31 Jul, 2018

We can not guarantee commercial secrets …

Since August 1, the Federal Tax Service will start publishing information on taxpayers on the Internet, which used to be tax sensitive. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The Office will disclose information through the special service “Transparent Business” on its website. According to the idea of ​​the Federal Tax Service, this will help entrepreneurs to check whether its partners are “one-day” and do not try to avoid paying taxes.

Among the disclosed information will be information on the average number of employees of organizations for the previous year, information on special tax treatment applied by taxpayers, as well as information on the participation of companies in the consolidated group of taxpayers as of December 31 of the previous year.

Later, the agency plans to begin to disclose data on the debts and penalties of companies, on the amounts of taxes paid and on tax violations, on income and expenditure according to the financial statements.

An exception will be made only for strategic enterprises and organizations of the defense industry complex, as well as “companies classified as the largest taxpayers,” the department specified.

July 11, it became known that the Federal Tax Service requires amendments to the legislation, which in fact deprive Russians of tax secrecy – the agency requires to give it full access to all bank accounts of Russians.

Briefly about the main …..


Shestun began a hunger strike in Lefortovo

In the PMC they said that Shastun started a hunger strike because he was not allowed to see a lawyer and was not allowed to stand as a candidate for the forthcoming elections of the head of the Serpukhov district.

Shestun was detained in mid-June. According to the investigation, in 2008, having exceeded his authority, he transferred four land plots with a total area of 10.3 hectares. As a result, the Serpukhov district was damaged in the amount of 62 million rubles. On June 14, the Moscow Basmanny Court arrested Shestun until August 13.

In Russian schools found a serious shortage of teachers

This was stated by 48% of the teachers surveyed. The reason for the outflow of personnel was called high workload and low salaries.

Some teachers leave school directly during the school year, unable to withstand a high workload, including non-pedagogical, and low wages. And many admit that they discourage young teachers from going to work in school. – Love of Dukhanin, Russian politician

In France, banned the use of mobile phones in schools

Rules can enter into force from the beginning of the new school year. The banning of mobile phones in schools was one of Emmanuel Macron’s pre-election promises.

From contributions for capital repairs in Russia, families with disabled people were released

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that partially or completely exempts from payment of contributions for capital repairs as non-working homeowners aged 70 and over, families with non-working citizens of retirement age or non-working disabled persons of Groups I and II

Putin signed the law on fines for violations in equity construction

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on administrative liability for violations in the shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate. The document was published on Monday on the portal of legal information.

Putin approved the law on the liability of commodity Internet aggregators

The law tightens the responsibility of Internet aggregators, in particular, from now on they are responsible for real damage because of knowingly unreliable information about the product or service.

In addition, the legislation introduces the concept of “aggregator” as an independent subject of responsibility to consumers, in case of inaccurate information about the goods, service or seller, the owner must return the prepayment to the buyer within 10 days.

Refusal to return prepayment is possible if the seller has provided the aggregator with a confirmation of the transfer of the goods to the consumer. In turn, the consumer can demand the return of prepayment in court in case of disagreement with the evidence provided by the owner of the aggregator evidence of consumer acceptance of the goods / services.

Putin canceled the state duties on electronic registration of legal entities and IP

The state fee for the registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs when filing documents via the Internet will cease to be charged in the Russian Federation as from January 1, 2019.

Georgia legalized the use of marijuana

The Constitutional Court of Georgia legalized the use of marijuana in the country. This is reported on Monday, July 30, “Georgia Online”. As noted, the court in its decision noted that the consumption of marijuana represents an action protected by the right to free development of the individual

In Russia, simplified the payment of property taxes

Vladimir Putin signed a law that allows citizens to transfer property taxes by a single payment. The document is published on the official portal of legal information. The innovation will come into force from the beginning of 2019.

In Britain, they allowed to stop caring for the sick in the vegetative state without the sanction of the court

Adopted judicial decision allows the medical personnel to refuse to patients who are in an unchanged vegetative state in food and water, allowing them to die if appropriate agreement is reached between the family of such a patient and doctors

Citizens were transferred from one pension fund to another

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the transition of citizens from one non-state pension fund (NPF) to another or from VEB to NPF. The document is posted on the official website of legal information on Monday, the law was signed on July 29

In the US they told about the secret surveillance of air passengers

Security officials took into account even heavy sweating and frequent trips to the toilet. Thus, an armed group of air marshals secretly tracked thousands of Americans, pursuing them from the place of departure to the destination

Facebook will open its headquarters in London

Facebook Company announced the construction of a new headquarters in the Kings Cross area with an area of more than 55.7 thousand square meters. m, the newspaper notes. According to Steve Hatch, the head of the company’s Northern Europe office, she “is investing in the megapolis for the long term.”

The lawyer of the beaten prisoner asked for him state protection

The lawyer of the prisoner Yevgeny Makarov, who was tortured in Yaroslavl colony No. 1, Irina Biryukova appealed to the Investigative Committee with a request for securing state protection for the ward. She said this on her Facebook page.

Venediktov left the board of directors of “Echo of Moscow”

The editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow, Alexei Venediktov, said that he had left the radio station’s board of directors. He wrote about this in his Telegram-channel.

Choosing between the board of directors and the editorial board, I chose the editorial board. Now it is easier for me to defend the editorial positions in this story. But my deputy Ekaterina Goldina will now represent minority shareholders. – Alexei Venediktov, Russian journalist

The Ministry of Transport suggested not to consider ladies’ bags and briefcases with hand baggage

The Ministry of Transport of Russia proposed changing the federal aviation regulations. In particular, withdraw ladies’ bags and briefcases from the concept of hand luggage. The document, published on the portal of draft normative legal acts, explains that these items will not have to be weighed before the flight.

In the State Duma proposed to increase the penalty for business without a license

Deputies from the party “United Russia” proposed 40 times to increase fines for business without registering or forming a legal entity, the Izvestia newspaper reported, citing the text of the document and the head of the United Russia expert-advisory council (EKS), Dmitry Sazonov.

Russians want to provide free satellite TV

Operators of satellite television may be required to provide access to compulsory public television channels to Russians who are not covered by a wired digital television. The corresponding draft law, submitted by the Ministry of Communications, was published on the portal of normative legal acts

The Moscow authorities have allocated a new site for filming “Dom-2”

A new site, on which the reality show “Dom-2” will be filmed, will be located next to the pavilion, which fell under demolition. This is the head of the Moscow department of development of new territories, Vladimir Zhidkin told the Moscow news agency “Moscow”.

