18 Сен, 2021

What kind of economy do Russians want?

Soviet type, based on state planning and distribution — this was stated in a recent poll by 62% of Russians, a record for the entire observation period (since 1992)!

There are record-breaking few supporters of private property and market relations in our country — only 24%

In general, the share of supporters of the Soviet-type system, which was rather low in the early nineties, gradually rose to levels slightly above 50% by the beginning of the 2000s and has been relatively stable over the past 20 years (with slight growth against the background of the crisis events in 2009 and 2014). But the current situation, apparently, for many residents of our country turned out to be even more crisis than all the events of recent decades — and the demand for a return to state regulation and distribution is now more than ever high


China has territorial disputes with 17 countries. As for the maritime territories, China is in conflict with ALL states in the South China Sea. The reason is the strange, ambiguous dotted line that appeared on Chinese maps in 1953, with which China marked the territory under its control.


The world’s first band, Between Music, hosts underwater concerts. The performers perform in special glass tanks filled with water and play modified orchestral instruments capable of sounding in such conditions. The band members have been preparing for concerts for 10 years.


Oleg Tinkov agreed with the US authorities to settle tax claims. The parties asked the court to schedule a meeting for October 1, at which the agreements reached will be presented. If approved by the court, they will enter into force.

The essence of the agreements is still unclear. The accused in such cases usually pay the full tax debt, after which their persecution is terminated.


Dmitry Peskov explained why President Putin, who voted on September 17, has the clock on September 10. According to Peskov, the president’s clock shows the wrong date.

“It’s just that Putin does not have a date set on his watch, he does not look at it, he does not use the date on his watch, so, yes, he has a different date there,” said the presidential press secretary.


The Philippines, located between China and Australia, has declared that it recognizes Australia’s right to acquire a fleet of nuclear submarines and, for its part, is also building up its defense potential.

The Philippines is one of the Southeast Asian countries involved in a territorial dispute with China over the ownership of the South China Sea islands.


The oldest mosaic in the world was found in Turkey — in the Ushakly mound in the Yozgat province, where artifacts from the Hittite period have been excavated since 2012. Scientists tentatively date the mosaic to about 1500 BC (500 years before King David, 300 years before the fall of Troy and 200 years before Tutankhamun).


The UK has awarded two £ 170 million contracts with BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce to design and build a new class of nuclear powered submarine, Royal British Navy reported.


Hyundai, together with the British firm Urban-Air Port, will launch a flying taxi in 65 cities around the world. It is planned to start with the UK and the USA, and then gradually other countries will be connected into one network. The first station for boarding passengers should open in Coventria (England) as early as 2022. Flying taxis will also launch in central London and Los Angeles during 2022.


The US Department of Health has approved an intravenous drug against HIV infection that uses CRISPR / Cas gene editing technology for the first phase of clinical trials. A drug called EBT-101 looks for viruses that are embedded in the genome of cells, cuts them out and glues the ends of the cut DNA strand. Theoretically, in this way, you can completely cleanse the body of the immunodeficiency virus, according to the company that developed the drug.


Verhoeven’s film «Temptation» about a lesbian nun has not received a distribution license in Russia. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in its decision refers to the paragraph of the Rules for issuing rental certificates, which provides for the refusal «in other cases specified by federal laws.» The department does not specify which particular case is in question. The premiere in Russia was supposed to take place on October 7. The film is based on the book «Indiscreet Deeds» by Judith Brown.


Scientists have grown coffee in a test tube. In the laboratory, they cultured plant cells by placing them in a nutrient solution. After that, the resulting biomass was dried and fried, it became like coffee grounds. Scientists have stated that it tastes and smells the same as regular coffee. The process can be altered to produce more or less certain compounds: caffeine or flavors


A group of members of the European Parliament said that the Russian company Gazprom may be to blame for the record rise in gas prices in Europe and use it for their own purposes. Legislators have called on the European Commission to investigate the role of Gazprom in the current situation. This was reported with reference to the letter of the deputies to the executive vice-president of the EU commission Margrethe Vestager and the energy commissioner Kadri Simson. The European Commission confirmed that they received the appeal. The letter was reportedly signed by more than 40 deputies (there are more than 700 of them in parliament).

“We urge the European Commission to urgently start an investigation into possible deliberate market manipulation by Gazprom and a potential violation of EU competition rules,” they said.


The volumes of gas supplied by Gazprom are in accordance with the signed contracts. This was stated in the information department of «Gazprom», commenting on the accusations of the MEPs in «manipulation» with the volume of fuel supplies, through which the price of gas became high.


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