Kaluga region, Ivan Revkov, who more than 20 years ago lent money to an acquaintance who did not return this debt. The plaintiff was unable to obtain debt collection through the court. At the same time, taking into account the indexation, the amount of debt reached four million rubles, and the acquaintance herself acquired an apartment with an area of ​​over 110 square meters and declared herself bankrupt.

Lavrov announced the creation in Russia of a base for an analogue of SWIFT

The Foreign Minister was asked whether the Central Bank’s financial messaging system is a valid rudiment of an alternative to SWIFT.

“The base exists. And I am convinced that both the government and the Central Bank should do everything to ensure that this base is reliable and guarantees full independence and a guarantee against damage that someone may try to additionally inflict on us, ”Lavrov replied.

Alphabet revenue in the first quarter of 2021

Revenue of Alphabet Corporation, which owns Google, grew by more than 34% in the first quarter of 2021, according to the company’s financial statements released on Tuesday.

«Total revenue of $ 55.3 billion in the first quarter reflects increased online consumer activity and growth in ad revenue,» said Ruth Porat, the corporation’s chief financial officer.

The Russian government approved a mortgage for the construction of private houses

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced that he had approved a preferential mortgage program for families, thanks to which they will be able to receive loans at 6 percent per annum for the construction of individual private houses

Gazprom refused to sell more gas through Ukraine

Russia has turned down an offer to sell more gas via Ukraine. Gazprom did not take the opportunity to book additional capacities for pumping gas in May, Interfax reports.

Sea sponges that can walk

Researchers accidentally discovered three previously unknown species of Arctic sea sponges off the northern coast of Russia — the coast of Franz Josef Land. It is noted that the found sea sponges are able to move smoothly along the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, although most of their «colleagues» lead an attached lifestyle. The scientific journal Current Biology published a material dedicated to the new discovery of oceanologists from the Institute of Marine Microbiology of the Max Planck Society (Germany).

Burning Man festival canceled by organizers

The Burning Man music and art festival, which takes place in the desert in the US state of Nevada, has been canceled for the second year in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the festival’s website.

Burning Man has been held since 1991. The festival got its name in honor of the burning of a large wooden stuffed man. One of the slogans of the event is maximum self-expression, civic responsibility and joint efforts to organize a holiday.

Biologists from Japan make a breakthrough in saving corals from extinction

Biologists have succeeded in creating the first stable coral cell line. During the experiment, seven of the eight cell cultures of the coral acroporids of the species Acropora tenuis successfully grew within 10 minutes.

This type of coral acroporid is the most abundant coral found in tropical and subtropical seas. Their rapid growth makes them the backbone of coral reefs.

Researchers find that climate change is affecting plankton

Researchers from the University of Oxford found that a key type of inability of zooplankton to adapt to climate change could have adverse effects on marine food webs around the world.

Our research is an important starting point in efforts to understand how sensitive the underwater environment is to climate change and how it might affect even single-celled species in our oceans, said lead author Gwen Antell of the University of Oxford’s Department of Earth Sciences.

A&E to release documentary on Kiss

American TV channel A&E will release a four-hour documentary about the rock band Kiss. The project will be directed by DJ Viola, known for his work on the film Christmas Wishes and Kisses under the Mistletoe. The film was produced by Leslie Greif, best known for his reality TV series Gene Simmons’ Family Treasures. The film will include interviews with Simmons, Paul Stanley. Tommy Thayer, Dave Grohl, Eric Singer, Doc McGee, Tom Morello will take part in the project. The first series of the documentary project will be released on June 27.

Bulgaria suspects Russians of involvement in explosions at military warehouses

Bulgarian authorities are investigating the possible involvement of six Russians in the explosions at military depots in Bulgaria since 2011, Bloomberg reported. It is also about checking the alleged connection between these explosions and the explosion of an ammunition depot in the Czech village of Vrbetice in 2014, the report said.

US to use navy to defend Taiwan

The American fleet is stationed near Taiwan in case of active action against the island by China, said the chief of staff of the US Navy, Admiral Michael Gilday.

Recall that in early March, the White House announced the intention of the new US administration to assist Taiwan in preserving its self-defense potential. At the end of January, the US State Department promised to continue to provide military assistance to Taiwan.

Russia has declared three employees of the Embassy of Slovakia persona non grata

Russia has declared three employees of the Slovak Embassy in Moscow persona non grata, they must leave the Russian Federation by the end of the day on May 5. This is stated in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry spread on Wednesday.

Lubomir Regak was informed that, in retaliation, three employees of the Slovak Embassy in Moscow were declared persona non grata. They were ordered to leave the territory of the Russian Federation before the expiration of May 5, 2021. The ambassador has been handed a corresponding note, — the message says.

US Coast Guard boat entered the Black Sea

US Navy officials have informed that the United States Coast Guard patrol boat Hamilton has entered the Black Sea. RIA Novosti reports. The press service of the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy said that the ship was sent for joint operations with NATO forces.

Russian oil workers refuse to supply oil to Belarusian refineries

The United States has tightened sanctions against Belarus in connection with human rights violations and abuses. According to Reuters, Rosneft and Surgutneftegaz do not plan to supply oil to the Naftan refinery in May.

The court terminated the criminal case of a resident of Yekaterinburg, who was shot by the Russian guards

The court dismissed the criminal case against a resident of Yekaterinburg, Vladimir Taushankov, who was shot dead by Rosgvardia fighters during a search on suspicion of stealing four rolls of wallpaper. The case was closed due to the death of the accused. The court also ordered the return of four rolls of wallpaper to the seller.

Dmitry Medvedev urged to save money on science

State funds allocated for science should be spent more economically, said Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, on Tuesday. Among the tasks of the country’s scientific and technological development are the creation of a modern research infrastructure, support for young scientists and innovative projects, Medvedev listed at a meeting of the Presidium of the Council for Science and Education under the President of the Russian Federation.

“In recent years, our country has achieved certain successes and retained its leadership in a number of areas. However, further work requires a readjustment of this activity and, in fact, fundamentally new strategic decisions, he said.

The development of these decisions, according to Medvedev, is greatly hampered by the disunity of departments, each of which is engaged in both fundamental and applied science.

“This disunity does not create a synergistic effect, does not give any total result,” the ex-prime minister complained.

Coordination, he said, will prevent unnecessary costs.

«[It is necessary] to try in an economical way to spend the funds that we have, which are allocated in this very difficult situation, at least not allowing them to be spent on topics that are very close in terms of problems,» TASS quotes Medvedev.

In terms of research and development expenditures, Russia lags 5 times behind Israel, 3 times behind the United States, and 40% behind the 1990 USSR. Recall that the flight of scientists from Russia has accelerated 5 times. RAS President recognized Russia as technologically backward

Russian gasoline prices in March 2021

On the national average, gasoline prices in the first 3 months of 2021 increased by 3% (from 2.7% for 98 gasoline to 3.3% for 92), and diesel prices — by 1.5%. Compared to March 2020, the growth is 5.2% and 3%, respectively. But these are consumer prices.

Producer prices rose much more. Since the beginning of the year, + 22% for gasoline and + 7.3% for diesel fuel. Compared to March 2020: + 18.6% and + 5.8%, respectively