25 Jan, 2018

We rise as one …

The DPRK urged Koreans “at home and abroad” to join their efforts to protect peace and “prevent provocations of the United States.”

The North Korean authorities believe that the United States provokes a nuclear war, “ignites a dangerous flame and brings disaster” to the land of the Korean peninsula.

“We will rise as one for the national struggle for the improvement of inter-Korean relations, breaking the gap on the path to independent reunification,” the message of the Central Telegraph Agency of North Korea says after a joint meeting of the government and political parties.

A separate section in the appeal concerns the activation of humanitarian contacts between the South and the North. In particular, it is proposed to create an opportunity for residents of both sides to travel freely in air, sea and land transport.

All Koreans – both the DPRK and South Korea – should promote cooperation, contacts and tourism.

Briefly about the main ….


Pyongyang urged all Koreans to unite

The DPRK urged the Koreans “at home and abroad” to unite their efforts to protect peace and prevent the provocations of the United States. The authorities of North Korea believe that the United States provokes a nuclear war, “ignites a dangerous flame and brings disasters” to the land of the Korean peninsula

Putin called the main task of Russian industry

Putin noted that the main task of the Russian industry is to master the production of modern and competitive civilian products, while the diversification of the defense industry should be balanced.

In general, there is no reduction, as there was no increase last year. – Vladimir Putin

Foreign Ministry accused the US of a propaganda attack on Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the words “high-ranking US representatives” who blamed Russia and Damascus for chemical attacks in Syria, “a massive propaganda attack” and “exposed to questionable backstage initiatives by the US and its allies.”

The chief economist of the World Bank left the post

Paul Ramer, Chief Economist of the World Bank (WB), is leaving his post. This was reported by the Financial Times. According to the publication, about the departure of Romer before the staff of the organization announced the WB President Jim Yom Kim.

Russia will work out options for responding to possible new US sanctions

“All options are in the works, and all options for an answer will be on the table with the president of the Russian Federation, when and if it comes to the need to respond not only verbally, but also materially to possible hostile moves towards Russia,” stressed S. Ryabkov.

Novak expressed hope for the resumption of the energy dialogue with the US

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak spoke with US Energy Secretary Rick Perry on the sidelines of a forum in Davos. Information on this extended the head of the Russian department on Wednesday.

The court of second instance upheld the conviction of the ex-president of Brazil

The court of second instance, TRF-4, located in the city of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) supported the conviction of former Brazilian President Lula da Silva.

In the US, bought more than 1.7 million copies of the scandalous book about Trump

In the US, for the first three weeks after the release, more than 1.7 million copies of Michael Wolfe’s scandalous book “Fire and Fury: In the White House of Trump” were sold. This is reported by CNN.

Trump promised to give evidence under oath to the prosecutor

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he was “ready and willing” to be questioned under oath by Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating the alleged interference of Russia in the presidential campaign in the United States in 2016.

DW called Poroshenko the beneficiary of the plant in Germany

The company, controlled by the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, did not file information about the beneficiaries in the German transparency register created in connection with the EU demand to combat money laundering. This is written by journalists Deutsche Welle

IMF head urges Poroshenko to accelerate economic reforms in Ukraine

Ukraine should accelerate the implementation of economic reforms, as long as conditions permit. This was stated by the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde during talks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Davos.

Held a good and constructive meeting with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his team. – Christine Lagarde


Trump urged Erdogan to limit military actions in Syria

President of the United States Donald Trump, during a telephone conversation, called on his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan to limit the military operation in Syrian Africa. This is stated in a message published on the website of the White House.

State Department: Delivering weapons to Myanmar may exacerbate conflict

The supply of Russian weapons could lead to the aggravation of the conflict in Myanmar, said US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

Two people were killed as a result of a missile attack on the Turkish mosque

Two people were killed and 12 were injured as a result of a missile hit the mosque of the Turkish city of Kilis. This is reported by the Turkish edition of Haber Turk. The rocket was released from the positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Syrian Afrina.

