28 Dec, 2018

Who trust the Russians

The survey was conducted by VTsIOM on December 17, 2018 among 1.6 thousand Russians over 18 years old. The survey method is a telephone interview.

The army causes approval in 86% of respondents, the ROC – 68.8%, law enforcement agencies – 57%. Opposition is approved by only 31.2% of Russians, trade unions – 32.4%. About 41.3% of the respondents said that they disapproved of the activities of the opposition, 37.6% of the judicial system and 37.4% of political parties.

The work of the Public Chamber has a positive attitude of 42.6% (an increase from 37.7% in November 2018), a negative one – 21.1%. An increase in the approval of the State Duma’s activity was also recorded (from 31.4% to 35.5%). The approval rate of the Federation Council has been corrected positively to 39.2%.

Briefly about the main thing …

In St. Petersburg, about 30 workers went on a hunger strike in the subway mine

About 30 workers of the contractor OAO Metrostroy in St. Petersburg went down to the mine of the Teatralnaya station under construction and went on a hunger strike, demanding to pay their salaries, the company’s press service said on Wednesday.

Ministry of Labor told who can cut in 2019

According to the forecast of the ministry, the most (30.5 thousand) are at risk of losing their jobs in the financial and banking sectors. More than 27 thousand employees in the transport sector are also at risk of falling. In third place are workers in the field of electrical equipment manufacturing computing and measuring equipment, where 16.6 thousand people can fall under the reductions.

“Taking into account other industries where the cuts will not be so significant, 230.8 thousand Russians may lose their jobs in total, predicted the Ministry of Labor. Most of them live in Moscow and St. Petersburg,” writes Izvestia.

The Ministry of Labor denied the information and assured that the situation on the labor market is stable, and the number of planned layoffs varies slightly, remaining at about the same level for several years.

Interior Ministry wants to make changes to the passports of Russians

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed changes in the passport of a Russian citizen. This is stated in a document published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts. The Office proposes to indicate in the document the time when it should be replaced.

Roszdravnadzor complained in the UK about the clinic because of female circumcision

“In the course of supervisory measures, it was established that the website of Klassikus, indeed, offered the service of female circumcision, performed on religious and ritual motives, which is a gross violation of Russian legislation,” reported Roszdravnadzor.

Rospotrebnadzor called to report poor taxi performance

The All-Russian hotline of Rospotrebnadzor for taxi and car sharing services starts on December 27, according to the website of the supervisory authority.

“In connection with the high demand of citizens for information about rights when using the services of a taxi and car sharing, as well as due to the high tourist flow for the New Year holidays, the Rospotrebnadzor will re-launch the hotline,” the report said.

Across the Atlantic in a barrel

The Frenchman Jean-Jacques Saven set off on a journey across the Atlantic, which he will perform in a barrel. According to the traveler, the unusual vessel is not equipped with engines and sails and will move exclusively due to sea currents and winds blowing it.

The barrel is a cylindrical container with a length of three meters and a width of 2.10 m. It is made of epoxy multilayer plywood and painted in orange. Inside there is a couch, small kitchen, table for maps and navigation equipment.

According to Saven, his journey began well, the capsule floats at a speed of 2-3 km / h. The traveler also added that he took with him a bottle of wine and foie gras to celebrate the New Year, as well as Bordeaux wine to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of January 14th.

Deripaska was deprived of the right to free travel on Sayanogorsk buses

Honorary citizens of the city of Sayanogorsk (Khakassia) are deprived of a number of benefits, among them billionaire Oleg Deripaska. This was announced on Thursday, December 27, by the deputy head of Sayanogorsk for housing and public utilities and transport Sergey Borisov.

The reason, as stated, in part 3 of article 136 of the Budget Code. Local governments are not eligible for additional budget commitments. After the city received the second category and increased its subsidies, it lost the right to such measures of social support to its honorary citizens.

The number of road cameras will increase in Moscow

In Moscow, they will increase the number of cameras recording traffic violations, including untimely stopping and non-payment of parking. This was reported to Izvestia at the Moscow Center for the Organization of Road Traffic (CTO).

The purchase of new cameras followed the growth of tariffs for paid parking and an increase in fines. In total, the number of photo and video recording complexes in the city can grow 1.5 times – up to 2.2 thousand.

Named regions with the most expensive rental housing for the holidays

As follows from the study of the booking service Tvil.ru, in the Yaroslavl region the average receipt for real estate booking for three nights from December 28 to January 8 is 47.3 thousand rubles.

In second place is the Moscow region, here an apartment, cottage or hotel room for the company is rented on average for 2.5 days and paid for this 42.8 thousand rubles. In the Kaluga region real estate during the holidays is removed for three days for 37.5 thousand rubles. In the Tver region, the average booking for holidays lasts four days, and the check is 35.2 thousand rubles.

In Karelia, you should be prepared for the fact that you can rent an apartment for 3.5 days on average for 28.4 thousand rubles. In the Vologda region, basically go for three days, and a check for booking is 19.5 thousand. And in the Polar region, housing is rented for 14.9 thousand rubles for five days.

In St. Petersburg, prices were even lower – 14.5 thousand rubles for five days.

Loukoster “Victory” expanded the geography of flights

Permission to fly on the route Kaliningrad-Paris and from Russian cities to Batumi was issued by Rosaviatsiya Pobeda Airlines on December 26, the corresponding order was published on the official website of the department.

