11 Sep, 2018

Where in Russia they pay more …

According to Rosstat, referenced by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the average monthly salary in Russia is 42,555 rubles. The highest salary is 100 thousand 617 rubles. – residents of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The second place is occupied by the residents of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug with 98 thousand 291 rubles, the third – the residents of Moscow with 82 thousand 729 rubles.

The lowest earnings in the Altai Territory are 24 thousand 402 rubles. Residents of Karachay-Cherkessia receive 24 thousand 481 rubles., The inhabitants of Chechnya – 24 thousand 873 rubles.

As found by Rosstat, the most profitable in Russia is the sphere of air and space transport, whose employees receive 161.7 thousand rubles. per month. Those who are engaged in the extraction of crude oil and natural gas, on average, pay 123.1 thousand rubles. Manufacturers of tobacco products earn 111.2 thousand rubles.

Of those who are involved in production, the least – 20.8 thousand rubles. – Specialists who sew clothes are received. Those who produce furniture earn 23.4 thousand rubles. Workers engaged in the manufacture of leather products receive 24.5 thousand rubles.

Briefly about the main …..


Metropolitan Theophanes announced the need for temples in Osinovo and Innopolis

Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Feofan said the need to build new churches in the neighborhood of Osinovo and Innopolis. He stated this in an interview with Real Time.

Schools of the city are overcrowded so that children are taught in halls

The problem of overcrowding in Novosibirsk schools is not new, but every year it is gaining new momentum – the number of first-graders is increasing, the number of classes is sometimes over 35, and some students go to classes with completely unusual letters “K”, “L” and “M” . The directors of overcrowded schools, on orders from the authorities, are forced to teach everyone who comes to them – because of this, the halls and technical rooms are given to the classes, while the new schools, even if they are built in record time, will not save the situation.

Nevsky Prospekt Petersburg will be closed for the procession

The procession is held in memory of the fact that on September 12, 1724 Peter I personally transferred to the Lavra that he founded the relics of the holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, who had previously rested in Vladimir.

To conduct the procession in St. Petersburg, the city authorities spent 2 million rubles. This was announced on Monday at a press conference dedicated to the event. The allocated funds went for renting screens and scenes, ensuring security and organization of doctors’ duty, reports AIF.

More than a thousand people detained at protest rallies in Russia

At the actions against the pension reform, which took place in different cities of Russia on the eve, September 9, police detained 1,018 people, according to “OVD-Info.” According to him, the most detainees in St. Petersburg – 452 people. At least 183 people were detained in Yekaterinburg, 60 in Krasnodar.

Russians to “freeze” pensions for another year

For the first time the accumulative part of pensions was frozen in 2014. The money was sent to the Pension Fund together with the insurance part. In the future, the “freeze” was extended annually, and in 2017 a law was passed on its extension for three years at once – until 2020 inclusive.

Therefore, they will, most likely, again freeze for another year, until 2021. – Maxim Topilin

Sberbank has calculated the level of salaries of young specialists in Russia

Young specialists in Russia receive an average of 22.1 thousand rubles. This follows from the results of the study of Sberbank from July 2017 to June 2018, which were reviewed by RBC

Special courts for dealing with cases in the sphere of social networks

In Russia there will be courts specializing in cases in the field of social networks and digital law. Such an assumption was expressed by the Russian president’s special representative for digital and technological development Dmitry Peskov in an interview with RIA Novosti on the eve of the WEF.

It seems to me that the way this is happening today does not work very effectively. In the judicial system, arbitration and courts in the field of commercial law have been previously singled out in separate directions. As digital law develops, I admit the emergence of specialized institutions. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

The FSB has created a center to combat cyberthreats

In Russia, a special structure for combating cyberattacks appeared – the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents (NKCCI). The order of the FSB to establish the center was published on the portal of disclosure of legal information.

Vladivostok could become another cultural center of Russia

Vladivostok could become a cultural center like Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF) on Tuesday.

