10 May, 2018

Without Putin no one will not go anywhere

The Crimean bridge will be opened on May 15 or a day later, two well-informed sources told Gazeta.ru. The solemn ceremony will necessarily take place with the participation of Vladimir Putin and the exact date depends on the schedule of the president.

It is already known that on May 14, Vladimir Putin will attend the summit of the Eurasian Economic Union, which will be held in Sochi.

Thus, the opening day of the bridge directly depends on the schedule of the president and it is with this that may be associated misty statements of the bridge builders, road builders and officials of all levels. Till now they persistently do not name an exact date of solemn ceremony, but repeatedly assured that opening of an automobile part of a construction will pass precisely in second half of May.

Briefly about the main ……


In the Kremlin, an incident with a veteran and Putin’s guard was explained

The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, explained the behavior of the guards who pushed the veteran from the head of state Vladimir Putin. His words are given by the radio station “Says Moscow”.

This, of course, was an unintentional accident. The President has already drawn attention to the need to exclude such situations from now on. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

The US will impose new sanctions against Iran next week

The United States is going to impose additional sanctions against Iran as early as next week. On Washington’s readiness for such steps, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Wednesday at a regular briefing for journalists

CNN called the meeting place of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Singapore

CNN, referring to two sources, reports that Singapore will be the meeting point for the leaders of the United States and North Korea, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. According to them, the officials of the White House were instructed to prepare for the summit in the city-state in South-East Asia.

Americans released from the DPRK prison thanked Trump

Three US citizens who were previously released from prison by the DPRK authorities thanked American leader Donald Trump for the efforts he made to return home from North Korea. This is reported by NBC referring to their statement, which was provided by the State Department.

Assange continues to be unconnected with the outside world

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains unconnected with the outside world. This is reported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, in whose embassy in London the journalist, Maria Fernanda Espinosa is hiding.

Latvia reported an attack on the embassy in Moscow

The building of the Latvian Embassy in Moscow was attacked on Wednesday evening, May 9. This was written on his page in Twitter by Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics. According to him, after the incident, two people were detained and arrested, who took part in the attack.

The attack on the Latvian embassy took place in Moscow. Latvia will file a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia with a demand to ensure the security and inviolability of the diplomatic mission. Such provocations are unacceptable, Russia needs to act accordingly. – Edgar Rinkevich, Latvian statesman

The US imposed new sanctions against Russian defense enterprises

Washington imposed sanctions against a number of foreign individuals and legal entities for violating national legislation on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, according to the Federal Register of the United States.

Ukraine will be able to participate in the International Economic Forum in Yalta

The organizers of the Yalta International Economic Forum (YAEF) in 2019 will for the first time allocate a quota for the Ukrainian delegation in the amount of more than 10 seats. The newspaper Izvestia was informed about this by the co-chairman of the organizing committee of the forum and All-Russian public organization “Delovaya Rossiya” Andrei Nazarov

Berlusconi agreed to the negotiations of the “League” and “Movement of 5 stars”

Earlier on Wednesday, the leaders of the League of Matteo Salvini and the 5-Star Movement Luigi Di Maio asked President Sergio Mattarella 24 hours extra time to find a way out of the political impasse after the failure of the negotiations on the formation of the Italian government following the March 4 elections.

The Russian embassy condemned the attack on the head of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kiev

The Russian embassy in Ukraine condemned the attack on the head of the Russian Center for Science and Culture (RCSC) in Kiev, Konstantin Vorobyov, and demanded that the authorities of the country conduct an investigation and punish the perpetrators, RIA Novosti reported.

I do not consider myself worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize

US President Donald Trump said that he does not consider himself worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, but expects to achieve victory in the issue of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Lukashenko urged not to “hyperbolize” the US withdrawal from the “nuclear deal”

During the meeting with the ambassadors of foreign countries accredited in Belarus, Lukashenko expressed the opinion that the situation around the agreements on Iran will return to its own places.

Tusk named the date of the EU-Ukraine summit

Head of the European Council Donald Tusk, who met on Wednesday in German Aachen with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, said that the next EU-Ukraine summit is scheduled for July 9.

In Poland, the funding of Nord Stream-2 was called illegal

The Polish Office for the Protection of Competition and Consumers (UOKIK) charged Gazprom and five other international organizations because of the financing of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, Chairman of the Board Marek Nehchal said at a press conference in Warsaw.