According to the order, the airline will be able to make seven flights a week on the route Kaliningrad-Paris. The Russian loukoster four times a week will be able to send flights from Perm, Kazan, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg to Georgian Batumi.

The Russian encyclopedic dictionary “Tourism” went on sale

In Russia, the encyclopedic dictionary “Tourism” went on sale in bookstores. The dictionary went out of print and November 2018 and is now available for buyers, reported in the Federal Tourism Agency.

In Germany, a child called the police because of dissatisfaction with gifts

A German boy called the police because he did not like the Christmas presents. According to RIA Novosti, police officers from the German city of Tsetel were surprised a lot when, on arrival at the call, they saw an angry 9-year-old boy on the doorstep

Another tour operator went to the Egyptian direction

According to Sergey Samokhvalov, executive director of the tour operator New Travelers, the appearance of Egypt in the company’s assortment is justified by the increased demand of Russian tourists for an inexpensive and high-quality vacation on the Red Sea.

Chinese guide published in Chelyabinsk

“There is very little time left for the SCO and BRICS summits in Chelyabinsk, so our task is to produce as many printed products in English and Chinese as possible so that guests can walk around the city and take photos against the sights,” said MDG Director Dmitry Stolbov .

AccorHotels has opened a new hotel in Sochi

The new hotel began work in December of this year in the seven-storey building of the Gorky Hotel, located at +960 m. The official opening of the hotel will take place simultaneously with the opening of the ski season in Gorki Gorod.

The Ministry of Sports of Tatarstan has released a memo to the Week of Stars

The Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan has issued a memo for fans who want to attend the games of the 2019 Hockey Star Week. There they call Kazan a young city with an ancient history, and also recommend visiting the sights of the cities that organize matches – Nizhnekamsk and Kazan

Financing road repairs in the Astrakhan region in 2019 will increase by 12%

The financing of the project “Safe and high-quality roads” in the Astrakhan region will amount to 1.68 billion rubles in 2019, said the acting governor of the region Sergey Morozov on Tuesday in a speech to the regional government and members of the public.

Failure to eat breakfast increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Breakfast is not for nothing called the most important meal during the day. A rejection of breakfast may increase by one-third the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as the study showed. People who skip breakfast regularly are 33% more likely to experience diabetes.

Water and heat prices may rise due to electricity

The Ministry of Construction believes that the draft resolution of the government prepared by the Ministry of Energy on the introduction of consumer fees for unused power grid reserves will lead to an increase in tariffs for heat, water supply and wastewater.

Oil and gas companies will submit plans for dedollarization to the government

Oil and gas companies will present plans for reducing payments in dollars to the government, said First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. We met with the largest companies recently.

We met with the largest companies recently, these are companies of the oil and gas sector, and we agreed that these companies will present us with plans – by the way, they are already reducing calculations in dollars – for their further actions. – Anton Siluanov, Russian economist

The state wants to regulate the price of wine

In 2019, for the first time in Russia, a minimum retail price for wine and wine beverages can be set. The Ministry of Finance is currently working on the issue with the business community, Izvestia was told in the department. Companies have already submitted their proposals to the Ministry

Trade between Russia and the EU has gone up

Russia’s permanent representative to the European Union, Vladimir Chizhov, said that in the first nine months of this year, trade between Russia and the EU increased by 21.5% compared to the same period last year. The permanent representative also added that Russian exports to the EU increased by 29%, and imports – by 7.4%.

Non-residents in November reduced investments in OFZs by 9 billion rubles

In November 2018, non-residents reduced their investments in Russian OFZs by 9 billion rubles, or 0.5%, to 1.798 trillion rubles, according to data on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The volume of the market in November grew by 51 billion rubles, to 7.287 trillion rubles. As a result, over the month, the share of non-residents decreased to 24.7% from 25.0%.

Capital added to the Far East

VEB.RF, as the sole shareholder of the fund, increased the authorized capital of the FRDV by 10.6 billion rubles from the state budget, provided for the implementation of priority investment projects in the Far Eastern Federal District, the fund said.

Agricultural Bank will pay insurance reimbursements to depositors of Russobank

The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) has chosen Rosselkhozbank as an agent to pay insurance compensation to depositors of Russobank (Moscow), from which the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has previously revoked the license. This was reported in the press release of the agency.

Central Bank appointed an ombudsman for insurance disputes

The board of directors of the Central Bank decided to appoint Viktor Klimov as financial representative for the rights of consumers of financial services in the insurance industry. This was reported by the press service of the regulator. Klimov will begin work in the new position on January 9.

Investors settled in hostels

“The difference between hostels and hostels is not too pronounced, so the exact figure on the number of hostels can hardly be given,” – said Ms. Smirnova.

Moscow, as established by OneTwoTrip, has become the leader in the number of new hostel openings: in a year, according to the service, 121 facilities appeared in the city.

Microsoft will include VAT in the accounts of Russian customers

The press service of Microsoft confirmed that from January 1, 2019, VAT will be included in invoices. This is due to changes in Russian tax regulations that impose VAT on digital services provided by foreign providers to commercial customers in Russia, Microsoft explained.