Japan intends to strengthen control over oil smuggling in the DPRK

The Japanese authorities will strengthen measures to combat illegal supplies of oil and petroleum products to the DPRK, which violate UN sanctions. This was announced by Deputy Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country Yasutoshi Nishimura.

Russian bomb and tank were included in the list of “superweapons of modernity”

The German newspaper Bild published its list of “superweapons of modernity,” which included a Russian high-power aviation bomb, known as the “dad of all bombs”

The newspaper also included the newest Russian tank T-14 “Armata” in the list. This machine is called one of the most effective machines. It is noted that the tank is faster than the American “Abrams” and has a more powerful gun.

The list of “superweapons of modernity” according to Bild also included Chinese DF-21D rockets “East Wind”, the German tank “Leopard 2”, the Israeli system of anti-missile defense “Iron Dome”, the American aircraft carrier class “Nimitz”, fighter F-22 “Raptor “and bomber B-2 Spirit.

In the United States recognized the temporary inability to defeat Russia

The American military expert said that the United States at the moment can not defeat the Russian Federation at sea because of the underwater swimming device “Status-6” with a nuclear warhead up to 100 megatons.

Ukrainian journalist disclosed in Facebook classified information of the General Staff

Information about the planned supplies of the Ukrainian army of anti-missile systems and drones is classified and not subject to disclosure. This was reported by the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces in response to the request of LIGA.Net about the data published by journalist Yuri Butusov.

Turkey hit the positions of US special forces

It is known that in the vicinity of the city are located not only units of the Kurdish grouping URG, but also groups of US special forces that previously participated in the training of Kurdish militants and served as a guarantor of their security from Syria and Turkey.

At the Kazan aircraft factory they launch the assembly of the updated Tu-160

Russia began flight tests of the strategic supersonic bomber Tu-160, which was assembled for the first time after a long interruption at the Kazan aircraft plant. And this is not just a serial model, the release of which began in the early 1980s.

Lithuanian military will take part in exercises in Ukraine

12 servicemen of the Lithuanian infantry brigade “Iron Wolf” will take part in a military training operation on the territory of Ukraine, RIA Novosti reported citing the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.


The plane of the Ministry of Emergency Situations flew to search for a ship that disappeared in the Sea of Japan

A plane from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Be-200 flew from Khabarovsk to search for a fishing vessel disappeared in the Sea of Japan. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the GU MOE in the Primorsky Territory.

The Commander Islands recorded an earthquake of magnitude 6.2

Seismologists recorded an earthquake of magnitude in the water area of the Bering Sea in the Commander Islands. This is reported by the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC).

Ex-doctor of the US national gymnastics team was sentenced to 175 years in prison

Ex-doctor of the US women’s gymnastics team, Larry Nassar, was sentenced to imprisonment for 175 years. A former physician of the American national team was found guilty of multiple cases of sexual harassment, as well as the possession of child pornography.

300 shark carcasses found on a highway in Mexico

Three hundred dead sharks were found on the highway in the Mexican state of Michoacan. This is reported by the local prosecutor’s office for environmental protection. According to preliminary data, sharks were mined in a poaching manner.

Passenger bus fell into the abyss in Guatemala

The driver of the passenger vehicle intended to move out of the coast after a heavy rain a small river. However, a powerful stream of water dragged a bus behind it, which then fell into a 40-meter ravine.

Police in Khabarovsk found the things stolen from an official for a day

Police for the day found things stolen from the first deputy head of the government of the Khabarovsk Territory Arkady Mkrtychev during a run in the track and field athletics arena.

The conductor in Novokuznetsk landed the child on the street at -35 degrees

The conductor of a fixed-route taxi landed an 11-year-old girl in a frost of -35 degrees due to a lack of cash in Novokuznetsk. This was reported by the girl’s parents and the press service of the SU SK in the Kemerovo region.

