12 Mar, 2021

World Day Against Cyber Censorship

March 12 marks a memorable date – World Day Against Cyber ​​Censorship, established by the efforts of the international organizations Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International.

The age-old problem associated with the idea of ​​freedom of dissemination of information and any attempts to limit this freedom has been and remains one of the burning issues of modern society and the subject of a dispute, which, obviously, will already retain the right to be “eternal”.

The activists of the organization emphasize that the total monitoring of networks has led to the fact that many journalists and active Internet users who openly demonstrate their dissent have ended up in prisons. Even the concept of cyber-dissidence has emerged.

Movement activists view the surveillance of human rights defenders’ netizens, websites and blogs as open pressure on the rule of law and existing freedoms. They urge the leading search engines to stop filtering, as well as the leaders of all countries to stop censorship on the Internet at least once a year.