Former Dalspetsstroy paid off all debts to its employees

During the period from March to December of this year, employees were paid more than 790 million rubles. According to the external manager of GVSU No. 6, Grigoriy Udelnov, the company only has a debt in November to employees of individual branches – 13.5 million rubles. They are promised to pay at the beginning of 2019

Ukraine in November 2018 increased national debt

The Ukrainian Ministry of Finance reported that the total public (direct) and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine in November 2018 increased by $ 0.44 billion.

Utair lost 9 billion rubles in state guarantees

Due to the reorganization of the Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Otkritie, which joined the Otkritie FC, Utair’s creditors lost their state guarantees of 9.4 billion rubles. About this RBC told a source close to the lenders, and another interviewee familiar with the terms of the restructuring of the carrier.

In South Korea will lower rates on loans for small businesses

In 2019, small business owners and self-employed will be able to get loans at a lower percentage thanks to help from the government. This is reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap. The volume of funds for issuing loans at reduced rates will amount to $ 1.6 billion

Armenian CB retains refinancing rate at 6.0%

In monthly terms, inflation was 1.0 percent compared to 0.1 percent a month earlier. The last time the Central Bank of Armenia changed its key rate in February last year, lowering it to 6.00 percent per annum from 6.25 percent.

Getting loans from Georgian banks will become much more difficult.

According to the order of the President of the National Bank of Georgia “On Approval of the Provision on Lending to Individuals”, banks and financial organizations will have to conduct a detailed analysis of the financial situation of citizens who wish to receive a loan.

Raiffeisenbank reported an increase in foreign exchange in December by 30%

“Compared to 2017, the turnover of conversion operations grew by 30%,” the bank’s press service reported, noting that last year the third week of currency exchange turnover fell on the last week. In Raiffeisenbank noted that the euro bought almost twice as often as the dollar.

“Naftogaz” intends to seek new assets of “Gazprom” to arrest

Recall that in early December, Naftogaz Ukrainy, in order to enforce the arbitration award on the payment of $ 2.6 billion by Gazprom, filed lawsuits in the federal courts of New York and Texas, demanding that five companies registered in the US be required to disclose information about Gazprom assets in Europe.

Investigative Committee will review acquittals

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to check all criminal cases for which acquittals were made in Moscow. It is reported by the press service of the Ministry.

 “The relevant departments of the central office of the department to request all criminal cases returned by the courts in Moscow, as well as the control proceedings in criminal cases for which acquittals were issued, including by a jury court,” the press service of the TFR reports.

Two criminals executed in Japan

In Japan, the death sentence was imposed on two convicts. Both criminals were executed in the prison of the city of Osaka. This December 27 reports Kuodo News. (organization whose activity is prohibited in the Russian Federation) Names of prisoners are not called.

Ministry of Internal Affairs eliminated drug lab near Moscow

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have eliminated the laboratory for the production of synthetic drugs and their distribution channel through the Internet, said the official representative of the department Irina Volk.

On the highway Yalta-Sevastopol collapsed rock

The collapse of the rock occurred on the Yalta-Sevastopol road on Wednesday afternoon, according to preliminary information, there were no injuries, but the movement was difficult, the RIA Novosti news agency reported to the press service of the Sevastopol government.

Muscovite blind in one eye after injection filler

On December 26, there were reports in the media that the 37-year-old Muscovite partially lost her sight after an injection of a filler, which is used to correct cosmetic defects. The clinic patient called an ambulance, which took her to the hospital.

Arsenic in the water. In the village in Transbaikalia introduced emergency mode

The state of emergency was introduced in the village of Priiskovy of the Nerchinsky district of Transbaikalia after the discovery of arsenic in tap water, the head of the district Roman Senotrusov told TASS.

In Tyumen, a man saved a lost child from a 35-degree frost

A resident saved a 35-year-old child from a 35-degree frost who got lost on the streets of the city. About this today, December 26, reports the Internet portal “Pravmir”.

Yuri Loza suggested sending Petrosian to Eurovision

The famous singer and composer Yuri Loza expressed his opinion about the fact that the artist should be sent to the Eurovision Song Contest from Russia.

Authorities have offered publishers a copyright protection mechanism.

Roskomnadzor is ready to discuss with book publishers the creation of a new anti-piracy memorandum, follows from the letter of the Office to the President of the Russian Book Union (RKS) Sergei Stepashin. RKS sent an appeal to Roskomnadzor on November 6, and received a response in December.

The nominees for the Golden Eagle film award are announced.

The leaders in the number of nominations were the paintings “Ice” by Oleg Trofim, “Moving upwards” by Anton Megerdichev, “The Story of a single appointment” by Avdotya Smirnova. In addition, Alexey Fedorchenko’s “Anna’s War” and Alexander Kott’s “Spitak” won the “Best Film” nomination.

Smirnova, Fedorchenko and Megerdichev will fight for the title of best director. The award for the best female role can be won by Agly Tarasova, Martha Kozlova, Irina Gorbacheva or Svetlana Khodchenkova. For the title of the best TV series will fight “Going on a Chill”, “Ordinary Woman”, “Birch” and “Bridge” ….

Dmitry Malikov gave a New Year’s Eve concert at the Central Station

Dmitry Malikov gave a concert in Moscow, the entrance to which at a cost was equal to a trip to the Moscow metro. The performer, the piano, the music and the listeners met at the Luzhniki Moscow Central Exhibition Center.