In the Samara region, a leak of gasoline for 1.2 thousand square meters. m

According to the source, at 13:52 Moscow time emergency services received a report on a leak at the site of the SNPZ gasoline product pipeline with a diameter of 273 mm, the area of the gasoline spill was about 1.2 thousand square meters. meters.


Dvorkovich said that there are no more oligarchs in Russia

“Sanctions make life more difficult, but do not make it impossible,” he added. Previously, Dvorkovich said that Americans avoid representatives of the Russian delegation at the forum in Davos.

Firstly, we do not think that we have oligarchs. It was the concept of the 1990s. Now we have good, working businessmen, socially responsible, who are worried about the country and earn money, doing responsible business. – Arkady Dvorkovich, Russian economist

The media learned of plans to impose a criminal penalty for a fictitious inspection

If it turns out that the employee deliberately transmitted to the central database knowingly unreliable information, then he will be able to bring to criminal liability.

The doctors said that Assange’s health is in danger

The doctors noted that Assange had not seen sunlight for more than five and a half years. In addition, he did not have access to “adequate ventilation or external space,” which “led to significant damage to health,” the article said.

The State Duma did not support the idea of re-examination when replacing rights

The right to drive is issued indefinitely, the chairman of the inter-regional public organization of motorists “Freedom of Choice”, State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov, told portal iz.ru. The Union of Driving Schools proposed introducing re-examination of drivers with each replacement of rights.

As a driver, of course, I do not support this proposal. As a legislator, too. The right to drive a vehicle is issued on the basis of the examination results and this right is unlimited, taking into account the exchange of driver’s license and physical status. – Vyacheslav Lysakov, Russian deputy

The Irish teenager was sewn leg backwards

To save the life of a teenager could only amputation. Doctors suggested not to remove the leg completely, but to cut off only the shin, then sew on the place of the lost knee turned backwards to the front foot.

The Supreme Court overturned the decision to expel a journalist from Novaya Gazeta from Russia

The Supreme Court ruled to review the decision of the Moscow City Court against Novaya Gazeta journalist Ali Feruza on August 8, 2017 and sent it to a new trial. This is stated in the decision published on the court’s website.

Feruz is currently in a special institution for the temporary detention of foreign nationals until the final decision of the ECHR

Patriarch Kirill told why the ROC recognized Nicholas II as a saint

The Russian Orthodox Church canonized Emperor Nicholas II and his family for placing moral ideals above the royal crown, Patriarch Kirill said at the opening of the Christmas readings.

Patriarch urged young people “not to look in the mirror”

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Cyril urged the youth “not to look in the mirror” and remember the inner beauty, which is much more important than the external and never grows old.

The media learned about access to secret Pentagon data to persons with a conviction

The document of the US Defense Ministry notes that basically the access was closed due to the financial operations of the applicant. In total, for this reason, 370 persons were not admitted to secret documents. In 165 cases, access was revoked in 2017, when the Pentagon discovered that the applicant had hidden information.

Prices for medicines in Russia will grow by 7% in 2018

The rise in prices for medicines is expected in Russia in 2018. On average, the price will increase by 7%. This was reported to the “Izvestia” by interviewed experts, which were based on the data of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Domestic manufacturers began to produce more expensive medicines

Driving schools want to give the beginning drivers temporary rights

“The introduction of restrictions for novice drivers and the issue for the first two years of a temporary driver’s license with subsequent exchange for a permanent, as the world experience shows, is an effective measure that allows retaining influence on former students,” the document says.

Russians will start on trains without printed tickets

“The trip will become even more comfortable,” Pegov stressed. Now guides on some directions ask to present a ticket in paper form. In addition, electronic trains do not operate in a number of trains and people have to print out a boarding pass.

