25 Dec, 2017

Where is Christmas under the locked

In most countries of the world, living according to the Gregorian calendar, Christmas is celebrated on December 25. However, in Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Brunei, the Christmas holidays were banned.

In Saudi Arabia, decorating a tree or another tree for a holiday in the state is punishable by law. It is also impossible to find jewelry in stores.
Religious laws in Saudi Arabia are one of the strictest. The transition to Christianity is punishable by death or flogging and a large fine.

For the fourth consecutive year, Christmas is not celebrated in Somalia either. This is done in order to “not confuse the orthodox Muslims” with their customs. Also, the authorities do not want to give terrorists an extra reason to attack places of congestion of people of a different faith. Celebrate a religious feast is possible only at home with the family.

Christmas and all its symbols in the DPRK are regarded as a religious prejudice and a symbol of an alien Western culture.

Russian and world news digest


Guatemala after the US will transfer the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

The status of Jerusalem is one of the key problems in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Despite this, US President Donald Trump on 6 December recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the transfer of an American embassy from Tel Aviv to this city.

Today I spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We talked about the remarkable relations of our countries from the moment we supported the establishment of the State of Israel. One of the issues discussed was the return of the Embassy of Guatemala to Jerusalem. – Jimmy Morales, Guatemalan statesman

President of Peru decided to release the former head of state from prison

Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski decided to pardon ex-head of state Alberto Fujimori in connection with his state of health. This is stated in a December 24 press release of the head of state.

Tunisia imposed a temporary ban on the flights of the airline Emirates

The authorities of Tunisia temporarily banned the flights of the airline Emirates (UAE) in the country. This is stated in the airline’s message on Twitter. As noted by Reuters, a few days before this, the UAE authorities imposed a ban on the entry of women from Tunisia into the country.

The President of Switzerland did not rule out a referendum on relations with the European Union

Switzerland can hold a nationwide referendum on relations with the European Union. This, according to TASS, was announced by the country’s president Doris Leuthard.

“A fundamental vote could be useful,” she said in an interview with SonntagsBlick.

The head of state added that Bern needed “to clarify relations with Europe” and “to know in what direction to move.”

Switzerland sharply negatively reacted to the decision taken by the European Union to restrict the recognition of the Swiss exchange law’s equivalence by a one-year period. For financiers, this means a restriction on the purchase and sale of shares of companies registered in the EU. Bern regarded Brussels as a discriminatory measure and threatened with retaliatory measures.

“Disagreements with Brussels are now in focus (attention),” the president stated.

The US Permanent Representative to the UN commented on the reduction of the organization’s budget

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley commented on the reduction in the organization’s budget for 2018-2019 compared with the previous two-year period. This is reported by CBS.

“The inefficiency and cost overruns of the United Nations are well known. We will no longer be allowed to use the generosity of the American people and maintain uncontrolled spending, “she said.

She also added that the United States will seek even more economical and transparent work of the UN.

Pamfilova told about foreign interference in the Russian elections

The head of the Central Electoral Commission Ella Pamfilova reported on cases of foreign interference in the electoral process in Russia. According to her, interference in the election was manifested in the dissemination of false information about their results.

The initiative group nominated Navalny as a candidate for the presidency of the Russian Federation

The initiative group of voters in Moscow supported the nomination of oppositionist Alexei Navalny to the presidency of Russia, RIA Novosti reported. According to the agency, the event took place on Sunday at the beach in Serebryany Bor in Moscow.

Lavrov urged the European Union not to go on about the countries of the Russophobes

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expects that the EU will cease to act on the part of the Russophobic countries in building relations with Moscow.

We appreciate the position of Cyprus, which stands for the speedy normalization of relations between Russia and the EU. Prospects for the restoration of the full-format dialogue between Russia and the EU were discussed by Presidents Vladimir Putin and Nikos Anastasiadis during a meeting in Moscow in October this year. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Volcker said the need to preserve anti-Russian sanctions

US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker stated that sanctions against Russia should be preserved. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, he called the opinion on the improvement of the situation in the east of Ukraine completely erroneous. According to him, the year 2017 was, on the contrary, the most severe.