In Indonesia, women were banned from dining with men

Observe the new rule ordered all cafes and restaurants of the district. According to the local head of the department for Islamic affairs, women violate the Sharia law when they eat with men: it is allowed to do only with the husband or close relatives

Affected by the May decrees of Putin

The May decrees of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2012 at the beginning of this year are generally close to fulfilling the growth of public sector salaries – but some categories of workers in the public sector have been affected

The most severe during the implementation of the May decree was medical personnel, whose number declined from 687,000 to 299,000 in five years (2013-2018), according to the September monitoring of the economic situation in Russia by experts from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“In 2013-2018 in health care organizations, the practice of transferring junior nurses to cleaning jobs was actively applied, although their duties as a result of transferring to a new position did not change or their functions were outsourced … As a result, this category of employees not only was excluded from the scope of the May decrees, but also lost the various benefits that rely on medical workers: a shorter working week and additional paid leave, “write the experts. Some of the duties could be assumed by the average medical staff.

In Russia, by 2024 there will be offices for the protection of patients’ rights

The Russian Ministry of Health, in the framework of the development of primary health care, is working to organize a system for protecting the rights of patients. The office is going to open offices on the basis of insurance medical organizations to protect the rights of citizens who applied for medical assistance. This was stated on Monday in the framework of the conference “Biotechmed” Deputy Minister of Health of Russia Yevgeny Kamkin.

A part of the school building collapsed in the village of Uyan in the Kuitun district

The representative of the administration said that the commission of the regional department of education, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will arrive in the near future. The school’s director, Lyudmila Taurskaya, told IRK.ru that the children and workers were quickly evacuated. The students were dismissed from school.

The press service of the government of the Irkutsk region said that the region’s Minister of Education Valentina Peregudova had left the scene.

The credit load of the Russians was proposed to limit

The level of debt burden borrowers want to limit the law. Russians should spend on repayment of loans not more than 50% of the total income of the family. If this indicator is exceeded, banks and microfinance organizations will be prohibited from issuing loans to citizens.


Terms of preparation of the list of projects from the “Belousov list”

The preliminary list of projects for investments from the “Belousov list” should be ready by the end of November. This was announced by the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, TASS reported.

According to Shokhin, the RUIE proposes not to limit the number of companies that can enter the list of investment projects on the “Belousov list”. According to him, it could be oil companies, suppliers of metal, cement and others, “which is interesting to see what forms of state support can be implemented.”

Republicans in the US offered to reduce taxes

The head of the US House of Taxes Committee, Kevin Brady, initiated an initiative to reduce taxes. It was supported also by other republicans. It is assumed that the tax cuts for businesses and individuals will be permanent.

Created and led

Russia is creating a government commission for economic modernization and innovative development under the leadership of the head of government, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Construction of Neva Towers in Moscow City

The authorities of Moscow have extended the terms of the construction of the Neva Towers skyscraper in the business center “Moscow City” until the end of 2020, follows from the report of Moskomstroyinvest.

The Government of the Russian Federation extended the Federal Target Program for the Development of the Crimea until 2022

The Russian government has extended the Federal Target Program for the Development of the Crimea and Sevastopol until 2022, with an increase in its funding by 40 billion rubles. The corresponding decree signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Qatargas agreed with PetroChina on 22-year LNG supplies to China

Liquefied gas will be supplied from Qatargas 2, a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum, Exxon Mobil Corp and Total, to LNG receiving terminals in China. Delivery of the first batch is scheduled for this month.

Transit of Russian gas through Ukraine for 8 months decreased by 6%

According to Ukrtransgaz, the volume of gas in underground storage facilities (UGS) of Ukraine as of August 31 is 14.6 billion cubic meters. The import of gas from European countries decreased by 26.6% compared to the same period in 2017.

Oleg Tinkov bought 525 thousand receipts of TCS Group for $ 9.54 million

Tinkoff’s main owner Oleg Tinkov made a purchase of 525,000 global depositary receipts (GDRs) from TCS Group Holding’s holding company for $ 9.54 million, the bank said in a press release.

Sberbank became the owner of the “golden share” of the Antipinsky refinery

Sberbank became the owner of the “golden share” of the Antipinsky refinery (New Stream Group), and the senior managing director – deputy director of the department of the largest clients of the bank Aleksey Grenkov took the post of co-director of the main shareholder of the company – Cypriot Vikay Industrial (owns 80% of the refinery).

State Duma Committee supports airport exemption from VAT payment

The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes recommended deputies to pass in the first reading a government bill aimed at exempting airports from paying value-added tax (VAT) for servicing the aircraft, the REGNUM correspondent reports September 10.