Became known contractor for the design of bike paths in St. Petersburg

Earlier it was reported that in 2018 in St. Petersburg 40 km of new bicycle roads will be built for 215.2 million rubles. Last year Smolny built 40 km of bicycle paths in the city. Contracts for designing went to two companies

Prices for manufactured goods in Russia in 2017 increased by 8.4%

The rise in producer prices of industrial goods for the period from the beginning of 2017 amounted to 8.4%, in December prices rose by 1.2%


Eni announces the suspension of drilling with Rosneft on the Black Sea

Italian Eni said it had to suspend exploratory drilling on the Black Sea due to sanctions in partnership with Rosneft. The Russian company says that the construction of the only well authorized by the US and EU authorities on the Maria structure on the Black Sea shelf continues.

“Naftogaz” classified the decision of the court of Stockholm on the dispute with “Gazprom”

The Ministry of Justice reported that they did not participate in the dispute. The ministry also assured that they do not have information on the details of the court decision. December 22 Stockholm Arbitration ruled on the dispute between Naftogaz and Gazprom

VEB increased the limit on African countries to $ 3 billion

The aggregate volume of VEB’s current and planned transactions across the African Cairo African Export-Import Bank has been increased to $ 3 billion, the head of Vnesheconombank Sergei Gorkov said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Dvorkovich announced the restoration of the Russian economy after the crisis

Russia has fully recovered from the recession of 2015-2016, when there was record high inflation, an avalanche drop in oil prices and Russia’s GDP. Now we need to focus on structural reforms.

Macroeconomic risks are very insignificant. Now we need to focus our attention on the micro level and tackle structural reforms. – Arkady Dvorkovich, Russian economist

The trade turnover between Russia and Japan in 2017 grew by 21%

The volume of trade between Russia and Japan in 2017 increased in dollar terms by 21% compared with 2016. It reached almost $ 20 billion, according to the report of the Ministry of Finance, circulated in Tokyo. If you count in yen, the indicator increased by 25%.

Zauralye cuts the budget

Sequestration occurred at the expense of proceeds from the sale of assets under the privatization program, the press service of the regional head said. That is, from January 24, budget revenues for 2018 were reduced to 37.1 billion rubles, expenses – up to 39.5 billion rubles, the deficit is 2.4 billion rubles.

Russia in 2017 increased gas production by almost 8%

Russia in 2017 increased gas production by 50 billion cubic meters, or almost 8%, to 690 billion cubic meters. This was stated by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak in the framework of the Davos Forum.

Morgan Stanley and Malltech again claim to the TRC “Nevsky Center”

Possible buyers of TRC “Nevsky Center” became known in March 2017. Then it was reported that the shopping and entertainment complex can be bought by: Morgan Stanley, PPF Real Estate, O1 Properties, Avica, Fort Group and the Imperia holding company.

Bashneft launches biological treatment facilities

The oil company Bashneft (a subsidiary of Rosneft) commissioned a complex of biological treatment facilities (BOS), Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim, a key environmental protection facility. This is reported on the website of Rosneft

Supplier of Apple chips fined a billion euros

The chips that the company supplied allow smartphones and tablets to connect to cellular networks and are used for data transmission, including audio information. Qualcomm, as the European Commission notes, is the world’s largest supplier of LTE chips, and its key customer is Apple

Kawasaki Heavy Industries received the largest order from the New York subway

Japanese company Kawasaki Heavy Industries has received the largest one-time order in its history: it will supply 1.6 thousand wagons for the New York metro, the newspaper The Japan News reports. According to the publication, the contract amount will be more than 400 billion yen ($ 3.6 billion)

The authorities want to solve the problem of Osago for Moscow taxis to World Cup 2018

Complaints from taxi companies on the complexity of registration of insurance receives and the Department of Transportation in Moscow. The problem has existed for a long time, but now it can touch 700 thousand fans, including foreign ones, who will come to Moscow for the World Cup in June and July 2018.

Investments in the world oil and gas industry in 2018

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that this year investments in the oil and gas industry in the world could increase by 10% in comparison with 2017,

The capacity of the plant “Arctic LNG-2” will be more than 19 million tons per year

Novatek plans that the capacity of the Arctic LNG-2 plant will be more than 19 million tons per year, said Deputy Chairman of the Board of Novatek Denis Khramov during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In Kuzbass will launch a new concentrating factory

In 2018, a new enrichment plant will be put into operation in the Kemerovo Region. Annual processing capacity will be 2 million tons. Investments in construction are estimated at 1 billion rubles.