The Spanish court suspended the reform on the absent election of the head of Catalonia

The Constitutional Court (COP) of Spain blocked the possibility for an absentee election of the head of the Parliament of Catalonia, having accepted for consideration the relevant claim of Madrid on recognizing the corresponding reform, approved by the authorities of the autonomy, illegal.

The President of Romania was fined for using the word “criminals”

As reported by Agerpres agency, the use of the word “criminal” by the president is discrimination and violates the right to dignity of persons who are under judicial procedure without being convicted. Earlier, Johannis called illegal the transfer of the country’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

US Secretary of State to hold talks with South Korean Foreign Minister

South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa will hold his first meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington on Friday, reports the agency Renhap with reference to the country’s foreign ministry.

Moscow gives carte blanche to Israel

Russia will not interfere with the actions of Israel in Syria – such confidence in the negotiations with Vladimir Putin expressed Binyamin Netanyahu. The politician noted at the same time that the situation in the region remains extremely acute.

All our meetings are important, but this one is especially important. In the light of what is happening in Syria, it is necessary to guarantee continued security coordination between the Russian army and the IDF. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician


US commented on Iran’s bombardment of Syria’s positions in Israel

“We are aware of reports that about 20 shells were fired towards Israel, and we advise you to contact the government of Israel for more information,” the representative of the foreign ministry said.

The State Department also reminded that, as US Secretary of State said Mike Pompeo, during a visit to Jerusalem last week, the United States’ support of Israel against hostile activities of Iran and strongly supports the sovereign right of Israel to defend itself. ”

Dozens of Iranian military targets were attacked in Syria

Israel attacked dozens of Iranian military facilities in Syria in response to rocket attacks. This was reported by the press service of the IDF in a communiqué issued on Thursday

SANA: Syrian air defense destroyed “dozens of Israeli missiles”

The Syrian SANA agency reports that the country’s air defense system has shot down “dozens of Israeli missiles.” Local media also report that the Israeli Armed Forces managed to destroy the Syrian radar installation.

Saudi Arabia has declared its desire to receive nuclear weapons

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel Ibn Ahmad al-Jubair said his country will try to obtain nuclear weapons if Iran continues to work on its nuclear program and will begin developing nuclear weapons.

The Ministry of Defense of Britain announced important personnel reshuffles

The Chief of Defense Staff is the professional head of the British Armed Forces and the highest ranking military adviser to the Minister of Defense and Prime Minister of the country. The head of the General Staff – the commander of the land forces – reports to the head of the defense headquarters.

UN declared a sharp aggravation of the conflict in Yemen

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday expressed concern about the sharp deterioration of the conflict in Yemen after an air strike on the government building in the capital of the country Sana’a and rocket attacks on the rebels of Saudi Arabia.

In China, for the first time tested the latest J-20 fighter

In China, as part of the military exercises for the first time experienced one of the newest fighter of the fifth generation, “Jian-20” or J-20. The aircraft was adopted by the Air Force of the state in February of this year, and now it was the first time he took part in combat tests.

Junior Navy US officer pleaded guilty to the collision of a destroyer with a container carrier

US Navy Lt. Sarah Coppock acknowledged on Tuesday pleaded guilty at a meeting of the military tribunal in Washington investigating the clashes in June 2017 destroyer Fitzgerald who followed with a container ship under the flag of the Philippines. This was reported on Wednesday by ABC.


Shoigu is baptized every time before the Parade

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made the sign of the cross before leaving for Red Square to receive the Victory Parade and then begin a detour of the military. So the head of the military department “starts” the Victory Parade every time – from 2015.

For the time of the World Cup, forbid to fry shish kebabs

A special firefighting regime will be introduced during the World Cup. Such a recommendation was given to the regions by the governmental commission for the liquidation of emergencies. Ensure the regime should the authorities of the regions in conjunction with the Ministry of Emergencies and the Federal Forestry Agency

Moscow State University took the third place in the ranking of universities in developing countries

The British edition of Times Higher Education (THE) presented the results of the ranking of universities in developing countries (Emerging Economies University Rankings).