To help the holders of the Urban Group and SU-155 budget will allocate another 7.8 billion rubles

The budget of the Russian Federation in 2018 will additionally allocate 7.8 billion rubles to help the interest holders of SU-155 and Urban Group, an official representative of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov told journalists on the results of the meeting dedicated to protecting the rights of citizens participating in shared construction.

The volume of Vnesheconombank’s additional capitalization could reach 300 billion rubles

First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov did not rule out that the volume of additional capitalization of the state corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs” (Vnesheconombank) could reach 300 billion rubles within several years.

In the voids under the cosmodrome “Vostochny” they accused “Spetsstroy”

On September 5, Roskosmos informed that in the ground under the launch complex of the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle, voids were found. As noted in TsENKI, according to the results of the inspection, a poorly-paid concrete pouring was allowed by the previous contractor – Spetsstroy of Russia.

The first icebreaker of China’s production was launched

The first icebreaker of China’s production was launched in the port of Shanghai. The ship “Seylun-2” (“Snow Dragon”) was built in 2016. As previously reported, the budget for the construction of the icebreaker was estimated at $ 153 million.

Rusagro plans to make China its main market

The group of companies plans to sell twice as many products there than in the Russian Federation, Rusagro CEO Maxim Basov said on Rossiya-24.

Gazprom Neft found large oil reserves on Sakhalin

The company has already confirmed them in the State Commission on Mineral Reserves. Now the reserves are 415.8 million tons of oil in categories C1 + C2, which is 1.6 times higher than the original estimate, a Gazprom Neft spokesman said today at the Eastern Economic Forum.

Heads of the Ministry of Energy of the United States and Saudi Arabia met in Washington

US President Donald Trump previously said he had agreed with Saudi King Salman that the kingdom would increase oil production to reduce prices, but Riyadh said that it was only about the possibility of such actions in the future, and not about any guarantees in the future. present time.

Russian-Korean trade increased by 30% in six months

The trade turnover between Russia and South Korea for seven months of 2018 grew by 30% and amounted to almost $ 15 billion due to the cooperation of the regions of the two countries. This was announced at the Eastern Economic Forum by the Russian Trade Representative in the Republic of Korea Mikhail Bondarenko.

Far Eastern support for Russian banks

Russian banks that will start working in the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) in the near future will be able to receive special support measures. This was stated by Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East Alexander Krutikov at the panel session “Financial Center and Offshore in the Far East” of the Eastern Economic Forum, moderated by the deputy general director and editor-in-chief of the TASS news agency Maxim Filimonov.

“Today, the CBR and I are drafting certain decisions, from which we will begin, which decisions will be the first, which we have already agreed in the government of Russia – we will introduce special packages of support measures, tax incentives for Russian credit organizations, primarily those that are not yet carry out activities in the Far East <…> We believe that those new banks that come to work in the Far Eastern Federal District can fully use the benefits that are available in the TOR and Vladivostok Free Port (SPV), “Krutikov said.

The court found illegal the transactions between the “Discovery” and the O1 Group of Mints

The Moscow Arbitration Court declared illegal a number of interconnected transactions between the FC Opening Bank and O1 Group companies of businessman Boris Minta, RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom

Lithuanian shareholder of the airport “Zhukovsky” decided to withdraw from the project

The largest airline group in Lithuania, Avia Solutions Group (ASG), plans to sell its stake in the management company of the Moscow airport “Zhukovsky” – Ramport Aero – and withdraw from this project, ASG general director Jonas Janukenas said.

Minstroy is concerned about the increase in mortgage rates by a number of banks

The Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation is concerned that a number of banks are reviewing mortgage rates upwards, RIA Real Estate under the WEF head of the department Vladimir Yakushev said.


Trump received a letter from Kim Jong-no with a proposal for a new meeting

President of the United States Donald Trump received a letter from the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no with a proposal to hold a new meeting. This was stated during the briefing by the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. According to her, the letter was “positive and warm.”

The President received a letter from Kim Jong-un. It was a very warm, positive letter. We will not publish the letter completely. The main task of the letter was to request and try to appoint another meeting with the president. We are ready for this and are already in the process of coordinating on this matter. – Sarah Sanders, American politician

In the United States threatened the International Criminal Court with sanctions

The US authorities will take all possible measures to protect their citizens from prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and can impose sanctions against the ICC judges, said US National Security Adviser John Bolton.

