6 Mar, 2018

Who becomes rich and successful

Programmers from Sicily created a model that allowed them to determine who and how becomes rich and successful. It turned out that the key to career and financial take-off lies in the plane of God’s craft. People reach their heights in mass because of a coincidence.

According to Naked Science, there are 1 thousand virtual people living in the computer program. They needed to survive 40 conventional years together. 80 percent of residents received 20 percent of capital, and the remaining 20 percent – 80 percent of the remaining money.

The settlers needed to build a career. Some flew up in a flash, some were stuck in the same financial situation. Some people constantly lost everything and could not achieve anything.
Observers of the experiment looked at the lucky ones. It turned out that almost all of them in the virtual program of life presented gifts, which allowed to climb to the very top of the career ladder. Such gifts were useful acquaintances or extremely necessary skills at the moment.

Professor of the University of Catania in Sicily Alessandro Plucino noted that the role of luck, unfortunately, is almost not taken into account in the matter of success.

He also draws attention to the fact that many very good ideas are dissolved in reality, because their developers were not lucky enough to be next to the investor who could get the idea and hurry to invest money in it.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Trutnev urged to reduce pressure on the Far Eastern business three times

We need to achieve a multiple reduction in administrative pressure on the business. If we say that the level of pressure on business in the Far East is 2.5 times higher than all-Russian indicators, then we need to reduce it at least 3 times. – Yury Trutnev, Russian statesman

The amount of bribes in Russia for the year grew almost three times to 7 billion rubles

The total amount of bribes revealed in 2017 in the RF reaches almost 7 billion rubles, which is almost three times more than the amount recorded a year earlier, according to the information bulletin of the National Anti-Corruption Committee. “The amounts of established bribes have increased significantly.

American airline Delta decided to refuse flights to Moscow

As reported by “Kommersant” with reference to the press service of Delta Airlines, the American airline decided not to fly to Moscow. Last year, Delta sent planes to Russia only in the summer, but now decided to abandon this option.

Rosstat told about the growth of real pensions

The real size of pensions in the Russian Federation in January 2018 increased by 4.9% by January 2017 without taking into account last year’s lump-sum payment, the main report of Rosstat follows.

Taking into account the payment made in January 2017, real pensions in January 2018 decreased by 25.2%.

At the same time, the average size of pensions in January 2018 amounted to 13.3 thousand rubles and, compared to January 2017, calculated without taking into account a lump-sum payment, increased by 7.2%, taking into account it decreased by 23.5%.

Old-age pensions in Russia since January 1, 2018 were indexed by 3.7%, which exceeded the actual inflation of 2017 by 2.5%.

MTS “surprised” with a statement of the Federal Antimonopoly Service

MTS is ready to provide the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) with additional explanations on intranet roaming and hopes for a constructive dialogue with the agency, the operator said.

“We are surprised by the statement of the FAS, because since February 28, MTS canceled all daily additional payments when traveling in Russia on most tariff plans and will cancel at all tariffs until the end of the first half of 2018, as required by the regulator,” MTS said.

In housing and communal services, tariffs similar to those for cellular communications may appear

Automated monitoring of consumption and reading of indications in housing and communal services will allow introducing differentiated tariffs, similar to those provided by cellular operators. This was stated by the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction, Andrei Chibis.

We are faced with the task of automating the entire system in order to rationally load capacity, using what is already built, without building a new infrastructure, which will then be even more expensive to contain. This will allow us to introduce discount programs for consumers. – Andrei Chibis, Russian statesman

Despair forced the Astrakhans to leave with a coffin to the street

Astrakhans went out in front of the house with placards “Officials, risk their own lives”, “Minister of Housing and Communal Services to provide one of the rooms” and with a coffin in his hands, which says “Housing for people.”

The employment services apply to no more than 15% of unemployed Russians

In 2016 – 2017, only 15% of applicants applied to state employment services in Russia, and 1% to private recruitment agencies. At the same time, more than a third of the unemployed are sure that the state system of employment will not help them, the Izvestia newspaper reports with reference to Rosstat.

