4 May, 2021

Friedrich Brockhaus – book publisher

Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus (German Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus) was born on May 4, 1772 in Dortmund, studied at the gymnasium, then studied trade in Dusseldorf. In 1793 Brockhaus moved to Leipzig, where he studied foreign languages ​​and other sciences.

In 1795 Brockhaus opened a wholesale trade in English goods in Dortmund, in 1802 he transferred it to Amsterdam. In 1804, English goods stopped flowing to mainland Europe, and the Brockhaus affair fell apart. Then, in 1805 in Amsterdam, he founded a company for the trade and publication of German books, then it was transferred to Leipzig, and from it the firm “F. A. Brockhaus “.

Among the books published by this company were such large publications as “Conversations Lexikon”, the almanac “Urania”, “Zeitgenossen”, the works of Raumer, A. Schopenhauer, Foss (translations of Shakespeare) and others.

For the Russian-speaking reader, the name of F.A. Brockhaus is known mainly from the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary

Brockhaus’s activities were associated with constant travel, correspondence. He waged a constant battle against censorship.

Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus died on August 20, 1823 in Leipzig. His work was continued by his sons, Heinrich and Friedrich. This company still exists today, being part of the Langenscheidt publishing group.