Sergei Polonsky was nominated for the presidency of Russia

Businessman Sergei Polonsky became one of the possible participants in the upcoming presidential elections in Russia. His candidacy was put forward by an initiative group of 520 people gathered in the Moscow region of Krylatskoye.

Head of the pre-election headquarters Maxim Shingarkin said that Polonsky personally attended the meeting and presented his program.

Grybauskaite unexpectedly expressed her support for cooperation with Russia

The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite for the first time in recent years has declared her readiness for cooperation with Russia without any preconditions.

“Everything is changing, the geopolitical situation is changing, it is always necessary to remain willing to be open to change and, if necessary, change one’s position without giving up values,” the politician said.


The Chinese Ambassador stated that it is impossible to solve the DPRK’s problem by military means

Earlier, Russia and China proposed to the DPRK to declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and rocket launches, and South Korea and the United States – to refrain from carrying out exercises in the region to stabilize the situation on the peninsula, but in Washington this initiative was ignored.

Japan will purchase from the US fighters F-35B

The Ministry of Defense of Japan is considering buying US F-35B fighters to counter China, the Japan Times reported. These fighters can use a shortened strip for take-off and are able to make a vertical landing.

The US is trying to explain Neller’s words about the imminent war in Europe

Representatives of the US Marine Corps Command stated that the words of General Robert Neller were taken out of context and misinterpreted.
In fact, Neller did not talk about the war in Europe, he talked about the war in Korea, and not about the war – but only about the dangerous situation.

Air Defense of the Arctic will be reinforced with new anti-aircraft missile systems

In 2018, the air defenses of the Arctic will receive new anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) of short range. In part, the short-range missile system Tor-M2 will be delivered, including a special modification for the Far North conditions – Tor-M2DT.

The media reported on the use of the US Air Force by Russian aircraft

The US Air Force indirectly procures Russian-made combat aircraft or their exact replicas for use in training flight personnel. For example, this technique can be bought in Ukraine

Japan thought about regular joint maneuvers with Australia

Japan intends to agree with Australia on regular joint military exercises. Maneuvers are planned to be carried out on the land territories of both countries. Tokyo intends to discuss the issue more specifically during the visit of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in January.

Abe wants to create a strong army in Japan

The current Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has embarked on a policy of toughening foreign policy and strengthening the military component in order to project military force outside. Although Japan has a peaceful constitution that prohibits having armed forces. Japan has only the forces of self-defense.

US and China will exchange intelligence on the impact of sanctions on Pyongyang

The US and China reached an agreement on the regular exchange of information, including intelligence, on the situation in the DPRK and on the impact of international sanctions on Pyongyang. This was reported on December 25 by the Japanese newspaper Asahi with reference to US government sources.

British military received £ 1 for Christmas celebrations

British troops in Afghanistan have been allocated 1 pound sterling for the celebration of Christmas, Times writes. 500 British soldiers received a total of £ 500 ($ 668) for the organization of the holiday.

The ship of the Baltic Fleet was named in honor of Novocheboksarsk

The base minesweeper of the Baltic Fleet (BF) was named after the Chuvash city of Novocheboksarsk, a solemn ceremony was held in Baltiysk, the main naval base of the fleet, Tass told BF spokesman Roman Martov on Sunday.

In Russia they plan to create a single test base for unmanned aircraft

The board of the military-industrial complex said that in Russia they plan to create a single test base for drones. The facility will include aerodrome, polygon and stand sections.

Media: Syrian troops repel terrorist attack south of Aleppo

The soldiers of the Syrian army liquidated the threat of a breakthrough of terrorists from the Jebhat an Nusra group (banned in the Russian Federation) on the front line south of Aleppo (360 km from Damascus). This is reported on the website of the newspaper published in Damascus Al Watan.

The head of the Pentagon ordered soldiers to begin preparations for war

US Defense Secretary James Mattis visited the 82nd Airborne Division stationed in North Carolina on a pre-New Year’s working visit. He turned to the military with a farewell.
“My beautiful young soldiers, the only way for diplomats to speak credibly and convincingly, is your readiness for war,” he said, reports the Associated Press.