In the US, the court refused to review the case of a convicted woman for killing a Russian woman

The US Supreme Court refused to review the verdict to Russian citizen Natalia Leshchenko-Wilson (variant of writing the name – Wilson), who was sentenced to two lifelong terms for a double murder, told RIA Novosti lawyer defendant Alexei Tarasov

In Russia, the death rate exceeded the birth rate

The number of deaths exceeded the number of born Russians in 2017 by 8%, while in 2016 this difference was 0.1%, according to Rosstat’s main report on Russia’s socio-economic situation, released on Monday.

Tourists will be restricted access to the Gulf of Thailand, where the film was shot with Leonardo DiCaprio

After filming the 2000 film “Danny Boyle’s” Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, the Ko Phi Phi National Park has become one of the most popular tourist destinations, but over the past 18 years, travelers have killed more than 80% of the coral of the bay.

In Kazan, tourists on the Old-Tatar Sloboda are rolled on electric cars

In Kazan in April, tourists will be able to move around the Old-Tatar Sloboda on electric cars. This on a business Monday, prefect of the territory “Old Town” Marat Usmanov, the press service of the city administration.

Fans of the 2018 World Cup will be offered short-term tours to Ingushetia

The authorities of Ingushetia intend to conclude agreements in the field of tourism with Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Yekaterinburg during the international exhibition Intourmarket-2018, which will be held in the capital from 10 to 12 March.

Poisoned in the UK, the former GRU officer feared for his life

Ex-colonel of the GRU Sergey Skripal, convicted in Russia for state treason and granted asylum in the UK, recently applied to the police and reported that he fears for his life, Telegraph writes on Monday.

In Crimea, pedestrian routes will be put in order

The Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea intends to become a mediator between the Ministry of Ecology and the Ministry of Transport of the Republic in order to solve the issues of cleaning and improving the popular pedestrian trails of the peninsula, and to increase the number of such routes, the official website of the department informs.

Towards European happiness

A resident of Lviv region tried to cross the Ukrainian-Polish border, hiding in the train toilet, which was heading to Krakow. The man was detained, but after he was released, REN TV reported. The resident of the Lviv region did not appear on the court, however he wrote a statement in which he pleaded guilty.

Ryazan Kremlin handed over to the church

In 2018, in accordance with the law “On transferring to religious organizations of religious property located in state or municipal ownership” premises in the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin must be transferred to the ROC.

The museum, which is being built next to the Kremlin, is planned to be opened at the end of the year, the exposition will move there.

The Russian Orthodox Church has already transferred the Assumption, the Archangel, the Christendre, the Transfiguration Cathedrals, the Epiphany Church, the monastery wall with the towers and a third of the Bishops’ House.

Russian Railways launched the sale of tickets for schoolchildren at a discount of 50%

The company “Russian Railways” has launched tickets for the summer period with a discount of 50%. This action will include payment for fare in reserved seats and common cars, as well as in electric trains of the 2nd and 3rd grades. Exception will be high-speed and high-speed trains.

The Senate of Florida approved the bills on safety in schools

The upper chamber of the legislative assembly (parliament) of the American state of Florida on March 5 approved a package of bills aimed at preventing shooting in schools. This was reported by CNN.

In Ankara during the raids detained 12 suspects in relations with the IG

During the raids in Ankara, Turkish police detained 12 people suspected of having links with the IG group (banned in the Russian Federation), after security measures were put in place in the city and the work of the US embassy was suspended due to the terrorist threat, reports the Ankara prosecutor’s office the Turkish edition of Sabah.

The United Nations announced the amount of the cost of crisis management

For humanitarian and peacekeeping activities over the past decade, more than 230 billion dollars have been spent. Such data, according to TASS, was voiced by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.


“The first channel” will show the film “Crimea” on the day of silence

The action takes place in the spring of 2014, when the Crimea returned to Russia on the basis of the results of the referendum.

The prosecutor’s office explained the verification of the film “The Death of Stalin”

The prosecutor’s office checked the film “The Death of Stalin” not because of suspicions of extremism, but because of showing films in some cinemas without a rental certificate. This was told by Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Buksman.

Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya shares property with Dzhigarkhanyan

After the divorce of Dzhigarkhanyan and Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya it became known that she bought several apartments when she was married to him. But now he wants to share his co-owned property with the actor to stop rumors about his commercialism

Producer Vitas said that the singer is drawn into a sex scandal

Producer of the star Sergei Pudovkin assured us: the ill-wishers of the singer, who decided thus to discredit his name, do it. Recently, little is heard about Vitas

Google mistakenly “buried” the actor Henry Cavill, who played Superman

The Google search engine reported that British actor Henry Cavill died March 3, 2018 at the age of 34. The actor who played Superman did not know anything about his death, while one of the fans did not share a screenshot of the page with the search engine.

Emma Watson made a tattoo with a grammatical error

The event took place after the official “Oscar” award ceremony, and, perhaps, the actress’s tattoo did not attract so much attention, if not a grammatical error.
American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger named the start of the shooting of the sixth part of the popular film “Terminator”, informs TheArnoldFans.

Schwarzenegger named the start date of filming “Terminator-6”

The shooting will take place from June to October. The actor also noted that he was looking forward to returning to the role of T-800. It is expected that the film will be released in 2019.
The director of the picture will be Tim Miller, the tape will be produced by James Cameron. Linda Hamilton will play the role of Sarah Connor. In the first and second parts she already played this heroine.

Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger called the sixth “Terminator” work on the bugs. He noted that the new part of the franchise will continue the history of the T-800 robot.

Star of “House-2” Daria Pynzar lost business

Until recently, the former “Doma-2” star Daria Pynzar was a successful businesswoman. She had a network of clothing boutiques and several manicure studios. However, recently the ex-participant of the TV project had disagreements with partners and had to refuse the projects.

Winners of the film festival “Spirit of Fire” are named

The winners of the “Spirit of Fire” film festival in Khanty-Mansiysk are known, RIA “Novosti” reports with reference to the press service of the review. The main prize “Golden Taiga” of the international competition was awarded to the German-Swiss film “Sarah plays a werewolf”.

Ani Lorak unsuccessfully copied the legendary image of Angelina Jolie

A happy couple posed for photographers, pictures of which flew all popular social networks. However, fans began to criticize the Ukrainian beauty for a clearly copied image and a dress with bare feet from Angelina Jolie, who struck everyone at the Oscar-2012.

Outrageous Sergei Zverev appeared at the award “Heat” with pink hair and a golden crown

Outrageous stylist Sergei Zverev appeared at the award “Heat” in an unusual way. The star posed in front of cameras with pink hair and a golden crown on his head, in a blue suit with sparkles and glasses, decorated with stones. A shot from the show-men’s event was published in his account in Instagram.

The Oscar rating in 2018 was the lowest in history

According to the publication, the ceremony was watched by 26.5 million people, which is 19% less than in 2017 (34.3 million viewers). At the same time, the current award was the longest since 2007. Broadcast “Oscar” lasted for 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The festival of Russian cinema opened in Paris

The festival of Russian cinema “When the Russians Dream” opened on Monday evening in the French capital. It is held under the patronage of French President Emmanuel Macron.

“The dream is part of the Russian soul,” said the festival’s president, French actress and writer Masha Meril, at a solemn ceremony, “Russian cinema is also permeated with a dream.” Russian art does not cease to amaze the world with its diversity, originality and creative power “

The main winner of the prize “Nail of the season” was announced

The main winner of the theater prize “Nail of the season” was announced, RIA Novosti reports. This is the play “Turandot” of the “Helikon-Opera” theater. He was awarded the “Big Crystal Nail”.

The era of sports dramas is not over

The era of sports dramas in Russian cinema is not over yet. Last year, at the presentation of projects at the Cinema Foundation, director Elena Khazanova and the team brought to the experts’ court the film “One Breath”, which tells the story of the life of the most famous woman in the world, freediver Natalia Molchanova, who set more than 40 world records.