The exhibition of the memory of the architect Shukhov will be held in Moscow

The exhibition about the work of the architect and engineer Vladimir Shukhov, who was called “Russian Leonardo”, will open at the Museum of Architecture named after Shchusev in 2019. This was reported by the director of the museum Elizaveta Likhacheva

John Favreau showed the killer droid from the “Mandalorian”

The director of the series “Mandalorets” in the Star Wars universe, John Favreau, decided to congratulate his fans on Christmas with a photo from the filming of the series – apparently, the famous killer droid IG-88 will appear on the show.

 “Snow Queen” announced a photo contest on Instagram

Will the continuation of the cartoon – is unknown, because it all depends on the box office. Vladimir Nikolaev, who is the executive producer of the studio, has been working on this tape for eight long years already and people are just tired of it.

Garik Sukachev told about his new book

Rock musician Garik Sukachev in an interview with Izvestia told about his new book, The Way of the Gorynych, which became the first authorized biography of the artist. According to him, the co-author of the work is journalist Mikhail Margolis.

“Melody” released a double disc for the anniversary of the pianist Bella Davidovich

The double disc for the 90th anniversary of the pianist Bella Davidovich was released by the company Melodiya, the press service of the company reported on Friday.

Restart Positivus: the festival will be shorter and more accessible

The organizers of the main Latvian music festival Positivus promise to make this event more attractive for visitors next year, writes Skaties.lv. The first festival Positivus was held in 2007, over the years he managed to gain recognition and popularity.

Mustai Karim’s prose in Bashkiria was made with plastic

In the Russian Drama Theater in Sterlitamak they staged the play “Childhood. Pages ”based on the prose works of Mustai Karim. The performance is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national poet of Bashkortostan. The premiere will be held on January 12th.

The performance of a small form “Childhood. Pages “is a plastic setting. The basis was the text of the story Mustai Karim “Long-long childhood.” The plastic director was Alina Mustaeva, she also created the musical accompaniment.

Kamala Theater launched a 3D tour from the wardrobe to the Great Hall

43 panoramas of 360 degrees became accessible to the spectators, which cover all the locations of the theater: from the lobby and wardrobe to the Great Hall and the ticket office, the press service of the theater reports.

Dzhigarkhanyan Theater became a record holder in the number of prime ministers in Moscow

Theater more than a year and directs. about director Elena Gilvanova. According to him, in the outgoing 2018, a record number of premieres were released on two stages – 11 performances of different genres. This broke the record among Moscow theaters.

Directed by Sergei Potapov put in the Russian Theater “Dead Souls”

The most provocative and extraordinary Yakut director Sergey Potapov intends in the near future to stage the play “Dead Souls” by Nikolai Gogol in the Russian Yakut Theater.

Alexandrinka releases premiere of play by Rezo Gabriadze

The production was directed by director Andrei Kalinin, who had already released “The Murder of Jean-Paul Marat” in Alexandrinka based on the play by Peter Weiss. This is the press service of the theater. The play was first staged in 1993 in Lausanne.

Yandex has removed Telegram from search results

The search engine “Yandex” removed from the issuance of a link to the official website of the Telegram messenger – telegram.org. With the introduction of this request in the first place in the issuance of an unofficial site about Telegram in Russian – tlgrm.ru, which collected applications based on MTProto and translated some documentation from the official site of the messenger.

“Apparently, the link has been added to the Roskomnadzor registry. Synchronization with the registry occurs automatically. “Yandex” removes links as new data is received, ”RIA Novosti reported, citing the press service of the Internet company.

Samsung will participate in CES 2019 and present eight new projects.

Samsung Electronics will participate in the CES 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show and will present eight projects of the C-Lab division based on AI, reports TV Chosun. We are talking about the following projects:

  • Tisplay is a system that allows you to overlay advertisements and other images on the speaker’s clothing during a broadcast.
  • MEDEO – a solution for quickly creating videos in real time.
  • aiMo – record audio files from your smartphone.
  • Perfume Blender is a service for creating perfumes.
  • PRISMIT is a news analytics system.
  • Girin Monitor Stand is a self-regulating monitor stand.
  • alight is a desk lamp with artificial intelligence. Able to analyze the current situation with the help of an integrated camera and optimize the parameters of light to create the most comfortable and favorable conditions.
  • Snail Sound – the solution for people suffering from hearing loss. It is a mobile phone application and a headset that will help you hear the sounds of the world.

Named the main objects of cyber attacks in 2019

Experts told which objects in 2019 are at risk of hacker attacks. They suggest that large cloud storage, banking, cellular communications, and e-commerce are in the largest risk zone. RNS reports this with reference to InfoWatch data.

The first smartphone with built-in advertising went on sale in Russia

In the Russian market began to offer a new cheap smartphone with built-in advertising. As it became known, sales of a mobile device began in the Russian Federation. The smartphone has built-in advertising.

MegaFon launched an online monitoring service for the movement of goods

The press service of the operator noted that the decision will be relevant when transporting goods by several modes of transport. The monitoring is carried out thanks to autonomous trackers that use the GLONASS / GPS and LBS satellite positioning systems.

More than half a million computers were infected with a powerful virus.

The dangerous WannaCry virus, which infected more than 300 thousand computers in 2017, has been found in hundreds of thousands of devices around the world. About this in Twitter told the head of security and threat analysis company KryptosLogic Jamie Hankins (Jamie Hankins).

