14 Feb, 2020

International Book Giving Day

Every year, since 2012, February 14 marks the international book donation day, which unites all those who give books to children and instill in them a love of reading.

Book donation day is a holiday that has become international not only because of its global nature, but also because its roots came from the people, that is, the initiative of its appearance belongs to one ordinary person – American Emmy Broadmoor-the founder of the children’s book site in the United States.

Emmy Broadmoor is also a mother of three. It was the question of one of the sons, who once asked my mother-why there is no such day in the year when people give each other books just like that, and was the impetus for the birth of a new significant holiday. Initially reaching out to familiar bloggers, social media users, colleagues, and site partners through their own channels, Emmy initiated the annual book donation Day on February 14 in 2012.

The question of a young child, the initiative and active position of his mother were picked up by millions of people around the world, which contributed to the establishment of this holiday as an International day.

The organizers and activists of the festival ask all people who care about the book to take care of it and not to forget that, unfortunately, even today in the world, not everyone has the opportunity to freely get acquainted with the book. Some – because of insufficient material security, and some-because of a difficult life situation, social reasons. There are orphanages, orphanages, boarding schools, hospitals where children are left by their parents. Bring there books that are read or not in demand because of children who have grown up in the family, give these books, seeing the joy in the eyes of the child and remembering that not only gadgets can cause such a genuine feeling – a good thing!

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