The first hundred hit 11 Russian universities in Russia. The third line in the rating is still held by the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the 11th place is occupied by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), and the National Nuclear University MEPhI took the nineteenth position.

This year, the first two places were taken by the University of Beijing and Xinhua University.

Krasnoyarsk can not buy in pharmacies imported drug for diabetics

Diabetes mellitus Sergei Kuznetsov has been ill since 2009. To maintain blood sugar levels, a man regularly needs insulin injections. To do this, on a preferential basis, he was given an import drug “Humulin.” However, 2 months in pharmacies it is not

The retirement age started

The government “in the very near future” will submit to the State Duma a bill on raising the retirement age, said on May 8 and. about. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, at the end of the speech approved in this post. The question is no longer a political taboo.

Residential house crumbles in Murmansk

Residential building №43 crumbles along Lobova Street in Murmansk. This is reported by the “Nevsky News”.

“Passers-by try to avoid the construction, because they are afraid of falling bricks on their heads,” the broadcaster reports. “In addition, plaster is falling from the top of the house.”

It is noted that the company “emergency house” the company does not take any measures on this issue.

South Ural motorists are afraid of children on bicycles

A resident of Magnitogorsk, Tatiana Sitnova, wrote in social networks that she had almost knocked a child down before her eyes.

This child was driving along the roadway and cut the car. He was signaled, but he did not hear, since he was wearing headphones. He did not even turn his head to look at the cars. And then the drivers are to blame. Here really even a brake would not help. He still shakes from what he saw, “the woman wrote.

What to do and how to be here ….

The government will consider the legalization of telemedicine for drivers

Following the results of the meeting with representatives of government agencies and Internet companies in March, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov instructed the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to prepare proposals for the medical examination of taxi drivers,

Residents of Bashkiria borrowed 63.8 billion rubles from the beginning of 2018

In the first three months of this year, 45.3 billion rubles of consumer loans were issued. This is 34% more than last year. At the same time, the share of overdue loans decreased from 9% to 6.4%. For January-March residents of the republic issued a mortgage for 18.4 billion rubles, which is 2.1 times more than last year.


71-year-old Tatiana Vasilieva demonstrated a slim figure in a bikini

Tatiana Vasilieva celebrated 71 years, but still bravely photographed in a swimsuit and allows her colleague to upload her beach shots in social networks. In the comments to the photo, fans, of course, are discussing not the famous beach, but the figure of Tatyana Grigoryevna.

Promoter Dmitry Tarasov called Olga Buzov “a burden”

According to promoter Dmitry Tarasov, it was after the break with Olga Buzovoy that the midfielder of Lokomotiv started a white band: he recovered from injuries and married the “Don beauty”. Andrei Lobzhanidze wrote about this in his microblog in Instagram. It is noteworthy that Tarasov put the record “Like” and thanked his promoter. ”

Ksenia Sobchak congratulated the Victory Day with a mountain of skulls

Xenia Anatolyevna decided to clarify what this holiday means to her. On Victory Day Ksenia Sobchak published on her page in Instagram a reproduction of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin, a famous Russian battalist.

Victoria Bonya went on the red carpet of Cannes in a “bare” dress

From the Russian stars, Victoria Bonya comes here every year. This year, she appeared on the red carpet in a translucent pale blue dress. The delicate lace did not hide the figure of the TV presenter at all, and the bold neckline on her breast showed her bust in all its glory.

Justin Theroux twisted romance with Emma Stone

Justin Therou puzzled his fans. He has already tweaked at least a third affair since, in February of this year, he announced a divorce from his wife Jennifer Aniston. This time, he was “caught” flirting with the actress 29-year-old Emma Stone

Dima Bilan because of self-promotion on Victory Day

In the comments, users called him “a narcissist pig”, which is engaged in self-promotion, even on May 9th. In the description of the video, made at the Victory Festival from Autoradio, Bilan congratulated everyone on the unifying holiday.

New trainer Yevgenia Medvedeva revealed details of their cooperation

The Canadian Brian Orsera shocked the desire of the figure skater to work with him. According to the man, Evgeni Medvedev is dreaming about Olympic gold and wants to move forward. He fully supports the aspirations of the athlete.