Oppo introduced its own voice assistant – Breeno

Chinese companies Xiaomi and Huawei also released their voice assistants, and now they have a competitor from Oppo. The Chinese company introduced the Breeno – is a universal voice assistant, which should become the center for the system of “smart home”

Nokia certified four mysterious smartphones in Russia

It can be assumed that we are talking about three smartphones and one push-button phone. In this case, two smartphones will be from the budget segment, and one from the middle one.

LG followed Apple, Huawei and Intel sued Qualcomm

The American chip maker did not agree with the prosecution, in response filed an administrative lawsuit against KFTC. Manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, Apple, Intel, MediaTek and Huawei joined the Korean Fair Trade Commission charges.

Heater with Wi-Fi and voice control

After a series of teasers, Xiaomi introduced a smart heater. A fundraising for collective funding has now been announced: all program participants receive it for $ 43 equivalent, and the novelty will go on sale at a slightly higher price – $ 50.

Desktop editor ONLYOFFICE updated to version 5.2

ONLYOFFICE cloud office developers have released version 5.2 of their free desktop application for Windows, Linux and Mac. It has features that were previously available only in the online version. Among the new features of the document editor are internal links and bookmarks.

“Tricolor” launched an application for smart TVs Samsung

With the help of the Tricolor Online TV application, any existing client of the operator – the owner of a Samsung smart TV on the Tizen platform – can use the services of an operator without connecting receiving equipment.

More than 19,000 Orange Livebox modems “merge” Wi-Fi credentials

Attackers exploit the CVE-2018-20377 vulnerability, first described in 2012. This bug allows an attacker to find out the SSID and password from a local Wi-Fi network by gaining access to the get_getnetworkconf.cgi file. Experts point out that such leaks can be dangerous on many levels.

Scientists: Time Existed Before the Big Bang

According to the new recounts according to the Albert Einstein equation, the scientists concluded that the “coup” of time in the Universe will not cause it to stop. On the contrary, it will allow us to be in a new space.

Astrophysicists conducted a series of studies and found that before the Big Bang there was a different Universe of the reverse type. According to the calculations of specialists, time went there in the reverse order, as it gradually shrank. New data allowed scientists to suggest that you can find a place called “Yanuk’s Point”.

Physicists believe that this point can be the starting point for the appearance of our Universe and the death of its previous version. Most likely, in the “Point of Janus” all phenomena in the Universe are in contact.

Designed safe portable soft sensor for kids

Research results Researchers at Harvard University (Harvard University) have developed a soft, non-toxic, portable sensor that quietly attaches to the arm and measures the gripping force and movement of the arms and fingers.

Tree Enemies Maintain Diversity in the Rainforest

It turned out that the high species-specific relations between trees and their natural enemies, as well as the creation of even small areas near the tree, where new sprouts cannot survive, are sufficient to maintain the enormous biodiversity of the tropical forest.

Necessary distance between pedestrians

According to a study published in the journal Physical Review E, pedestrians need at least a 76 cm buffer to avoid collisions.

“Of the nine thousand pairs, forty actually collided with each other, and the rest at the last moment had time to correct their route, when at least 140 centimeters remained from each other before the collision,” says Alessandro Corbetta, a researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology.

New Horizons probe began to study the asteroid

The US space probe New Horizons is successfully approaching the asteroid 2014 MU69 and has begun to implement its program, mission chief Alan Stern said on Wednesday

Ilon Mask showed how a new generation starship will look like

Max claims that already in 2024 his “spaceship” will go to Mars with hundreds of passengers on board. And in the spring of 2019 the ship will make the first flights. In addition, the entrepreneur says, the developers of his company are working on a new engine for the “Martian ship”, for which “supermaterials” will be used that can withstand high temperature loads.

Supernova explosion caused one of the last extinctions on Earth

A powerful outbreak of a supernova, which appeared near the Earth about 2.6 million years ago, was the reason why almost all the giant inhabitants of the seas disappeared before the beginning of the ice age. Scientists write about this in an article published in the journal Astrobiology.

The network posted a photo of the Christmas comet

Photos of the comet Virtanen appeared on the Web, which recently flew very close to the Earth. Many people on our planet could see the comet with the naked eye, astronomers suggest. The appearance of this comet was recorded in one of the most anticipated astronomical events of December.

Georgian scientists have penetrated into the nature of space-time

Georgian scientists explained the existence of anomalies in cosmic rays found by them by the fact that space is discrete and consists of cells of the smallest possible – Planck – length. Then topological defects may occur, at which cosmic radiation can be scattered. The work of physicists published in the reprint reprints arxiv.org.

China sent a capsule with tiger DNA into space

The Changzheng-11 rocket launched a capsule with the genetic material of a male tiger named Kang Kan into space. He is now being held at the Guangzhou Zoo. The South China Tiger is a unique species that previously inhabited East, Central and South China.

The updated crossover Haima S5 received an economical turbo engine

The company Haima, owned by a major Chinese concern FAW, showed an updated crossover Haima S5. SUV live images posted by autohome.com.cn

In the United States for sale offered a unique “road” aircraft Tritan A2

On Facebook there was an advertisement for the sale of a unique model Tritan A2, descended from the conveyor in the distant 1984th year. In the 1980s, such road “airplanes” were made to order from Domino’s Pizza. The project worked at that time the Michigan company Tritan Ventures.