Mexico in July will hold the third auction on oil and gas sites

Mexico on July 25 will hold third this year’s bidding on oil and gas sites, this time on land, according to the materials of the National Commission on Hydrocarbons of the country.


Occupy places according to purchased

Four men became Internet heroes after they refused to change planes in a business class to the economy class, so that the scandalous host of the “House-2” program, Olga Buzova, could fly in their place.

Gerhard Schroeder decided to marry for the fifth time

Former Chancellor of Germany 73-year-old Gerhard Schroeder decided to marry in the fall of 2018 for the fifth time. His chosen one was the South Korean translator Kim So Yong, whom he met several years ago. As Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes, Schröder told about his plans during his visit to Seoul.

Pamela Anderson was going to marry a football player Adil Ramy

Popular model and actress from the United States Pamela Anderson is going to marry a football player Adil Rami. The woman has already moved from Los Angeles to France, where she currently lives with her lover.

Dzhigarkhanyan is only on a divorce

Against Vitalina, the investigative authorities already have a case of violation of privacy (Article 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). She collected and disseminated information about Armen Djigarkhanyan’s personal life in the media without his consent

Russian humor about Tramp sowed panic among the British

In a humorous issue, the presenter jokingly said, “Trump is ours!” and “next time Putin will appoint the US president.” Apparently, the British experts did not understand Russian humor. In particular, the frame from the program was used in the film “Our New President” by Maxim Pozdorovkin.

Anastasia Volochkova demanded $ 10 million from a former lover

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova demanded $ 10 million from former lover Chermen Dzotov. As reported by VladTime, the Internet appeared audio, where the celebrity in the form of an ultimatum said that she did not need an apology, but money.

A new fraud was opened with the elite apartment of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

As it became known to “MK”, a new civil case is being examined in Dorogomilovskiy district court of Moscow. There, the artist tries to collect money from a certain LLC “Sphere” under a contract of sale.

Elton John announced the withdrawal from the scene

I’ve toured since I was 17, and I decided that it’s time to thank the fans all over the world and say goodbye. I’m not saying that I will not create, but I will not go on tour. – Elton John, British singer

“Stalin’s death” is also banned in Belarus: the film was sent to censorship

The painting “The Death of Stalin” directed by Armando Iannucci, whose rental certificate was withdrawn in Russia on Tuesday, had problems in Belarus: there the tape was to be shown in Minsk cinemas.

The Small Theater will stage a performance based on the novel of the Minister of Medina “Wall”

The Maly Theater will stage a performance based on a novel written by the current Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Medinsky. About this today, January 24, told the art director of the Maly Theater Yuri Solomin.

The work is being done on the play, the authors are writing and staging is being done. When it’s ready, we’ll announce it. The performance has not been launched yet. – Yuri Solomin, actor

A festival of contemporary Russian culture will be held in Los Angeles

The third under the festival festival of actual Russian culture Far From Moscow will be held in Los Angeles on February 16-18. This was reported by TASS on Wednesday at the press service of the festival.

The girl announced her readiness to marry three men at once

Former porn actress from Japan, Asuka Hoshino, said that she is ready to marry any of the fans who can pay for it 350 thousand yens (about 3300 dollars), according to “Life” with reference to the publication of Japan Today. This relatively small amount includes meeting with the future “groom”, the choice of solemn costumes.

In Astrakhan will put “Swan Lake” on the Swan Lake

Recall that large-scale theater productions in the open air in Astrakhan are held annually. So, last year, in the natural scenery of the Astrakhan Kremlin, the fourth performance of “The Lay of Igor’s Host” was staged.

