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27 Ноя, 2022

What do children want to be around the world?

A very interesting survey of children aged 8 to 12, conducted in the US, UK and China. How different is the culture and education system in the West and East

In the US and the UK, the top professions are about the same: most often children want to become video bloggers / YouTubers (about 30% in both countries), then teachers (a quarter of the votes), professional athletes, musicians and astronauts (who scored only 11% of the votes)

In China, on the contrary, more than half of the children want to become astronauts: 56% at once. Another 52% want to become teachers, 47% — musicians, 37% — athletes. Only 18% of children dream of becoming a video blogger!

But at the same time, children in China are much less confident in their preferences: in surveys, you could choose up to 3 options, and in China, most children took advantage of this option. In the United States and Great Britain, they more often chose one or the other

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