Hypercar Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta sell for 8.5 million dollars

In total, Ferrari assembled 210 open-top Aperta pieces, which were only available for owners of the LaFerrari coupe. The last copy of the 2-door model went to the buyer for 7 million dollars, and Aperta was sold at auction in September 2017 for 8.3 million euros.

In Moscow, launched a neural network for fixing traffic violations

A new technology is being introduced to reduce the number of erroneous fines that are prescribed by road complexes for fixing traffic violations. Let us specify that in Moscow artificial neural networks were introduced into traffic cameras.

Manager of the President will buy cars for 400 million rubles

The Office of the President of the Russian Federation said that tenders totaling 400 million rubles were announced in order to “transfer” officials from expensive European cars to cheaper Korean ones.

Ukraine has extended a ban on entry into the country for men from Russia

The National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine extended the ban on men from Russia aged 16 to 60 from entering the country. This was told by the first deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Sergey Yarovoy, according to the ministry’s website.

“Taking into account the difficult security situation, all the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continue to work in a reinforced version of duty”, – leads the statement of the first deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Yarovoy the official website of the department.

Military source in Israel confirmed the attack in Syria

The Israeli military does not publicly confirm or deny reports of these attacks in Syria. On December 25, the army only reported that it had deployed air defense assets against a Syrian anti-aircraft missile that had flown into Israel, which had been released, apparently, in the course of repelling the attack.

In Ukraine, announced the seizure of the “gray zone” in the Donbass

Yuri Biryukov, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces of Ukraine) occupied almost the entire “gray zone” in the Donbas. He stated this on the TV channel “Direct”.

From the state in which we started in May 2014, two thirds of the territory was liberated. Virtually the entire so-called gray zone is now freed and brought under control. – Yuri Biryukov, Ukrainian public figure

US sailors will no longer be put in a punishment cell for bread and water

Commanders of warships of the Naval Forces (Navy) of the United States from the new year will lose the opportunity to send the guilty sailors to the punishment cell for bread and water. About this newspaper The New York Times, citing a new edition of the code of military justice

Zolotov told about his grandson who studies in England

The head of the Rosguards, Viktor Zolotov, first spoke about his grandson who is studying in England, noting that his father pays for his studies.

My grandson is really studying in England. And his father pays for his studies. I want to say that the grandson learns excellent, I am proud of him. He will be back in three years, and I am sure he will be a good economist. – Victor ZolotovRoss

Trade negotiations between the USA and China will be held in early January.

A United States government team will visit China in January. The delegation will be headed by Jeffrey Gerrish, US Deputy Representative for Trade Negotiations, and David Malpas, Deputy Minister of Finance for International Affairs, will also join the delegation. This was reported on Thursday by Bloomberg

Vladimir Putin offered business to more actively connect to national projects

On the eve of the New Year, Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the business community. The president made it clear: Western sanctions cannot be an excuse for entrepreneurs and Russia needs an economic breakthrough. To do this, the business will have to share money and ideas for the implementation of national projects.

Turkish delegation to visit Russia

The official representative of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey, Omer Celik, said that the Turkish delegation will visit Moscow on December 29.

According to CNN Türk, the delegation will include the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlüt авavushoglu, Minister of National Defense of Turkey Hulusi Akar, director of the national intelligence organization Hakan Fidan and press secretary of the Turkish leader Ibrahim Kalyn.

In Russia, creating an unmanned combat module to combat drones

An unmanned combat module is being created in Russia that can also hit low-flying drones, the designer of the Podolsky Electromechanical Plant (PEMZ) under the Samum program, Umakhan Umakhanov, told RIA Novosti.

Russia asked the DPRK for details of the “fire ram” of 1945

Russian diplomats asked the authorities of the North Korean province of North Hamgön and the city of Rajin for details about the heroism of the Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Yanko, who in 1945 made the last “fire ram” in World War II. This is stated in the message of the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang.

In August 1945, Lieutenant Mikhail Yanko commanded the link of the 37th Assault Aviation Regiment of the 12th Air Division of the Air Force of the Pacific Fleet. He carried out an order to destroy the transport of the Japanese military in the Korean port of Rasin (now Rajin). Yanko’s plane, part of the attack aircraft group, was hit, the pilot himself was wounded. In the plane with him was the gunner-radio operator Ivan Babkin. Yanko sent a burning car to the cluster of enemy equipment.

Later the remains of the crew buried them on a hill near the sea bay in the port of Racine. In the 1980s, the ashes of pilots were reburied in a mass grave in the vicinity of the city. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was posthumously assigned to Janko in September 1945.

In Belarus, formed the first IT-company

The first company of information technology (IT-company) was formed in Belarus on the basis of the Military Academy, 40 people were selected for the new division of the armed forces, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic reported on Wednesday.

Repair plants of the Ministry of Defense “Rostec” will be transferred in 2019

The transfer of the repair plants of the Ministry of Defense “Rostec” will be completed in 2019. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the industrial director of the cluster of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemistry “Rostec” Sergei Abramov

Bryansk border with Ukraine reinforced with new military equipment

In the Bryansk region, motorized rifle subunits received more than 40 upgraded BTR-82A armored personnel carriers as part of the state defense order. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

In Turkey, cyber attack reflected on the headquarters of the army

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the software Ahtapot, developed in Turkey, successfully prevented a cyber attack on one of the headquarters of the command of the Turkish armed forces

National Security Council of Ukraine approved a three-year military budget

The NSDC Secretary said that in 2019, the financing of the country’s defense reached $ 7.5 billion, which is 5.37% of the country’s GDP. Turchinov also stressed that in 2018, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received 450 thousand missiles and ammunition and about 3 thousand samples of military equipment, as well as special products.