Participants of the action Pussy Riot was detained immediately after 15 days of arrest

All four participants of the action of the group Pussy Riot at the finals of the World Cup 2018 were detained immediately after leaving the special detention center – after serving 15 days of administrative arrest. This was reported by one of the participants of the action – Peter Verzilov.

“At the Luzhniki police department they say that the order to leave us for the night – before holding some events in the morning. For the night will leave all four, according to the staff. There are no charges “, – wrote Versilov.

Accused of the shooting of journalists, the Capital Gazette did not admit guilt

The US citizen Jarrod Ramos, who committed an attack on the editorial staff of the newspaper Capital Gazette and accused of killing five employees of the publication, did not admit his guilt in committing the crime, reports The Baltimore Sun. Ramos did not attend the court session and transferred his position through a petition


The tax secret will cease to be a secret

Since August 1, the Federal Tax Service will start publishing information on taxpayers on the Internet, which used to be tax sensitive.

The target program for the development of the Crimea can be extended until 2022

The program was launched in 2015, 800 billion rubles were allocated for its implementation.

The FTP was conceived for five years, but we prepared proposals to extend it until 2022 with an increase in financing by 37 billion rubles. So, 85 objects in the Republic of Crimea and 55 objects in Sevastopol will be financed. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian politician

The central bank said GDP growth in the second quarter

The annual growth rate of Russia’s GDP in the second quarter of 2018, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, was 1.8-2.2%, according to the information-analytical material of the regulator “Economics” for June. “This is indicated by the dynamics of supply and demand indicators,” the Central Bank notes.

The number of black creditors doubled in a year

In January-June, the regulator initiated the blocking of 1104 sites, of which 182 are sites of pseudo-banks. According to 208 illegal illegal forex dealers, the regulator sent materials to the law enforcement agencies, Lyakh said. Since early 2018, the regulator has identified 82 organizations with signs of a financial pyramid

AFK Sistema freed from the bail “Children’s World”

In February, AFK Sistema signed an agreement with RFPI and Gazprombank on financing the obligations under the amicable agreement with Rosneft. Under the agreement, the corporation received a loan of 40 billion rubles. on the security of 52% of Detsky Mir shares and 90% of the authorized capital of BESK.

The proceeds of McDonald’s in Russia declined for the first time in 19 years

Proceeds of McDonald’s LLC – the main operating company of the fast food chain in Russia (does not take into account the points in the metropolitan region) – following the results of 2017 for the first time in 19 years, since 1999 (earlier data are not available), showed a decrease.

Airlines owed Russian passengers € 10.2 million

According to a study by AirHelp, in 2018, a record was set on the number of detained flights. According to the results of 6 months, Russian airlines should receive more than € 10 million worldwide. From January 1 to June 30, 4.5 million passengers suffered from delays, cancellations and overbookings of flights

The key rate of the CBR remains the same

The report clarifies that despite the fact that annual inflation remains below the target, there was a tendency of its return to 4%. Thus, it is possible to forecast the annual growth rates of consumer prices in 3.5-4% at the end of 2018 and a temporary excess of annual inflation of 4% in 2019

ICB increased the offer to buy back Eurobonds to $ 142.8 million

Investors put out the bonds of the issue with redemption in 2027 for an acquisition of $ 154.1 million, unlimited-issue paper – by $ 163.8 million, in connection with which the bank decided to increase the offer for redemption. The bank will accept applications for redemption before August 10.

“Gazprom” canceled the purchase of pipes at 23 billion rubles

The second phase of SCP is scheduled to be commissioned in stages, beginning in 2020. According to the monitoring of Interfax, from the beginning of 2018 the companies of the Gazprom Group announced or planned the purchase of 897,935 tons of LDP for 77.314 billion rubles. Of these, 602.885 thousand tons were purchased for 49.413 billion rubles.

Restart of “Nord Stream” reduced transit of gas through Ukraine

Restarting the gas pipeline reduced transit through Ukraine, the resources of the gas transportation system of which Gazprom used to partially compensate for the outgoing transport capacity. Already on Monday, the nomination for pumping through the Uzhgorod corridor fell to 156 million cubic meters. m from 198 million cubic meters. m on Sunday.

China’s gas demand grew by 17% in the first half of 2018

In the first half of 2018, oil consumption in China increased by 2.5% compared to the first half of 2017, coal consumption increased by 3.1%. As reported on July 23, 2018, China in 2017 increased the import of pipeline gas in comparison with 2016 by 8.8% to 41.69 billion cubic meters

Gazpromneft received an oil inflow on a new project in Eastern Siberia

In February 2018, the first shipment of oil was delivered from the Ignalina site to the oil pipeline leading to China – the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO). The field is expected to be fully developed in 2024, Gazpromneft reported.

Japanese Inpex starts gas production within the Ichthys LNG project

According to Inpex, the company now plans to begin shipping products from the project by the end of September – almost two years after the original plan. The first to export is condensate, then liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Deep-sea breakthrough: exploration and production in the ocean grow

According to the estimates of the oilfield services corporation Schlumberger, in 2018, the amount of work on deepwater assets will grow substantially; the market is gradually recovering.

The company forecasts an increase in drilling volumes on the shelf by approximately 10% in 2018, as well as a possible increase in the rate of development of deepwater projects by the end of 2019.

New technological solutions, standardization of equipment production, cost reduction contribute to the commercialization of deep-sea reserves, making their development profitable at oil prices below $ 30-50 per barrel.

Deep-sea projects are being implemented at depths of over 305 meters. The main centers of major discoveries and the launch of new projects are the regions of the so-called “Atlantic Golden Triangle” (North America and Western America). Interesting and significant in terms of resources, projects are also being implemented in North-Western Europe, the Mediterranean, East Africa and other regions.

Putin appointed Vaino head of the group to combat illegal financial operations

President Vladimir Putin appointed head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino, head of the interdepartmental working group to counter illegal financial transactions. The corresponding document is published on the portal of legal information.

Russia won a dispute with Ukraine in the WTO on the supply of wagons

Russia won a dispute in the World Trade Organization (WTO) with Ukraine about the import of wagons and switches, RIA Novosti was told by Maxim Medvedkov, the director of the trade negotiations department of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Lenders require the bankruptcy of the publishing house “Science”

The creditors demand to declare the publishing house “Nauka” bankrupt. His debts amount to 500 million rubles, the newspaper Kommersant reports with reference to the adviser of the publishing house’s director Boris Kupriyanov.