The United States will take all necessary measures to protect our citizens – and citizens of the Allied countries – from unjustly persecuting this illegal court. If the court begins to persecute us, Israel or other allies, we will not sit idly by. – John Bolton, American politician

Kim Jong-un appreciated Putin’s message positively

The leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, got acquainted with the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin, responded positively to him, in response he said that he was counting on Russia’s efforts aimed at easing US sanctions against the DPRK, Federation Council Chairman Valentina Matvienko said, noting that her communication with the head North Korea has been repeated.

Putin noted the development of relations between the military of Russia and Japan

Relations between Russia and Japan are developing steadily, and for the first time this relates to the interaction of the military. This was stated by Russian leader Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Relations between our countries are developing steadily. For the first time this has to do with the interaction of our military departments. Relations in the sphere of humanitarian relations are developing. We launched unprecedentedly large events – the cross years of Russia in Japan and Japan in Russia. – Vladimir Putin

London prepared Interpol’s “red notices” in the case of the Violins

Notices with a red corner (Red Notice) involve the arrest of the person being sought with a subsequent request for extradition to the country that initiated the search. At the same time, the Kremlin said that they do not have information on the “suspects” named by the British prosecutor’s office,

Kiev will not resume the supply of water to the Crimea, said a representative of Poroshenko

Representative of the President of Ukraine Boris Babin said that Kiev will not allow the resumption of water supplies to the Crimea.

“We will not give this water at any cost, because the population does not need this water, which is necessary for the enterprises that are in the occupied territory, and they will not receive this water, therefore there is a clear position: no negotiations, no attempts to take us in small steps under the supply of this water will not be <…> Dniprovska water will not go to the Crimea, I guarantee it, “Boris Babin, the Ukrainian president’s representative in the Crimea (appointed by Peter Poroshenko because of the reunification of the peninsula, said in a commentary to the TV channel” 112. Ukraine ” with Po sion).

The US notified the Palestinians about the decision to close their diplomatic mission in Washington

The Palestinians received notification from the US administration about the impending closure of their diplomatic mission in Washington and consider this decision to be a continuation of the course to dismantle the “international system” to please Israel, said Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization Saib Oreykat.

China promised to take retaliatory measures in case of introduction of new duties by the USA

The Chinese authorities said they will retaliate if Washington introduces new duties on Beijing, RT reports with reference to the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Geng Shuang.

The US intends to impose sanctions against the PRC because of human rights violations

The US authorities are considering imposing sanctions on Chinese dignitaries and companies for human rights violations against the backdrop of reports of “re-education camps” for Muslims.

Russian diplomats arrived in Geneva for talks on Syria

Russian diplomats will hold informal meetings with the UN Special Envoy for Syria in Geneva, Russian President’s Special Envoy for the Syrian Settlement Alexander Lavrentiev told the Geneva airport on September 9.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland told about the dismissal of MGIMO alumni

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, almost all the employees who graduated from MGIMO were fired, the head of the department Jacek Chaputovich said. “We can say that the leadership of the department was replaced by almost one hundred percent,” the diplomat said.

Putin was invited to the inauguration of the new president of Mexico

The elected president of Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador, invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to his inauguration, Marcelo Ebrard, the future foreign minister of the country, said on Monday. On Monday, Obrador met with the Russian ambassador in Mexico, Victor Coronelli.

Trump extended emergency rule in the US

US President Donald Trump extended for one year the state of emergency introduced in the country after the September 11, 2001 attacks. This is reported on the website of the White House.

“As the terrorist threat persists, the state of emergency declared on September 14, 2001, as well as the rights and powers imposed to counter this situation, must remain in force,” the presidential decree published in the White House website states.

In the White House, a mobile phone is banned

According to the sources of the channel, changes in the rules for the use of mobile phones were made after the media recorded a conversation between former assistant to President Omarosa Manigol-Newman and the head of the White House, John Kelly.

The new rules suggest that employees who work in the western wing of the White House will leave all mobile devices, including those issued for work, in their classrooms or personal lockers.

The Netherlands will stop financing White Helmets

Support for the White Helmets will end in December, but the country will continue to support the people of Syria. The Netherlands also stopped financing the Syrian opposition, which was allocated a total of € 70 million.


“Admiral Kuznetsov” became the second in the rating of the worst aircraft carriers

The list is opened by the first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, which is an updated Soviet “Varyag”. It is followed by the only Russian (formerly Soviet) aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, which is of the same type as the Varyag.