Ministry of Finance: Russia’s economic growth in 2017 will be 1.8-2%

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in an interview with Rossiya 24 spoke about the expected economic growth in the country in 2017. “This year we expect 1.8% to 2% growth rates,” Mr. Siluanov said (quoted by TASS).

This year we expect from 1.8% to 2% growth rates. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

VTB Bank participates in a pilot project to create an MFC for business

The pilot project on the establishment of the MFC for business is implemented in accordance with the Plan of Measures for the Further Development of the System of Provision of State and Municipal Services for 2016-2018, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Siemens did not prove a deception when concluding a contract on turbines

The German concern Siemens did not prove in court that its subsidiary was deceived when concluding a contract for the supply of gas turbines. This, according to TASS, is stated in the ruling of the Moscow Arbitration Court.

The minimum price for wine can be 180-190 rubles

The Ministry’s proposals will be sent to the Ministry of Finance in the spring of 2018. The fixed price for wine will help to cut off poor-quality goods on the market, experts are sure. The minimum retail price (MRC) for quiet wines should be 180-190 rubles per bottle with a volume of 0.75 liters, counted in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Belarus wants to return to the Lithuanian energy market

The first power unit of the Belarusian NPP is planned to be put into operation in 2019, and a year later – the second power unit. Earlier it became known about the plans of Belarus to enter the power market of the Unified Energy System

Gazprom has won a symbolic victory over Naftogaz

The Ukrainian company must pay about $ 2 billion for the previously supplied gas, Gazprom said, the arbitration also ruled that Naftogaz is obliged annually, from 2018, “to select and pay 5 billion cubic meters. m of gas ”

Oysters and sea kale will fall in price in 2018

Shellfish and seaweed may be significantly cheaper next year as a result of reduced VAT on oysters, mussels, scallops and algae. This is stated in the draft government decree prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, which was familiarized with “Izvestia”

Iraq signed an agreement with Chinese Zhenhua Oil

The Iraqi authorities concluded an agreement with the Chinese oil company Zhenhua Oil to develop fields east of Baghdad. At the moment, 40 are being mined in the area.

Ministry of Finance of Israel wants to create a national crypto currency

The Ministry of Finance of Israel is considering the possibility of introducing its own crypto currency, the electronic shekel, as part of the fight against operations on the “black market.” This is reported by “RIA Novosti” referring to the information of the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz”.

Rosstat will disclose business reporting to banks

At the beginning of next year, banks will begin to receive data from Rosstat’s accounting statements of companies. The Chairman of the National Council of the Financial Market Andrey Emelin told Izvestia about this. The information was confirmed by a source close to Rosstat

Zadornov spoke about the plans for the rehabilitation of the “Discovery”

The former head of VTB24, Mikhail Zadornov, who headed the administration of the sanitized “Discovery”, told about plans for work with a sanitized bank. In an interview with Kommersant, he said that the board does not yet have a clear business model for a financial institution, but there is already an understanding of its “strengths”

The trade turnover between Russia and India increased by 19% in 2017

The trade turnover between Russia and India demonstrates in the current year an increase of more than 19% compared to the previous year. This was reported to Russian journalists in New Delhi by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexei Gruzdev.

In 2018 rates on bank deposits will fall below 7%

Although the Central Bank may delay with an aggressive decline in the key rate next year due to the possible adoption of US sanctions and inflation of the bubble in the consumer lending market, however, the steps taken by the regulator are enough to enable banks to lower interest rates on deposits in the near future below 7% per annum in turn, Alexander Shustov believes.

Racing Victoria concerned about tax increases on online betting

Employees of Racing Victoria in the Australian state of Victoria are concerned that the increase in taxes on online betting can affect the financing of sports.

Chukotka lost 1.5 billion rubles due to problems with gold mining

Due to the decline in gold production, Chukotka has lost about 1.5 billion rubles to the regional budget, the regional government reports with reference to the head of the region Roman Kopin. He noted that pessimistic forecasts for gold mining were justified – there was a planned decline in this area.

In Buryatia, a second bridge was built, built on the means of the system “Plato”

The bridge across the channel of the Selenga River was opened in the Kyakhta district of Buryatia. This is the second in the region crossing, built on the funds collected by the system “Plato”, said on Sunday at a solemn ceremony the head of the republic Alexei Tsydenov.