“Tatfondbank” bankrupt the plant-unfinished, which could not pre-credit

Recall, due to credit funds, which should have allocated “Tatfondbank” in the amount of more than 3.9 billion rubles, and the participation of JSC “Nefics Cosmetics” from Kazan in the capital of Tatarstan, it was planned to build a plant for the production of synthetic detergents.

Loucoster “Pobeda” decided to buy 30 aircraft Boeing 737 MAX8

The carrier posted a technical assignment there, including the provision of consulting (legal) services to support the acquisition of 30 Boeing 737 MAX8 aircraft, which could be converted into a Boeing 737 MAX10 or a Boeing 737 MAX8-200. For these services, “Victory” offers 6 million rubles.

Non-state pension funds lost billions

Non-state pension funds “Safmar” and “Lukoil-Garant” remained at a loss from the revaluation of securities “Opening of the holding” in the amount of 10.5 billion rubles, from the revaluation of securities of VTB Bank – 6.5 billion rubles. All these figures are based on the results of nine months of 2017

Crimean business will have access to preferential lending

Small and medium-sized businesses of the Crimea will have access to preferential loans, said the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin

Sberbank placed exchange-traded bonds for 40 billion rubles

Sberbank placed exchange-traded bonds for 40 billion rubles at face value, the organization said. During the period from 25 to 30 July 2018, the Bank placed 40 million bonds of the 001R-16R series with a nominal value of 1,000 rubles each, which is 66.67% of the total volume of the loan.

Tesla is going to build a plant in Europe

Ilon Mask is in talks with representatives of Germany and the Netherlands about the construction of the first major Tesla plant in the EU countries, the Wall Street Journal reported on July 30. The publication refers to “competent sources”, but there is no official confirmation of this information from Tesla or the Mask itself.


Trump announced his readiness to meet with Rouhani

The US president added that he would not set the preconditions for such a meeting. He stressed that he was ready for negotiations “at any time.” Relations between Iran and the United States escalated in May, when Trump announced the withdrawal of Washington from a nuclear deal with Tehran.

Egypt invited Russia to move the embassy to the new capital of the country

Egypt before the end of 2018 plans to complete the construction of a new administrative capital, in which all government departments will be transferred. The city has not yet received an official name. It will be located 45 km east of Cairo, which will lose the status of the capital

“We need new blood” – Spanish Foreign Minister on migration to Europe

Migrants can change the demographic situation and give Europe “fresh blood” so that it does not turn into a “continent of old people”. This opinion was expressed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Spain, Josep Borrell, during a press conference following the meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi.

The European Parliament commented on the proposal to “split Russia”

Many states in Eastern Europe expect that Russia will be able to liquidate and make a colonial appendage, European MEP from Latvia Miroslav Mitrofanov said on Monday, July 30, commenting on the statements of the deputy of the Latvian Seim Alexander Kirshtejns.

But what he has in the language, others – in mind … People like Kirshtejnsu hope for a new redivision of the world, in which dismemberment of Russia leads to a redistribution of goods. Kirshtejns expresses the aspirations, opinions, hopes of a considerable part of politicians of the East Europe. – Miroslav Mitrofanov, Latvian politician

Russian Foreign Ministry regrets that US will not attend a meeting on Syria in Sochi

The refusal of the American side to send its representatives to the 10th international meeting on Syria in the “Astana format”, which takes place in Sochi on July 30-31, is unfortunate, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Greek court granted Russia’s second request for the extradition of Vinnik

The court in Thessaloniki granted the second request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office for the extradition of Alexander Vinnik, told RIA Novosti lawyer Timofey Musatov.

Vinnyka was arrested in Greece last July at the request of the United States, who accused him of laundering four to nine billion dollars through the exchange of crypto-currencies.

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine expressed the protest of Russia in connection with Medvedev’s trip to Crimea

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed another protest from Russia in connection with the trip of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to the Crimea. This was reported on Monday by the press service of the Ukrainian diplomatic department.

The Polish Sejm should demand reparation from Russia

The Polish Sejm of the next convocation should prepare claims to Russia about military reparations, said Arkadiusz Mularchik, head of the parliamentary committee on payment of reparations, in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

The British Consulate General in St. Petersburg removed the flag

Employees of the British Consulate General in St. Petersburg removed the flag from the flagstaff near the building on Lafon Street, where the closed territory of the diplomatic mission is located. The ceremony was attended by Consul General Kit Allan and the rest of the representatives of the mission

The British Foreign Minister confused the Chinese with the Japanese

The new Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, during a meeting with the foreign minister of China, Wang Yi in Beijing, confused the Chinese with the Japanese.

My wife is Japanese … that is, a Chinese woman … It’s awful to make such a mistake. My wife is a Chinese woman, my children are half Chinese, so their grandparents from China, they live in Siani. – Jeremy Hunt, British politician

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy quoted Mussolini on the birthday of the dictator

Italian Interior Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini published on Twitter a quote from the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini on his birthday. The minister quoted Mussolini’s words “many enemies – many honor”, commenting on a critical article about himself, entitled “Down with Salvini”

Most residents of Britain are dissatisfied with the work of Theresa May

Nearly three-quarters of the British expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Spain requested additional assistance because of the influx of migrants

Spain asked the European Commission for additional emergency assistance against the backdrop of a growing inflow of migrants from the Mediterranean, Brussels is considering this request, EFE reports with reference to the EC representative Natasha Berto.

Ex-President of Peru was forbidden to go to the US for a survey

Judge Juan Sanchez Balbuena forbade former Peruvian President Pedro Kuchinsky to leave the country for medical examination in the US.

SBU has launched a case of state treason against Poroshenko

SBU is investigating the fact of high treason Piotr Poroshenko, the Verkhovna Rada deputy Vitaliy Kupriy said in Facebook. The People’s Deputy told that he received a summons to be summoned for questioning to the SBU as a witness. Photo of the relevant document the parliamentarian attached to the record.


US intelligence suspected North Korea of producing new missiles

The US intelligence services have seen signs that North Korea is continuing to build new missiles capable of reaching the territory of America. About this writes The Washington Post

The Military-Political Department was created in the Ministry of Defense of Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry has created a new structure – the military-political administration of the Russian Armed Forces, which was headed by the former commander of troops in Syria and the ex-commander of the Western Military District, Andrei Kartapolov

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported massive layoffs of officers

The ranks of the Ukrainian army for the first half of 2018 left 11,000 officers and contract soldiers. As reported by the portal Ukrmilitary, most of the servicemen did not like the low salary. This reason for dismissal in the survey indicated 36% of respondents.

