4 Apr, 2021

Mine Reed – adventure novel writer

Thomas Mayne Reid was born in Ireland on April 4, 1818. His parents were Catholic clergymen, they did not live well. Having received a good education in Belfast at Queen’s University College, and not wanting to follow in the footsteps of his parents, in 1840 Thomas went to America. In search of his vocation, he works as a teacher, merchant, reporter, communicates with renowned representatives of Indian tribes.

In 1846, as a journalist for Spirit Of The Time, Mine Reed went to the war between the United States and Mexico. Taking part in hostilities, he simultaneously collects and publishes materials in a weekly entitled “Notes of the Strelka”.

In 1848, he ends his military career, resigns and returns to journalism and literature with the rank of captain.

Taking as a basis the manuscript about the Mexican War, in 1850, Mein Reid wrote his first novel “Free Riflemen”. After the publication of the novel, the author becomes a famous and recognized writer, publishers are vying with him, and the books are sold very quickly.

For 16 years he wrote all his famous works, such as “The White Leader”, “Osceola”, “Quarteronka”, as well as the most famous novel – “The Headless Horseman”. Reed’s book circulation grew steadily along with his popularity. In addition to works of art, essays and notes of an ethnographic and naturalistic nature come out from under his pen.

In 1870, he was overtaken by an illness that developed from a wound received in the Mexican War. It took a lot of work for him to continue his literary activity, and nevertheless, the writer did not give up.

Mine Reed died on October 22, 1883 in London. After his death, his last works were published – “Migrants of the Transvaal”, a collection of stories “Pierced Heart” and others.

Mine Reed’s books have been translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and even one of the American Indian languages.