The hryvnia depreciates: in Ukraine the dollar has risen in price with fuel

It became known that lately the dollar has risen in price for a whole hryvnia. And this means that the cost of fuel will soar up, as does the price of other equally important resources.


Pedestrians will be required to wear retro-reflective elements in accordance with GOST

Deputy of the State Duma Vyacheslav Lysakov sent the first head of the Governmental Commission for Road Safety Igor Shuvalov a letter with a request to amend the traffic rules, which oblige pedestrians to wear reflective waistcoats, bracelets and stickers corresponding to the national standard.

Activists Femen held a rally in the Vatican

Participants in the Femen movement held an action in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican a few hours before the Mass, which was held by Pope Francis Francis. An activist with a naked breast and an inscription on her body was photographed against the background of Christmas nurseries, RIA Novosti reported.

In Denmark, the most comfortable prison in the world was built

Next to the Danish town of Gundleslev, a new prison was opened. Gardens, church, private bathroom and refrigerator. It claims the title of the most comfortable penitentiary institution in the world. The prison received its own name – Storstrom.

Children with disabilities have limited access to sanatoria

Not all children with disabilities can count on sanatorium treatment, said in a letter to the Ministry of Health in response to the appeals of the Moscow Association of Parents of Disabled Children.

“In the absence of a child’s diagnosis, including a child with a disability, included in the list of indications for sanatorium treatment in accordance with the order of the Russian Ministry of Health No. 281n, the child is not subject to referral to sanatorium-resort treatment,” the letter says.

It also noted that the diagnosis may not be on the list, if natural factors can not affect the course of the disease.

According to the association, about half of children with disabilities remained without sanatoriums, including those with severe forms of cerebral palsy and mental disorders, and also visually impaired.

Migrants carry dangerous infections

Since the beginning of the year, 145 migrants with dangerous infections have been found in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. As explained in the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor, for 11 months in 2017 in medical institutions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory were inspected by 21,75 thousand foreign citizens who wanted to get a job

The number of those who regretted the collapse of the USSR reached a maximum in eight years

The share of Russians who regret the collapse of the USSR has reached its maximum since 2009. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the results of the Levada Center poll. According to sociologists, 58% of Russians regret that the Soviet Union collapsed.

Every pensioner in Russia does not pay 1,174 rubles a month

Since 2016, Russian pensioners have saved almost a trillion rubles. This was reported by the party “Fair Russia” and submitted to the State Duma a bill that obliges to return the money. The party calculated that monthly pensioners receive less than 1174 rubles on average.

Medinsky called the conditions for the transfer of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the ROC

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky said that St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg can be transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church only if it takes care of maintenance, maintenance and restoration of the temple.

Working students in Russia can be exempt from insurance premiums

Working Russian students can be exempt from insurance premiums. This opportunity is considered in the Ministry of Labor, said the head of the department Maxim Topilin. The minister noted that this measure “will help stimulate youth employment”.

Any privilege is a transfer, the expense of the federal budget: if insurance contributions are not paid, it is necessary to compensate losses in the rights. Let’s think about this .- Maxim Topilin

The picture with the crucified Santa Claus was installed in the center of New York

Artist Robert Senedella exhibited in the center of New York a picture depicting a crucified Santa Claus. Performance of the artist caused the indignation of the Americans. The painting, which was previously removed from the exhibition in the Manhattan gallery, was installed opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral, the New York Post writes.

The American received an electricity bill for $ 284 billion

A housewife from Pennsylvania received an invoice for payment of electricity debts for $ 284 billion.

President of Germany in the Christmas appeal called to trust the authorities

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on the people of Germany to trust the authorities in the formation of the government, be prepared for the unexpected and not be afraid of anything. He said this in a Christmas address.

Santa Claus “flew” in the 62nd holiday tour around the world

New Year’s wizard Santa Claus on Sunday morning began his 62nd journey around the world to congratulate everyone on the bright Christmas holiday and give gifts to every child of the planet, reports the United Air Defense Command of the United States and Canada (NORAD)

In Turkey, another 2.7 thousand military and civil servants were dismissed in the case of the mutiny

Turkish authorities have dismissed nearly three thousand employees of various ministries and departments in connection with the attempted coup d’état in 2016, the Official Gazette of Resmi Gazete reports.