From the saint to the BDSM-lady: Kim Kardashian visited Met Gala

Kim Kardashian at the annual ball Met Gala appeared in two radically different images. Left unattended, her husband Kanye West, the reality show star impressed the audience with a transformation from the holiness of the BDSM-master.

Buzova undressed and congratulated everyone on Victory Day

Many considered this incorrect from the TV presenter. On the Victory Day, the show business star laid out a picture of her, where she poses in her underwear in the shower, and then she has published the congratulations of everyone since May 9.

In the United States, unknown people stole a costume from the movie “Iron Man”

In California, unknown people stole an armor worth $ 320,000, in which actor Robert Downey Jr. starred in the film “Iron Man.” Miracle suit gave the hero of the picture supernatural abilities.

Cristiano Ronaldo will become the hero of the cartoon

The star of Madrid “Real” Cristiano Ronaldo will become a cartoon character about superheroes. This is reported by the portal Deadline. The cartoon will be called Striker Force 7.

Disney hinted at the future continuations of the “Avengers”

The Disney film company did not rule out that in the future it would be possible to continue filming the Avengers franchise. As president of the company Bob Eiger said, representatives of Disney often meet with the Marvel team.

Netflix screens the novel “In the High Grass” by Stephen King

Netflix launched a film based on the book “In High Grass,” written by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. The main characters are brother and sister Cal and Becky, who travel by car to travel around America.

Cannes’s “Special View” opened with a new film by Sergei Loznitsa

The film by Sergei Loznitsa “Donbass” opened the second, parallel competition of the Cannes Film Festival – “A Special Look”. Despite a very specific name referring to a certain hot spot in Europe, it is a picture of the absurdity of the civil war in general, wherever it occurs

Danila Kozlovsky showed the world a film about Vladivostok

The film “On the District” was filmed in Vladivostok. Work on the project began in September 2016, and the film will be released in Russia in the fall of 2018. The declared budget of the picture was 60 million rubles.

Director Horror “Off” announced the name of his new project

Jordan Peel, Oscar-winning creator of the film “Away”, posted in his Twitter account a minimalist teaser poster of the next director’s project – “We” (Us) tapes.

The creators of “Deadpool 2” asked the fans not to disclose the plot of the sequel

Ryan Reynolds, the performer of the Boltful Mercenary in Deadpool 2, published a letter on his Twitter account asking fans not to spoil the picture specifically for those who see the tape later.

For the first time in 10 years, Christina Aguilera will go on a concert tour

Christina Aguilera announced the first concert tour for the first time in the last 10 years. The singer will go on tour with the studio album Liberation. The famous songwriter Christina Aguilera, finally, will go on tour with a concert program

Eurovision activists call for boycotting the participant from Israel

Activists of the music international song contest “Eurovision” called for boycotting the party from Israel Netta because of the fighting in Palestine and air strikes against Syria. This is reported by the information portal Super.

At the moment, the organizers of Eurovision have not yet commented on the situation.


Poland found violations in loans to “Nord Stream-2”

The Polish Office for the Protection of Competition (UOKiK) launched an antitrust investigation against Gazprom and five companies that fund Nord Stream-2. This is reported on the website of UOKiK.

EBRD has worsened Russia’s forecast for GDP in 2018

The Russian economy grew by 1.5% in 2017. According to the EBRD’s forecasts, at the same level, the growth rate of Russia’s GDP will continue in 2018 and 2019 due to low investment activity and because of stabilization or a small decline in oil prices.

Consolidation of Inter RAO

The company can buy out 5% of RusHydro’s shares from Inter RAO Capital (controls 18.77% of the quasi-treasury stake of Inter RAO) can buy out a 4.92% stake from RusHydro, Kommersant sources told energy market.

Walmart shares fell after the news of the deal for $ 16 billion

Quotes of the world’s largest retailer Walmart fell by 4% after the news of the purchase of $ 16 billion 77% in the Indian online retailer Flipkart, Reuters reported.

Toyota achieved record profit for the quarter and fiscal year

Toyota’s operating profit in the fourth quarter of fiscal year (ended March 31, 2018) rose to 629.6 billion yen ($ 5.93 billion), net profit increased by 21% to 480.8 billion yen ($ 4.53 billion), reported company. Revenue rose by 1.9% to 7.58 trillion yen ($ 71.36 billion).