The largest military exercises in Russia

As reported by Interfax, on Tuesday in Russia, the largest in the latest history of military maneuvers, “East-2018”. Participation in them will be about 300 thousand soldiers.

In the United States began military exercises with the participation of individual CIS countries

Over 200 military personnel participate in military maneuvers, including from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. CentCom’s statement says that exercises, which will last until September 21, are held at the Edwards military base located in the Cape Cod (Massachusetts) area.

Trump thinks over missile strike on Russian troops in Syria

President of the United States Donald Trump has not yet decided which troops – Russian, Iranian or Syrian – will be chosen as a target for a possible missile strike, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources in the US administration

Russian Foreign Ministry: terrorists produce chemical weapons in Syria

Terrorists in Syria have found opportunities to manufacture chemical weapons in the territory of that country, but they also continue to receive material and technical assistance from abroad, said Oleg Syromolotov, deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Britain did not notice the Russian submarines

The American edition of The National Interest called the submarine fleet of Russia one of the best in the world. He continued the Soviet tradition of creating advanced submarines. At the moment, Russia is building the newest submarines of the project 885 “Ash”.

The UK was called upon to prepare for war with Russia

Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom Jacob Rees-Mogg said that “the case of the Violins” could lead to war between the two countries. British parliamentarian Jacob Rees-Mogg called on Britain to begin preparations for a war with Russia.

The US doubted the denuclearization of the DPRK

The US authorities have reason to believe that the DPRK is trying to hide the activity at its nuclear facilities. According to the US intelligence services, in the last three months at least one masking structure has been built in North Korea, which should hide the entrance to the storage of warheads.

“MiG” resumed work on the impact drones “Scat”

In the Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC), MiG resumed work on the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “Skat”. A source in the defense industry complex explained to TASS that the device would be assembled using stealth technology.

Bolton promised a powerful response from the US

Advisor to the US President for National Security John Bolton said that if chemical weapons are used during the fighting in Syria, Washington’s response will be more severe than ever.

We have tried in recent days to convey a signal that if there is a third use of chemical weapons, the answer will be much stronger. – John Bolton, American politician

The video of the flight of the Su-35 fighter over the island Russian

Eyewitnesses withdrew about the flight of the Russian fighter of the fourth generation of Su-35S over the Russian island in Vladivostok. The video was posted on YouTube. The plane made a training flight, preparing for an exhibition at the Eastern Economic Forum.

The Black Sea Fleet will be replenished by two ships with rockets “Caliber”

Next year, the Black Sea Fleet will strengthen the newest small missile ships Cyclone and Ingushetia armed with cruise missiles Caliber-NK, Izvestia reports. The journalists were told about it in the Russian Defense Ministry.

In Latvia they reported the approach of a Russian submarine to the borders of the country

In the early days of September, a ship supporting the SS-750 submarine, a corvette and a submarine were identified near the Latvian border, the NBC said. According to the Ministry of Defense of Latvia, warships, submarines and combat aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces regularly appear at the borders of the republic.


High levels of vitamin D do not make bones stronger

The statement that the vitamin strengthens the bones is nothing more than a myth. The largest clinical study on the benefits of vitamin D in preventing fractures involving more than 500,000 people of different ages and social status has been completed. The question was studied according to all rules, adjacent factors, including genetic ones, were taken into account, in order to avoid confusion of causes and consequences.

Most people believe that calcium and vitamin D are safe, and “the more, the better.” But this is incorrect, recent studies say that an excess of vitamin D can cause cardiovascular disorders. In addition, vitamin D is fat-soluble, so it can accumulate in the body.

Scientists have taught robots to deal with unfamiliar objects

The algorithm, as the scientists note, will make the robots truly smart. Robots that exist now, are able, as a rule, to perform actions from some very limited range – robots in production, for example, and usually produce only one action.

Scientists have created an accurate map of Antarctica

A team of scientists from the universities of Ohio, Minnesota and Illinois has created a map of Antarctica of unprecedented detail, which is now the most accurate representation of the continent in the world and with the greatest resolution.

In Britain, a prototype of a flying electrotaxi

In Britain, for the first time, tests of a prototype electric taxi with vertical take-off and landing were shown. This is the first such development in the country, says The Times, Vertical Aerospace is working on the project.