The monument of human greed will appear in St. Petersburg

The monument, symbolizing human greed, will appear in St. Petersburg by 2018. The monument in the form of a cryptoferm is planned to be installed within the framework of the Geek Picnic thematic festival.

In the US, the court partially rescinded Trump’s decree on the entry of refugees

The US court partially lifted the ban on US President Donald Trump to enter the country of refugees from countries with predominantly Muslim populations. The meeting on the suit of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Service of Jewish families was held in Seattle.

Pope Francis called for peace and the release of all abducted people

Pope Francis of France on Christmas Eve asked for “a gift of peace for the whole world” and called for the release of all abducted people, including priests, monastics and laity.

In Bashkiria, the debts of the district hospital were to be covered by the salaries of doctors

According to the BST channel, the medical institution has a debt of 4.5 million rubles. At the same time, hospital employees said that they were put right before the fact – they will cut their salaries and incentive payments for the category and experience

Schools will appear in Russian schools for school hygiene

That is why this year the specialty “School Medicine” was introduced. Those who graduate will be specialists with higher education who will then be able to find employment in schools.


Tour operators: New Year tours are sold sluggishly, prices are high

Crimea is in the “five”, and unexpected growth was demonstrated by Nizhny Novgorod – due to the cheap price. Tour operators also note: in general, New Year tours are sold sluggishly, prices are high.

Spoiled rest: Matryoshka Tour continued flight cancellation

The situation did not end with “hostages” in China. So, the tour operator canceled flights to Israel from December 24 to March 3 and flights to Bulgaria on New Year’s dates. Petersburgers in shock: they bought this tour in advance and expected to rest on holidays.

A new tourist information center opened in Podolsk

On the basis of the regional museum in Podolsk, near Moscow, a new tourist information center (TIC) has opened, which will promote the tourism services of the gorodoka, the correspondent of RIAMO in Podolsk reports.

In the Urals recreated a Cossack prison 300 years ago

In addition to preserving the culture of the Cossacks, the creation of the center carries the mission of awakening in the people of the region an interest in history and the development of domestic tourism in the Urals. The ethnographic center “Aramilskaya Sloboda” is located in the territory of the park “Malina”, next to the TG “Aramilsky Privoz”.

In the Republic of Bashkortostan, they began to develop their own brand

Last year our republic rose in the rating of the most attractive regions of Russia and took the 11th line. There is a need to create a brand of Bashkortostan. What sense should he bring to the guests of the republic and what will local residents get, Anvar Aslyamov ascertained.


In Lebanon, a taxi driver raped a British diplomat because of a short skirt

In Beirut, a taxi driver raped and killed a British diplomat because she was in a short skirt.

About 150 skiers in the Alps were evacuated from the lift by helicopter

About 150 skiers were blocked on the cable car in the French Alps due to a broken lift.

In the US, the attacks on policemen in Pennsylvania were acknowledged by a terrorist attack

A series of attacks on policemen in Pennsylvania, which occurred on December 22, is a terrorist act. This is stated in a press release of the US Department of Homeland Security Tyler Holton, published on Twitter. Attacks occurred in the city of Harrisburg.

More than 650 thousand people were evacuated in Vietnam because of typhoon “Tembin”

More than 650 thousand people were evacuated in Vietnam because of the approaching to the southern coast of the country typhoon “Tembin”

In Denmark, the drug dealer mistakenly got into a police car instead of a taxi

Recently in the capital of Denmark, a rather curious case occurred. Late in the night the drug dealer from the Christiania district of Copenhagen was in a hurry to get home quickly and stopped a taxi for this. His surprise was boundless when he realized that he was in a police car.

The jump of an alligator to a boat with tourists hit the video

In the network there was a video on which the alligator jumped into the boat with tourists. The incident occurred in the US state of Florida.

A man with a machete wounded 8 people in Los Angeles

A man armed with a machete wounded eight passers-by in Canoga Park in Los Angeles. Arriving at the place the police opened fire on the attacker, wounding him.