Ilon Mask and Amber Hurd were again seen together

The journalists found new evidence that the founder of SpaceX Ilon Mask and actress Amber Hurd decided to reunite. Other explanations for why the 46-year-old billionaire and his 31-year-old friend spend so much time together and do so with such pleasure, “feather sharks” can not give.

In Norway, the Northern Lights music festival opens

One of the northernmost music festivals in the world “Northern Lights”, in which stars of classical, jazz, ballet and even Saami jockeys will take part, opens on Thursday in the Norwegian Arctic city of Tromsø.

Khrushchev’s son criticized in a letter to Medinsky the film “The Death of Stalin”

The son of the former First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev, Sergei Khrushchev, in a letter to the head of the Ministry of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky, criticized the film “The Death of Stalin”.

Egor Creed conquered subscribers in Instagram photo with a dog and Lamborghini

The popular Russian singer Egor Creed has posted a photo in the web, in it the actor poses in the company of a large dog, the artist relies on the supercar Lamborghini. The picture is placed in the microblogging of the artist in the social network Instagram.

The actress with Russian roots is nominated for “Porn-Oscar”

French pornstar of Russian origin Anna Polina is nominated for the AVN Awards, which is better known as “Porn Oscar”. This is reported on the official website of the award.

Great-grandson of Stalin called the non-people the creators of the film “The Death of Stalin”

The great-grandson of Joseph Stalin Yakov Dzhugashvili called non-people the authors of the British comedy “The Death of Stalin.”

Fans of Maria Maksakova discuss on the web her “daring” outfit

Recently, the opera diva appeared in front of subscribers in clothes with a large notch on the chest. Because of this, the fans paid attention not to what the singer says, but on her decollete, which is now actively discussed. In her video blog on YouTube Maria Maksakova talks about politics and creative successes

Polina Gagarina staged a defile in bathing suits in the Maldives

Famous singer Polina Gagarina decided to arrange a real defile in swimsuits in the Maldives. It is there that the artist is now resting with her husband and two children. The corresponding video was promulgated in the profile of Gagarina in the social network Instagram.


Apple will release iOS 11.3, which will disable IPhone deceleration

The American company Apple, which produces smartphones IPhone, to release an update of the software iOS, where users of old gadgets can turn off the slowdown of devices. The press service of the manufacturer reported this on Wednesday, January 24

Google will release a camera with the technology of artificial intelligence

American experts from Google have developed a smart camera Google Clips, which is endowed with the technology of artificial intelligence. Thus, the system will be able to independently recognize the most suitable moments for shooting.

Xiaomi registered two new smartphones

Two smartphones Xiaomi received certification in China under the numbers MET7S and MEE7S. Presumably, these are two versions of the budgetary Redmi Note 5. It was previously reported that the Chinese company will cease production of the Redmi Note line.

Apple will release a cheap version of MacBook computers

Apple plans in 2018 to stop selling its ultrabook MacBook Air. Digitimes publishes this. It is reported that Apple last year ordered from the manufacturer of components for electronics GIS a large batch of 13-inch LCD panels.

Nokia is developing a predictable appearance of a cancer bracelet

Nokia CEO Rajiv Suri told about a new project of the company – a bracelet, which will be able to predict cancer a few months before its appearance. Suri said this at the World Economic Forum in Davos, CNBC reported.

Trojan Evrial changes bitcoin-addresses in the Windows clipboard

IT security specialists from MalwareHunterTeam reported that the hackers had created the Evrial virus, which steals the crypto currency using the URL exchange exchange URLs of the Steam exchange URL, and then changes it to the address or link that belongs to the criminals

In May, the presentation of the next version of the Android OS called Pineapple

In addition, there was information that the OS will receive the name Android Pineapple (“Pineapple”). Thus, “Google” will continue the tradition of calling the version of Android in honor of all sorts of delicacies in alphabetical order. Despite the fact that the OS will be released in May, the current version of Android Oreo is not popular

Gazprom-Media is preparing to launch its online cinema

Gazprom-Media is looking for new opportunities for the profitable implementation of its own entertainment television channels in the digital environment. One of the steps in the implementation of the strategic program is an online cinema, which is being prepared for launch in the spring of this year.