The largest project of Mongolia will receive support from the EBRD

More than $ 30 million will be spent on the construction of a 30 MW solar power plant. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) together with Triodos Investment Management and FMO will provide a syndicated loan of US $ 31.6 million for Desert Solar Power One (DSPO).

Bank Trust provided DIA with a loan for its rehabilitation

Today, on May 8, 2018, JSC Otkryt Holding reported that it received a notice from PJSC National Bank Trust, which refers to the termination of obligations under the loan agreement for the amount of 28 billion rubles.

The surplus of Japan’s balance of payments has reached the highest level in the last 10 years

The surplus of Japan’s balance of payments in fiscal year 2017 (ended March 31, 2018) reached its highest point in the past 10 years, surpassing 21.74 trillion yen ($ 198 billion). This was reported on Thursday in Tokyo by the Ministry of Finance.

Sonatrach buys Exxon’s refinery in Sicily

The Algerian Sonatrach company buys a refinery from Sicily from Exxon Mobil Esso Italiana, Esso said. The amount of the acquisition is not disclosed. Sonatrach buys Augusta refinery, three terminals and associated pipelines

The export of oil from Russia to China in January-April increased by 47%

Pipeline oil exports from Russia to China in January-April 2018 increased by 47% compared to the same period last year, to 12.4 million tons, told RIA Novosti adviser to the president of Transneft Igor Demin

Europe renounces Russian oil

A number of European countries have drastically reduced the volumes of Russian oil imported through the Druzhba pipeline. From the beginning of this year, the volume of supplies along its southern direction decreased by 10% compared to the previous year.


Telegram will offer users to store their personal data

The service will receive these data only when the user himself confirms the agreement to transfer them, the telegram.org website says.

We are talking about Telegram Passport – it will allow to identify the identity of the user Telegram: all necessary documents and data will need to be uploaded to the messenger once, then through Telegram instantly transfer to their partner services and use their services both inside Telegram and on the main services sites, says a person familiar with the Telegram technical team

Google Voice Assistant has learned to phone by phone

Google Voice Assistant will be able to make calls to make an appointment with a hairdresser, book a table in a restaurant or call a doctor. An example of such a call was shown at the conference I / O 2018. The technology was called Google Duplex.

Google will restart the news service to fight fake

About the restart and update of its news service Google News, Google announced at the developer conference. As reported by the media, the restart will take place in the fight against fake news

Google introduced the “smart text” feature for Gmail

American Corporation Google at the conference for developers I / O 2018, which takes place from May 8 to 10 in California, presented the world with a new feature of Smart Set for Smart Mail for Gmail. It is a kind of “smart answers”.

From AppStore, the applications that send the geolocation to third parties are deleted

Apple Corporation has begun to clean up the App Store from applications that provide third parties with information about the user’s geolocation without his consent.

Apple has developed a system for protecting smartphones from special services

Apple has developed a system for protecting iPhone smartphones from special services: in the code of the operating system iOS 11.4, restricted access mode USB is detected, which disables the data transmission through the Lightning port in case the device is not unlocked within one week.


Metro Beijing will fully automatic unmanned branch

According to the media, the operation may begin as early as 2021.

Scientists have found juice, the action of which is comparable to Viagra

Scottish scientists conducted a study of the effects of fruit juices on men’s health. The experiment involved men aged 21 to 64 years. For two weeks they drank fresh juices daily.

It turned out that pure pomegranate juice can become an analogue of Viagra and significantly improve the potency. Those present in pomegranate juice increase the level of testosterone in the male body. Subsequently, sexual activity increases …

In the Atlantic recorded a catastrophic anomaly

Specialists of the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research of the USA and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory recorded an abnormal increase in the strength of Atlantic hurricanes.

Scientists: Tourism will lead to an ecological catastrophe on Earth

Australian scientists from the University of Sydney (University of Sydney) in the study found that tourism will lead to an environmental disaster on Earth. According to the latest estimates, the tourism sector accounts for about 8% of all carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Scientists talked about the ability of lunar dust to alter human DNA

The researchers found that lunar dust is deadly to astronauts because of the ability to alter DNA and kill human cells. Members of the mission “Apollo” after returning to Earth complained of sneezing and tearing of the eyes.