At the same time it was said that Victoria Isakov would be invited to the main role. The Cinema Foundation decided to support the project.

And now the news has come: the first film days of the film were held in the suburbs, where the scenes of ice diving were filmed.


Kim Jong-un intends to launch a “new history of the unification of the motherland”

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, at a meeting with a delegation of South Korean special envoys, exchanged views on easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula and developing inter-Korean relations, including holding a summit, and also said that he intended to launch a “new history of uniting the homeland” reported the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (CTC).

Elections in Italy: Rentsi acknowledged defeat and decided to resign

Secretary of the center-left Democratic Party, former Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi called this result a pure defeat and decided to resign. The turnout was almost 73 percent. This is slightly lower than in the previous elections in 2013.

Pence threatened with an early exit of the US from a nuclear deal with Iran

Earlier in March, it was reported that the Iranian authorities did not initially exclude the possible withdrawal of Western partners, namely the United States, from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (UAP) on the Iranian nuclear program and prepared for such a scenario. Trump has repeatedly criticized the SVPD.

Trump and May have called Putin’s “new weapon” irresponsible

British Prime Minister Teresa Mei and US President Donald Trump commented on the statement of Russian leader Vladimir Putin about the new weapons that Russia has.

Special Prosecutor Mueller asked Trump for a letter from November 2015

This is a magazine with telephone calls, emails and other working papers of the Trump team, starting November 1, 2015. Four months before this date, the businessman announced his readiness to participate in the presidential race.

Putin told how many spies caught in Russia in 2017

In 2017, in the Russian Federation, the illegal activities of 72 staff members of foreign special services and nearly 400 agents were suppressed. This statement was made today, March 5, by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the board of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia.

I ask you to continue to act in this most important direction in an extremely collected and effective way, to stop attempts to gain access to foreign intelligence services to information of political, economic, technological and defensive nature. – Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump intends to visit the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem

US President Donald Trump promised, if possible, to visit the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, scheduled for May 15

Officials in the US were banned from using Trump’s symbols at work

The ban on demonstrating the symbolism of the election campaign of Donald Trump at work began to work for US officials, as he actually announced his intention to run for the presidency of the United States in the election of 2020. This is reported by CNN.

Trump called the cancellation of duties on steel for Canada and Mexico

US President Donald Trump said that Washington will not impose new duties on aluminum and steel for Canada and Mexico, if a “new and fair” agreement on the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) is signed.

We have a large trade deficit with Mexico and Canada. NAFTA, which is currently under review, was a bad deal for the US. Mass movement of companies and workplaces. The duties for steel and aluminum will be lifted only if a new and fair NAFTA agreement is signed. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

The State Department did not rule out direct negotiations between the US and the Taliban

First Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells told how Washington can enter into direct talks with the radical Afghan Taliban movement.

Activists tried to penetrate the territory of the US Embassy in Seoul

Police in Seoul detained two anti-American demonstrators who tried to break through to the territory of the US embassy. The incident occurred on Tuesday, TASS reported citing local media. Protesters wanted to run into the territory of the diplomatic mission with a bundle of leaflets in their hands


Pentagon: ground operations of coalition suspended in the Euphrates valley

Manning noted that it is only a matter of an operational pause that extends to ground operations. Combat aircraft of the US Air Force continue to strike at militant positions. How many Kurdish fighters left the zone of military operations in the Euphrates valley is not yet specified.

How to punish Assad – Trump discussed options with the head of the Pentagon

The options for military operations in Syria to “punish Syrian President Bashar Assad” for “chemical attacks” against civilians were considered at a meeting of US President Donald Trump with advisors and with US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the newspaper The Washington Post

A car exploded in the center of Donetsk, one person was killed

The explosion of the car occurred near the republican sports complex “Olympic” in the center of Donetsk, one person was killed, another wounded. This was announced on Monday by a source in the power structures of the proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

Concern “Kalashnikov” will launch a new pistol in production

“The company has launched a project to set up a new production site to prepare for the production of the Lebedev pistol (PL), and the stage of development and submission of the gun to acceptance tests is nearing completion,” the report said.