The function of GIF animation appeared in Instagram Stories

In Instagram Stories, the next function in the form of GIF animation has been activated, the Izvestia newspaper was told in the press service of the social network. A new feature is available in the sticker selection section when downloading history.

GlobusGPS is preparing for the premiere of the new navigator-smartphone GL-800S7

GlobusGPS brand managers are preparing for the premiere of the new navigator-smartphone GL-800S7, equipped with multimedia options. Also, the new mobile device will boast the possibility of video recording of road events

Company Meizu introduced the New Year model of smartphone Pro 7

The standard version of Meizu Pro 7 and 7 Pluse were presented last summer. The exclusive version of the gadget is timed to the beginning of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The case of the model is red, a set of stickers, greeting cards and other attributes of the festival are marked


Scientists: Deaf children remember more new words than healthy ones

Scientists from Germany managed to find out that deaf children can remember many more new words than healthy ones. This is due to cochlear implants, which are set for children aged 1 to 4 years.

Scientists will be able to predict the eruption of the volcano on crystals

The “annual” rings in crystals that are present in rocks in the vicinity of volcanoes can contain extremely important information about how quickly new eruptions will occur after the first tremors occur.

A magnetic robot strip was taught to swim and carry small objects

German engineers created a miniature robot controlled by a magnetic field. Due to the external field, he can swim, walk on hard surfaces, and also grab and move objects

New algorithm DroNet will teach drones to fly obstacles on the road

The neural network algorithm uses only the camera interface and helps the drones to avoid obstacles on busy streets. Usually, the researchers explain, UAVs are used for GPS or GLONASS navigation, but in conditions of a densely populated city such systems may not be effective.

LIGO did not find vector and scalar gravitational waves

Scientists from the LIGO / Virgo collaboration have reanalyzed the data collected by gravitational detectors from September 2015 to February 2016 to find among them vector or scalar gravitational waves

Predatory cats were sportier than their victims

Zoologists from the UK and Botswana found that predatory cats, such as lions and cheetahs, are much more athletic than their victims. Cats-hunters are stronger than muscles, they accelerate faster and more efficiently and slow down the run during the pursuit, according to an article published in the journal Nature

Scientists from MIT have improved and revived the old type of batteries

A group of scientists representing the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a new method that allows “resurrecting” old batteries.

Previously, the batteries used electrodes, separated by a special mesh made of aluminum oxide, which was sufficiently fragile, which largely limited the scope of use of such batteries. However, replacing such partitions with steel ones, having treated them with the help of titanium nitride, the technicians managed to achieve the desired result.

Removal of “zombie cells” from the brain will reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is caused by the death of neurons in certain areas of the brain. Scientists from the California Institute of Aging Research named Buck suggested that the fate of neurons can be affected by the surrounding cells of the neuroglia, in particular astrocytes


Private company Rocket Lab put into orbit a “mirror” satellite

A sphere about a meter in diameter, covered with 65 triangular reflectors, was put into orbit by a private company Rocket Lab. As she reported on Wednesday on her website, the satellite was put into orbit using a 17-meter Electron launch vehicle launched from the site in New Zealand.

During the destruction of the ISS, 120 tons of unburned debris will fall to Earth

When the International Space Station is flooded, approximately 120 tons of unburned debris in the upper atmosphere will fall to Earth. Such calculations led Rafail Murtazin, deputy head of the ballistic department of the RSC Energia, which is part of the state corporation Roskosmos.

In the US, key tests of the probe for the study of the sun

Specialists of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have started key tests of the automatic interplanetary station, which later this year will go to the Sun.