“Rostegh” will start producing bionanobots for fighting cancer

According to Yevtushenko, at the moment, an appropriate investment project is being worked out to implement the launch. He noted that the important direction of the corporation’s activity is the production of equipment for combating oncology and cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists could understand how the first tools of labor appeared

Ancient hominids thought of them about 1.8 million years ago. A group of scientists from the University of Johannesburg studied bone tools that were found in nine sites in South Africa. It turned out that different animals were used to extract bones and meat. So, wild boars were actively used for food, but their bones were never used to make guns. And vice versa – some game was scored only for bones and horns. The main animals for bones were zebras, rhinoceroses, antelopes. They were also often depicted in cave paintings, because for the ancient tribes they had special significance.

The first decade of the collider

A little earlier, in anticipation of the launch, on Elements, with the full support of the site’s editorial staff, a section was launched entirely devoted to this collider. By that time, I had already written science news, but it was clear that the collider was a lump, it would be necessary to write a lot about it and regularly.

Physicists have transformed a one-dimensional electronic crystal into a zigzag

Physicists from Taiwan and Great Britain turned a one-dimensional crystal from electrons into a conductor into a zigzag shape, reducing the force of interaction between electrons, and then measuring the spin structures of both crystals.

Beetles-parasites have learned to change the bait for insect hosts

Beetle-blender mens-franciscans (Meloe franciscanus), which parasitize on bees, adapted to the kind of hosts that live in the same place as the beetles, says Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In the human brain, a department responsible for erasing memory

A department responsible for “erasing memory” was found in the brain. The discovery was made by an international group of scientists from Germany, Switzerland, Holland and the United Kingdom.

Scientists have discovered three new species of deep-sea fish in the Pacific Ocean

Scientists at Newcastle University discovered three new species of deep-sea fish in the Pacific Trench. Fish, which live at a depth of eight kilometers, adapted to the constant absence of sunlight, low temperatures and huge pressure.

Global warming causes mountain species to climb higher

Based on observations in the US National Park Yosemite, located on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Range in the Cordillera, the scientists were convinced that the global warming of the climate makes animals, insects and plants climb higher into the mountains.

The new concentrator increases the height of sea waves by three times

Scientists have created a device of metal sheets, which can increase the height of waves on the water by three times. Such installations can be useful in alternative energy, for example, in the construction of tidal power plants. The results of the work are published in the journal Physical Review Letters

Scientists have created a drug to treat influenza in one day

A group of scientists from the United States has created a new medicine. It is able not only to quickly cope with the virus, but also to do it practically without side effects. The drug was called balkoxavir-marboxyl


Sergey Shnurov came to a social gathering with a new companion

For the evening the musician came with a tall blonde. Later, Shnurov said that the girl’s name was Varvara. Journalists immediately assumed that he was a new lover of a shocking artist.

The participant of “Doma-2” stated that she is pregnant from Alexander Serov

At the end of August it became known that pop singer Alexander Serov twisted the affair with the former participant of “House-2” Daria Friends. At first the girl was happy, but later reported that she had to escape from the artist.

“Shuttle-chest” with the channel “Russia 1 divorced from her husband

Pregnant actress Maria Poroshina divorced her husband, actor Ilya Drevnov, after 17 years of marriage. This is evidenced by the data on the website of the magistrates of the capital.

In Atlantic City there was a beauty contest “Miss America”

The annual beauty contest “Miss America” was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For the first time in almost 100 years the jury determined the best of the girls without their obligatory defile in swimsuits.

Grinev must leave the show “Married to Buzov”

The young man “lit up” in the first issue, but he got the real glory after the second episode of “Married to Buzov.” As you know, Alexander Grinev liked Olga Buzovoy in Venice, but the young man suddenly disappeared.

Kozlovsky intrigues with promises of important news

The actor, along with his chosen one, took leave in September. Lovers rest on a yacht on the Mediterranean Sea.

Kozlovsky hinted that all the time had to hide something, but promised to tell everything in the very near future.

Mistress Nemtsova became rich after his death

Three years ago the last mistress of Boris Nemtsov, Anna Duritskaya disappeared right after his death. After the model became the main witness of the murder of a famous politician, she went to Kiev, where she was hiding under 24-hour protection

Rapper Guf confessed to Keti Topuria in love on her birthday

On 9 September, the unparalleled Keti Topuria, a soloist of the A’Studio group, celebrated her birthday. The girl is 32 years old, but the singer looks much younger.

