Rules for placing materials:

  • All materials must be copyright (name and surname are mandatory).
  • Do not forget to write a «bright» title.
  • If the material is not yours, but you want to share information, be sure to specify a direct link to the publication.
  • The content of the material must not violate the agreement with the author.
  • Attach the most suitable picture to the material. All texts should be illustrated!

The portal topnews.name forbids placement of materials:

  • Directed against site members;
  • Invoking religious, national, sexual, sexual and other forms of discrimination;
  • Extremist character, as well as calling for violation of legislation and illegal actions;
  • Have in the title more than half of capital letters;
  • Containing profanity;
  • Pornographic content;
  • Containing spelling mistakes in words.

Violation of these rules will serve as the basis for the removal of the article.
Revision topnews.name does not change the headers or content of the material without the consent of the author of the text or the person representing it.