Satellites recorded activity at one of the nuclear reactors in the DPRK

The satellites recorded the activity of one of the DPRK nuclear reactors at the research center in Yongbyon, Tuesday 38 portal north reported.

In Japan, a woman first became commander of a group of warships

As TASS notes, in the armed forces of Japan in recent years, more women are becoming more and more. Recently they were allowed to become pilots of combat aircraft.

A large amphibious assault ship of the Russian Navy entered the Mediterranean Sea

In the water area of the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday entered the large amphibious ship “Orsk”. Photos of the passage of the vessel across the Bosporus Strait appeared on Turkish sites.

Airborne troops learned to assault combat vehicles with crew inside

Since 2018, new combat vehicles for paratroopers – BMD-4M – will land on the battlefield with the crew inside. This became possible due to the completion of work on a special parachute system, as well as the modernization of the armored vehicles.

The Pacific Fleet has an airfield on Matua

The Pacific Fleet is guarding and serving a military airfield on Matua Island, said fleet commander Admiral Sergei Avakyants.


Investors in the Far East will be able to receive loans at 1%

The possibility of subsidizing the interest rate on loans for residents of advanced development territories (TOR) and the free port of Vladivostok in the Far Eastern Federal District will be discussed in the government of Russia. According to the head of Minsk Region, Alexander Galushka, it is expected to give out loans at 1%.

AFK Sistema paid off on an amicable settlement with Rosneft

Recall, at the end of December 2017, the dispute between Rosneft and AFK Sistema on 170.6 billion rubles. about losses from the reorganization of Bashneft was completed. The court approved the amicable agreement of the parties.

The Cabinet has allocated 10 billion rubles for the upgrade of children’s polyclinics

“From the reserve fund of the Russian government, funds amounting to 10 billion rubles are allocated for equipping children’s polyclinics and children’s polyclinics with medical products,” the document says.

The Ministry of Finance from March 7 to April 5 will purchase currency for 192.5 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia from March 7 to April 5, 2018 will send 192.5 billion rubles to purchase additional oil and gas revenues, the materials on the ministry’s website say.

OTP Group received a profit in Russia in the amount of 5.9 billion rubles

The financial group of OTP was able in 2017 to obtain a total profit of 5.9 billion rubles. If you compare the amount of net profit with the results of 2016, then in the past year, the profit added 22%, according to the report of the group, published the day before.

Owners of the advertising contractor RZD will buy out the development business of Mints

As reported by the press release of O1 Group, part of the terms of the transaction is the obligation of Laysa Group (owns the advertising agency Lysa) to repay the O1 Group loan to PJSC “Moscow Credit Bank” for a total of about 25 billion rubles.

The company serves the loan, and there is no need to restructure this debt for today, said the Chairman of the Board of the ICB Vladimir Chubar.

The volume of the shadow banking sector for the year increased by 7% to $ 45 trillion

The volume of the banking sector, which is in the shadow, increased by 7.6% in 2017 and reached $ 45 trillion, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) reports in its annual report. It is noted that the shadow sector accounted for 13% of financial assets in 29 countries and territories in which the study was conducted.

Subsidizing domestic air transport will expand

The government plans to expand the program of subsidizing domestic passenger air travel. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with vice premiers. This year about 3.8 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget for these purposes.

I would like to draw attention to the approval of new rules for granting subsidies to airlines from the federal budget, their main task – the provision of flight services for residents of our country has become more accessible. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

In Kazakhstan, the base rate is reduced to 9.5%

The National Bank of Kazakhstan in February last year reduced the base rate to 11% from 12%, which was effective from November 2016. In June 2017, it was decided to further reduce the base rate – to 10.5%, and in August – to 10.25% per annum. In January of this year, the rate was reduced to 9.75%.