Timati asked Nurmagomedov to respect someone else’s opinion

The repeated threats from young people from Dagestan to representatives of the label Black Star forced the rap artist Timur Yunusov, better known by the pseudonym Timati, to turn to Habib Nurmagomedov.


In Toronto, launched the 43rd International Film Festival, which will last until September 16. The contest program was opened with the drama “The King Outlawed” with Chris Pine and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Netflix bought the rights to show the Russian TV series “Walking on the agony”

The company Netflix bought the rights to display the Russian TV series “Walking through the agony”, 12 episodes can be viewed on the video service website. The press service of NTV confirmed the deal. “The series” Walking through the agony “can be seen on the Netflix video service,” the press service told RNS.

The sixth series of the new “Prostokvashino” appeared on the web

The sixth series of the new cartoon “Return to Prostokvashino” was published on the YouTube channel of the Soyuzmultfilm studio. The new series is called “Monster from Prostokvashino”

Director Andrei Zvyagintsev will come to “Saratov Suffering”

At the XV International Film Festival documentary melodrama “Saratov Suffering” this year will come the famous Russian director and screenwriter Andrei Zvyagintsev. This today, September 10, the press service of the organizing committee of the festival.

Apple will soon launch the “apple” streaming service

Presumably, the new “apple” streaming platform will be launched in March of the next 2019. Over the past few years, the company has spent about a billion dollars to create unique content, so that the service will broadcast films and serials of Apple’s own production.

On the Oscar Cinema Prize, Russia will be represented by the Sobibor of the Khabensky

The painting “Sobibor” by Konstantin Khabensky about the uprising in the Nazi death camp will represent Russia at the Oscar film prize in 2019, RIA Novosti reported to the Russian Oscar committee. Sobibor was nominated by a majority vote.

Stallone announced the imminent start of filming a new film about Rambo

On the world screens will soon be released a new militant about the veteran of the war in Vietnam, John Rambo. The author of the movie hero American actor, director and screenwriter Sylvester Stallone announced that he will soon begin to shoot the fifth part

The animated series “Rick and Morty” received the Emmy Award

It is noted that the trophy brought them the episode “Cucumber Rick” from the third season. Also, according to the jury, the best short animated series was the show “Robotsyp”. Earlier it became known that the series “Game of Thrones” received just seven Emmy figurines this year.

The creator of the animated series “Mi-mi-mishki” concluded a deal with Netflix

Animation studio “Steam Engine” has concluded a deal with the American company Netflix to show animated series “Mi-mi-mishki” and “Leo and Teague”, they are already available on the video service website. This is reported on the studio’s website. It is noted that the transaction was conducted by Signal Media.

Grand Prix of the film festival in Kazan received a picture from Kazakhstan

The Grand Prix of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival received a Kazakhstan film “The Tender Indifference of the World”. The prize for directing the jury was awarded to two films by Russian “Mulla” Ramil Fazlyev and Amir Galiaskarova and the Iranian tape “Golneza” by Sattar Shamani Gola, follows from the results on the festival’s website.

The world premiere of the Bohemian Rhapsody will be held in London

In London, the world premiere of the Bohemian Rhapsody will take place. A biography of the legendary Queen band will be shown at the Wembley Arena concert venue on October 23

“STS Media” prepares the continuation of “Kitchen”

Media holding “STS Media” is preparing a continuation of TV series “Cuisine”, “Hotel Eleon” and “Give youth!”. Currently, the authors are working on the scenarios of future projects, the premieres of which will be held on the holding’s channels.


Group Red will arrive in Red

The concert of American group Red will take place on October 12, 2018 in the club Red. The visit of the collective to Moscow will take place within the framework of their autumn “Unstoppable Tour”. Red began its journey in 2004, re-singing in a heavy style famous Christian anthems

Russian National Orchestra opens its X Great Festival

On the first evening, accompanied by the orchestra, Sergei Krylov will perform a concerto for violin in D major PI. Tchaikovsky. In the second part, the 9th symphony of D.D. Shostakovich.

A virtual concert hall will appear in the Arkhangelsk Drama Theater

The Arkhangelsk Drama Theater was connected to the project of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation “All-Russian Virtual Concert Hall”. The project allows listening to concerts performed by famous Russian collectives and soloists in all regions of Russia online, according to the website of the regional government.