The Russian Navy will receive air-cushion ships

The Russian Navy will receive the newest air-cushion ships Zubr and Murena. They will be built in the framework of the state program of armaments until 2027, said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

Libya accused Qatar of facilitating the militants of Al-Qaeda

Speaking at a briefing in Cairo, he also showed footage on which, according to him, the military from Qatar are training terrorists in Libya. He also said that it was Doha who was behind the attack of armed bands on the Mediterranean ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidr

US military bases in Europe turned out to be dependent on Russia

The base serves as the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe. As it turned out, almost 40 percent of oil products used at US military facilities in Germany are of Russian origin. It turns out that the US military bases in Europe depend on Russian energy resources.

Frontier guards of Russia and Finland conducted joint border inspection

Employees of the Russian FSB border guard department in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region with colleagues from the Finnish Border Guard conducted a joint inspection of the state border in the Vyborg direction for several days.

The Pentagon will spend $ 885 million on the development of artificial intelligence

The US Department of Defense will spend $ 885 million to develop artificial intelligence (AI), “in order to compete successfully with Russia and China.” The Wall Street Journal wrote on July 31 referring to the representative of the American consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton, Josh Sullivan.

Military of South Korea and North Korea held talks at the level of generals

At the border point of Panmunjom, talks were held between the military of South Korea and the DPRK. According to the “Ryongap”, their main goal was to reduce tensions on the Korean peninsula. April 27 was the third Inter-Korean summit.

The Ministry of Defense will purchase 2.5 thousand medals for the “Participant of the military operation”

The total amount of the contract is 9.96 million rubles. In late June, more than 150 military policemen returned from Syria to Russia. President Vladimir Putin at a reception in honor of military graduates then said that 1140 Russian servicemen, 13 planes and 14 helicopters were withdrawn from the Syrian territory

The Syrian army took control of the line of separation with Israel in the Golan

The official troops of Damascus took control of the entire line of separation of Syrian and Israeli troops in the Golan Heights. Now the security from the frontier with Lebanon of the Shab’a area to the point of Maarai at the junction of the occupied part of the Golan with the territory of Jordan is carried out by the army of Assad.

For the generals created the Center for War Games

The Military Game Center (DVR) began its work in the Armed Forces. It was created on the basis of the Military Academy of the General Staff. “Play” in the war will be generals – listeners of the academy.

Here you can train in deploying the front or conducting a large-scale military operation. The center is equipped with the latest achievements of information technology. A special simulator allows you to play scenarios of real military conflicts. Experts believe that this will increase the effectiveness of training the leaders of the operational level, beginning with the command of the combined arms army.


The court arrested the attacker on the policeman at the Embassy of Slovakia in Moscow

Tver court of Moscow arrested until September 27 a 17-year-old young man who attacked with a knife on a policeman near the Embassy of Slovakia in Moscow

Germany gave Russia a key figurant of the “cocaine case”

Earlier it was reported that the investigator urgently invited lawyer Kovalchuk to attend the presentation of a new charge to the suspect. In Russia, Andrei Kovalchuk was extradited from Germany, who is suspected of organizing large supplies of cocaine from Argentina.

The court upheld the assets and accounts of 16 companies in the Magomedov case

The Moscow City Court refused to cancel the security arrest imposed on the assets and bank accounts of several companies in the criminal case of the co-owner of the Suma group Ziyavudin Magomedov and his brother Magomed Magomedov, Interfax reported.

In Tajikistan, all those who attacked foreign tourists were eliminated

In Tajikistan, all criminals who drove in a car to a group of tourists from Western countries were neutralized, and then attacked them with knives and firearms. This is reported by the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan.

Malaysia published the final report on the missing Boeing

The Malaysian investigation team could not come to specific conclusions about the reasons for the disappearance in 2014 of the MH370 Malaysia Airlines.

The Guardian newspaper reports on the results of the press conference of the head of the investigation group Kok Su Chon who presented a report on the investigation into the disappearance of the liner in Kuala Lumpur.

“We can not determine with any certainty the reason why the aircraft deviated from the planned route,” Kok Su Chon said. “The team can not determine the real cause of the disappearance,” he added.

According to the head of the research group, the work was complicated by the fact that there were practically no debris left from the liner, and studying the negotiations of pilots or recordings of surveillance cameras showed nothing unusual in the behavior of the crew of the aircraft. The investigators managed to establish that before the disappearance the plane sharply took the reverse course, switching to manual control, Kok Su Chon said.

“We can conclude that the MH370 turned around and that this reversal was not carried out because of any anomalies in the operation of the mechanical system. The turn was made not on autopilot, but as a result of manual control, “he explained.

He also said that disabling communication with dispatchers and a sharp turn of the plane back “irresistibly indicate” some kind of extraneous interference, but noted that so far no terrorist group has taken responsibility.

In Dagestan, a three-year-old child killed his mother

In Dagestan, a check is being carried out on the fact of the murder. A young resident of the city of Kaspiysk was killed by her own child, RIA “Dagestan” writes. According to the publication, the boy accidentally pressed the trigger of the firearm “Saiga”

Prisoners in the Yaroslavl colony announced a hunger strike

A group of prisoners in prison No. 8 of Yaroslavl declared a hunger strike, “demanding the creation of preferential conditions for serving their sentences,” the UFSIN for the region reported.

Terrorist attack in the south of the Philippines: six people died

In the province of Basilan in the south of the Philippines, at least six people were killed in a car explosion in the morning on Tuesday, July 31. The incident was reported by the news agency Xinhua, referring to local media.

Khabarovsk Krai residents convicted for theft from crashed aircraft

Residents of the Khabarovsk Territory were convicted for the theft of personal belongings of passengers of the crashed L-410 aircraft. The man was sentenced to 100 hours of compulsory labor, the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office said.

In the Krasnoyarsk region forced to board a private jet An-2

The five people on board were not injured. At the beginning of July, an AN-2 aircraft belonging to ALROSA was forced into Yakutia, which conducted an aeromagnetic survey. The incident occurred in the area of the Munsk deposit, the aircraft landed on the spit of the Muna River

A case is brought about because of the death of a woman in a catastrophe accident in Khakassia

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case because of the death of a woman, as a result of the overturning of a catamaran on the river She in Khakassia. This was announced on Tuesday by the press service of the regional department of the Investigative Committee.

In Colombia, bandits on motorcycles shot seven people in a billiard room

As transfers Tiempo, the robbers on motorcycles have approached to a billiard room and have shot the people who were there.