Frost stopped the Jaguar Land Rover plant in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover stopped production at one of its factories in the UK due to problems. As reported by RIA Novosti, the accident at the Solihull plant was due to unprecedented frosts. Earlier, thousands of buildings in London and in the county of Kent were left without water supply because of the breakthrough of pipes


Apple will release wireless headphones with noise canceling function

Apple plans to release noise-canceling headphones. According to Bloomberg, the “apple” corporation will present the novelty as early as 2018. It is expected that the new headphones will especially please fans of high-quality sound.

Vivo unveils Apex smartphone without frames and a retractable camera

At the exhibition in Barcelona, Vivo introduced its new development in the line of smartphones – the Apex device without frames and a retractable camera. Managers of Vivo Corporation showed the new device to the public.

In Russia, began to sell a smartphone ZTE with a powerful battery

In the Russian market there was a phone ZTE Blade A6 Max, the cost of which does not exceed 9,000 rubles. The main feature of the device will be the duration of the battery without recharging. According to the creators, a single charge should be enough to listen to music for 110 hours

LG showed the smartphone X4 from the middle price category

South Korean company LG introduced the phone for 15 000 rubles. The model is called X4, and the device runs on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Novelty is a very ordinary phone.

Oppo published a photo of the smartphone R15 on the official website

The leaders of the company Oppo on their official website have already published photos of the upcoming smartphone R15. For pre-orders, users need to specify their contact phone number, Gizmochina reports.

Elephone A4 Pro – with a cut-out on the screen

Last year, the public was shown the flagship of the iPhone X, the main and most notable feature of which was the cutout at the top of the screen, which became a trend in this year’s 2018. Against this background, the public will soon be shown an indecently cheap smartphone called Elephone A4 Pro with such a “chip”.

Huawei prepares for the debut of the Huawei P20 Porsche Edition

Chinese company Huawei is preparing for the presentation of the P20 Porsche Edition phone. The creators of electronics Huawei are preparing a debut show of phones in Paris on March 27. The main model of the event will be the Huawei P20 Porsche Edition.

Huawei Honor 7C with dual camera received the official announcement date

Since the teaser image of Huawei Honor 7C was laid out in the Chinese social network Weibo, it is obvious that the presentation of the mobile device will take place in China, and it will happen very soon – on March 12, that is, next week.

New “smartphone dreams” from Sony will receive a screen with a resolution of 4K

Since the Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone had a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 4K (3,840 × 2,160 pixels) with HDR technology, it is obvious that the new “dream smartphone” will receive a frameless display with 4K resolution (4320 by 2180 pixels ) and the ratio of the sides 18: 9. It is likely to be performed on OLED technology and will boast support for the Always-On Display function.

Created a flying construction printer for 3D printing of high-rise buildings

Since the capabilities of classic 3D printers are limited today, engineers decided to go beyond the usual framework and create a system that uses drones to apply construction mixtures and allows (so far, only theoretically) to build high-rise buildings.

The application Hold will pay for refusing to use the smartphone

In the UK, the Hold application will pay the smartphone owner for refusing to use the gadget. Such measures should help in self-regulation of students and schoolchildren. In the United Kingdom, a number of higher education institutions have decided to make attempts to discipline their students.

The Spanish start-up developed paper batteries with zero environmental impact

The company Fuelium from Barcelona (Spain) develops paper batteries designed for single-use diagnostic devices. The developers indicate that their batteries are designed for “disposable electronic devices that can be recycled without reprocessing”

Xiaomi launches a 60-watt charger with six ports costing $ 20

Xiaomi this week will release a charger that allows you to charge up to six mobile devices simultaneously with a total power of 60 watts. The charger supports input voltage from 100 to 240 V, that is it can work in any country of the world.

Google is testing changes for its search

Google tests new material design, it is designed to search in the WEB-browser Chrome. Users noticed certain changes by making the appropriate screenshots and placing them on Reddit. The layout, users indicate, has specific boundaries.

Microsoft will add new features to Office on iOS and Android

The company-developer Microsoft is preparing a new large-scale update for the software package Office. It is already known that innovations can be targeted to users of mobile platforms Android and iOS. The update is expected in late March 2018 ….

Notes on the screen in Windows 10

Using the “Start” key, open the system menu and enter “Sticky Notes” in the search bar. The application will be displayed in the results.

