1 Авг, 2021

World stocks of nuclear weapons

The world’s stocks of nuclear weapons are estimated at 13,132 warheads. As of May 2021, Russia’s nuclear arsenal was estimated at 6257 warheads — almost half of the world’s total arsenal! The second-largest US has 5,550 warheads.

350 for China, 290 for France, 225 for Great Britain, 165 for Pakistan, 160 for India, 90 for Israel, 45 for North Korea


Brazil’s main river system has dried up and threatened global trade. According to Bloomberg, the now non-navigable waterways blocked market access for the largest supplier of raw materials. In addition to the drought at the end of July, Brazil was overtaken by an unprecedented cold. The air temperature dropped below freezing and ruined a significant part of the future coffee harvest.


The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation is preparing to approve a draft on a new procedure for registering the unemployed, the document has been published on the official portal of draft regulatory legal acts.


The Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) again attacked the UN office in Afghan Herat, fighting is underway, the Afghan Defense Ministry said


The European Union does not recognize the government of the Taliban movement (recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation) if it comes to power in Afghanistan by military means, the EU special representative said.


Multi-deck cruise liners and other large vessels have been banned from entering the Venetian Lagoon since August 1.


The US House of Representatives approved a bill to fund the State Department in 2022, said Bloomberg Government journalist Jack Fitzpatrick, who reports on congressional activities.

217 congressmen voted for the document, 212 against. The bill, among other things, implies the introduction of a measure that should block the right of US President Joe Biden to waive sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.


A Su-35 fighter crashed in the Khabarovsk Territory. The pilot managed to eject and survived. According to the press service of the Eastern Military District, the crash was due to engine failure. The plane, performing a training flight, fell into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.


The head of the committee on ecology and environmental protection, Vladimir Burmatov, responded to those who criticize Russia’s decision to send aircraft to Turkey when they themselves are on fire. The deputy told «Rise» that it is necessary to protect Russian tourists who are now resting in this republic.

“It is clear that now those who are fighting fires in Yakutia, Karelia and other regions are really working to the limit of their capabilities, but there are now a large number of our citizens in Turkey.

We sent one plane to help protect our citizens. This is not only a noble gesture from a political point of view, it is a pragmatic gesture from the point of view of saving our people. Do you want one of our citizens to die there? »


The number of Russians who may face difficulties when trying to travel abroad due to large arrears has reached 7.2 million, the president of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies told RIA Novosti. Thus, every sixth borrower will not be able to leave the country, provided that the lender receives a court decision.


The Russians can now get a second 1 ha plot of land for free use under the Far Eastern Hectare program. Such a right came to those who had already mastered and then privatized or leased the first plot of the same size. The corresponding law was signed by the President at the end of June and came into force on August 1.

The rules for using the second «Far Eastern hectare» are the same: for the first five years, the land received under the program can be used free of charge. After this period, the land can be registered as property or leased for 49 years. As part of the team, you can get a larger plot of up to 10 hectares, but for each member of the group there should be no more than 1 hectare, according to the website of the Ministry of the Far East and the Arctic, which oversees the program.


The results of athletes’ doping tests must be made public, said US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) CEO Travis Tygart. He also criticized the International Olympic Committee for being too lenient against Russia.

“I urge to make public all anti-doping tests of athletes in all sports and pay special attention to Russia, given its corruption. We deserve to know if anything has changed in this country in the area of ​​anti-doping. How many more times will we watch fraud on the global sports arena? ”Tygart said in an interview with Yahoo Sports.


In the United States began testing a car with a built-in breathalyzer. If the initiative is implemented, then soon drunk drivers will simply not be able to get behind the wheel.


Readovka has found that Rossic will earn $ 24 million from extinguishing Turkish forests. That is how much the services of three BE-200 amphibious aircraft cost.


The Russians explained the rules for indexing pensions

Working pensioners in Russia can receive indexation only upon dismissal, explained Svetlana Bessarab, a member of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs. Her words are quoted by URA.RU.


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