Ani Lorak’s husband cheats on her with a Kiev party-goer

The family happiness of Ani Lorak and Murat Nalcagioglu was in jeopardy. The media managed to find out that while the singer attends music festivals, her spouse is having fun with another woman in karaoke. For the past nine years, Ani Lorak has been happily married to Turkish businessman Murat Nalchagioglu.

Mother Anastasia Volochkova published a photo: “legs are better than those of my daughter”

Mother Anastasia Volochkova Tamara Vladimirovna is resting at the moment with her granddaughter Ariadna in Turkey. The woman has placed in Instagram a picture, on which the slender legs of a woman attract attention.

Father Megan Markle used the forbidden reception: Princess Diana

Recently it became known that the wife of Prince Harry Megan Markle does not want to communicate with his father. This is due to the fact that Thomas Markle began to speak in the press with statements that his daughter did not like very much.

In particular, he spoke about the fact that Megan is unhappy in her new family. In addition, Brother Megan recently wrote to Queen Elizabeth II personally, claiming that Prince Harry’s wife was allegedly harassed by Prince Charles and his wife, Camille.

Now Thomas Markle is far more harshly interviewed, saying that the late Princess Diana would have condemned the way the royal family and his daughter acted with him. Here it should be noted that the first wife of Prince Charles, the mother of Harry and William, was extremely unhappy in the royal family and eventually divorced from her husband.

Maksakova in a red swimsuit showed chic shapes

Maksakova in a red swimsuit showed a chic form The singer showed subscribers swim in the pool. Opera singer Maria Maksakova surprised fans with an unexpected video

Loboda confessed that her youngest daughter had stopped recognizing her

35-year-old Svetlana Loboda has got in touch with the fans and told about her family life. Almost immediately after the birth of the youngest daughter of Tilda, singer Svetlana Loboda left the decree, began to actively perform and record new songs

Medvedev was criticized for neglecting the Russian language

At the end of last season, Evgeni Medvedev changed coach, leaving Etere Tutberidze for Brian Orser. The figure skater is now in Canada, where she continues to prepare for the competition. The star of blue ice regularly shares photo reports.

Kim Kardashian revealed the secret of her weight

Fans for a long time wondered what the real weight of the 37-year-old Kim Kardashian. The other day the reality TV star finally decided to reveal all the cards.

On July 29, a charity poker tournament took place, in which the sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner family took part.

“You look very slender. In fact, I’ve never seen you so skinny! No more than my wallet, it’s amazing, “- complimented the senator Kendall Jenner.

To which the embarrassed Kim replied:

“Thank you! I now weigh 119 pounds (53 kilograms), well, without hair extensions, of course. “

The grandchildren of the oligarch Telman Ismailov live in poverty

Oligarch Telman Ismailov is a very generous and kind person, but he does not assume that his grandchildren live more than mediocre. Several years ago the son of Ismailov Sarhan was in a relationship with an ordinary girl Catherine Romanova, who gave him a son and daughter

Granddaughter of Ephraim told about the affair with Boris Yeltsin – junior

Ephraim’s granddaughter told about the affair with Boris Yeltsin – the youngest Olga Efremova returned to Russia after five years of absence. The granddaughter of the legendary actor and director Oleg Efremov did not appear for five years at home, living in different countries: the United States, Britain, Germany, China, Thailand and Italy

Milonov called Buzov “the brothel generation” and advised milking cows

The deputy of the State Duma Vitaly Milonov spoke sharply about the singer Olga Buzovy, calling it “the brothel’s creation under the name” Dom-2 “.” According to him, the artist does not know how to sing or move, but she actively uses the Nazi greeting in her speeches.

The actors of “The Guardians of the Galaxy” stood up for the dismissed film director

Actors of the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy” signed an open letter in support of director James Gunn, dismissed from a series of “offensive” messages on the social network Twitter, the letter was published on his page in Instagram protagonist of the picture Chris Pratt.


Actor Jean Renault – 70 years old

French actor Jean Reno, born Juan Moreno, celebrates the 70th anniversary. He was born in a Spanish family, spent his childhood in Morocco, and changed his name after moving to France. World fame actor brought roles in the films of director Luc Besson – “Leon”, “Nikita”, “Blue Abyss”.

The actor from the “Game of Thrones” will be photographed in the film adaptation of the tales of the Brothers Grimm

The winner of two Emmy and Golden Globe awards Peter Dinklage is invited to a new project – adaptation of the Grimm Brothers fairy tale Rumpelstiltschen.

Released a teaser series “Maniac” with Emma Stone

In a minute teaser you can see the main characters of the series, which sit silently opposite each other. Also in the series are shot Justin Theroux, Sally Field and others. The premiere of the comedy series “Maniac” will be held on Netflix September 21, 2018.

Amazon named the full cast of the “Romanovs”

Online service Amazon Prime Video revealed the cast and the date of the premiere of the “Romanovs” Matthew Weiner in the first trailer of the TV project.

The series will tell about the descendants of the Russian dynasty of kings and emperors, but so far we know only the names of the actors, of which the video is a video.

Among the names mentioned are Isabelle Huppert, Aaron Eckhart, Diane Lane, Paul Raiser, Cory Stall, and others.

Previously, the creators of the series stressed that the “Romanovs” – not a historical project and will tell about the modern descendants of the kings or those who consider themselves such. In total, the release of eight series of “Romanovs” is planned. Each of the eight episodes will have its own story with no recurring characters.

Netflix revealed the reason for the postponement of the third season of “Very strange cases”

The streaming service Netflix revealed the reason for the premiere of the third season of the series “Very Weird Cases” for the summer of 2019. This was reported by vice president of content Cindy Holland during a conversation with media representatives.

According to Holland, at the moment the creators of the series are brothers Duffer and producer Sean Levy are working on a new season of the show. Vice President Netflix noted that the series is a “handmade show”, and the Duffers themselves are trying hard to create “something bigger and better” than last year …

A cartoon about Russian princesses from the “Mill” will be released in September

The creators of the cartoons about the three heroes and serials “Luntik” and “Barboskiny” are working on a new project – the animated series “Princess”, which will be released on the channel “STS Kids” on September 1. This is a story about five heroines of Russian folk tales.

Apple will release a series based on “Bandits in Time” by Terry Gilliam

Studio Apple is finishing negotiations on the purchase of the right to adapt the tape Terry Gilliam “Bandits in Time”, reports Deadline. Based on the film is planned to make a multi-series project for digital stream-platform. The series will develop Anonymous Content, Paramount Television and Media Rights Capital.