In Canada, a policeman shot and killed a man who made a scandal in the area

A policeman from the Canadian city of Morrisburg shot and killed a man who made a scandal in one of the department’s departments, CBC reports. According to the television channel, an unidentified man entered the department and entered into disputes with law enforcement officers


Andrey Tsydendambayev won the “Blue Bird” competition

Recall 11-graders from the Ulan-Ude school number 25 Andrei Tsydendambaev acted in the nomination “Oratory”. The final of the contest was held on Sunday, December 24.

Singer Alsou decided it was time to return

Singer Alsu returns to the stage after a long break, and such as it has not been seen before and with songs that seem unexpected to many, more modern and dance.

Nikki Minage showed in the clip a bare chest

In the new video, shot together with famous rappers Rvssian and Bad Bunny, the singer frankly demonstrates her bare chest. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, who became a popular American performer, Krippy Kush showed in her composition that “there is still powder in the flasks”

“Get out, madmen.” Shepelev answered Father Friske on charges

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev on his page in the “Instagram” harshly responded to all critics and rancor who are making attempts to interfere in his life. This time, the reason for this was the words of Fr. Jeanne Friske’s father in the program “The Secret to a Million”, reports “Dni.ru.”

I’m very sorry for all of you. For your anger. For your stupidity. For your gullibility. I have nothing to reproach myself for. I have nothing to explain and nothing to excuse … Make order in your exemplary lives. Until then, get out, insane. – Dmitry Shepelev

Former wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk found happiness with a new man

Bondarchuk and Tabunov met on one of the secular evenings. And in the middle of December Sergey became one of the main guests at the birthday of Svetlana in her restaurant “Bistrot Birch”.

Anastasia Volochkova demands from the ex-lover ten million dollars

In mid-November, Anastasia Volochkova was in the epicenter of another scandal. Her former boyfriend Chermen Dzotov posted erotic photos on the Net with the participation of a ballerina, and later began to deny his involvement in the incident.

The daughter of Peter Tolstoy told about the divorce of parents

TV presenter, deputy chairman of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy a year as a divorced. This in an interview with People Talk told his daughter Alexandra

Larisa Dolina’s husband refused to celebrate the New Year with his family

The company Valley will be her daughter Angelina and granddaughter of Alexander. But her husband – Ilya Spitsin from the trip refused, citing a strong employment. However, Larisa Alexandrovna once again stressed that rumors about problems in relations with her husband – gossip of ill-wishers

Ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan hired a lawyer and arranged a divorce

Note that Mazur surrendered to his girlfriend after Vitalin was prosecuted. According to the will Dzhigarkhanyan was going to leave everything to Vitalina. In addition, according to the law, everything belonged to her.

Again together: Ilon Mask reunited with Amber Hurd

Recall that in August this year, Mask admitted in an interview that they broke up with Hurd. He noted that the reason for the breakdown was that the couple was rarely seen because of busy schedules

Widows of athletes sued Nikita Mikhalkov’s studio

Widows Vladimir Kondrashin and Alexander Belov, who became the heroes of the film “Movement Up” studio “TRITE” Nikita Mikhalkov, appealed to the court, because they did not like the script paintings

The first Christmas video of the hippo Fiona appeared on the web

In the network appeared another video with the world’s most famous behemoth. The record shows how the 11-month-old Fiona (that’s the name of the celebrity) celebrates its first Christmas.

Singer Niki Minage boasted a lush breast

The web has a new clip Krippy Kush with an outrageous singer Nicky Minage, who pleased her fans with a lush breasts.

Father Maxim Galkin could not help him get a job on television

Father Maxim Galkin, Alexander Galkin, did not help his son get a job on television. This topic surfaced on the set of the program “Tonight” on the air of “The First Channel”

Pugacheva denied all the rumors and starred for the New Year’s show on TV

Previously, the director of the artist, Elena Chuprakova, hinted that the New Year night for Russians could pass without a beloved singer, for whom she practically became a symbol of the holiday. A friend of Alla Pugacheva and did say that she does not want to go to TV, because she did not record new songs.

