4 Сен, 2021

World Moral Freedom Index

The most «morally free» countries in 2020 were the Netherlands, Portugal and Canada! By the way, in 2018 (the previous calculation of the index), the top three were the same and even in the same order. How the index is calculated. And it is calculated on the basis of five indicators with equal weights:

  • Religion (freedom of religion, legal restrictions)
  • Abortion availability (the authors call this bioethical indicators)
  • Drugs (70% of the weight in this article is legalizing marijuana)
  • Sex (legality of pornography and prostitution and age of consent)
  • LGBTQ and women’s rights

In Russia, this indicator is at a rather low level (97th place in the world, between Côte d’Ivoire and Venezuela), in the group of countries with «insufficient moral freedom», and drugs turned out to be the main «problem» in the country.


In Novosibirsk, the local public «AST-54″ posted a video recording from a video surveillance camera, which captured a little boy getting out of the elevator and without a shadow of embarrassment relieves himself on the stairs at the entrance to the house. The child’s mother said that she had complained about the post to the prosecutor’s office. The head of the public Vitaly Polishchuk told the Podyem publication that the community would not delete the entry.

“I assess the situation as disgusting. Her claims are incomprehensible to me. Children should have a retouched face, no retouching is required here, because it is indistinguishable, the exact address is not specified, no personal data.

Sorry, the front door is a public place. At the entrance, this is unacceptable. A person is unreasonably demanding something from us, and, of course, these demands will not be satisfied. »


To normalize the mental state and fight burnout, it is supposed to visit five cultural institutions free of charge. Such a pilot program was developed at the Brugmann State Hospital in Brussels.

Among the museums that patients are invited to visit are the Center for Contemporary Art, the Fashion Museum and the Sewerage Museum. The authors of the idea admitted that they had spied on it from the Canadians: in Quebec, doctors appoint up to 50 museum visits a year to deal with stress.


A video was posted on Facebook about a clash between blacks and fair-skinned, which the police came to separate. A pop-up notification appeared below the video prompting you to watch other primate videos. Facebook has already apologized for the mistake, attributing it to the work of artificial intelligence.


Ukraine will become a strong and successful country in the future, and will also be the leader of Europe. This was stated by President Vladimir Zelensky during a speech at Stanford University.

“The American Dream is known all over the world. But we lost a lot of time, we have no time to dream. We don’t have a dream, we have a Ukrainian goal. And this is not only digitalization. We will get our people back. It is very important for us to return them, return Crimea and Donbass. We will be a strong and successful country — the leader of Europe. Why am I so sure about this? No, not because everything is possible, but because everything is possible, ”he said.

In addition, Zelensky stressed that it is a great honor for «an ordinary guy from a simple family» to speak to experts at Stanford University. According to him, “anything is possible” is not only his personal credo, but also a symbol of modern Ukraine — “a great democratic country”.


Leonid Mikhelson assessed the results of import substitution for his company. He spoke about the fourth line of the Yamal LNG plant, built using NOVATEK’s technology:

“It works poorly. It’s not about the technology itself, all the equipment is completely made in Russia. Such equipment that Russian companies have not yet produced. Both the turbo expanders and the compressor group are completely new. We must admit that our manufacturers and factories still have to learn and learn to make good products. We have claims against almost all suppliers of equipment for the fourth line. It works, but it doesn’t work. There are periodic stops, but less and less. »


The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has entered into the register of media outlets — foreign agents, four legal entities founded by a number of citizens previously recognized as foreign media agents, the ministry said.

«On September 3, the Ministry of Justice of Russia entered the following legal entities into the register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent: Altair 2021 LLC, Vega 2021 LLC, Chief Editor 2021 LLC and Romashki Monolith LLC,» the statement says. message.


The US plans to pay more than $ 2,000 to each refugee from Afghanistan, Bloomberg reports. The material support program, which will be launched in the coming months, will aim to help Afghans find housing, buy food and get their children into school. In addition, the State Department is consulting with the US Congress on the introduction of benefits for refugees, including health insurance.


Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a joystick that helps stroke patients recover fine motor skills. Squeezing the joystick in hand, patients control the gameplay in the application on the tablet. In clinical trials, the device allowed patients to repeat exercises seven times more often than with standard rehabilitation.


«We have one medal for two, this is 50% of his work, 50% of mine. They give me only because they see my work, they see how I wrestle on the carpet.»

Irina Kolyadenko, a Ukrainian athlete, bronze medalist of the Tokyo Olympics, gave her coach an apartment in Irpen near Kiev, donated to her for her sports achievements. Kolyadenko said that her victory is primarily his merit. And then the entrepreneurs of the city decided to give the athlete another apartment.


YouTube has blocked the channel of the organizer of the Kazakh «language patrols» Kuat Akhmetov due to insults, bullying and threats. This was reported by the Readovka edition. On the Til Maydani channel (“Wave of the Language”), Kazakh nationalists published their videos, where, provoking a conflict, they demanded that Russian-speaking employees of shops and cafes serve them in Kazakh. Akhmetov was banned from entering Russia for the next 50 years, and a criminal case was opened against him in Kazakhstan. He is now rumored to be in Ukraine.


Siri eavesdrops on private conversations, passing on data to third parties, after which targeted ads appear that match the topic of those conversations. So say some users who filed a class action lawsuit against the company. Whether it is true or not — the court will decide


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