Trailer released the second season of the excellent series “Ozark”

August 31 starts the second season of a modest, but charming series “Ozark.” On YouTube-channel Netflix appeared trailer continued dark adventures adventurer Marty Bird.


Tesla released a limited series of surfboards

The American company-manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla presented a limited collection of surfboards. In total, 200 items worth $ 1,5 thousand will be produced.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A 2019 can get a triple camera

According to preliminary data, Samsung Galaxy S10 was to be the first smartphone with a triple camera. Experts said that such details were seen on the camera phones of Huawei P20 Pro. Now in the reports that appeared, the developers indicated a completely different model with an improved module

Live images of new smartphones iPhone

On the Internet, the first “live” photos of two new iPhone gadgets were posted, which, perhaps, will be released later this year. Pictures were posted by one of the insiders on Twitter.

Samsung will present Smart TV for pre-order Galaxy Note 9

In the Indonesian segment of Twitter is discussed a promotional poster from Samsung, submitted to the release of Galaxy Note 9. According to the advertisement, when pre-ordering the smartphone as a gift, Samsung Smart TV TV is available with a diagonal of 32 and 40 inches. Users question the credibility of the action.

Google Pixel 3 XL in white color appeared on the “live” photo

Expected Google Pixel 3 XL first appeared on the “live” photo in white. The world debut of the novelty, according to tradition, is expected in October. A few months before the premiere of Google Pixel 3 XL on the web, there were a lot of interesting leaks.

Huawei posted the first photo of Mate 20 Pro

The photo appeared in the Chinese social network Weibo. Judging by the picture, the smartphone received a thin frame, besides it does not have a characteristic arc in the style of the iPhone X. The front camera is not visible, so there is a suggestion that it will be retractable

In the database Geekbench appeared data on the smartphone Meizu 16

In a single-threaded test Meizu 16 scored 2,289 points, and in a multithreaded result, 8,865 points. Recall that the presentation of Meizu 16 will take place on August 8. The smartphone will become the owner of a six-inch screen, made using AMOLED technology.

Xiaomi August 3 will present a gaming laptop of a new generation

On the design of the laptop Xiaomi Gaming Notebook is not known, but most likely it will change. The gaming laptop will be shown on August 3rd.

Xiaomi and Oppo will make folding smartphones twice cheaper than Samsung

According to the authoritative edition of The Investor, two leading Chinese manufacturers of smartphones – Xiaomi and Oppo – are preparing to release their own bending devices. Recall, back in 2013, the first of these technologies began talking Korean Samsung.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Wireless Charging Station

Today, the network appeared images of the model EP-P3100, which allegedly will also be called the Wireless Charger Duo and also allow charging two devices at the same time. Only here it looks like part of the older model

Google launched a voice assistant in Russian

Google launched Google Voice Assistant in Russian. This is stated in the message on the company’s website. The company noted that the voice assistant will help in “solving everyday problems” – “whether it’s planning the day, traveling or chatting with friends”

YouTube for Android has received a nightly mode

In the next update, the YouTube app for Android smartphones will receive a dark theme for the design. The dark interface in the iOS app was received back in March of this year

YouTube has learned to adapt to vertical video

Video hosting YouTube recognized the popularity of vertical video and decided to adapt the format of the player for them in the desktop version, adding support for video with different proportions.

In the Direction you will be able to edit the Turbo Pages

Yandex will automatically transfer all the created Turbo pages to an editable format. Content, buttons and colors will not change, and the template is slightly different from the usual

Google has forbidden to publish applications for mining on Android

According to the Google Play rule, in the store developers do not have the right to place “applications intended for minimizing crypto currency on devices”. At the same time, Google allowed to publish applications that regulate mining crypto-currency remotely

Yandex can find private videos from YouTube

If you get deeper, you can understand that the video is identified and is available for viewing to everyone. However, YouTube marks the video as “only available to those to whom the link was sent.” It should be noted that Yandex faced similar situations not the first time.

Telegram launched a single document storage system

Previously, scanned images had to be individually uploaded to each new service. Now Telegram has proposed a single system for storing such documents – Telegram Passport.

The Apple Store app has added a voice search

Developers of the Apple Store have added the ability to voice search. The innovation is available immediately on all gadgets running iOS.

“Scary” virus scared users of instant messenger WhatsApp

The new virus attacked the users of the WhatsApp messenger. A new subscriber called Momo suddenly appeared in the contact list. The bot can call the user by video link, or send messages with photos of shocking content.

The function of group calls appeared in WhatsApp

As noted in the blog of the company, in the day, WhatsApp users spend more than two billion minutes on calls. Therefore, it was decided to allow group audio and video calls. So, in one group call it is possible to invite a maximum of four interlocutors.

Armenian startup Magicup invented self-heating cups

The founders of the startup do not say which substances are involved, but they say they are absolutely harmless. Magicup from the very beginning sought to create an eco-friendly product: after use, the self-heating glass will be sent for recycling.


In Japan, try a new way to treat Parkinson’s disease

Japanese scientists from the University of Kyoto from August 1 will begin an experiment on the treatment of Parkinson’s disease stem cells. In a clinical trial, a team of scientists will attempt to transplant tissues to a patient that have been grown from induced stem cells (iPS cells).

The Large Hadron Collider first accelerated atoms

The Large Hadron Collider first accelerated the atoms – the lead nuclei associated with one electron. Scientists managed to hold a beam of atoms inside the accelerator for 40 hours. Before this, the collider worked only with ions and particles – protons, xenon nuclei and lead nuclei

Graphene nanoclaves do not change their properties under deformation of the structure

Scientists from Germany and the United States came to the conclusion that the electrical properties of graphene nanoclaves do not change when defects are added to their structure.

The shape memory effect was turned into a driving force of the robot

Engineers from China and Australia have created a robot with a radial symmetry, whose legs drive the shape memory effect. The robot alternately heats a part of the extremities and, due to this, moves forward, the developers tell in the journal International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems

Scientists have found a way to treat vertebral fractures in cancer patients

Cement stabilizes the spine and provides the target drug delivery system. Scientists from the University of Illinois have found a technology that could be the best surgical option for patients with primary spinal tumors or tumors that metastasize into the spine.

