14 Jan, 2019

Top 10 cheapest apartments in Russia

If you have no money to buy an apartment, you can safely go to Ui – this is a river in the Chelyabinsk region, on the bank of which housing is given free of charge, just in exchange for a car. Well, if you can collect 130-200 thousand rubles, you will find real success – an apartment “in the middle of nothing”, often without a toilet and a sewer, on stove heating. But cheap. Specialists of the federal portal “WORLD OF APARTMENTS” compiled a list of the ten most affordable offers, based on the base of their own resource.

According to Mirkvartir.ru, the cheapest apartment in the country is located in the Novgorod region, and only 130 thousand rubles are asked for it. Housing size of 27 square meters. m is located on the 4th floor of the panel five-story building in the village Ivanteevo Valdai district. There is a bus to the district center. In the village there is a school, and a kindergarten, and shops with Sberbank, and nearby there are lakes and a forest. The condition of the apartment can be seen in the photo – it is terrible.

Almost as much (135 thousand rubles) is living space in the Ivanovo region, in the village of Podozersky, Komsomolsky district. “Odnushka” 40 square meters. m has a kitchen of 7 square meters. m, part of which takes a bath: do not want to wash! The condition, as the seller points out, is “ordinary” – what it is is not clear, but there are no photos just in case.

However, at least in this apartment there is water, central heating and gas. But in a dwelling for 150 thousand rubles in the village of Technikumovsky Glazunovsky district of the Oryol region gas in cylinders, cold water, a toilet on the street. From the conquests of civilization indicated sewage. But, despite the area of ​​the object – only 31 square meters. m, there is a “large spacious kitchen” and the “apartment is clean, well-groomed”.

The fourth place in our rating was taken by an apartment for 160 thousand rubles in the village of Gorokhovo, Yurgamysh District, Kurgan Region. It is 30 meters on the second floor of a two-story building.

In fifth place is a whole one-bedroom apartment with a fresh renovation in the village of Skalisty, Troitsky District, Chelyabinsk Region. River Ui, scenic spots, hunting, fishing, mushrooms. The area of ​​housing is 45 square meters. m, and even “there is the possibility of water and sewage.” This property is worth 170 thousand, however, the owner is ready to bargain. But if you do not have this money, it doesn’t matter either – you can get an apartment in exchange for a car!

In the village of Garden Perevolotsky district of the Orenburg region offered “odnushka” 28 square meters. m for 179 900 rubles. Apparently, the apartment without sewage (“local drain”), but with gas. Repair is required.

In the same Chelyabinsk region, in Verkhny Ufaley, for only 180 thousand rubles they sell a “two-room” 36 square meters. m in a two-story house with stove heating. Not very far from there, in Kizilsky district, for the same money they offer an apartment for more – 60 square meters. m, without hot water, but with a plot of land under the window. The Kurgan Region also boasts a “two-room apartment” with the following price tag: in the village of Zubarevka, Zverinogolovsky District, in a brick house for two apartments, one of them is sold, measuring 39 square meters. m. Bonus to the buyer will be a land plot, a well in the yard, a bath that needs repair, a shed and other outbuildings.

Closes the top ten apartment of 32 square meters. m in the hut in the city of Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo Region, which costs 200 thousand rubles. Heating is stove, but the stove needs repair, there is a bath, toilet and running water, but the plumbing, again, needs to be changed.

“Some apartments with similar price tags are offered in one- and two-storey barracks, wooden houses, often in poor condition, which will require more investment from the buyer than the property itself,” says Pavel Lutsenko, general director of the federal portal MIR APARTMENTS. – More than half of the objects with a price of up to 200 thousand rubles do not have basic amenities – a toilet inside the house, central sewage, heating or gas, hot water or a bathroom, etc. Such apartments are bought either by people without funds, who need at least some kind of roof over their heads, or if the housing is located in a beautiful place where you can hunt and fish, instead of giving for summer holidays. ”

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