Maria Pogrebnyak showed the pictures in a bikini on an inflatable watermelon

The wife of football player Pavel Pogrebnyak Maria showed the pictures in a bikini on horseback on an inflatable watermelon. The 29-year-old mother with many children never ceases to amaze fans with piquant photos, for which she is often criticized by the hayters


XII Winter Surikov Festival of Arts opens in Krasnoyarsk

Today, December 25, in Krasnoyarsk, the XII Winter Surikov Arts Festival opens. It will be held until January 24, 2018.

Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Elena Shanin on her anniversary

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the People’s Artist of Russia Yelena Shanina on her 65th birthday. Excerpts from the congratulatory telegram were published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers

The song for Thanksgiving was the most Christmas in the world

In fact, in the most Christmas song in the world, Jingle Bells, there is not a single word about Christmas. The composition was originally intended for the celebration of Thanksgiving. As long as we can remember, always on the New Year’s holidays the song Jingle Bells

Turkish Folk Songs will be performed in the House of Friendship of the Peoples of the Republic of Tatarstan

Today in the House of Friendship of Peoples of Tatarstan there will be a concert of Turkish folk music “Melodies of Anatolia” performed by the ensemble “Oyaly Yazma”. This was reported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan. The event is organized by the national-cultural autonomy of the Turks of Kazan “Anadolu”

Music Festival “Return” for the 11th time will be held in January in Moscow

XXI chamber music festival “Return” will be held in Moscow from 9 to 15 January

Jessica Chestane and Idris Elba want to star in the sequel “It”

Chestane himself honestly admits that he wants to join the sequel caste in many ways because of his friendship with the director, Andres Mousquetti, and his wife, the producer of “It” by Barbara Mousquetti.

On the “Landok” show Scandinavian short film

In the open film studio “Lendok” there will be a festival of Scandinavian short films called NORDIC SHORTS

Taming the Haughty

This year, the screens went to the second season of the humorous series BBC, dedicated to the life and work of the greatest playwright in the history of William Shakespeare.

Results of the festival of professional theaters “In the mirror of the stage”.

The best performance of the festival was the production of the theater named after Leo Tolstoy “How important it is to be an Ernest”. The director of the performance Sergey Bobrovsky received the award in the nomination “Best Direction”, and the main actors – Vladimir Borisov and Roman Konovalov – for “Best Actor”.

In the nomination “For the best scenography” Elisha Shepelev won the victory for the performance “Evenings on the Farm”, the Lipetsk Drama Theater. The award “For the best supporting role” was awarded to Lyubov Kabanova (Esakova) for the role of Miss Prism in the play “How important it is to be Ernest”, the Lipetsk State Academic Drama Theater named after Leo Tolstoy.

In the nomination “For the best plastic solution to the role”, Mikhail Trufanov was the best for playing the role of the Devil in the performance “Evenings on the Farm”, the Lipetsk Drama Theater.

Valentine Babkin for the performance of the role of Mouse in the play “Thumbelina” (Lipetsk State Puppet Theater) became the winner in the nomination “Best Episode”. The jury awarded the victory in the nomination “For the best work with the audience” to the Lipetsk State Puppet Theater.


Guide to the locations of the filming of “Star Wars” MAPS.ME appeared on the web

Guide MAPS.ME, offering to visit the location of the shooting of “Star Wars”, is published on the Web. The service offers users several routes at once in 14 locations in Italy, Tunisia, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and other countries.

Microsoft has forbidden to install the Google Chrome browser

The American company Microsoft has forbidden to install the most popular Internet browser Google Chrome. From now on proprietors of gadgets that function on Windows 10 S have lost the ability to use this Internet browser

Flagship Sony Xperia 2018 will receive the chipset Snapdragon 845

Insiders have published new information on the flagship of the next year, Sony Xperia 2018. It was previously known that he will receive a dual camera and a frameless display, but now sources say that the device will be equipped with the Snapdragon 845 chipset. The corresponding information appeared in the social network Weibo

“Roscosmos” creates competitor Google Earth

This year the digitization of satellite images of Crimea and the Rostov region will be completed. State Corporation Roskosmos is working on creating a digital model of the surface of our planet. The project called “Digital Earth” is being carried out by the holding “Russian Space Systems”, the Izvestia newspaper reports.