Flight tests of the Sarmat ballistic missile will begin in the spring of 2019

Flight design tests of the latest heavy intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 Sarmat are scheduled to begin at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the second quarter of 2019.

Canadian citizen convicted for drug smuggling in China

On December 29, the Supreme Court of the Chinese Province of Liaoning will consider the case of a Canadian citizen suspected of smuggling drugs into China, which could further aggravate relations between China and Canada.

Bolton to visit Turkey after New Year to discuss Syria

Assistant to the President of the USA on national security John Bolton will arrive on a visit to Turkey after the New Year, where he will talk with Turkish officials about the situation in Syria. It is reported by TASS with reference to the press secretary of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Omer Celik.

Conditions of detention of children of migrants in special centers will be reviewed.

The statement of the Minister was made after two consecutive deaths of children from Guatemala in the center for migrants. Both children before death were examined by doctors.

Medvedev approved the concept of development of volunteering until 2025

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the concept for the development of volunteering in Russia until 2025, the relevant order was published on the website of the Cabinet on Thursday

“The signed decree approved the Concept of development of volunteering (volunteering) in Russia until 2025. The concept defines the main directions for the development of volunteering in order to ensure a systematic approach to measures to support volunteer initiatives,” reads the text of the certificate to the document.

VKS RF received three upgraded fighter Su-27SM3

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yu.A. Gagarin (KnAAZ), handed over to the Ministry of Defense of Russia three modernized Su-27SM3 fighter jets. The aircraft were received by representatives of the Russian Aerospace Force of the Russian Federation at the aerodrome of the plant, after which they flew out to the place of deployment, the blog bmpd reports.

Chinese military aircraft without warning entered the South Korean air defense zone

On Thursday, a Chinese military aircraft entered the South Korean air defense identification zone without prior notice. This was announced by the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the Republic of Korea.

Perpetual residence permit for foreigners

The Ministry of the Interior proposed to abandon the need to extend the residence permit for foreigners every five years. The draft federal law has been published on the Unified Federal Portal of regulatory legal acts.

The American first in the history of Antarctica crossed alone

Colin O ‘Brady was the first in the world to cross Antarctica without help. O’Brady began his march on November 3, and in 54 days he walked almost one and a half thousand kilometers. He says that the last 32 hours of the transition were the most difficult: he had to overcome 130 kilometers with one throw. O’Brady dedicated his record to his friend Henry Worsley. In 2016, he died trying to conquer the ice continent. He did not reach only 50 kilometers to the finish.

Before the New Year, almost 3 million debtors closed their departure from the Russian Federation

In 2017, the number of restricted to leave the debtors was more than one and a half times less – 1.7 million people, writes TASS. In just 11 months of 2018, there were about 7 million orders on the temporary restriction of exit of debtors from Russia in the Frontier Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

The movement “For Human Rights” has lost its presidential grant

The All-Russian movement “For Human Rights” in 2019 will not receive a presidential grant, head of the organization Lev Ponomarev told RIA Novosti, telling how it was trying to solve the financial difficulties that had arisen.

“In 2019, we were not given any money from the presidential grant. They said that we allegedly wrote the application poorly. We have written normal applications for eight years, but suddenly they are bad … Of course, we are looking for more influential sponsors. I’m looking for, I hope that I somehow keep the backbone of the movement, “- said Ponomarev to RIA Novosti.

Bank of Russia revoked the licenses of the largest forex dealers

The Central Bank revoked the licenses of the largest forex traders in Russia, including Alpari Forex, TeleTrade Group and Forex Club. This is reported on the website of the regulator.

Illegal trade in alcohol on the Internet for the year increased by 23%

As explained by RBC President AKIT Artem Sokolova, the lack of the possibility to legalize trade via the Internet contributes to the growth of the shadow market, and the adoption of the bill legalizing the sale of alcohol via the Internet will transfer about 90% of the shadow market, which amounts to 2.9 billion rubles, to the legal zone

Russia will supply Thailand with six SSJ-100 aircraft

Aircraft manufacturer SSJ-100, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (GSS), will supply the Thai Kom Airlines Company with six aircraft in 2019-2020. It is reported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Megafon will withdraw from the capital of the supplier of IT solutions “Outpost”

The Board of Directors of MegaFon approved the exit from the capital of Forpost, which is engaged in the supply of integrated IT solutions and system integration. The operator owned 12.5% ​​of the company, it follows from the materials of MegaFon.

Vinci Airports will acquire a controlling stake in Gatwick Airport

Vinci Airports, which is part of the French group Vinci SA, will acquire the majority stake (50.01%) of Gatvick Aiport Limited, the operator of London Gatwick Airport, for £ 2.9 billion ($ 3.7 billion). This was said in a statement

Novatek commissioned the oil part of the Yaro-Yakhinskoe field

Industrial production of gas and gas condensate at the field began in April 2015. According to the Russian classification as of December 31, 2017, the reserves of the Yaro-Yakhinsky field amount to 206 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 32 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons.