Ivan Dorn and Vakula released the new single “Come to your senses”

Ukrainian pop singer Ivan Dorn and DJ Vakula presented a new song “Come to your senses.” About this “Afisha Daily” was told by representatives of Dorn.

Elton John has devoted a song to the lost rapper Mak Miller

Elton John dedicated one of the songs sounded at his concert in Allentown (Pennsylvania, USA), the perished rapper Mack Miller. Before performing the song Do not Let The Sun Go Down On Me, he said a few words about the 26-year-old musician

Festival “Asia-Siberia-Europe” in Krasnoyarsk

A single festival orchestra and the best representatives of the musical world of Asia, Europe and Siberia performed on the stage of a small concert hall in Krasnoyarsk on the opening day of the XVIIth International Festival of Chamber Orchestra Music “Asia-Siberia-Europe”.

Vocalist Rainbow gave a concert in Artek

Romero added that they are for him the same as in other regions of Russia. He remembered that during his past visits to the Crimea with his own band and as part of Rainbow, the public on the peninsula “was magnificent.”

The widow of Yegor Letov published his previously unknown record

On YouTube there was an exclusive entry by Yegor Letov “Among the Logically-Infected World” from the album known as “Songs to Emptiness”. Archival material was published by the widow of the musician Natalia Chumakova on the day of his birth. Today Letov would be 54 years old.

Ex-participants HIM and Amorphis created Flat Earth

According to the publication Louder, the group includes ex-guitarist HIM Mikko Lindström and bassist Mika Karppinen, Amorphis is bassist Niklas Etelavuori, the frontman of the Polanski group Anthony Pickaraynen performs as a vocalist.

Musicians of the new band signed a contract with the label Drakkar Entertainment, and their debut album should be released in 2018. His debut single “Blame” Flat Earth was released in May, the clip was shot in the studio, and in it you can see the process of recording and all members of the group

John Legend is the owner of all major entertainment awards in America

Artist John Legend won four major awards for the American entertainment industry and became the first black-skinned owner of the unofficial status of EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony).

The winners of the Avanti competition will be awarded in the Small Hall of the Conservatory

The concert of the winners of the All-Russian Contest of Avanti Composers will be held in the Small Hall of the Conservatory on September 30, 2018. This evening will also be the ceremony of awarding the laureates of the contest. The program of the concert will feature compositions that have won in all four categories.


The company Mercedes showed on the teaser a new SUV GLE

The company Mercedes-Benz showed the appearance of the crossover Mercedes-Benz GLE a new generation on the first teaser video. A short six-second video, clearly foreshadowing the imminent premiere of the novelty, gives the first idea of the front of the car.

KIA Telluride presented at Fashion Week in New York

At the “Fashion Week” in New York, the grandiose premiere of the serial KIA Telluride – the new flagship KIA off-road car in the world market was held. With the efforts of the famous fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, the novelty was presented in the original style of the Wild West, decorating the car with a bright thematic decoration

The first Vietnamese cars Vinfast created on platforms BMW

The first models of the Vietnamese brand will be a crossover and a sedan. According to the company, car design was chosen from 20 concepts through voting. Now we know that the basis of the crossover and sedan is the platform of the BMW X5 and 5-Series respectively.

Subaru launched the program for cars with a run

Subaru Motor Company launched a program for cars with a mileage – Subaru Select, which will purchase a Subaru car with mileage on special conditions. The program is realized through the network of official dealers of Subaru, the press service of the Japanese brand informs.

Ford Focus Active Wagon declassified before the premiere

The first leaked photos of the “all-road” Ford Focus fourth generation in the body of the station wagon.

New Nissan Kicks on the Duster platform

The company Nissan announced the release of the budget version of the compact crossover Nissan Kicks on the platform of the Renault Duster. On the eve of the press service of the Japanese automaker has published the first official sketches of the car.

Company Mercedes-Benz introduced a drone with interchangeable bodies

The prototype Vision Urbanetic is a platform with autonomous control and electric power plant, which can be installed immediately two modules – a cargo volume of 10 cubic meters and a passenger, designed for 12 people.

Pickup Ford F-150 Raptor received off-road cruise control

Company Ford has presented the modernized version of an extreme pickup F-150 Raptor. In particular, the car received a new function called Trail Control – cruise control for off-road driving.

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