Now you can create your first note on a small yellow sheet that appears on the Windows desktop.

To add another note, click on the plus sign in the upper left corner of the sheet.

If you want to select a different color for the note, click on the settings icon – three dots in the upper right corner.


Paleontologists discovered the fossils of a prehistoric chick

Paleontologists from the University of Manchester discovered an impression of the feathers and the body of a prehistoric chick who died shortly after birth. Experts believe that these fossils are about 127 million years old, according to the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists have shown the processes inside the battery processes

In practice, the knowledge gained will help make the processes in the battery more predictable by creating a battery that can work with the maximum efficiency and minimum losses.

Physicians: Excessive salt in food leads to non-alcoholic obesity of the liver

It turns out that the development of the aforementioned ailments is promoted by the excess of salt consumed with food. High doses of salt activate the synthesis of fructose in the liver, which leads to resistance to leptin. This hormone regulates energy metabolism in the body.

Physicists were able to convert two-layer graphene into a superconductor

Physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to convert a two-layer graphene into a superconductor. In addition, manipulation of scientists allowed graphene to acquire insulating properties.

Elastic biocompatible electrodes followed the activity of the brain

Researchers have developed elastic biocompatible electrodes that can be used to track neuronal activity.

Robots taught to anticipate human movements

A report on the work of scientists was published on the web. The authors of the study told that they used a recurrent neural network, which allows analyzing the chain of events. In this way, scientists forced the robot to study the gestures of people and memorize them, using in subsequent observations.

Nanobots have been developed to fight cancer

The design of nanorobots helps to conduct various complex studies. In particular, they will allow themselves to find tumors, and then block the blood supply of malignant neoplasm. Tumor after a few weeks or even days will collapse

Russian biologists have found a way to “postpone” cellular death

Biologists from the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow State University have found out how to stop the self-destruction program in human cells. The results of the research of Russian scientists will help to create an effective cure for cancer. The material of the scientific work is presented in the journal Cell Death & Disease.


Stephen Hawking: Before the Big Bang of the Universe did not exist

Famous explorer of scientific ideas from Great Britain Stephen Hawking said that he knows about the origin of the universe. A 76-year-old theorist told a leading television show that before the Big Bang there was nothing.

Hawking said that they, along with their American counterpart, agreed on the opinion. In their opinion, space and time began to form simultaneously, with a deformation of mass and energy.

According to the theory he voiced, if we assume that the universe has no boundaries in the usual sense, and there is imaginary time in the Euclidean approach, then the beginning of the entire universe can be represented in the form of a globe where the South Pole corresponds to the Big Bang and the beginning of everything.

The physicist suggested that there is nothing south of the South Pole on Earth. So there was nothing before the explosion. Hawking believes that this theory does not contradict the general theory of relativity, which Albert Einstein introduced.

Mask announced the intention to launch the Falcon 9 with a cargo the size of a bus

According to the billionaire, the launch of the spacecraft will take place on March 6 at 08.33 Moscow time from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral in Florida. This flight will be for the Falcon 9 50th in a row. The satellite, whose weight is 6 tons, will be the largest geostationary device launched into orbit ever

Scientists have recorded how the star absorbs the matter of another star

Scientists from the University of Geneva have recorded how the neutron star began to absorb the matter of the red giant located next door. This is reported in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. The researchers studied the outbreak discovered by the European X-ray Observatory Integral.

“Hubble” received images of the galaxy – the same age as the dinosaurs

The Hubble Orbital Telescope received images of the galaxy NGC 3972 in a state in which it was at a time when dinosaurs lived on Earth. This is reported on the telescope’s website

Scientists: All water on Earth will boil in the foreseeable future

Scientists came to the conclusion that all the water on Earth will boil out in a few billion years, when the Sun turns into a red giant. With the disappearance of one of the most valuable resources, mankind will perish

The tests of the InSight module in the US begin before it is sent to Mars

Functional tests of the InSight landing module begin at the US Air Force Base Vandenberg before its forthcoming shipments to Mars this year, RIA VladNews reports with reference to TASS. As the press service of NASA, specialists will start a series of tests this week.