Sechin told about the increase in gasoline prices in 2019

Next year, gasoline prices will rise slightly, the increasing cost of VAT and excise taxes will not affect the cost of fuel, said Igor Sechin, head of Rosneft.

Fuel is there, everything is fine. Price increase will be small. VAT and excise will not affect. VAT is 1.7 percent price increase. From this we must proceed. And excise taxes will not affect, because there is a damping mechanism. – Igor Sechin

The museum quarter will appear in Feodosia on the basis of the Aivazovsky Gallery

Reconstruction and modernization of the Feodosia Art Gallery named after IK Aivazovsky suggests the creation of a museum quarter, which will open in October 2022

The exhibition of ceramics of Marina Abdullina opens in Nizhny Novgorod

Marina Abdullina constantly participates in Nizhny Novgorod, All-Russian and international exhibitions and contests of ceramics, thanks to which her works have earned recognition from admirers of decorative and applied arts. The grand opening of the exhibition will be held at 16.00.

Earflaps, bear, vodka: the trailer for the comedy “How I Became Russian”

A trailer of Russian-Chinese comedy from two directors, Akaki Sahelashvili and Xia Hao, appeared in the network, the script of which is a full-length adaptation of the sitcom of the same name in 2015, where the American played the part

Exhibition of works by Ivan Aivazovsky will be shown in Russian cities

The traveling exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky from the gallery in Feodosia is planned to be held in 2019 throughout Russia. This was reported by State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Culture Alla Manilova.

Monument to Mandelstam installed in Vladivostok

The monument to Osip Mandelstam was opened in Primorye on the day of the 80th anniversary of the poet’s death. The sculpture was created in 1985 by Valery Nenazhivin, it was the first Russian monument to Mandelstam. He portrays the poet standing in a long cloak, his head is thrown back, and his right hand is raised to his throat.

Periodic table will be the main theme of the All-Russian festival NAUKA 0+

The periodic table of chemical elements will be the main theme of the IX National Festival NAUKA 0+ in 2019. This was announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Mikhail Kotyukov. In 2019, the 150th anniversary of the discovery by Dmitry Mendeleev of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements will be celebrated. The date of the festival is scheduled for the end of 2019.

The UN General Assembly declared 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.

Apple will begin assembling the latest iPhone models in India

Apple will begin assembling the iPhone X models in India with the help of a local unit of the Taiwanese concern Foxconn, the largest assembler of Apple smartphones. This is reported by Reuters sources.

Maps.Me launched a guidebook creation platform.

The Maps.Me service, owned by Mail.Ru Group, launches a platform for creating guidebooks, the press service of the company reported

The IL-112V fuselage is sent for tests to TsAGI

It is also reported that the aircraft factory specialists will arrive in the city of aviation from Voronezh. They will take part in the installation of the Il-112V glider, which will begin in January 2019. First, a stabilizer, aileron, flap and smaller details of the Il-112B construction arrived in TsAGI.

Rosatom created new nuclear fuel

The Rosatom staff presented samples of an experimental emergency nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. According to representatives of the press service of the fuel company TVEL, the samples will be tested in the research reactor “MIR” of the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors

Scientists: River crayfish experience anxiety during moulting

Scientists from France have established that during molting, river crayfish show anxiety. For their behavior in such a state, hiding in dark places is characteristic, as well as a lesser desire to explore the surrounding space.

Scientists have identified mammoth proteins and lipids

Scientists from Skoltech and MIPT investigated the protein and fatty composition of mammoth bones found on the Yana River in Siberia. 98 proteins and 73 lipids were identified.

New methods of genetic analysis allow you to explore the DNA extracted from ancient bones to solve many evolutionary puzzles. Knowledge of the protein and fat composition of organisms is extremely important. The study of lipids, for example, can give information about the food preferences of animals, their diseases and even the development of their nervous system.

Suzuki will show modifications of the new Jimny

The new generation of the model will be presented in the form of a pickup, as well as in an extreme version. Next month, Suzuki is going to bring two modifications of the new generation Jimny SUV to a Tokyo auto show. The first is made in the back of a pickup and is called Pick Up Style. The second option, called Survive, is an extreme modification of the novelty.

Electric Porsche Taycan will receive three modifications

The first serial electric car brand Porsche will be available to buyers at a price of 90 thousand dollars. It is expected that the top performance of the model will be estimated at 130 thousand dollars.

According to the publication 110km.ru, the novelty will be available in 3 versions – Taycan, Taycan 4s and Taycan Turbo. Earlier we wrote that the sports car will be driven by two electric motors installed on the front and rear axles. The total output of the units will be more than 600 hp, thanks to which it will take just 3.5 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h.

Serial electric car Byton M-Byte debuts in January

The construction of the factory building in Nanjing has been completed, the installation of the equipment has begun. Tests of hundreds of prototypes are continuing, and the brand’s firstborn, the Byton M-Byte electric crossover, will arrive in Las Vegas next month at the CES electronics show.

Electric car Ora R1 from Great Wall enters the Chinese market

The minimum cost of the Ora R1 on the home market will be 61,800 yuan (almost 619 thousand rubles), the maximum – 75,800 yuan (more than 758,000 rubles). The first electric cars will fall into the hands of buyers in the 2019th

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