Scientists: Two planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system can be suitable for life

A group of Belgian scientists in the course of the study found that two planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system can be suitable for life. This system revolves around one star and is in the constellation of Aquarius

Black planet WASP-12b will soon cease to exist – Scientists

Scientists have concluded that the planet will be destroyed in 10 years and never again appear in space

The object received such an unusual name because it is impossible to reflect the rays of light, and it also makes rotations around the star at a small distance. This factor harms the exoplanet, as the parent star devours the atmosphere through a close gravitational interaction

The speed of the passage of dark matter through the Earth is low

In the course of observing the oldest stars of the Galaxy, scientists in astrophysics have succeeded in discovering that the velocity of dark matter in the vicinity of the Sun and the Earth is very low. The research materials are published on the pages of the profile journal Physical Review Letters.

The Google prize of $ 30 million “for the lunar rover” will remain untouched

The prize of $ 30 million will not be received by the contestants Google Lunar X Prize. It turned out that the research apparatus on the Moon was not ready for launch.
In this project we invested $ 300 million. Teams from the USA, Israel, India, Japan got to the final of the contest. In the top five went and the international team Synergy Moon

Ukrainian “Antonov” signed a contract for the transportation of satellites in the US

The mass of the satellite is 23 tons. An-124 Ruslan transported the spacecraft from Washington to Cayenne. “Antonov Airlines” also had a prisoner with SpaceX, owned by billionaire physicist Ilon Mask.

For the “Moon-25” chosen landing sites

Russian researchers have chosen several possible landing sites for the probe “Luna-25”, the launch of which is scheduled for 2020, according to the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Two potential landing sites for the probe are in the southern hemisphere of the satellite.

Scientists called Titan a twin of the Earth

Scientists, having conducted a number of studies, came to the conclusion that Titan is a twin of the Earth. On the surface of the satellite of Saturn, evaporation occurs, rivers flow, precipitation falls, and there are also seas. The researchers compiled a detailed map of the surface of the cosmic body.


Rimac will present the electric hypermarket Concept Two in Geneva

It is reported that the novelty should debut at the auto show in Geneva in March this year. According to the promises of developers, a new prototype under the working title Rimac Concept Two should exceed its predecessor in the person of Concept One in terms of power, speed and comfort.

Hyundai has patented a new Grandeur sedan for Russia

Russian automotive publications report that Hyundai company in January 2017 patented the appearance of the new large Hyundai Grandeur sedan for Russia, but the car sketches were published only a few days ago. At the moment there is no detailed information about the novelty.

Published the first photo of the new Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai press service published the first teaser of the new generation Hyundai Santa Fe crossover. On the image posted on the network, the car is shown in profile.

The distributor of cars “Cortege” will begin work in the first quarter of 2018

In the near future, starts receiving orders for cars “Cortege”, to which Russian motorists show considerable interest. At the first stage, it is planned to produce cars in small lots (about 150-200 copies per year) at NAMI facilities

Suzuki has published a new Suzuki Future-S crossover teaser

The teaser of the concept of the small crossover Suzuki Future-S shows that the model will receive an unusual design, as well as LED lights. The serial version of the concept will appear in early 2019 and the first market for the model will be India.

Volkswagen spoke about the main novelties for Russia in 2018

The closest in our market novelty will be a full-size Teramont crossover, which will be assembled for the Russian market in the US.

The next novelty that will complement the company’s lineup in our country will be a new generation of Volkswagen Touareg, which will debut in a few months.

Sales of this crossover are planned for the summer. Not earlier than this summer, the new Volkswagen Arteon elevator can also reach, although the final decision on its deliveries to Russia has not yet been made. +

Speaking of such novelties as Polo and Jetta after the change of generations, they are expected only in 2019.

Hatchback KIA Rio received a “charged” version of GT Line

Korean company Kia introduced a sports modification of the hatchback Kia Rio – GT Line. From the standard version of the novelty differs appearance and other materials of interior trim. Nothing is said about the changes in the technical part.

Datsun has updated the budget cross-hatchback redi-GO

Japanese automaker Datsun, a subsidiary of Nissan, has released the updated budget hatchback Datsun redi-GO to the Indian market.

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