3 Окт, 2021

Where are the most nuclear reactors

In the USA: there are now 93 of them — and this is 11 less than ten years ago

The second place is occupied by France, where there are 56 reactors (2 fewer than 10 years ago), and China very rapidly broke into third place: now there are 52 nuclear reactors, and this is 39 more than in 2011! An impressive fourfold growth in just ten years

There are 38 reactors in Russia (+6 in 10 years) — and this is the 4th place in the world. South Korea closes the top 5 with a noticeably more modest figure of 23 reactors

And in terms of the change in the number of operating nuclear reactors over 10 years, the already mentioned China (+39) and Japan are leading, where the number of reactors has decreased by exactly the same amount: now there are only 9 of them, which is 39 less than in 2011, on the eve of the events in Fukushima


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