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11 Дек, 2022

Will not curtail, but reform production

The German chemical giant BASF will not curtail, but reform production, although it suffers significant financial losses due to a jump in gas prices. At the enterprises of the concern, its use was reduced by 30%.

BASF has already reduced the production of ammonia, a traditional product of the head plant in Ludwigshafen. Savings measures and staff reductions in the administrative apparatus and in service units will also be introduced.

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Chinese authorities have warned sellers against drug hoarding, collusion, price manipulation and misinformation to influence consumer behavior, Channel NewsAsia reported on Saturday.


The Game Awards 2022 took place in Los Angeles. Results:

  • Game of the Year — Elden Ring
  • Best service game — Final Fantasy XIV
  • Best Esports Game — Valorant
  • Best Art — Elden Ring
  • Best Soundtrack and Music — God of War Ragnarök
  • Best Multiplayer — Splatoon 3
  • Best Indie Game — Stray
  • Best Action Adventure — God of War Ragnarök
  • Best RPG — Elden Ring
  • Best action game — Bayonetta 3
  • Best adaptation — Arcane: League of Legends
  • Best fighting game — Multiversus
  • Most Anticipated Game — Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • Best Family Game — Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • Best Sim or Strategy — Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
  • Best sports or racing game — Gran Turismo 7
  • Best Chosen by Players — Genshin Impact


The national teams of Russia and Belarus will not take part in the 2024 Olympics in Paris: the IOC summit in Lausanne upheld the sanctions imposed on both countries. At the same time, Belarusian and Russian athletes are allowed to compete under a neutral flag or represent teams from other states.


UK Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt has unveiled new financial reforms that revise banking rules after Brexit, reports the BBC. The package of more than 30 projects is expected to bring about the biggest change in financial regulation in three decades.


A new pipeline between Spain, Portugal and France will be in place by 2030. The leaders of the three countries announced this on Friday at a regional EU summit, France24 reported. The cost of the project is estimated at 2.5 billion euros.

About 2 million tons of «green» hydrogen will be transported annually through the pipeline, the production of which uses renewable energy sources.

The underwater section of the pipeline that will link Barcelona and Marseille will be called BarMar. And the entire energy corridor between Spain, Portugal and France is H2MED.


Residents of the Belgian village of Olmen organized a joint purchase of lottery tickets and won a jackpot of more than 142 million euros. Now, each of the 165 participants will receive about 900,000 euros after taxes, according to Reuters.


Rolling Stone magazine named the best songs of 2022. The best song of the year was the track «Titi Me Pregunto» by rapper Bad Bunny. Second and third place went to Beyoncé’s «Cuff It», which «contrasts the lightness of funk sharply and disturbingly with dark electronica», and «Bad Habit» by Steve Lacy. Rounding out the top five are «Karma» Taylor Swift and «Despecha» Rosalia. Also in the top ten were «Hotel Lobby» by Quavo and Takeoff, «Cash in Cash Out» by Farrell, «Break My Soul» by Beyoncé, «As It Was» by Harry Styles and «Jimmy Cooks» by Drake.


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