21 Mar, 2021

World poetry day

In 1999, at the 30th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, it was decided to annually celebrate World Poetry Day on March 21. The first World Poetry Day was held in Paris, where the headquarters of UNESCO is located.

“Poetry,” says the UNESCO decision, “can be an answer to the most acute and deep spiritual questions of modern man – but for this it is necessary to draw the widest possible public attention to it.”

Poetry unites countries, peoples, cultures and helps people understand each other. Over the centuries, thoughts and feelings, clothed in a poetic form, penetrate the hearts of people, reminding that we are all one big family and that we, so different, are actually very similar to each other.

Celebrating World Poetry Day, UNESCO also draws our attention to the amazing ability of the poetic word to awaken in a person his creative abilities.

One of the main goals of the Day is to promote linguistic diversity and support endangered languages ​​through poetry. Moreover, World Poetry Day is intended to give an opportunity to more widely declare themselves to small publishers, whose efforts, basically, reach the readers of the work of modern poets, literary clubs, reviving the age-old tradition of a living sounding poetic word.

This Day, according to UNESCO, is intended to promote the development of poetry, a return to the oral tradition of poetry readings, the teaching of poetry, the restoration of dialogue between poetry and other forms of art, such as theater, dance, music, painting, as well as the promotion of publishing and creation in the media. mass media of a positive image of poetry as a truly contemporary art, open to people.

It is believed that the most ancient hymn poems were created in the 23rd century BC. The author of the poems is the poetess-priestess En-hedu-ana, about whom it is only known that she was the daughter of the Akkadian king Sargon, who conquered Ur (the territory of Iran). En-hedu-ana wrote about the moon god Nanna and his daughter, the goddess of the morning star, Inanna.

At present, on this Day all over the world – in cultural institutions, education, creative teams, etc. – Various poetry concerts, author’s readings, conferences and seminars dedicated to poets and their work, presentations of new poetic literature, and presentation of literary prizes are held.