17 Apr, 2021

Semyon Shchedrin – landscape painter

Semyon Fedorovich Shchedrin was born (6) on April 17, 1745 in St. Petersburg, where at the age of 14 he entered the Academy of Arts and graduated with a gold medal in 1765. Shchedrin was invited to continue his studies abroad.

First, Semyon goes to Paris, and then to Rome. In Paris, he studied and copied other people’s works, wrote a lot from nature – probably under the influence of the educational idea to look for beauty not only in classical models, but also in the surrounding reality. Shchedrin worked here more in the open air, painting the surrounding nature.

In Rome, Semyon Fedorovich fell under the influence of classicism – the idea that art should reflect the works of antiquity, and thus continue their success. Here Shchedrin stayed four years beyond his retirement period.

In 1776, Shchedrin returned to St. Petersburg and became a professor of landscape painting at the Academy of Arts.

A little later, he was assigned to paint views of the palaces and parks of Catherine the Great. Among his works, the most famous are a series of views of Pavlovsky, Gatchinsky and Peterhof parks, views of Kamenny Island and decorative panels for the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg.

The heyday of Shchedrin’s creativity falls on the 1790s. For all the conventionality of compositional techniques and color solutions, his works are imbued with a subtle sense of the beauty of nature and interest in conveying a specific area.

Shchedrin became one of the first painters to establish landscape as an independent genre in Russian painting.

Died Semyon Fedorovich Shchedrin (1) September 13, 1804 in St. Petersburg.