“Yandex” was involved in the fight against low-quality advertising

The company started combating low-quality advertising after the ad blockers became a “real threat”, they told in “Yandex”

Inno3D released versions of GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Ti with a “turbine”

The company Inno3D released versions of video cards GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Ti, equipped with a chip Pascal GP10x. In addition, video cards have a two-slot cooler of closed type, equipped with a centrifugal fan.

New camera creates three-dimensional images without scanning

The article in Optica magazine says that the camera is capable of reconstructing 100 million voxels (three-dimensional pixels) from a 1.3-megapixel image without any scanning.

HTC U11 + outperformed by the speed of Samsung Galaxy Note8

Experts in the field of smartphones conducted a comparative testing of HTC U11 + and Samsung Galaxy Note8. It turned out that the first gadget is ahead of the second in terms of speed.

Flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 will receive a specific docking station

To date, it is known that the corporation Samsung has prepared specifically for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + a new attribute, which at the moment does not exist. The accessory will have to be a specific docking station

Cult QWERTY-phone Nokia E71 re-release in 2018

It is noted that the updated E71 will be released with one or two SIM-cards. According to preliminary data, the price of the device will be from 150 to 300 dollars. Recall, the original Nokia E71 first appeared on sale in 2008 and was recognized as one of the best smartphones with a QWERTY-keyboard.

The new generation LG Gram laptop will receive an Intel Cire i5 processor

The manufacturer of computer equipment has informed that the laptop of new generation LG Gram will receive processor Intel Cire i5. The device will go on sale in 2018.

The new smartphone Sharp Aquos S3 is ready for presentation and sales

Japanese company Sharp soon should present the world with a new smartphone Aquos S3. At this point, the smartphone has passed the procedure of technical certification. Upon termination of registration in the People’s Republic of China, the novelty can be realized in several countries of the Asian mother

DJI plans to actively develop the commercial segment

The solutions of Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology (DJI), which produces very popular unmanned aerial vehicles, are already on the commercial market. For example, at the beginning of the year the line of drones DJI Matrice 200 was presented.

Ctrip and Baidu search engine have created a synchronous online translator

Shanghai travel agency Ctrip and search system from China Baidu have developed a portable online translator capable of translating almost synchronously with the help of artificial intelligence. The gadget is designed for travelers, notes the Xinhua news portal


Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq PHEV plug-in prices are named

The new electrified machine will cost the market of North America from 24,950 dollars (1.4 million rubles). The novelty is designed to compete with such models as Toyota Prius and Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

A resident of the Altai Territory sells a rare German car Wartburg

A resident of Zmeinogorsk of the Altai Territory put up for sale an extremely rare copy of the German car Wartburg, which once went off the assembly line of enterprises in the GDR.

Haval H6 again set an absolute record in its segment

The Chinese crossover Haval H6 continues to set records, continuing to remain the most popular model in China. Crossover Haval H6 in November again became the most demanded SUV in the Chinese market and in its segment the model has been in the lead for several years.

Honda will present the sport crossover CR-V Custom Concept in Tokyo

First of all, it’s worth mentioning the new conceptual crossover Honda CR-V Custom Concept, which received a more sporting and aggressive appearance than the standard version of the model. The developers do not exclude that the novelty will soon be launched into mass production.

Atelier Startech presented 710-strong Bentley Bentayga

German tuning studio Startech presented its version of the crossover Bentley Bentayga, whose power plant’s performance was 710 horses. The cost of the package at the moment is not disclosed.

“Sports” cross Yema T70S with the design of VW Touareg went on sale

The brand Yema announced the launch of sales of the “sports” modification of the T70 crossover. The design of the novelty is made in the style of the legendary Volkswagen Touareg. The crossover under the name Yema T70S has already appeared at the Chinese dealers.

A special version of the Audi Q2 Touring crossover is presented

Employees of the German auto concern Audi officially introduced a limited modification of the crossover Q2, called Touring. As it became known, the cost of the novelty is almost 2.5 million rubles

Basic Lada Vesta SW or stuffed Largus – what to choose?

Even the basic modification for 640 thousand rubles is equipped not worse than the top Largus. And Vesta SW in slightly more rich configuration Comfort Image (for 662 000 rubles) differs from the initial version of the presence of fog lamps, heated windshield and 16-inch alloy wheels

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