The mystery of the unusual structure of the moon of Saturn is solved

The third largest satellite of Saturn, Yapet outwardly resembles a walnut with a mountain range that rises 20 kilometers. The mystery of the appearance of this mountain range for a long time could not be understood, but recently astronomers put forward a new hypothesis, which has already been confirmed by NASA.

In the new study, scientists suggested that the mountain range is 1,400 km long, and some peaks rise 100 kilometers – it is the accumulated rubble of the former ring of the gas giant Saturn, which fell to the surface of Iapet

Scientists have proved violation of the laws of physics in black holes

Scientists from the University of California found a violation of the laws of physics in black holes. This information casts doubt on all the principles of the cosmos. In other words, in black holes there can exist points where the principle of causality is distorted

China will launch the main module of the space station by 2020

It is planned that by 2022 two space laboratories will join the main module. Each of them will weigh 20 tons each. In addition, the station will send a compartment with a high-resolution telescope


The big sedan Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion: without the steering wheel, pedals and buttons

All that the passenger of the I.D. Vizzion, is to set the route. Electric vehicles of the Volkswagen family I.D. will only be put on the conveyor line in 2020. The first is the I.D. hatchback, followed by the I.D. Crozz and the minivan I.D. Buzz.

Sedan LADA Vesta 2018 received new security systems

The list of equipment of the extremely popular in Russia LADA Vesta added new functions. Earlier, AvtoVAZ equiped the LADA Vesta SW and its off-road modification LADA Vesta SW Cross, which debuted on the market in October last year, with similar driver’s assistants.

The new SUV DW Hower H5 became available for order in Russia

As the transmission is proposed six-speed mechanics. Unlike the H3, the new DW Hower H5 received a large height, which is 1775 mm against 1,745 mm. Also the novelty has received the increased ground clearance and wheel disks in the size of 18 inches.

Geneva will bring a hybrid version of the crossover Bentley Bentayga

While representatives of the company do not disclose the dynamic characteristics of a crossover with a hybrid plant. The new Bentley Bentayga can be charged from the household network for 7.5 hours, but a special home recharge system will reduce this figure to 2.5 hours.

Bugatti on the video showed a new version of the hypercar Chiron

The new version of the car will receive a 1,800-strong engine, whereas the usual version has a 1,500-strong unit. Thus, the eight-liter W16 engine, which has four turbines, will be upgraded for the Sport version.

Updated pickup Foton Tunland received an extended version

The company Foton is preparing to debut an updated pickup Tunland. On the eve of the photos were published new items. Judging by the pictures, the “truck” received a massive radiator grille, another front bumper with integrated LED sections of DRL and recycled optics.

Geely published the first teaser of the new flagship sedan Emgrand GT

Geely placed on the Web the first teaser of the Emgrand GT sedan, the new car is the sports version of the fast food Borui. The car received revised bumpers, a modified grille and a different form of headlights

The Chinese prepared a six-motor super hybrid for the track

In China, presented a 1305-strong track hypermarket Techrules Ren. The track hypercar weighs 1,854 kilograms, and a hybrid installation will drive it. The latter will have six electric motors, and to increase the power reserve, a diesel microturbogenerator is provided.

Startech has worked on Aston Martin DB11

This year the guys from Startech have prepared for the Geneva Motor Show a new surprise. As a division of Brabus, Startech decided to work on the AMG version of the Aston Martin DB11, tuning in its own way a 4.0 liter Biturb V8 engine, born in Affalterbach.

Jaguar prepared a Graphic Pack for F-Type SVR

Company Jaguar has prepared an optional set Graphic Pack for 575-strong sports car F-Type SVR, the British motor-car manufacturer informs.

Mercedes-Benz told about the basic version of the updated A-Class

The new Mercedes-Benz A180 d will also have halogen optics with LED daytime running lights, and will also have a radiator grille and a bumper that differ from other versions. The car is “shod” in 16- or 17-inch wheel disks.

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