Scientists from Russia found out how water behaves when steel is hardened

Physicists from Moscow uncovered the unusual nature of the boiling of water, helping steel or other alloys to cool very quickly when quenched. Their findings are presented in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

Scientists have revived worms that have lain in permafrost for 42 thousand years

Russian scientists managed to bring back to life two nematodes, who were found frozen in the ice in permafrost on the territory of Siberia. As analysis of the soil taken from two different places showed, one worm froze into ice 42 thousand years ago, the second – “only” 32 thousand years ago.

The Russian neural network will help plants conquer outer space

For long space flights, which are planned by scientists, a completely autonomous life-support system will be needed that produces water and oxygen. Create it will help plants and unicellular algae, producing a large amount of biomass in a short time.

Scientists have found the cause of accelerated aging of women

Depending on the number of children, aging cells occur at different rates, but the key damage to the woman’s body is applied during pregnancy, as the cellular activity of telomeres is significantly reduced. This is due to immunological and physiological changes.

A new geometric form is found in embryonic tissues

Previously, an unknown geometric form, scutoid, was discovered by an international group of scientists. The research was conducted by scientists from the USA and Spain. In the course of the work, they found out that with the development of organs, the epithelium creates more complex structures than was previously thought

Physicists created a 3D-printed physical neural network on terahertz radiation

A group of researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles, led by Professor Aydogan Ozcan (Aydogan Ozcan) created a neural network consisting of plates printed on a 3D printer, and uses terahertz radiation as a signal.

Physicists: The Cheops Pyramid can concentrate radio waves

Egyptian pyramids interested scientists always, only knowledge about them was not enough, the mysterious structures were more full of myths and legends. In a new study, physicists wanted to understand how the object would communicate with electromagnetic waves of resonant length

Uber closed the department for the development of unmanned trucks

Uber refused to name the number of employees who will be affected by the refusal to develop unmanned trucks. The company set about creating an unmanned cargo car after it bought in 2016 a start-up Otto, engaged in developments in this area.

In 30 years, Google and Apple will be able to control humanity

The investment of millions of dollars in machine learning is not without purpose, and the modern generation will live to a worldwide upheaval of consciousness. Scientists insist that in 30 years, Google and Apple will be able to control humanity, replacing the programmed and connected to the remote control brain to people

Scientists have created a neural network akin to the human brain

A unique neural network was developed by scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology USA

Computers will learn to determine the nature of a person in the eyes

Scientists intend to teach computers to interpret people’s signals. The engineers conducted an experiment involving volunteers. In particular, they monitored eye movements when they performed their usual actions.

Because of the cat’s parasite, people become more adventurous

American scientists from the University of Colorado in the course of scientific research have established that infection with toxoplasma leads to enterprise. The newspaper “Evening Moscow” writes about this.

It is worth noting that this parasite often happens in cats. According to experts, toxoplasma changes human behavior, causing irreversible changes in the brain.

This is expressed in the fact that people hold an idea in their heads, but for some reason they are afraid to apply it in practice.

A device that helps to consider two phenomena simultaneously

A special device developed by researchers from the University of Technology uses a new sensor design to overcome the problems associated with the interaction of two wires so close to each other at ultracold temperatures at which metals are converted into superconductors.


Scientists: our universe can die at any moment

In 1998, scientists discovered that our universe is not just expanding, but expanding with increasing speed. The reason for this acceleration is the scientists consider the so-called “dark sector” of the universe.

On Mars, there is not enough carbon dioxide for terraforming

Carbon dioxide in the polar caps and other reservoirs of Mars is not enough for terraforming the planet, according to the journal Nature Astronomy.

Scientists NASA showed pictures of a spectacular storm on Jupiter

NASA specialists showed new pictures from Jupiter, so that each amateur astronomy could admire the kinds of spectacular storm that happened on the surface of the largest planet in the solar system.

Scientists told when to wait for the next lunar eclipse

Steve Brown from North Yorkshire said that once again the “bloody” Moon will be seen in January next year. Those who were not fortunate enough to observe the past eclipse will be able to catch up on the night of January 20-21, 2019.

What planets of the solar system will be able to see in August

August 9 Mercury is waiting for the bottom connection with the Sun, so in the morning sky we will see it only a week later. Gradually it will rise higher and by the end of the month it will be possible to observe almost two hours until the very dawn.

ESA staff warned about the death of life on Earth

ESA officials stated about the rapid death of all living things on our planet because of the abnormal heat. So, with the help of Copernicus Sentinel-3, changes in the color of the vegetative cover of the Earth were recorded.

Astronomers have discovered 12 new satellites of Jupiter

A group of astronomers were observing Jupiter and his companions in order to discover a new planet or make another discovery. In the course of the study, the specialists took many photographs. After studying the photographs, they managed to find strange objects around Jupiter.

Geologist Thomas Kenkmann found a way to discover new craters on Earth

According to Kenkmann, there are about 200 such traces on the Earth, but because of geological processes they are very quickly destroyed, unlike craters on the Moon or other objects.

The scientist believes that the mathematical model will help to recreate the original appearance of craters lost due to geological changes.

Missions to the ice giants of the solar system

Uranus and Neptune remain one of the poorest studied planets in the solar system. However, in 10-20 years we will be able to learn them better: American astrophysicists have put forward a proposal to send probes to these distant and cold giants.

Heavy rocket “Angara” began to prepare for the second launch

A heavy version of the Angara launch vehicle is being prepared for the second test launch. This was reported by Tass at the Khrunichev Center, which developed the missile.

The source named the launch dates of the “Soyuz” from the Kuru cosmodrome

The launches of Russian Soyuz rockets will be held from the European Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana on November 6 and December 14, 2018, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti.

Astronomers have determined the exact distance to the North Star

The measurements showed that the distance to it reaches 447 +/- 1.6 light years, which is applicable to the entire system. The absolute magnitude of Polar B is 2.91. This value is slightly higher than the one expected for a spectral type star F3V age 60-100 million years.

NASA presented a video with all the dangerous asteroids of the solar system

NASA presented video materials with asteroids moving inside the solar system. Experts believe that the agency hides certain information, and only a part of the space objects representing a potential threat to earthlings is shown to the world community.

The stormy youth of the Sun

The past of our Sun is a big mystery. It was born 4.6 billion years ago, and after 50 million the Earth was formed. Given this age difference, today it is difficult to find objects that surrounded the young star and carry materials hiding the chemical records of the early Sun.

However, in a new study presented in the journal Nature Astronomy, an international team of researchers reports on the discovery of blue crystals trapped in meteorites that are eyewitnesses of those distant times and point to the rather turbulent childhood of our star.

