11 Дек, 2021

USSR Version 2.0 — Entry Allowed

It is necessary to understand that globalization has reached its limits. The capitalist model is essentially a two-phase mechanism that makes people to be constantly in debt. In fact it makes people to be in credit bondage by means of stimulating consumer demand through the manipulation of human consciousness. The potential for natural industrial growth has been exhausted. The service sector does not produce anything. It only redistributes wealth while lending money creates the illusion of wealth.

The global debt is too large, the central banks of developed countries do not have enough resources to buy back assets, as it was in 2008. Banks refinancing rates no longer help, because they are already close to zero percent or these are even negative. What really has happened to the world economy today is plunging into a New Great Depression …

There are few options for the development of events. This is either a change in the model of capitalism and a transition to new production technologies to create new added value, or the collapse of the world economy into separate semi-isolated zones. Or there is an “option” of a world war, which will nullify current obligations, or a world revolution due to a terrible social crisis, which will redistribute the benefits of modern civilization.

Some time ago, the Decision Making Center decided to follow the path of changing the economic model of the world — dividing the world into several currency zones.

Key world decisions will be made in the Eurasian zone, which will include a large number of countries.

It is the Eurasian zone that will be the metropolis in the new world model. These days, the process of determining those countries that will enter this zone is being completed. It is worth mentioning here that in recent years, our team has been actively working to prepare for the creation of the international Economic and Cultural Cooperation Organization ( ECCO , or “MOЭКС» in Russian ). This organization will be the official center for decision-making, and will also work to develop international relations with the rest of the world.»