Uber and NASA will jointly create a flying taxi

The company Uber together with NASA plans to create a service for transportation on a flying taxi. According to CNN, such plans first appeared in 2016. Uber intends to make flying electric vehicles that will help relieve traffic jams in megacities

Engineers created an MRI glove to examine the hand when it moves

A group of specialists from the School of Medicine at New York University developed a unique glove that provides an opportunity to conduct an MRI examination of the hand when it is in motion.

Gamers and scientists conducted the most massive check of quantum physics

Physicists together with gamers successfully tested how the principles of quantum physics work. The latter needed to play an online game, where random numbers are generated. The researchers decided to use the “collective intelligence” of dozens of users.

Scientists have found genetic associations in the tendency to sunburn and skin cancer

British scientists at the Royal College of London said they had genetic associations with a tendency to sunburn and skin cancer. During the study, experts found 10 different variants of DNA from participants of European origin.

Passing transport helped the ants settle around the world

It turned out that most of the invasive species of ants were settled in new places again from the already developed areas by using global transport networks, scientists write in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists: Half of the mass of the forest falls on the largest trees

International scientists, specializing in ecology and botany, found out that half the mass of the forest is in the trees. The research materials appeared in the profile edition.

Photos of thin women increased their dissatisfaction with their own body

Many doctors and psychologists fear that images of too thin girls who are constantly found in modern mass media lead to dissatisfaction with their own body in women


Scientists have found an asteroid-exile on the outskirts of the solar system

The researchers found that the unusual object of the Kuiper belt 2004 EW95 is a carbon asteroid. This is the first confirmed object of this type that was discovered in the cold outer areas of the solar system.

The probe “inSight” will reveal the mystery of the core of Mars

Secrets of the core of Mars will be able to open the space probe InSight, launched today in California. Appropriately the opinion was expressed by NASA specialists who supervise this project. It is known that the device will fly to the red planet for six months

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the withering temperature of the Sun’s crown

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the incendiary temperature of the Sun’s crown, invisible to the eye of man. Its temperature at a distance of 2100 kilometers from the star exceeds 500 thousand degrees.

Scientists have discovered the terrestrial core in the exoplanet system TRAPPIST-1

Scientists working on the basis of the Cool Worlds laboratory at the University of Colombia, have long been studying objects in the TRAPPIST-1 system. Studies have shown that the exoplanets TRAPPIST-1e and Kepler-36b have terrestrial nuclei.

NASA chose projects ahead of time

NASA summed up the competition for financing the advanced space projects (NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts) on March 30, 2018.


Project of a floating / floating / moving robot-transformer on a solid surface to study planets with an atmosphere. This is a set of several mini-elements, propelled by propellers and capable of connecting in various forms: a ball to roll; arrow to fly; torpedo to swim, etc. In addition to research functions, transformers can carry loads or serve as elements of communication systems.


A universal robotic trolley integrated with a spacesuit and carrying a life support system, additional power sources, loads and tools. Tasks: to maximally ease the weight of the suit and increase the life-support system life. Due to this, the duration of autonomous missions on the surface of the Moon, Mars and other planets will increase.

LEAVES (Lofted Environmental and Atmospheric Venus Sensors)

A separating block of atmospheric probes for studying the atmosphere of Venus or similar planets. The shape of the probes not equipped with motors provides a high flight duration and a large horizontal planning distance. Low cost, low weight and size allow the simultaneous use of several units to study a large area of the atmosphere.

MIDEA (Meteoroid Impact Detection for Exploration of Asteroids)

The technology is designed to determine the most promising in composition asteroids for the subsequent extraction of minerals on them. A miniature ship-womb weighing 10-50 kg carries on board a swarm of research probes weighing approximately 100 g each. Issued in free flight, the probes record the results of meteoroid collisions with asteroids, on the basis of which conclusions are drawn about the composition of their surface.

Mapping of Small Orbital Debris

The project envisages the creation of a grouping of small Cubesat satellites in the lower reference orbit. Their task is to detect small debris (from a micron to a centimeter), which, nevertheless, represents a danger to spacecraft. The authors of the project believe that after the launch of the grouping, it will take no more than a year to create a complete “garbage map”, which allows choosing the least dangerous orbits for placing satellites.