“The sun was very active at the stage of its formation – it was subject to strong eruptions of intense fluxes of charged particles. Today, there is practically nothing left that could really confirm this activity. But the minerals in the meteorites we studied, which are probably the first to form in the solar system, reveal the secrets of the young star, “says Philip Heck, co-author of the study from the University of Chicago


Hypercar Milan Red received four turbochargers

Hypercar will be powered by a 6.2-liter gasoline engine with a power of 1,325 hp. Interestingly, unlike Bugatti cars, the engine of the Austrian competitor is a V-shaped “eight” with four turbochargers.

Porsche revealed the characteristics of the first production electric vehicle Taycan

German company Porsche has published technical characteristics of the serial version of its first electric car. The production of new products under the name Porsche Taycan will be established in 2019, and the timeframe for the car to go on sale has not yet been disclosed.

The new Porsche Taycan will receive two electric motors with a total output of 600 horsepower. They will fit on the front and rear axles, and power will be provided from the 800-volt on-board electrical system.

Accelerating from a place to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds, the Porsche electric can drive up to 500 kilometers on a single charge. In addition, using the built-in fast charging system, only 15 minutes will be enough to get the energy needed to overcome the next 400 kilometers of the way.

As previously reported, the cost of the Porsche Taycan will be comparable to the last generation of the Porsche Panamera. In other words, in the European market it will be from 90 000 euros.

Concept Audi PB 18 e-tron talk about the electric supercar

The electric car was conceived and designed by the new Audi Design Loft studio in the California Malibu. Futuristic research promises “emotions instead of emissions.” The world premiere of the electric show car Audi PB 18 e-tron will take place on August 23 at the Elegance Competition in Pebble Beach, California.

Crossover FAW D60 will reach Russia in autumn

The list of FAW D60 equipment includes air conditioning, front electric windows, electric rear view mirrors, as well as the stabilization system and the ERA-GLONASS system.

Crossover Honda HR-V lost manual gearbox

The cost of the updated Honda HR-V in the US is at least $ 20,520, which is almost $ 1,000 more than for dorestayling.

The Queen of England sells a rare Rolls-Royce

Owned by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, the Rolls-Royce The Phantom IV State Landaulette of 1950 was auctioned at Bonhams for more than $ 2.6 million, according to the website of the auction house. From 1950 to 1956, only 18 such cars were produced.

Volvo and Geely showed photos of the new production sedan

The novelty completely repeats the design of the concept, which was shown to us last year. As usual, the production model received a different grille, LED lights and an exhaust system. By its dimensions, Lynk & Co 03 will be comparable to the Toyota Corolla sedan.

The new Nissan can become the fastest sports car in the world

Japanese company Nissan revealed some information about the new generation of the popular sports car Nissan GT-R, famous for its incredible dynamics and affordable for this class price.

Company Jaguar has patented the name of the new sports car

The company Jaguar filed a patent in the UK’s “Intellectual Property Office” in the name of its new sports car – J-Type.

Ford will create a small pickup with a bearing body

After pickup with a load-bearing body, most likely, will be registered at the Ford plant in Cuautitlan (Mexico). In the same place, where the company intends to collect another unnamed until the SUV on the same modular “cart” C2, the size occupying the position between the models EcoSport and Escape.

Atelier Lumma Design has developed the Audi SQ5

The tuner Lumma Design has created a body kit for Audi SQ5, it has received the name with a prefix CLR and an index 5S. The new body kit should emphasize the sportiness of the car, but in a different way.


Time To Kill in PvP Destiny 2 will decrease with the arrival of the expansion Forsaken

The next expansion of the multiplayer shooter Destiny 2, Forsaken, which should be released on September 4, will reduce time to kill in PvP. This was told by the senior designer Destiny 2 Jon Weisnewski (Jon Weisnewski) in the blog Bungie.

Scammers attack Fortnite fans

ESET specialists have discovered a lot of sites that distribute malware under the guise of Fortnite for Android.

Rumor: the first screenshots of the second season appeared The Wolf Among Us

The second season of The Wolf Among Us will not begin until 2019 and will be one of the first releases of Telltale Games on the new engine for studio Unity. In addition to “Wolf” on it, a game based on the series “Stranger Things” is being developed.

VR-project Moss got support for Windows Mixed Reality

In addition to the great Moss Soundtrack news, @polyarcgames is excited to announce that with today’s Moss update, we’re now supporting the @Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Now Moss can be played on all four major VR platforms.

On the PS4, Xbox One and Switch shows the race Nickelodeon Kart Racers

Racing Nickelodeon Kart Racers production studio GameMill Entertainment officially debuted on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Heroes arcade multi-player racing games are the most vivid characters of the youth channel Nickelodeon.

Script writer Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead returned to Valve

Last year, the real outcome of the writers from Valve took place – Erik Woolpo, Chet Falisek and Jay Pinkerton left the company. All of them worked on the largest franchises Valve. Fortunately, at least one of them has now returned to the company.

Digimon Survive will go to the West and will be released on the PC

Almost twenty years ago appeared the anime Digimon, telling about the adventures of digital monsters, living in a virtual world

Player No Man’s Sky has awarded 200 million units for the star

The fan of No Man’s Sky on Reddit has awarded 200 million units for a particular star. I had to ask for help because of the Next update, because it changed the universe generated by the developers a little.

Strumer-invalid explained how to play Overwatch with one hand

Overwatch is a challenging competitive game, it’s not easy for even perfectly healthy people to succeed. But if you want, even people with disabilities can achieve success in it – for example, how could the streamer apotatomaybetwo make it, which plays with only one hand.

Fortnite will return guided missiles

Epic Games announced that in Fortnite Battle Royale will return guided missiles. To maintain a delicate balance, the developers had to significantly degrade the characteristics of these weapons.

Fresh video Shadow of the Tomb Raider is dedicated to the new skills of Lara

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, created by the studio Eidos Montréal, will offer not only huge open levels and a new story story related to the adventures of Lara Croft in Latin America and saving the world from the Mayan apocalypse predicted by the Mayan tribe

In GTA Online found another weapon from Red Dead Redemption 2

Back in December of last year, the players found a mission in GTA Online to get a gold revolver, and now the data owners have unearthed a task in the game files, with which you can get another weapon associated with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Assetto Corsa Competizione goes into early access

Studio Kunos Simulazioni and publisher 505 Games announced that the racing simulator Assetto Corsa Competizione will be released in the early Steam access on September 12. The game will appear only on the PC and will support the Russian language. At the time of early access, players will not have so many opportunities

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