“Martian bee” – a miniature robotic flying probe for studying Mars, moving at the expense of wings of the wings. The size of the body is comparable to the size of the bumblebee, the size of the wing – with the wing of the cicada. A swarm of such “bees” is placed on board the rover, which performs the functions of a means of movement, a control center and information collection, as well as a device for recharging the probes. The project will significantly accelerate the exploration of the surface of Mars.


Advanced concept of a laser sailing vessel. A laser beam is proposed to be combined with a beam of neutral particles, which will give it the properties of a soliton (structurally stable wave). Due to this alignment, the beam preserves the initial parameters, i.e. will not expand, which will radically increase its efficiency and will allow to reduce the sail area from 10 km2 to 10 m2. As a result, the speed of the ship and the weight of the payload that it can carry will increase significantly.

SPARROW (Steam Propelled Autonomous Retrieval Robot for Ocean Worlds)

Research drone for cosmic bodies, the surface of which is covered with ice. Moves by jumping, using for this purpose the energy released during the transition of ice into a gaseous state. This principle of movement does not require the reserves of a “working body” (if energy is extracted from a nuclear source, it will not be necessary to transport other fuel to the cosmic body) and allows one to explore large areas on the surface of such objects, regardless of their relief.

BALLET (BALloon Locomotion for Extreme Terrain)

Inflatable station for studying the surface of other planets. To the inflatable platform equipped with chambers, six blocks bearing payload and simultaneously serving as anchor-supports for the platform are attached to the cables on the bottom. The station moves, consistently lifting and moving the supports in space.

Myco-architectural structures (mushroom-like structures)

Scientists have proposed to use as a building material for stations on other planets fast growing fungal cultures. According to the compressive strength, they are not inferior to wood, they are superior in strength to bending, they are able to absorb radiation due to melanin content. Disadvantage: the need for a nutrient medium. First, nutrients will have to be delivered together with the fungus, after settling the bases for these purposes, waste of life can be used.

Modular Self-Assembling Telescope

The project of a modular space self-assembling telescope with active optics of more than 30 m2. Each mirror module of the telescope with an area of about 1 m2 is an independent spacecraft. It is assumed that the modules will be output by carriers as an additional load to the main missions, after which they will independently get to the assembly site – the second point of Lagrange, using a solar sail. The telescope will be assembled and operated completely autonomously, without the help of cosmonauts.

Breakthrough Propulsion Architecture

A long-range spacecraft built on the principle of a “laser sailing vessel”. The beam of a 400-megawatt laser located in the earth’s orbit is oriented to a “sail” – a 110-meter photoelectric screen located at the stern of the ship. As expected, the energy will be enough to disperse the ship to 100-200 kilometers per second. The result of the second stage should be the final architecture of the project, allowing to begin its implementation.

Pulsed Fission-Fusion (PuFF) Propulsion

At the heart of this project is a fundamentally new engine concept based on the supercompression of nuclear fuel. As a result of its application, the spacecraft will be able to reach Mars in a month, and the limits of the solar system – for several decades.

Triton Hopper

The device, designed for the study of Triton (the largest satellite of the planet Neptune), should move along its surface with jumps up to 1 km in height and up to 5 km in length. As fuel, he will use nitrogen ice, which is supposed to cover the surface of the largest satellite of Neptune. In the second phase of the project, it is planned to improve the indicators on the life expectancy and range of movement of the device.

Mach Effect for In Space Propulsion: interstellar flight

The concept of an engine, which many consider impossible, is based on the controversial Mach effect, which is inconsistent with the theory of relativity. According to the authors of the project, this effect due to the use of individual properties of space and time should allow moving objects with huge speed without using fuel. With funds received after the first stage of selection, the authors of the project conducted a series of tests and improved the concept of a probe for interstellar travel. Now they are going to work on increasing the thrust of the engine.

Sweden introduced the first national space strategy

The Government of Sweden has developed and published the first national strategy for the study of outer space. First of all, the document states that the Esrange spaceport will be used to launch Swedish satellites and rockets. It is located in the north of the country, writes the national news agency TT.

SpaceX will launch the final version of the Falcon 9 Block 5 missile

On May 10, SpaceX private aerospace company will make its debut with a new, final version of the Falcon 9 booster rocket. The resulting Falcon 9 Block 5 missile will deliver the first telecommunication geostationary satellite of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Bangabandhu-1

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